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  • 1. Friends
    Grey London
  • 2. Alley Deese
    The first time I met alley was in the third grade. We played on the same soccer team but never really got to know each other. Three years later she came to richfield school and in 8th grade we started dating.
  • 3. Caleb Isaccson
    I met Caleb Isaccson my Sophmore year at Graystone. I have 3 classes with Caleb including Tech Skills.
    Not Really Caleb
  • 4. Jacob Gifford
    I have known Gifford since sixth grade. He moved here from Ohio. I went to North Stanly with him last year.
  • 5. Brad Kenn
    I met Brad four years ago, he is the youth director at our church and also a junior at Pfeifer College
  • 6. Taylor Neal
    I met Taylor when I was a freshman at north. We now play basketball together and go to the same school.
  • 7. Ethan Rowell
    Ethan was my first friend in kindergarten. We played little league baseball throughout Elementary school together then.
  • 8. Seth Kimery
    Seth and I became friends in the fifth grade. We have also played baseball together since we were little
  • 9. Carson Sells
    Carson has been my friend since kindergarden. He also happens to be my cousin.
  • 10. Ham Deese
    I have known Ham since the 5th grade. We played on the basketball team and have gone to school together since. He is also my girlfriends brother.