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Newport mfd

Newport mfd



University of Wales, Newport presentation at Gregynog on multi functional devices.

University of Wales, Newport presentation at Gregynog on multi functional devices.



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  • Space in the new was at a premium the academics did not have the luxury of their own office space and plenty of room to store their notes and archive literature. No Printers were being allowed to be taken from the old campus to the new. We had been pressing for the MFD’s for some years but certain things always got in the way. 1. Initially Academics had to have a room, PC and a Printer as part of their contract. 2. Departments should be responsible enough to run their own budgets and spend as required. 3. Why rock the boat 4. Management backing just wasn’t their and was essential.... (They all came back with the phrase “My printing is sensitive”
  • Allt-Yr-Yn was 38k floor space
  • Far too many printers within the University. We had an adhoc print strategy based on the user need... Which leads to uncontrolled costs. Paper, Toner departments stocking up etc at the end of a financial year.. We had loads of toner left at the closing of he campus some so out of date nothing could be done but skip it. Consumables costs just on inks and toners was increasing on average 14% a year Reduction in paper usage. We decided that this was a good basis to look at change..... We sent out an Invitation to Quote to get a consultant in to basically verify what we had and the way forward. Management like this sort of thing..
  • We asked manufacturers via an ITQ to give pricing to undertake an Audit of our print estate. Pricing varied from £0 - £15.5k We went for the highest naturally...... The idea for the independent audit was to demonstrate to management that we had a print strategy problem and to get backing to allow us to proceed with a more updated print strategy. The audit gave us the following; NewfieldIT Discovery – What we actually had against what we thought we had. Electronic Audit – Audit company installed server scanning software (HP) Physical Audit – Walk around Cost of ownership analysis.
  • What did we have Shows 650 Printers and MFD’s. By the time the report came out we reduced this by a whole 7.. 643 units Against 603 +28 = 631 What we had broken down into building areas within the two campus’s. We were not far out. I think due to the fact that our IT is purchased centrally so can be monitored more effectively.
  • The Contract MFD’s where a lease contract held by finance and was 38 units Konica Biz Hub 250 Copier only Cost per page is high 1.67m/yr MFD contract 562504/yr non contract mfd
  • What we really should have been doing is trying to get departments to push more print through P & C
  • One floor in the old campus. Many rooms had more than one print device.
  • OTT or what !!
  • We eventually would like to progress this to reduce the print fleet across the two campuses. Our AYY Campus has been reduced effectively from 214 printers to 18.
  • This sounds or looks radical but the printer distribution in the university was becoming quite prolific.
  • Other projects had a major factor in the print. Everything hinged on the Mifare card which in turn had projects linked to it other than print Salto door access control Library and RFID There were other projects going on with the New campus. Network Planning, Server Storage planning, PC / Mac deployment, Images to be made., Sale of old kit, Disposal of old kit. Scripting, Backend software configuration. Day to day running as well Missed some. Printer training. The IT department is small Server / Network / PC and Mac Support / AV / Purchasing but were definitely put to more than full stretch. Credit to them they pulled it off...
  • Consumables Spending Yr Financial Yr 1999 / 2000 2000 / 2001 2001 / 2002 2002 / 2003 2003 / 2004 2004 / 2005 2005 / 2006 2007 /2008 2008 / 2009 2009 / 2010 £14,113.48 £26,363.30 £37,814.24 £28,874.41 £27,862.26 £42,501.82 £47,209.27 £51,794.17 £59,136.74 £64,463.42 £46,262.90 Percentage Increase 86.80 43.44 -23.64 -3.51 52.54 11.08 14.58 -4.24 14.18 9.01 -28.20 Current saving of £18200 in toner spend alone.
  • Through Students not printing.. That is effectively using the ‘Pull Print Method’ Then instead of having a waste bin of discarded print we are now saving through deletion at the MFD or by user leaving the print on the server which gets deleted after 7hours. Savings this way to date are £7300

Newport mfd Newport mfd Presentation Transcript

  • M ulti F unction P rinters / M ulti F unction D evices
    • Keith Wilks
    • Purchasing Office
    • University of Wales, Newport
  • Overview
    • Why go MFD /MFP route
    • Nightmare or Plain sailing?
    • Costs
    • Savings
    • Next Phase
    • Q & A
  • Why Did We Go the MFD/MFP Route
    • Primary reason was the closure of the of the Allt-Yr-Yn Campus and the opening of the new City Centre Campus.
  • City Campus
  • Other Reasons
    • Reduction in printers
    • Reduction in print consumables
    • Reduction in paper
    • Reduction in Costs overall....
  • Print Strategy
  • Physical audit Building MFP/Copier Printer Fax Scanner Total Allt-Yr-Yn 29 185 11 10 235 Edward Anwyl Building 2 53 1 6 62 IB John Building 7 50 4 14 75 Kegie Building 2 5 2 9 Library & Learning Resources 6 13 1 20 Main Building 29 120 8 7 164 Rathmell Building 12 128 4 29 173 Sports Hall 2 7 1 1 11 Totals 89 561 29 70 749
  • What the Audit Gave Us Annual costs and volumes – Office Printing Metric Pages Cost £ Cost per page £ Colour pages created on printers 571,320 47,597 0.0833 Black & white pages created on printers 2,446,644 73,549 0.0301 Total printer pages 3,017,964 121,146 0.0401 Colour pages created on non-contract MFDs 146,400 13,840 0.0945 Black & white pages created on non-contract MFDs 167,448 3,554 0.0212 Total non-contract MFD pages 313,848 17,394 0.0554 Colour pages created on contract MFDs/copiers 141,312 11,917 0.0843 Black & white pages created on contract MFDs/copiers 1,546,200 66,461 0.0430 Total contract MFD/copier pages 1,687,512 78,378 0.0464 Total colour pages 859,032 73,354 0.0854 Total black & white pages 4,160,292 143,564 0.0345 Overall Totals 5,019,324 216,918 0.0432
  • Annual costs and volumes – Print and Copy Metric Pages Cost £ Cost per page £ Colour pages created on Ricoh devices 1,182,480 42,066 0.0356 Black & white pages created on Ricoh devices 605,016 13,893 0.0230 Black & white pages created on Oce devices 5,120,520 36,449 0.0071 Overall totals 6,908,016 92,407 0.0134
  • Allt-Yr-Yn Campus
  • Printers Galore!
    • Printers discovered in one building
  • Printers Rationalised..
  • What We Are ‘Eventually’ Hoping For...
  • Current v Proposed
  • Nightmare or Plain Sailing
    • It wasn’t a nightmare but it wasn’t plain sailing either....
    • Projects!!!
  • Costs
    • Different costs
      • Costs of current fleet
      • Cost of new fleet
      • Cost savings??
  • Need to prove savings
    • Reduction in printers
    • Reduction in print consumables
    • Reduction in paper
    • But give a return to cover for the cost of the lease.
  • Consumables Spend!
  • Savings on MFD Non Printing...
  • Student & Staff Monthly Spend
  • Consumables Spend Now
  • Next Phase
    • Introduce 38 Departmental MFD to replace the current leased Konica fleet .
    • Look at developing some University ‘Apps’
    • Continue educating the staff and students with Q & A online, plus ‘Tip of the Day’ on the Uni Bulletin Board
    • Continue to reduce the printer fleet. We have not bought a printer yet this year.
  • Thank You
    • Any Questions