Web application development its surged due to cloud


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Web application development its surged due to cloud

  1. 1. [Type text] Web Application Development: It’s surged Due to Cloud“Grey Matter India (GMI) Technologies has, since its inception, pioneered the trend of developingstate-of-the-art solutions for the mobile application development, web applicationdevelopment and social networking website development arenas. Global businesses have benefitedfrom the cutting-edge development methodologies that characterize GMI offshore applicationdevelopment, offshore web development, and offshore software development portfolios. As aleading outsourcing web development company providing offshore development, .net applicationdevelopment in India, GMI proffers its services to the retail, web promotion, media andentertainment and education domains of the industry.”Reach ushttp://www.greymatterindia.com1-631-897-7276contact@greymatterindia.com
  2. 2. Web Application Development: It’s surged Due to CloudOver the years, web application development has evolved. Applications rangingfrom desktops to non-dynamic ones, its time for web 2.0 now. With mobile internetavailability, world has become a smaller place connected from all ends. Instead ofcomputers, people have seamlessly started using Internet and web apps over smartphones whenever and wherever they desire. Web applications are the most covetedtechnological advancement these days and have turned into a large employmentsector providing decent revenue.Cloud computing plays the major role in supporting web applicationdevelopment services. The ideology of storing the data on Cloud serversdecreases the memory requirement and provides faster data access, which has ledto the emergence of web application development software in abundant. It hasled to web application development for devices as small as mobiles. While somecalled this as a third era driven by consumerization, mobility and virtualization,others can see the transition as a profound change.Cloud for OrganizationsAs security issues are addressed for Cloud, a large number of the organizationshave started embracing Cloud computing. Instead of managing and creating theirown data centers, the organizations are encouraged to move their data to the Cloudservers. The survey revealed three major concerns organizations had with Cloud asfollows: Security concerns for data residing in the third-partys data center. Concerns with service reliability. Maturity of vendors offering Cloud services.Reach ushttp://www.greymatterindia.com1-631-897-7276contact@greymatterindia.com
  3. 3. With large no. of service providers, it is difficult to know the reliability of the datacenter providers. Data is crucial for the business and therefore cannot be given intothe lenient hands. However, top organizations such as Microsoft are participating inoffering Cloud web application development services to the organizations.As Cloud Computing offers competitive advantage in the business, IBM reportedthat over 60 per cent organizations are ready to embrace Cloud Computing to gainbetter productivity. Due to the increase in web apps and ever increasing data,Cloud Computing has taken a lead giving direct access to data with all-timeavailability.India, the Global hubOn the special panel, Mike Klayko, head and CEO of Brocade, said that he feelsIndia has attracted foreign investments because of its ever increasing GDP rate.According to him there will be 15 billion devices connected to internet transformingthe way it functions now in the next five years. And hence, virtualization, whichhelps making the best use of the available asset, is going to flourish. When we talkabout virtualization it has to be Cloud.Microsoft being among the rare Cloud Computing services providers has shared itsviews saying that India will foresee the surge in Cloud computing. Companiesabroad will look forward to India to support their transition to Cloud computing.Energetic CEO of Microsoft, Mr. Steve Ballmer, shared his future vision of 300, 000new jobs in the next five years in India in the areas of Cloud computing.With the enhancement in Cloud computing businesses will drive productivity savingresources and India will grow as developers community of India starts to developnot only for the local market but also for the global market.Reach ushttp://www.greymatterindia.com1-631-897-7276contact@greymatterindia.com
  4. 4. About GMIGrey Matter India (GMI) Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT services andsolutions provider that excels at providing Web application development andoffshore mobile application development service.Original Article: http://www.greymatterindia.com/articles/web-application-development-its-surged-due-to-cloud.phpReach ushttp://www.greymatterindia.com1-631-897-7276contact@greymatterindia.com