2971800-800100Evaluation<br />Our short film is simple and easy to understand. We watched many short films such as plastic...
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  1. 1. 2971800-800100Evaluation<br />Our short film is simple and easy to understand. We watched many short films such as plastic bag, Kiwi, Logorama and many more to gain ideas of how to bring something to life. All these short films try to personify objects that we see in everyday life. That is exactly what we tried to aim our film on and what we have forgotten about in the past and how we do not think about it again. The narrative is from an Iphone’s point of view who is quite young, naive and a little selfish at times who embarks on a journey of self discovery through other characters in the film. These characters have seen a lot more of life and how the humans forget about them. The characters involve, a book, Nintendo DS, computer and IPod, all these characters provide the Iphone with an insight into their lives but also what is the future for the Iphone. <br />In our production we challenged forms and conventions as we go from filming to stop motion. Most films of this genre usually have live actors. We found it more proficient not to use actors, since they can be unreliable. Developed our ideas as we initially decided that it was all going to be in stop motion and also it was going to be from the books point of view but felt that if the audience could see a moving image they might relate and also if its from the Iphones point of view then they can relate with the new tecnology compared to books. We changed it to an Iphone, since it was more modern, and the audience have a shared frame of reference. The personification of the object shows the audience a different perspective of life. We aimed to educate and entertain our audience. We did this by providing a clear moral and image of what society is really like, and how it is changing. <br />The audience can relate with the poster and the film because they can see the screen shots from the film in the poster and the magazine; this instantly causes them to familiarise with it. The posters are child friendly, meaning everyone can see it, without worry. With the magazine, the audience can find out information on it and see similar films, for the same age group. The way that it is effective is that the audience have a shared frame of reference with the poster, magazine and film, so therefore are more inclined to watch the film and read the review. They also can instantly see who the main character in the film is and they can convey who it is. <br />We need to work on the sound as it sounded muffled and the microphone we used was popping. From the audience feedback we gained advice on how to improve it and fix the popping. We also realised from our audience feedback that the titles were not clear for them to read and understand. Our audience instantly knew what the story of our film was and also related it to other media products such as Bag puss and our main influences, Toy Story and Plastic Bag. The audience came back to us and responded by saying that they liked the editing but also commented on a few of the shots were time was wasted furthermore enjoyed the creative narrative and the use of imagination. Through the audience we got the initial idea for the film and by exploring more on that idea and looking at other products we had succeed in getting through to our audience and that is who the film is for. <br />3200400-123825<br />We used the camera to film the moving image and then the photography camera for the stop motion but also in some shots we had to use a digital camera due to the lighting was coming through and the photography camera was not getting the shot that we needed didn’t that particular point. Mobile phones, msn, email to communicate to one another and also to arrange times for filming and also to keep organised and on top of things which was a lot better compared to our preliminary task and therefore this production was a lot easier and made meeting the deadlines much easier. <br />The Blog used to upload all our work that has been completed instead of printing it out; it is all on the Internet and therefore has been easier as we can access the Internet at any point. The technology used in the film such as a Nintendo DS, computer, Play station 3, IPod, Iphone, Game boy advance, Game boy colour, GameCube and Nintendo 64 these were are out actors and it made it easier as they were reliable and we had easy access to them. We experimented with the lighting to gain the better effect. Photography camera was used to photograph all the stop motion animation that was used in our film. The use of Word and PowerPoint to document research and planning but also to make notes on when thinking of writing up any work or watching short films. The Internet were we gained all our information from and that is how were we watched the short films, on websites such as future states and YouTube. Also the Internet for research and communicating to each other (Facebook/Msn/Email and Texting), we also used msn to get the voiceovers for the characters. We also used the Internet to upload on to our blogs. Sony Vegas was used for editing which was done at a member o our groups house where she had all the software. Adobe Premier Pro was used to get the moving image of the digital cameras for all the filming. <br />A photo of our actors that are forgotten in the film. -571500-571500<br />Researched other films of the same genre and/or concept as ours. Looked at magazine reviews and posters to get inspiration and to learn about genre specific elements that they had included. Use of ICT helped us, as we were able to combine our work together and also upload but furthermore we had to type everything up so it was easier to do everything on the computer especially with all the PowerPoint productions that we did. We were able to keep organised compared to our AS and it has worked out easier for us. One of our group members had trouble uploading on to her blog but the problem was not that much of a serious issue We also gained a lot through this project as we have not upload before on a blog and this was the first time. It was easy but the problems that came were overlooked and resolved in the end. <br />