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Borrell Local Media Conference Keynote - Local is Mobile
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Borrell Local Media Conference Keynote - Local is Mobile



Keynote at Borrell Assocates Local Online Media Conference by Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association. http://www.borrellassociates.com/

Keynote at Borrell Assocates Local Online Media Conference by Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association. http://www.borrellassociates.com/



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  • The Future is NowLets demystify they future.
  • Here’s an amazing discovery: Once local businesses get a taste of mobile they’re highly likely to stick with it. This is from Borrell’s survey of 2,000 businesses back in January. It shows that if you ask those who haven’t tried mobile marketing, 9% say they’re pretty likely to use it. Overall, 27% say they’re “likely.” But look at this Of those SMBs who’ve tried some sort of mobile marketing in the past, a whopping 45% say they’re very likely to do so again. When adding those who say they’re merely “likely,” that comes to an incredible 83% who say they’re incorporating mobile into their 2013 marketing plans.
  • Daily time spent in mobile apps has now surpassed web consumption. The average user now spends 9% more time using mobile apps than the Internet. In June users spent an average of 81 minutes daily on mobile apps, compared to 74 minutes on the web.Flurry says that that growth is a result of more sessions during the day per user, as opposed to an increase in session length. Users are checking Twitter and Foursquare more often as opposed to spending more time in the apps in any given session.Flurry tracked 85,000 apps; Games and Social Networking categories dominate, capturing 47 percent and 32 percent on consumer time spent daily, respectively. Combined, these two categories control 79 percent of consumers’ total app time. Time spent on news apps follows with 9 percent share, with entertainment capturing a 7 percent share.

Borrell Local Media Conference Keynote - Local is Mobile Borrell Local Media Conference Keynote - Local is Mobile Presentation Transcript

  • How Can Local Media Unlock Mobiles Fantastic Promise? Greg Stuart More musings on the Mobile Marketing Opportunity for Publishers Global CEO Mobile Marketing Association greg@mmaglobal.com Twitter.com/gregstuart 1 +1 631 702 0682
  • The MMA and it’s Members700+ Marketers, Agencies, Media Sellers, Tech, Operators Globally Twitter.com/gregstuart 2
  • The Only Constant is Change 3 Twitter.com/gregstuart View slide
  • Twitter.com/gregstuart4 View slide
  • • AT&T – You Will 1993 5 Twitter.com/gregstuartFrom AT&T in 1993 5
  • “We Hired A Guy” Musings on the Mobile Marketing Opportunity for Publishers Borrell Online Advertising Conference New York City March 3rd 2011 Twitter.com/gregstuart 6 6
  • Twitter.com/gregstuart7
  • THREE THINGS TO DO TODAY1. Local Marketers State of Mobile2. MMA’s Perspective on Mobile For Marketers3. The Mobile Opportunity for Publishers Twitter.com/gregstuart 8
  • SMBs Who Use Mobile Are Likely to Continue Likely Use Mobile - If Not Likely Use - If Already Used Used 45% 30% 38% 28% 23% 12% 9% 7% 6% 6% Very likely Somewhat Not very Not at all Don’t know/ Very likely Somewhat Not very Not at all Don’t likely likely likely Not sure likely likely likely know/NotHow likely is it that you will incorporate mobile elements in your sure How likely is it that you will incorporate mobile elements in your adadvertising and marketing efforts to reach potential customers in 2013? and marketing efforts to reach potential customers in 2013? Not Used Mobile N = 757 Used Mobile N = 245 Twitter.com/gregstuartSource: Borrell Associates, Inc. , Dec-Jan. 2013 SMB survey 10
  • And Marketer’s View is Shifting to Mobile Twitter.com/gregstuart 11
  • Source: Borrell Associates Inc., 2013 Twitter.com/gregstuart 12
  • AS I SAID LAST TIME…Mobile is theMissing Piece toLocal 13 Twitter.com/gregstuartMobile Marketing Association 13
  • Growth of Mobile Devices is Astonishing 45% of Americans own SmartPhones 15 Twitter.com/gregstuart 15
  • App Usage is Double vs. 2-Years AgoAverage Device has 100 Apps; Most Abandoned in Less than Month U.S Web vs. Mobile App vs. TV Consumption , Minutes per day 180 168 168 162 160 140 127 120 Apps 100 94 Apps 80 70 72 70 66 60 Apps 40 TV TV TV 20 0 Dec 2010. Dec 2011. Dec 2012. Web Browsing Mobile Applications Television Twitter.com/gregstuart Sources: comScore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics 16
  • Twitter.com/gregstuart 1717
  • Role of Mobile in a Mix: Nothing brings marketers closer to consumers than mobile. Nothing. Twitter.com/gregstuartMobile Marketing Association 18
  • Truth is, Phones Are a Media Channel U.S. Media Consumption Share50% 45%44%45% 43% 42%40%35%30% 26% 26% 26% 25% Tripled Since 200925%20% 17% 16% 15% 14%15% 12% 9% 9%10% 8% 7% 7% 8% 7% 6% 6% 5% 4%5%0% TV Online Radio Mobile Mobile Print Other 2009 2010 2011 2012 Twitter.com/gregstuart Source: eMarketer, October 2012 19
  • The Change In Media Habits Suggests the Need for a Change in Media Mix Based on Algebraic AnalysisMobile ad units included: Ads in Mobile Web (Display Ads), Ads in Apps, Mobile VideoAds, Mobile Games Ads, Mobile Social, Tablets Twitter.com/gregstuart 20
  • And, Mobile has a Number of Unique Advantages1. Mobile is Personal (one person per phone)2. Mobile is Pervasive (everywhere, all the time)3. Mobile has Proximity (tracking location) Twitter.com/gregstuart 21 Greg Stuart, CEO; greg@mmaglobal.com +1 631.702.0682
  • Ad for Charity Pennieshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS3ThxPrlVo 22 Twitter.com/gregstuart 22
  • MOBILE OPPORTUNITY FOR PUBLISHERS Twitter.com/gregstuart 23
  • Twitter.com/gregstuart24
  • Three Thoughts For Local Media 1. Local Media [Sales] Can [Should] Lead 2. Lots of Opportunities to Innovate [and Educate] 3. If it’s really about personalization and proximity…Must get Scale Twitter.com/gregstuart 25
  • 1. Publishers CAN Improve Ad Effectiveness in Digital Insights from the What Sticks Research Low High 1. Cut out International impressions 18% to 43% 2. Manage Frequency 50% to 70% 3. Capitalize on Time of Day/DoW 10% to 15% 4. Ad Size matters 20% to 54% 5. Page Placement really matters 6% to 350% 6. Creative is “mission critical” 0% to 400% Total Gain Possible: 0% 2910% Twitter.com/gregstuart 26
  • Twitter.com/gregstuart27
  • Asked To Speak on Future of Mobile Impact on Pricing 28 Twitter.com/gregstuart 28
  • I Get It. slide title is Hard Change Twitter.com/gregstuart 29
  • 2. Lots of Opportunity to InnovateMobile includes:1. Constant opportunity to connect and drive to local store, etc.2. Lots & lots of tools/techniques to support an advertiser3. More sensors and smarts than you can shake a stick atAnd more… Twitter.com/gregstuart 30
  • Path to Purchase is the New Model DIGITAL TOUCHPOINTS Social Mobile integration Opt-in Augmented reality Coupons App promo QR codes Mobile wallet AWARENESS ENGAGEMENT TRANSACTION LOYALTY traditional consumer mobile in-store mobile mobile advertising sponsorship promotion incentives & mobile database VIP/rewardsadvertising activation activation activation coupons marketing marketing program Print Signage In-store Rewards OFFLINE TOUCHPOINTS 31 Source: Vibes, 2012 Twitter.com/gregstuart
  • Phones/Apps Are Still Getting Even Smarter Twitter.com/gregstuart 32
  • 3. Scale, Scale, Scale Location, Location, Location! Targeting Opens up a Whole New Set ofCustomers who don’t want to TARGET the whole DMA Twitter.com/gregstuart 33
  • Location Data is Major for MANY Sectors• 27% of companies plan to implement location-based marketing (1)• Geo-fencing campaigns doubled in 2012 vs. 2011 (2) – 100% campaigns for Grocery, Political, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, used location information – Most of the Restaurant, Retail, Travel & Consumer Goods used location(1) Econsultancy(2) Verve Mobile Twitter.com/gregstuart 34
  • Twitter.com/gregstuart35
  • Twitter.com/gregstuart36
  • In the End We Know that Mobile is Coming It’s going to be BIGAnd it is Tailor Made for Local Twitter.com/gregstuart 37
  • Twitter.com/gregstuart38
  • What MMA is Doing to Help Local Mobile1. Location Committee – will be exploring numerous aspects of opportunities at the local level, including; – Definition of what it means to be truly "local" in mobile – from DMAs to latitude/longitude – Proximity engagement via mobile payments – In-store engagement – How "big data" intersects with ones current location (see next)2. Mobile Apps – examining ways to reach app development communities for best practices3. Data Targeting Standards Committee – will be looking at the viable, permissible and effective use of data – big and small – to better understand, among other things: – Current location, User preferences, Predictive analytics, Relevant, targeted offers4. Mobile Commerce – examining the "process" surrounding local transaction, to establish useful KPIs5. Mobile Coupon Ad Unit Standards Committee – seeking to standardize the size and functional performance of mobile coupons that enable the local fulfillment6. Mobile Video Committee – examining performance of mobile video across multiple vectors, including location7. Mobile Analytics Committee – how do we best measure mobile on a local level?8. Messaging – examining marketing best practices across many areas, including: – Verticals – auto dealers, banks, entertainment, health & medical – Push – asking for a local invitation vs. interruption – Long Code – how can the local business owner leverage the 10 digit telephone number Twitter.com/gregstuart 39
  • Find Out More-MMA Events 2013MMA Events are great networking, education and leadership opportunities:• MMA Forums – NY Forum – May 8-10 – Singapore Forum –April 2013 – Shanghai Forum –June 2013 – India Forum –September 2013 – London Forum –October 2013 – Vietnam Forum –October 2013 – Dubai Forum – November 2013 – LATAM – Smaller regional events (Mexico, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo) - TBD – MMA France & MMA Spain events - TBD• Global Summits – CEO Summit – July 21st – SM2 at Advertising Week – Sept 24-25 • Smarties Global Mobile Awards – Sept 25 (over 500 submissions in 2012) – SM2 East China – Q4 – Cannes Lions – June 16-23 Twitter.com/gregstuart 40 Greg Stuart, CEO; greg@mmaglobal.com +1 631.702.0682
  • Thank You greg@mmaglobal.com +1 631 702 0682 thank you! Twitter.com/gregstuart41