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Deception Deception Presentation Transcript

  • Deception
    By Navpreet andMegan
  • Audience Targeting
    Kidnapping’s effect everyone due to the media. Examples of Madeline Mcann, Shannon Matthews and SahilSaeed.
    Through our extensive research the main age group that go to the cinema ranges from teenagers to young adults.
    We tried to apply our film to appeal to this target range
  • Narrative
    The opening sequence of starting in the present and transiting into a flashback is a non- linear narrative.
    By using a non- linear narrative we are drawing the audience into the story, by the quite shocking story.
  • Mise –en-scene
    The first scene is dark, dull, oppressive with connotations of misery and danger in her life.
    The second scene is bright, happy in a domestic setting i.e. kitchen.
  • Character representation
    Our aim was to highlight the difference between the protagonist and antagonist.
    In the opening scene we used binary oppositions to show the difference in characters such as clothing for example the colours of coats as black and white which also represents piano keys.
    Free indirect speech reveals a hidden secret.
  • Sound
    We had sound bridges crossing over from the sinister scene to the kitchen scene to foreshadow danger.
    Diegetic sound is used in the kitchen scene due to the characters dialogue.
    Non- diegetic sound is used in the opening scene such as the soundtrack and the voice over in the next scene.
  • Lighting
    The flickering light bulb could be mirrored with her situation and her flickering of doubt.
    A dark reddish light could represent danger and links to the thriller genre.
    The kitchen scene had a natural light which can represent the equilibrium.
  • Camera angles/movements/position
    We used a range of shots such as close ups, zooms, over the shoulder shots, long shots.
    We experimented with shots like shot reverse shot and tilts. Which were not in our shooting script and storyboard.
  • Genre Specific Elements
    In thriller genres there is always someone in danger at the beginning which represents mystery and creates suspense also an enigma for the audience.
    Lighting and music are key elements in thriller based genres.
    You can see a slight conflict between the two characters.
  • Influences
    The Talented Mr Ripley
    Classical Music
    Media – news
    Cape Fear
    Fight Club