Redesigning Corporate Training in a Web 2.0 World


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Author: Karie Willyerd (CLO, Sun Microsystems), Charles Beckham (CTO, Sun Microsystems), Joe Campbell (Director of Sales)

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  • How it all Fits – another way to view this experience Note: This slide provides a graphic representation of the highlights from the agenda slide. Leadership Connections really is all about you, the business, and networking. Some of the major activities associated with You are the assessments you completed, the feedback you have and will receive from executive coaches and VPs. Related very much to You are the Networking activities. We have some special activities planned that are designed to facilitate networking. A couple of these are the Around the world dinner tonight and game night on Thursday. Both are very exciting! Some of the highlights from the agenda that are placed in the business are, of course, learning first hand from Jonathan about Leadership; the simulation will provide a fun engaging way for you to learn about the business.. Finally, for those of you who expressed an interest, we have a tour of the EBC.
  • What clarifications do we need to make regarding the definition and purpose of the sales university? Suggestion: A framework for accelerating sales performance across all business units.
  • R esearched best practices and identified opportunities to improve how we develop employees
  • Redesigning Corporate Training in a Web 2.0 World

    1. 1. Redesigning Corporate Training in a Web 2.0 World or How We Learned to Love Collaboration Karie Willyerd VP and Chief Learning Officer Charles Beckham Chief Technology Officer and Senior Director of Web Business and Technology Services Joe Campbell Director of Sales, Services and Leadership Training 1
    2. 2. Redesigning Corporate Training in a Web 2.0 World Sun Confidential + = ? ✍ The Challenge Learner Learning Intervention Performance + Productivity
    3. 3. How do you fill the competency gap? Old Formula Sun Confidential ? = +  ( -  ) 
    4. 4. The gap is more complicated than ever... Revised Formula <ul><li>10,000 hours to become an expert
    5. 5. Only 40-80 hours of time per year allocated for formal training
    6. 6. Only 30-40% of formal training is reported to be retained
    7. 7. Only 10% of job-relevant training is learned via traditional corporate training
    8. 8. Knowledge increase is skyrocketing, while 1/2 life of knowledge is shrinking
    9. 9. Training investment is shrinking - classrooms, budgets, time-to-train, trainers, skilled developers, etc. </li></ul>Sun Confidential - ✈    + + -  ( -  )
    10. 10. Learners are More Complicated than Ever
    11. 11. Who do You Design for Today? Sun Confidential: Internal Only Learner 2.0: The Social Cyborg Learner 1.0 ✆     
    12. 12. ROI Expectations are Higher than Ever Sun Confidential: Internal Only     ✍ + + + +
    13. 13. What is Corporate Training? In 2009, a more complicated formula... + =  ( -  )  - ✈   + + - ✆          + + + +
    14. 14. Traditional Training: Evidence of “Global Warming” Sun Confidential + = ? ✍ - ✈    + + -     + + + +   ( -  ) ✆     
    15. 15. Solving this Equation Using the Traditional Learning Ecosystem <ul><li>A common methodology has been... </li><ul><li>To define broad sets of competencies
    16. 16. Create feeback systems to assess competencies
    17. 17. Develop training that mpas into the most common needs in the organization </li></ul></ul>
    18. 18. Sun Confidential: Internal Only The Expert Dilemma *Open Storage Future Workspaces, LLC The more expert the content, the less likely training can be justified
    19. 19. Sun Confidential: Internal Only The Social Learning Ecosystem *Open Storage *Web 2.0 Infrastructure/MySQL Future Workspaces LLC A new way to think about organizational learning
    20. 20. The Social Learning Ecosystem Sun Confidential: Internal Only *Open Storage *Web 2.0 Infrastructure/MySQL Future Workspaces LLC A new way to think about organizational learning
    21. 21. Sun's Social Learning Ecosystem Professional Development Sun Confidential: Internal Only Created and Managed by Organizations Created and Managed by Users Competency-based Learning MyLearning: Web 2.0 LMS Compliance Sun Sales University: Blended Learning Peer-to-Peer Learning: Social Learning eXchange Leadership Academy Context-based Learning
    22. 22. Examples from the New World <ul><li>A Few Examples... </li><ul><li>Peer-to-Peer Learning:
    23. 23. Extending learning resources: Federated LMS </li></ul><li>Blended Approaches: </li><ul><li>The Sales University
    24. 24. The Four-Door Approach to e-learn ing </li></ul></ul>
    25. 25. Sun’s Leadership Connections Collaborating on design and leaders as teachers Sun Confidential
    26. 26. Designing the Solution <ul><li>Team formed – BTS, Oliver-Wyman, Sun Learning Services, Leadership Development
    27. 27. Needs analysis from Executive Leadership Team (ensure clarity of what problem we are solving)‏
    28. 28. Formed core ELT work group to design program and rapid prototype the simulation </li><ul><li>Debating the details of the new metrics! </li></ul></ul>“ This has to be right, or we risk sending the wrong message” – Jonathan Schwartz <ul><li>Abbreviated test with input from Sun’s top 50 VPs </li></ul>
    29. 29. Collaborative Design: Sun Simulation Development Timeline Sun Confidential Content Development Concept Development Interviews & Data Gathering 8 weeks 1 week 4 weeks 4 weeks Test and Completion A collaborative, co-creation process between BTS, Sun CEO and Executive team, Sun Learning Services team, and Oliver Wyman
    30. 30. The Coaching Design: Leaders Coaching Leaders Sun Confidential
    31. 31. 4.5 day Management Flight Simulator Teams make over 100 decisions per round while running the business A session represents 1 year; teams run 3 sessions Teams compete for market share and growth Plenary sessions with ELT and guest speakers Market winners present winning strategies VPs assess each team and give feedback on leadership OW coaches assess the VPs and give feedback Simulation Worlds Simulation Teams Facilitators Coaches Leadership Connections Workshop Pre-Workshop Experience (virtual) Workshop Experience 96-100 Participants Post-Workshop Experience (virtual) Supported by ELT and VPs 6 24 24 24 24 6 6 6
    32. 32. Leadership Connections Post-Course Cascade Kit Sun Confidential
    33. 33. How It All Fits Sun Confidential Around the World Reception
    34. 34. Social Learning eXchange (SLX) Collaborating on the creation and management of peer-to-peer learning Sun Confidential
    35. 35. Integrated Content Creation & Instant Publication Have to make it easy to create content! > User generated content > Seamless publication Flexible Content Creation Options: > Upload mulitmedia files > Video & audio authoring > Screencast capture
    36. 36. Leveraging Key Social Media Capabilities
    37. 37. Sharing & Privacy Sharing & Privacy Channels target content for a specific group of users. Privacy controls determine who can access & contribute content in a channel or system-wide.
    38. 38. Catering To Busy Sales Reps Synchs and pushes directly to iTunes
    39. 39. But What About ... <ul><li>How do you “control” content? </li><ul><li>The same way you control email </li></ul><li>Don't people put up silly or just plain bad content? </li><ul><li>They are not anonymous; their careers are on the line. Besides, the “crowd” governs the content </li></ul><li>Doesn't content get dated? </li><ul><li>Search and comments help solve this </li></ul><li>Will there be a role left for learning functions? </li><ul><li>Yes, the coolest job on the planet – ensuring people can do their jobs and earn a living </li></ul></ul>Get over it!
    40. 40. Sun’s Sales University Collaborating with business on the redesign of corporate training programs Sun Confidential
    41. 41. What is Sun Sales University? Sales University A results-based accreditation program designed to build a high performance sales culture <ul><li>Management System </li><ul><li>Governance board
    42. 42. College core teams
    43. 43. Learning Services
    44. 44. Sales operations </li></ul><li>Curriculum </li><ul><li>Common core curriculum
    45. 45. Product and solution fundamentals
    46. 46. Results-based accreditations </li></ul><li>Infrastructure </li><ul><li>Web 2.0 Learning Management System
    47. 47. Mobile learning platform – SLX
    48. 48. Reporting and analytics </li></ul></ul>
    49. 49. Levels of Accreditation 1. Advocate Basic understanding with limited experience / success 2. Specialist Increasing specialization, with additional experience and additional sales results 3. Expert Extensive experience and results – and record of mentoring others Doe, John, Sun ID: 93443 Systems Practice Role: Open Disk Storage SE Sales Core: Completed 9/07 Storage College Fundamentals: Completed 3/08 Board Approved Accreditations in: Open Disk Technical Sales, Expert Level, 9/08 Open Storage Technical Sales, Specialist Level, 4/08 Modular Disk Technical Sales, Advocate Level, 8/07 – Update Required Accreditation = Knowledge + Demonstrated Ability + Measured Results Delivering Business Results: Accreditation is a measurement of accomplishments against performance standards What are Sales U Accreditations?
    50. 50. Evolution of Sales Enablement Blending of Peer-to-Peer content into formal learning 1yr. dev. time saving, 6 mo. quicker release!
    51. 51. Keys to Success Governance Curriculum Decisions Robust Reporting Accountability Content Quality $600M Documented wins 97% Completion rates Funding increased and model adopted by Services Governance Curriculum Decisions Robust Reporting Accountability Content Quality
    52. 52. Peer-to-peer vs. Formal Content Creation Sun Confidential Area Chart Peer-Peer Pie Chart 52% 1.3% 36.2% 8.2% 2.3%
    53. 53. An Evolving Corporate Training Paradigm: Collaborative Learning Environments <ul><li>Shifting from organization created, competency-based content to user coordinated, context-based content
    54. 54. Redesigning infrastructure to support a Web 2.0 Learning Environment
    55. 55. Redesigning your training organization with learner-empowered governance and group coordination
    56. 56. Curriculum re-design – designing business results into your learning solution design, but letting learners choose how best to get to their destination
    57. 57. Redesigning content for the Learner 2.0 – open, accessible, taggable, storable, mobile </li></ul>
    58. 58. Thank You! Karie Willyerd [email_address] Charles Beckham [email_address] Joe Campbell [email_address] 68