How to Develop an ePortfolio

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Many people are wonderful at practicing their own professional craft. Whether it is designing or developing eLearning courses, or creating a new informal learning tool, we have a great deal of …

Many people are wonderful at practicing their own professional craft. Whether it is designing or developing eLearning courses, or creating a new informal learning tool, we have a great deal of “know-how” in how to perform our jobs. Additionally, as professionals we often have a great deal of education and training in our fields. However, we often have little education and training in terms of how to use tools to help us manage and advance our own careers.

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  • 1. “Competency-Based ePortfolios:Career Passport of the Future?”
    eLearning Guild
    March 26, 2010
    Greg Williams, Ed.D.
  • 2. Expcectations
  • 3. How Teaching Online is Different
    Why This Presentation?
  • 4. Why This Presentation?
    It’s personal
    Don’t learn the hard way
    Unpredictable future
  • 5. Career Tool
  • 6. What’s a Career Portfolio?
    Career tool
    Documentation of performance
    Range of skills & competencies
    Increasingly important
  • 7. Artifacts
  • 8. Why HaveaPortfolio?
  • 9. Why have a Portfolio?
    More employers & clients requiring
    Telling vs. demonstrating
    Communicates competence uniquely
    Marketing & evaluation tool
    Meet Ciaran
  • 10. Start With a Career Goal
    What job do you want
    Identify KSAs
    Skill or experience gap?
  • 11. Why Do
    I Need Goals?
  • 12. Different Goals
    Different Portfolios
  • 13. Aligning Competencies withProfessional Standards
    Identify standards
    Professional Associations
    Company or organization
  • 14. Competencies
    Career planning & talent mgt.
    Delivering training
    Designing learning
    Facilitating organizational change
  • 15. Competencies
    Improving human performance
    Managing organizational knowledge
    Managing the learning function
    Measuring and evaluating
  • 16. Missing
    Missing Competency?
  • 17. Technology Competencies
    Authoring tools
    eLearning development & delivery
    Employers defer to tech skills
  • 18. Anticipating Needs
  • 19. Think Like a Hiring Manager
    Problems to be solved
    Results, not activity
    Multiple roles & skills
    Project mgt.
    Business results
  • 20. Choosing What Goes Inside
  • 21. Selecting Portfolio Items
    Consistent with your goals
    Address a business need
    Results oriented
    Think like a hiring manager
  • 22. OK to Be Different
  • 23. Creating Artifacts
    Top Ten Career Accomplishments
    Documenting accomplishments
    Existing artifacts
    Organize by competency
  • 24. Linking Artifacts to Results
    Linking artifacts to org results
    Alignment : Org>Dept>You
    Measurable results
    Similar to drafting objectives
  • 25. Portfolio Issues
    Not organized well
    Artifacts not labeled
    Viewers don’t understand
  • 26. C-CAR
  • 27. C-CAR
  • 28. C-CAR Format
    Competency: Identify the competency
    Context : Describe situation
    Action: Describe what you did & why
    Results: Describe outcomes, use measurable results if possible
  • 29. C-CAR Format Example 1
    Competency: Designing Learning
    Context : Sales revenue down after hiring new sales reps
    Action: Created company’s first online sales training course
    Results: Sales revenue rose 24.7% Qtr. after course implemented
  • 30. C-CAR Format Example 2
    Competency: Delivering Learning
    Context : Remote staff can’t get training. New employees making 27% more errors processing claims
    Action: Taught company’s first online course in claims processing
    Results: Claims processing errors reduced by 17% after course implemented
  • 31. Portfolios in Job Search & Interviews
    Link to resume
    Interview predictions
    Select appropriate artifacts
    C-CAR method
    Follow-up with artifacts
  • 32.
  • 33. Portfolios in Employee Evaluations
    Way to document your performance
    Solicit feedback & documentation
    Annual goals – create 2-3 artifacts
  • 34. ManagingYourCareerPortfolio
  • 35. Creating an
    Not Hard?
  • 36. ePortfolios
    Why have one?
    Public or private
    Expertise, time, money
    Available Tools
  • 37. Visual CV
  • 38. Summary
  • 39. Hot Competencies
    Authoring tools
    eLearning experience
    Instructional design
    industry experience
  • 40.
  • 41. Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • 42. ePortfolio – Acrobat Pro
    No Website needed
    No programming skills
    Can add video and audio
  • 43. Acrobat Pro Screenshot
  • 44. Acrobat Pro Screenshot
  • 45. Acrobat Sample Layout
  • 46. Add Multi-Media
  • 47. Managing Large Files
    Mail Big File
    Drop Send
    You Send It
    Google Documents
  • 48. Don’t Leave Your Career to Chance
  • 49. Should I
    Do This?
  • 50. No Silver Bullet
  • 51. Final Thoughts
    30 yr gold watch is gone
    Manage your career
    Be a futurist
    Adapt, learn, grow
    Take action
  • 52. Questions & Discussion
  • 53. Greg Williams, Ed.D.
    Assistant Professor
    Univ. of Maryland