1 PCT Southern California


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1 PCT Southern California

  1. 1. Pacific Crest Trail Greg’s journey along the Crest in 2001
  2. 2. The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,665 mile footpath that extends from the deserts of southern California to the snow capped mountains of the Pacific Northwest.   The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) starts at the Mexican-United States border near Campo, California and and continues northward through Oregon and Washington. The trail ends in Manning Park, British Columbia .
  3. 3. The PCT has five distinct sections, each having unique climate, geology, flora, and fauna. These sections are: Southern California, Central California, Northern California, Oregon, and Washington.
  4. 4. Southern California This section of trail extends from the Mexican border to Tehachapi Pass. The PCT starts modestly in the rolling chaparral covered hills on the Mexican Border. The trail in this section is mostly desert interspersed with several snow and pine covered mountain ranges.
  5. 5. The wooden monument marking the start or the end of the Pacific Crest Trail at the Mexican Border.
  6. 6. Mount Laguna is the first place to resupply along the trail. It is about 4O miles from the Mexican Border. It is located in the relatively cool and shaded Laguna Mountains.
  7. 7. Crossing expansive flower filled meadows south of Warner Springs.
  8. 8. California Poppies
  9. 9. Hiking through a spring snow storm in the Southern California mountains.
  10. 10. What a great place for a phone! Time to call out for some hot pizza and cold beer.
  11. 11. Many communities near the trail welcome and appreciate thru-hikers.
  12. 12. Local residents (Trail Angels) sometimes place water caches to aid hikers.
  13. 13. The trail to Deep Creek Hot Springs was crawling with rattlesnakes.
  14. 14. After descending a 22 mile waterless section it was a relief to find a water fountain in the middle of the desert!
  15. 15. Taking a break after a 22 mile, tortuous, waterless descent from the top of Mount San Jancito.
  16. 16. Beautiful graffiti where the PCT crosses under I-15 at Cajon Pass.
  17. 17. More artwork in the same location.
  18. 18. The gang enjoying an All You Can Eat (AYCE) meal at Big Bear lake
  19. 19. Water tank constructed for hikers by the US Forest Service.
  20. 20. Filtering water of dubious quality.
  21. 21. Teddy Beat Cholla cactus.
  22. 22. A Giant bear track in the middle of the trail.
  23. 23. One morning I woke up early and I saw this giant bear attacking my pack!
  24. 24. Coulter pine cones. These large, heavy pine cones have sharp points on the end of each scale.
  25. 25. Early season snow on the slopes of Mt. San Jacinto.
  26. 26. Traversing the long 9,000 foot descent into the arid San Gorgonio Pass.
  27. 27. Halfway across the hot San Gorgonio Pass, the only available shade is under the I-10 bridge.
  28. 28. Dirty, hot, Hiker Feet hanging out in the shade.
  29. 29. Interesting artifacts are found in the desert.
  30. 30. A long descent into the desert is always followed by a long climb back into the mountains.
  31. 31. Looking back across the desert pass toward 10,000 foot Mt. San Jacinto
  32. 32. The endless climb continues.
  33. 33. Skywalker and GI Jane heading into the town of Big Bear City to resupply.
  34. 34. The fire station in Big Bear City allows hikers to sleep in the yard and use the showers.
  35. 35. Lisa taking a break in the shade along Deep Creek.
  36. 36. Covered by only mud and a hat, White Root is enjoying the Deep Creek Hot Springs.
  37. 37. Passing through a long dark tunnel under the train tracks north of El Cajon Pass.
  38. 38. The highpoint of the PCT in Southern California is on the “Boy Scout” mountain.
  39. 39. Donna and her husband Jeff run a hiker hostel in the town of Agua Dulce.
  40. 40. Who is this strange looking person?
  41. 41. Strange things happen when you put thru-hikers and nail polish in the same room.
  42. 42. A few beers, makes the hair come off easier.
  43. 43. If I only had a Harley, I wouldn’t have to walk…
  44. 44. The Blue Shirts versus the Brown Shirts. Who are you going to trust?
  45. 45. Hiker’s care packages waiting to be opened.
  46. 46. On a hot day in the desert any bit of shade is welcomed.
  47. 47. The trail switch backing out of Whitewater Canyon.
  48. 48. It’s still a long ways to Canada!
  49. 49. If you can’t find any shade in the desert, bring your own.
  50. 50. More appreciated water caches.
  51. 51. It’s a long, waterless trek across Antelope Valley in the Mojave Desert.
  52. 52. Finally after nearly 25 waterless miles, we reached the aqueduct in Cottonwood Canyon.
  53. 53. Another cool, shadowed tunnel along the PCT .
  54. 54. Sign!? We don’t see no stinking sign!
  55. 55. One wind turbine in the desert can annually generate the same amount of electricity as 1,100 barrels of oil. This is the end of the Southern California slideshow. The next section is Central California. To continue: go the correct link or file for that section.