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Chef Gregory Webbs Press Kit Abbrev
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Chef Gregory Webbs Press Kit Abbrev


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  • 1. Press for Chef Gregory Webb “If you build it, they will come….”
  • 2. The following slideshow presents a few of the better print media highlights for my work from 2008 and going back to 1998. These are a sampling of articles about my cooking while in Mexico and Houston. During these years I had the ability to create really exciting food in a number of kitchens. I begin with Solea, the signature restaurant of the W Hotel in Mexico City. Also included is a restaurant named Mick’s, in Houston, Texas; my own property, Gregory’s in the River Oaks/Galleria area of Houston; and Estancia Grill also in Houston. I started the slide show with reviews from Mexico City as the executive chef of the W Hotel because while there I captured something really special and the public loved it. I don’t exactly know why I’ve always been so well treated by food critics and the media-but probably it’s because I enjoy my work and critics find my passion and enthusiasm towards food fun to write about. I do know that when I’m in a position that allows for creativity the press and public are pretty quick to find me.
  • 3. Solea, W Hotel, Mexico City Good article, but I doubt anybody read it…
  • 4. Solea, W Hotel, Mexico City Top Hotel Restaurants Issue Feature article on foods of Solea
  • 5. Solea, W Hotel, Mexico City This was a great article in Quatro Magazine, naming Solea as a ‘best hotel restaurant’ in Mexico City. Later that month we were also named ‘Top 10 Restaurants Mexico City’
  • 6. DF Magazine, Mexico City Df is a popular monthly magazine that centers it’s content on happenings within the ‘Federal District’ -that is,’ Mexico City Proper’. I was a featured chef and named among the top 7 chefs in the city.
  • 7. DF Magazine, Mexico City Top Chefs of Mexico City
  • 8. Solea, W Hotel Mexico City Quatro Magazine did a profile of the W Hotel’s Culinary Brigade
  • 9. Solea, W Hotel, Mexico City Year’s Best Issue Top Ten Restaurants
  • 10. W Hotel, Mexico City Featured chef article Top chefs with Seafood
  • 11. W Hotel, Mexico City Quatro article featured dish Quatro article featured dish
  • 12. Solea, W Hotel, Mexico City Top 25 restaurants Stacked Crème brulee
  • 13. W Hotel, Mexico City A true ‘Jet set’ publication Unique treats-’fruishi’
  • 14. Estancia Grill, Houston, Texas This review speaks of my knack for maintaining cultural accuracy in my interpretations of diverse ethnic cuisines
  • 15. Gregory’s, Houston Because this was the first significant review of my restaurant in Texas River Oaks, and while it’s not perfect, it’s one of my favorite review’s ever.
  • 16. It’s always something… Gregory’s, Houston, Texas
  • 17. Gregory’s, Houston, Texas Three hard fought forks from the Houston Business Journal. This publication did a lot towards filling my dining room for lunch service. Great review.
  • 18. Gregory’s, Houston, Texas Nice mention-top new restaurants, best dishes, etc.
  • 19. Gregory’s, Houston, Texas Trend setting in Houston 1999
  • 20. Gregory’s, Houston, Texas This review states “Gregory Webb is one of the city’s most creative sauciers, he does wonders with seafood and wild game…” then goes on to say “…my service staff needs much more seasoning.” Story of my life…
  • 21. Gregory’s, Houston, Texas I along with several other restaurant chefs were interviewed about the business end of a commercial kitchen.
  • 22. Gregory’s, Houston, Texas This was a follow up to another article regarding the business side of restaurants. I provided a financial critical path about opening a restaurant.
  • 23. Gregory’s, Houston, Texas The Houston Press critic enjoyed my food but also found my service staff lacking. “….Despite several service gaffes…I’ll put up with the service for a taste of Chef Gregory’s delicious Gulf Coast Oyster Pan Roast.” This newspaper also named Gregory’s one of the best new restaurants for ‘98.
  • 24. Gregory’s, Houston, Texas I loved this one for the expressions “Swampland Cuisine” and the more refined “Bayou Moderne”. It was a great review.
  • 25. Gregory’s, Houston, Texas Great review from the Houston Press, but these days the thing I end up dwelling on is how skinny I was in front of that stove. Lean years. Nice expression-”Bayou Moderne”; the article complemented my restrained, refined approach to classic Cajun dishes.
  • 26. Gregory’s, Houston, Texas   “Gregory’s, Treebeards and Teddi’s”. Good company in Houston, the other two are cajun institutions downtown, and Gregory’s was on the way.
  • 27. Gregory’s, Houston, Texas Great eye catching title to this mention. “A Duck, a Cigar and Me.” Gregory’s had a great cigar bar, and the duck referenced is my signature Black Opal Duckling. The writer said the restaurant “...resembles a classic New York Dining Club, and that’s a good thing.”
  • 28. Mick’s, Houston, Texas Year end edition of the Houston Press, naming Mick’s a top restaurant.
  • 29. Mick’s, Houston, Texas This is a great review by the Houston Press about a month after we opened, and a month later this publication named us a top ten new restaurant for Houston.
  • 30. Mick’s, Houston, Texas One of my best reviews ever. This was the first review of Mick’s, just 2 weeks after opening. “Some of Webb’s creations are stunning”, and “Webb is a rising superstar… who is creating exciting meals by merging elements of French, Louisiana and Texas Cuisines.”
  • 31. Mick’s, Houston, Texas This is the Houston Chronicle Dining Guide’s “Best of” edition for ‘97. Mick’s was named in several categories, and I was named “Chef of the Year” which still registers as one of the biggest shocks in my life. I was really on a roll!
  • 32. Chef of The Year Article, Houston, Texas Two of the ten year’s best dishes, the restaurant rated best value, and my being voted ‘Chef of the Year’ by the Houston Chronicle in the nation’s 4th largest city. Wow!
  • 33. Mick’s, Houston, Texas In The Houston Business Journal, 2 ½ forks was hard to come by, and when this review came out, we enjoyed a nice swell in our lunch business.