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University of Aberystwyth's presntation at Gregynog on Lecture Capture.

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  • Range of people involved from teams in IS & also Gareth Hall (Lecturer in Psychology department)
  • WMS – streaming both live & on-demand events. This included the graduation ceremony + guest lectures & other eventsIncreasingly we were asked to stream lectures. There was also a requirement to show the PowerPoint slides & synchronize these. We started using MS Producer for this (a plugin for power point). However, this involved a time-consuming editing process to synchronize slides with the video / audio. It was not a scalable solution due to manual effort required. 2006 onwards our interest in lecture capture systems grew. Initially we looked at media site. From 2008 we piloted Echo360. However, the inflexibility of these hardware-based solutions and cost of scaling them meant they were a non-starter for us. In 2009 we came across Panopto Coursecast. Software-only solution. Socrates programme provided free CourseCast software to academic institutions in exchange for product feedback and marketing support. This enabled a low cost / risk entry into trying the solution. We only paid for support.
  • Needed senior management buy-in to get it goingBusiness continuity – opportunistic in using 2009 “swine flu” pandemicThinking about how we’d provide lectures in event of staff & students not being able to physically attend lecturesFollowed successful bid to University fund to explore LCStrong support from Martin Jones PVC
  • Keys to a successful lecture capture deploymentIn the matter of a few months we went from no Lecture capture to a campus-wide supported service. Our keys to success were: Talked about the senior management buy-in. Practical things…1. Availability – we deployed it to all of our 86 centrally-timetabled rooms. This gets around issues with timetabling. Lecturers could also download a copy of the recorder to their own office PC or laptop. 2. Familiar interface – provisioning & accessing lecture captures through the Blackboard VLE. Panopto integrates with a Blackboard building block. 3. Self service – lecturers do not need to come to IS to start using LC. They can “provision” lecture capture through Blackboard themselves and start using it. The software is easy and intuitive to use. 4. Self-help – we did lots of work on creating FAQs & narrated video “how-to’s”. Combined with self-service many lecturers did not need to contact IS to get going. 5. Targeted Awareness Raising – rather than running generic drop-in training, we targeted individual departments & came to speak to them. In some cases getting support from a Head of Department or Director of Learning & Teaching meant department-wide adoption. 6. Assistance when asked for – we offered technical assistance and dedicated 1 to 1 clinics to get people going with LC7. Word-of-mouth – the best evangelizers were the academics themselves
  • The Panopto recorder is available on all teaching machines and available for download to personal machines from the Abercast website. There are several different configuration options available for Panopto, we have the Data Server and Web server running on separate virtual machines on a single host, the database is housed on our central mirrored SQL server. The Panopto building block is installed in Blackboard and allows the link between Panopto and Blackboard, this enables authentication to be controlled by Blackboard and also the delivery of recordings via Blackboard.During this past year the Data server has been running at maximum capacity, and any backlog of processing has caused issues. The infrastructure we were using with VMware had a limitation of 2CPU’s, we have now migrated most of our services to HyperV and the service has 4CPU’s and 7GB. If this isn’t sufficient other options include adding multiple data servers, or moving the Data Server onto a physical box.
  • The Panopto building block is easy to install, the connection is configured on Blackboard and via the Administration interface for our Panopto installation. The Panopto CourseCast Content can be accessed via the Tools panel in a blackboard course, you can either add an existing Course or Add the current course to Panopto. The building block will synchronise the users on the Blackboard Module to the Panopto Course, provisioning the course has to be triggered by the lecturer.
  • During the teaching term there are on average 13 recordings a day, which equates to about 2 recordings per hour, more than 1500 recordings have been created since the service was launched. The School of Business and management mandated the use of Panopto Lecture capture for all first year modules, and other departments such as Geography have made good use of the service.
  • This chart shows the number of views for competed recordings or the past year and a half, we can see a steady level of use before the summer whilst the Panopto project was still in pilot phase. As expected the numbers of views decrease substantially during the summer, but we can clearly see a sharp increase use from the end of September after the system was brought into full production. This increase continues until the exams in January 2011, the views then drop rapidly after the end of the exams and again increase during the summer exams. The highest viewing time of 78,409 minutes = 54 days and the peak during the summer exams of 29,403 minutes = 20 days.
  • This chart shows the use activity on a daily basis for the past month, the use indicates an rise in views during May. This increase coincides with the approach of the module exams, indicating that the recordings are being used heavily as a revision tool.
  • Gareth Hall ran a study funded by the Learning and Teaching infrastructure fund entitled “Students’ learning experience with Panopto coursecast at Aberystwyth University”These results were from a questionnaire we produced - quantativeOverwhelmingly endorsed by students for many reasons
  • Qualitative Study used focus groups of students – sat in on a number of these – bribery to get students in….These figures from ranked answers by number of Yes’sStudents often viewed selected parts of the lecture over multiple views Most useful in understanding difficult concepts
  • Student commentshelp in taking notesAmount of content / speed of deliveryTool to aid revisionCautionary – not a replacement for lectures. Students value contact with lecturers & each other. Gareth Hall is also conducting a survey sponsored through SCHOMS on staff perceptions of LCResults of these will be published.
  • Lecture capture

    1. 1. Lecture Capture<br />at Aberystwyth University<br />Tim Davies & Iola Hagen<br />
    2. 2. The Team<br />Nigel Thomas – Media & Technical<br />Martin Pugh – Media & Technical<br />Kate Wright – E-Learning<br />Mary Jacob - E-Learning<br />Johanna Westwood - E-Learning<br />Gareth Hall – Psychology<br />Iola Hagen – Software Development<br />Tim Davies – IS Management<br />
    3. 3. What is Lecture Capture?<br />The capture of video, audio, and content (slides / screen capture), or any combination, that makes up a lecture or presentation<br />Tutors put up a link to the recording<br />Students can then play back and jump to specific sections of the lecture<br />
    4. 4. What is Lecture Capture?<br />http://coursecast.aber.ac.uk/Panopto/Pages/Viewer/Default.aspx?id=969526e1-973d-40db-bea7-ec45ddb9ac77<br />
    5. 5. History<br />Using Windows Media Server since 2003. <br />Live events (e.g. graduation)<br />Lectures (MS Producer)<br />2006+ interest in dedicated lecture capture systems. Looked at Mediasite. <br />Piloted Echo360 in 2008<br />2009 Panopto CourseCast – Socrates programme<br />
    6. 6. Drivers to change<br />Business continuity<br />Successful bid to L&T fund for money<br />Software installation & maintenance<br />Microphones in teaching rooms<br />Small number of cameras<br />Support from PVC Learning & Teaching<br />
    7. 7. Lecture Capture Success<br />Senior Management buy-in<br />Availability<br />Familiar interface<br />Self service<br />Self help<br />Targeted Awareness Raising<br />Assistance when requested<br />Word-of-mouth<br />
    8. 8. Panopto Technical Overview<br />Panopto Recorder<br />Blackboard<br />Data Server<br />Panopto Database<br />Web Server<br />
    9. 9. Storage<br />Data Server<br />Web Ready (WR) Quality: Add 265GB for every 1,000 hours of WR that you want to keep (265MB/hr). Note: Once deleted, you can no longer re-edit or re-encode.<br />High Quality Compressed (HQC) Quality: Add 660GB for every 1,000 hours of HQC that you want to keep (660MB/hr). Note: Once deleted, you can no longer re-edit or re-encode.<br />Digital Video (DV) Quality: Add 13TB for every 1,000 hours of DV that you want to keep (13GB/hr). Note: Once DV is deleted, you can no longer re-edit or re-encode.<br />Web Server<br />Web Ready (WR) Quality: Add 390GB for every 1,000 hours of web stream video that you want to make available (390MB/hr).<br />High Quality Compressed (HQC) Quality: Add 390GB for every 1,000 hours of web stream video that you want to make available (390MB/hr).<br />Digital Video (DV) Quality: Add 390GB for every 1,000 hours of web stream video that you want to make available (390MB/hr).<br />
    10. 10. Linking to Blackboard<br />Panopto Building Block<br />Install BB <br />Configure with web server settings<br />Configure on Web server<br />Provision Courses/Modules<br />Synchronise Users<br />Issues<br />No global synchronising<br />Not available in Blackboard Learn course tools menu<br />
    11. 11. Usage Statistics<br />Number of Recoding‘s<br />Average 2 recording an hour during the teaching term.<br />Over 1500 recordings in total<br />Departmental Use<br />Business school mandated for First year Modules<br />Increase in viewing before and during exams<br />
    12. 12. Usage Statistics<br />
    13. 13. Usage Stats<br />
    14. 14. Usage Stats<br />
    15. 15. Data Retention<br />How long should we keep files<br />One week on teaching machines<br />3 months on Data server<br />Indefinitely in web server <br />Currently<br />420GB of data stored on the Web Server<br />186GB of data stored on the Data Server<br />
    16. 16. Student Perceptions 1Gareth Hall “Students’ learning experience with Panopto Coursecast at Aberystwyth University”<br />In a student survey 98% of respondents indicated that they found lecture capture helpful in their studies. <br />81% of students who used lecture capture indicated that one way of helping them choose where to study in the future was if the University offered lecture capture.<br />Over half told us that it helped them understand difficult concepts.<br />
    17. 17. Student Perceptions 2Gareth Hall “Students’ learning experience with Panopto Coursecast at Aberystwyth University”<br />Revise prior to exam (68%) – highest usage<br />To clarify concepts that they did not understand during lectures (63%)<br />To make up for a missed lecture (51%)<br />To help with assignments (35%)<br />To review straight after lecture (19%)<br />To help with English as a 2nd language (9%)<br />Attendance – not affected<br />
    18. 18. Student Perceptions 3Gareth Hall “Students’ learning experience with Panopto Coursecastat Aberystwyth University”<br />“I do accounting and sometimes you go through a number of examples and write them down (…) they go so fast it is nice to look back and actually hear what the numbers mean (…) when you put the lecture capture on you can hear what she was saying ‘cos you can’t really write your notes and numbers at the same time” [Focus group 1, line 177-183]<br />“You get too much information in lectures (…) but they’re saying a lot of stuff that is not on the powerpoints. So you have to get the powerpoint and get what they’re trying to say in one lecture. It just doesn’t work. So if you listen to it [the lecture] afterwards you can go over it and over it and understand more what they’re trying to tell you …” [Focus group 7, lines 80-84]<br />“…when you go back to revise [from Panopto] then its good to have a starting point (…) because if you can’t remember what’s happened in a lecture and you jump straight into a book, sometimes it goes straight off your head, so it’s good to start with something” [Focus group 1, lines 226-229]<br />“it’s not a substitute, I don’t think, it’s an extra resource but certainly not a substitute for going in and actually being in lecture, even if it is pre-recorded...” [Focus group 1, lines 532-534]<br />
    19. 19. More Information<br />Tim Davies – tid@aber.ac.uk<br />Iola Hagen – ioh@aber.ac.uk<br />IS page on recording lectures: http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/is/media/recording<br />Nexus web site (AU L&T good practice) http://nexus.aber.ac.uk/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Tags?do=viewTag&tag=lecturecapture<br />Panopto: http://www.panopto.com/<br />