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News about activities and opportunities at Christ Church Pinetown, South Africa

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  1. 1. July 2 1 ~Christ Church Pinetown sharing life in Jesus Christ~ “ I am the gate, whoever enters through me will be saved…” - Jesus Sundays: 8am Communion, 9.30am with kid’s church & 6pm also with kid’s church Midweek: We meet in homegroups throughout the highway area. Please refer to the venues map on Pg 5 to find out where things happen :)
  2. 2. Bring it! Let’s fill it! Book of the month ‘Dealing with Dawkins’ by John Blanchard “Perfect for our skeptical times, this book will demonstrate to any open minded reader that, contrary to Dawkin’s atheistic claims, Biblical Christianity is reliable and relevant, powerful and persuasive’ only R25! Christian Book Discounters have literally hundreds of excellent books and they are located right next to our office complex. Call Willem or Ingrid on 031 7011662
  3. 3. Join Us In Christ Eternally FRIDAYS FRIDAYS: Kid’s Club (gr1-7) 7.30 - 9.30pm- Bell Hall (gr8-12) 5.30-7pm-Howell Keeler Hall Counseling Ministry We have trained and quali- fied Biblical Counselors who are willing to assist you DIVORCE is a reality that many through life’s difficult times. people face and it can be devastat- ing. Clive and Linda Page’s ministry The Life Coaching ministry will also guide is to help people in this situation you in setting realistic goals and direct you find healing and restoration. The in achieving them. Divorce Care course involves meet- Contact the office to make an appointment, ing with others in a similar situa- or if you’d like to serve in this ministry. tion over a number of weeks with discussion, the scriptures and prayer. Getting married Contact: Clive and Linda Page on 0844009353 / soon? Awesome! There are marriage prep courses available as well as excellent re- The Finishing Touch sources on enriching your marriage. 3 July 2010 Email : Ladies, bring along your tickets as there will be a draw for 2 great prizes. ~Get connected into a home- Breakfast is at 8.30 and there will group~ also be a hands on craft work- Get connected into the life of our shop. church by joining a homegroup, where you will find friendship, love This event is already fully booked, and truth to live by, from God’s Word. but there will be another one to- Contact: the office or ward the end of the year.
  4. 4. Ladies for the Lord Ladies meet every Thursday for encouragement from The Psalms and fellowship. Loads of treats and some crafts for sale… You are welcome! Men’s Thursdays: 10am in the SB Hall[see venues map on p5] Fellowship Friday mornings: 6.15am in the SB Hall Keen to get stuck in? [see venues map on p5] There are loads of ways for you to discover Men for the Master meet and fulfill the gifts God has given you to build Friday mornings for en- up his church. . couraging fellowship and an AWESOME breakfast! ~Volunteer Opportunities~ You are welcome! 1. Acoustic Guitarist for Sunday@6 2. Sound desk operators 3. Helpers for weekly Mercy ministry If you’re keen to get ‘stuck in’ email/phone the office and we’ll get in touch with you. Women’s Fellowship Friday mornings: 6am The week at a glance... In the Boardroom [see venues map on p5] MONDAYS: OGG’s (older guys and gals) 9am SB Hall WEDNESDAYS: Rector’s Study 5&7pm SB Hall Focussing Women meet THURSDAYS: Ladies for the Lord 10 am SB Hall Friday mornings for in- FRIDAYS: Men for the Master 6.15am SB Hall depth bible study and Focusing Women 6am Bell Hall breakfast. ...making disciples of all nations... Remember our Foreign Workers Lien Albertyn (Belgium) Rod and Glenda Thomas (Japan) Tim and Liz Freyer Richard and Val Graham (North Africa) (India) Greg and Vonni Cameron (Paraguay) Anderson Mwile Sandy Wilcox (Zambia) (Ethiopia)
  5. 5. Websites worth We’re on FACEBOOK! Join the SHARE LIFE net- work on facebook, And get plugged in to discus- a ‘click’ sions, blogs, photos and news about what’s hap- Our denomination website pening in and around our church. where you can download the latest CESA news. Wiseman’s House Project An excellent bile software resource. We are up to window height already Photos already! to follow :) If you would like to be a part of This is a website of a Presby- making Wiseman’s house happen contact: terian church in New York, :) Tim Keller is the lead pastor and has some very helpful bible teaching materials Ministry Partnerships Christ Church is in partnership with other churches and organizations in the greater goal of im- pacting our world with Jesus’ good news: Trinity Chapel Durban Trinity Chapel is located in Russell street in Albert Park. Urban decay, drug running, poverty and violent crime are characteristic of this forgotten area of Durban. TCD is ideally located to impact this community with Jesus’ good news. TCD consists of 35odd regular worshippers who gather Sunday mornings and about 15 odd enquirers and believers discipled on Wednesday mornings. John Ivins is the minister in charge, as well as our children’s pastor, and is employing his gift of evangelism to not only connect with the community but mobilize the church in making evangel- ism the ‘blood that flows through her veins’. Pray for TCD and her impact in the heart of Durban, pray that God would give TCD a heart that loves the unlovely, the irreligious, the addicted and enslaved. Pray for courage and strength for John as he stirs up the church to know Jesus and make him known. Contact John: The Evangelical Network Trust (ENTRUST) – is a non-profit, umbrella organization that seeks to raise up and train a new generation of gospel workers in KwaZulu-Natal and beyond, who will share our core commitment and ministry strategy. This desire (and our name) springs from Paul’s words to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2... “What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses ENTRUST to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” Entrust trains men and women interested and involved in part time ministry in local churches every Wednesday in our Bell Hall, and every alternate Saturday for preachers. Contact:
  6. 6. Christ Church Yellow pages Advance notice!!! sharelife Looking for a plumber, air con in- Family Camp Out staller or cookie baker! Don’t dial @Tugela 10118! Check out the Christ Date: 8-10 October 2010 Church Yellow Pages FIRST and Booklets with all the info are available in the foyer, and on the SHARELIFE facebook group page. support your brother/sister in their business There are chalets as campsites available For all bookings please contact: Brian Henning on The yellow pages are available via 082 5416575 / email, or in hard copy. Paper Recycling Don’t forget about our LARGE orange paper re- Have your contact details changed? cycling bin in the car park. Not Are you not getting our mails? only will you be stewarding God’s Please jot down changes of address or tele- world wisely but you will also be phone on a yellow card. If your email address assisting Abantwana Benkosi has changed email the office with the change school in Clermont as the financial and we’ll update your information. proceeds benefit the school. SUNDAY MORNINGS You are welcome! 8am/9.30am ‘What will you do with Jesus?’ sunday@6 6pm “All you need is Love...” -learning love from Ruth- All Sunday talks are recorded and can be copied to your flashdisk or CD (R10)
  7. 7. YOU ARE HERE! :) 5 KIDS CHURCH/TEEN CHURCH Sunday: 9.30am Preschoolers HK Hall gr 1-7 Bell Hall Teen Church: Boardroom Sunday@6pm gr0-7 HK Hall Creche SB Hall FYI Rector: Bp. Warwick Cole-Edwardes Asst Rector Rev. Tom Shearer “I need help!” Asst Minister: Rev. Shane Marques If you need help in some Children’s Pastor: John Ivins way please contact Youth Pastor: Chico Cook Eric Van Lellyveld, our Office: People’s Warden, on ℡ 031 7020815 Fax: 031 7018520 084 9521985. Church Bank details: Standard Bank, acc no:250341948 bc: 045626 Peak to August Women’s Christ Church Partnership convention If you have been with Christ Church Saturday us for 6 months or Mission conference more and are keen to August 14 become a member, you are welcome. 17- 17-22 August 2010 Membership meetings: Aug 10, 16 + 23.
  8. 8. CCP Prayer Calendar — July 2010 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat My Own 1 Ladies for the 2 World Cup: 3 Our Prayers: Lord: May Ernst Protection of President, children, safety & Time Out & security, opportunity Government & Flowers: Vicky to share the gospel all in authority von Berg 4 Sick & Needy 5 Care Ministry: 6 Verger-Bruce 7 Anderson 8 Maintenance 9 Sharelife: 10 CESA Head Bereavement Visitation-Tom Johnson Mwila-Zambia Team: Ewan & Shane & Heidi Office Meals ministry Flower Distribu- Rector’s Warden- Charles Thembo- Gordon Young Adults/ CESA Executive Hugo Krull Malawi Mukombo Oversees Network Helpers at tion-Lynn People’s Warden- Marrieds & Trustees services Huntley Mayamba-Congo Group: Charmain Families Eric van Lelyveld 11 Missions 12 Abantwana 13 Fellowship 14 Trinity 15 Open Doors: 16 Kids, Youth, 17 Building Committee: Benkosi School: Committee: Fred Chapel Dbn- The Persecuted Teen Meetings Committee Mike Long, Anne Cahill, Pam, Mason, Derek John Church Youth Leaders & Apprentices: Staff, Governing Cornelius Upcom- KMBC, Warwick, Janice Glover St. Stephen’s- Lecturers & helpers Dong-Sik Missionaries Body & children ing events Njabulo Geum-Ok Chico students 18 Sunday @ 6 19 Finance 20 Sound & 21 Bible Studies 22 Mercy Minis- 23 Men for the 24 Ithemba: Kids: John & Bev Committee Screen Teams, Home Groups tries: Shelters– Master: Tony Len Smit, Dong- Sunday School: Prayer Chain: CD ministry, Bishops Frank, Tina Stanley van Heerden Sik, Geum-Ok Rohan, Charmain Jenny Krull Library & Christian Warwick, Martin, Food Parcels- Entrust: Michael & teachers Book Discounters Des & Raj Val Jones Schafer 25 Pastoral 26 Church 27 Counseling: 28 Music Minis- 29 Jumble Sale 30 Focusing 31 GWC: David Team: Warwick & Council Gordon, Joy, try: Shane, Team: Protection Women: Pam Seccombe, Mary, Tom & Sue, OGGs Barbara, Colleen Heidi, Hazel, Books into Africa: Irwin & Betty Lecturers & Shane & Heidi, CCP staff Car Guards Musicians, Sing- Tom & Gloria Reineke Students John & Bev ers, Choir Davies