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  • 1. Institutions
    By Navpreet Grewal
  • 2. US Film Institutions
    Working Title
    Motion Pictures
    Walt Disney
    Twisted Pictures
    Lions Gate
    Warner Bros
    20th Century Fox
  • 3. UK Film Institutions
    Channel Four
    Ealing Films
    Hammer Film Productions
    Focus Films
    Tigon British film Productions
    Media 8 Entertainment
    Magma Productions
    Mind the Gap films
    World Wide Pictures (UK)
    Coffee Films
    Phoenix Film and Television Productions
    Breakthru Films
    British National Films Company
  • 4. Institutions Internationally
    France- Gaumont Film Company, Wild Bunch
    Germany- Bavaria Film Studios, Werner Herzog Filmproduktion
    India- Dharma Productions, Yash raj films
    Spain- Eleven Dreams, Eurocine films
    Australia- New South Wales Film and Television office, Rising sun
    Ireland- Ardmore Studios
    Plus many more....
  • 5. Films in the US Institutions
    Different institutions produce different films. They may do similar or completely different genres.
    They always tend to focus on a set audience e.g. Pixar will only do animated films like Up, Monsters Inc, Cars amongst others. MGM will produce films like Fame which fits into the genre of musical/ comedy/ dance , Valkryie has genre of drama/history/ action , Quantum of Solace is a action/adventure/ thriller genre based film etc..
    But the genre is very mixed as they are producing films which spread into all genres. Whereas Walt Disney is quite closely linked in with Pixar as they tend to do animations films like Up, Toy Story but also films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Enchanted which are not animated.
    A lot of the other production companies such as 20th century fox may do the same as Walt Disney but may release some films that may not be suitable for young children .Whereas Walt Disney only tend to focus of that age genre as well.
  • 6. Films in the UK Institution
    Just as in the US film institutions different productions companies tend to distribute different films that applies for all cinema productions companies.
    Like in the UK Ealing films is a production company that has produced films like I Want Candy is a comedy, St Trinian’s is a comedy , Dorian Gray is a Drama etc. Another production company is Magma productions and they tend to produce animated films like the Ugly duckling and me, zombie hotel plus many more.
    However they tend to do TV series as well which are not animated either. Another production institution is Breakthru films and they seem to do films which are the complete opposite to Ealing films i.e. The Last Thakur, The Most Beautiful Man in the World , Hound plus a variety of more and the films genre tends to be short so it is completely different from the mixed or normal genre set and film length time compared to the others.
  • 7. Success
    Every film gains a different amount of success. It depends who is in the film, who has made it and also which production company is it . If it is a small production company that release a film the same day perhaps Pixar release a film more people would go to Pixar's as they know what the film may be about due to seeing the films before. Everyone has individual taste but also big production companies would get more money as they would distribute more than one film at a time whereas a smaller production company probably wouldn't have enough funds to distribute more than.
    However, smaller production institutions would probably get there films put on TV as they may not be recognised to go into cinema or may have not done that well in the charts.
    Also actors have a big hand behind the success of a film because if they don't act well then no-one will like the film, however if you put a good actor like Bard Pitt in a film everyone would go and see it. Whereas if you put an actor like Jesse Eisenberg then not many people would go and see it as they would not no of him that well.
  • 8. Budget
    Budget is one of the most important factors in films. If films weren't given a budget then they would just spend ridiculous amounts of money that could be used elsewhere. Also budgets provide a lot of information for the film producers and writers. Due to they can get a sense of how much money to spend on a that film. The budget is completely different for a smaller film as they would be given less due to not being that well now and the production companies wouldn't want to waste money on a small time film that could be a flop.
    Here is an example of how a budget works in a high profiled film:
    Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
    Story rights and screenplay: $4 million
    Producers: $4 million
    Director (Jan de Bont): $5 million
    Cast: $17.25 million
    Angelina Jolie: $12 million
    Extras: $250,000
    Other (inc. Angelina's perks): $5 million
    Production costs: $67 million
    Set design and construction: $17.8 million
    Visual Effects: $13 million
    Music: $3.3 million
    Editing: $3 million
    Post Production costs: $1.5 million
    Total: $118 million
  • 9. Awards
    When films win awards it is because it shows them who enjoyed watching that particularly film so they know what the audience like and appreciate. The main concept of awards is that it makes everyone that took a part in film feel that they did a good job. Everyone gets an award for a film it is just not the actors, directors, producers or writers. The costume designer, lighting, make-up artist, sound etc..
    Every country has different award ceremonies but the major ones are :
    The UK have the BAFTA’S
    The USA have the Oscar’s and Golden Globes
    India have the IIFA
    France have the French Film Cesar Awards
    An example of a films awards of Slumdog Millionaire which is a highly acclaimed film:
    Slumdog Millionaire is highly acclaimed, named in the top ten lists of various newspapers. On 22 February 2009, the film won eight out of ten Academy Awards for which it was nominated, including the Best Picture and Best Director It is only the eighth film ever to win eight Academy Awardsand the eleventh Best Picture Oscar winner without a single acting nomination.
    The film also won seven of the eleven BAFTA Awards for which it was nominated, including Best Film; all four of the Golden Globe Awards for which it was nominated, including Best Drama Film; and five of the six Critics' Choice Awards for which it was nominated.
    The much acclaimed title sequence has been honoured by a nomination at the prestigious 2009 Rushes Soho Shorts Festival in the 'Broadcast Design Award' category in competition with the likes of the Match of the Day Euro 2008 titles by Aardman and two projects by Agenda Collective