The technology of transparency 6.12.12


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Presentation to Government Finance Officers Association 2012 Annual Conference, Chicago, IL

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The technology of transparency 6.12.12

  1. 1. THE TECHNOLOGY OFTRANSPARENCYGovernment Finance Officers Association - 2012 ConferenceGreg Wass, Chief Information Officer, Cook County, IL
  2. 2. Cook County, Illinois2 ¨  5.2 million population ¨  946 square miles ¨  127 overlapping municipalities ¨  25,000 employees ¨  County courts is the world’s largest unified trial court ¨  Health system is the second largest health system in the nation ¨  County’s annual operating budget is approximately $3 billion ¨  Was reduced by 16% in 2011 and another 4% in 2012 ¨  Major sources of revenue: property and sales taxes; fees Cook County Illinois
  3. 3. Fiscal crisis motivates transformation3 $2,650 $2,550 $2,450 $2,350 $2,250 Millions ($210) ($537) ($453) ($659) $2,150 $2,050 Revenue $1,950 Expenses $1,850 $1,750 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 Cook County Illinois
  4. 4. The transparency imperative4 ¨  Public trust in government at an all- A 2010 study by the time low? University of Illinois at ¨  Fiscal crisis: most states and local Chicago called Cook County a “dark pool of governments still in a financial crisis political corruption,” brought on by the recession revealing that nearly 150 ¨  Difficulty meeting service demands contractors, employees and politicians have been with declining/stagnant revenues convicted on corruption ¨  New capabilities available through charges since 1957. web-based, mobile and social --from an October 2011 networking technologies Government Technology magazine article by Brian ¨  New demands for open government, Heaton collaboration, and shared services Cook County Illinois
  5. 5. The circle of public trust5 Cook County Illinois
  6. 6. The open government movement6 ¨  Data must be: A 2007 working group ¤  Complete of 30 open government ¤  Primary advocates in Sebastopol, CA, ¤  Timely developed the 8 Principles of Open ¤  Accessible Government Data. ¤  Machine processable These principles have become the de facto ¤  Non-discriminatory access starting point for evaluating openness in ¤  Non-proprietary formats government records. ¤  License-free Source: Cook County Illinois
  7. 7. The open gov movement (cont’d)7 ¨  Washington, DC ¨  San Francisco ¨  Baltimore ¨  Chicago ¨  Portland ¨  New York City Cook County Illinois
  8. 8. Open government in Cook County8 ¨  Many residents don’t know what County government is or what it does ¨  Many residents don’t know how their tax dollars are collected or spent ¨  Historical lack of transparency means many local citizen activists are disengaged and cynical ¨  Lack of transparency breeds doubt, skepticism, inefficiency and corruption Cook County Illinois
  9. 9. Open government in Cook County9 1.  Ordinance: Cook County’s open data ordinance begins making data public. Agency heads partner with Board President and Commissioners to make initial high-value data sets public. 2.  Data portal: County launches a single-site portal centralizing data in developer-friendly formats. Data offerings continuously expand. 3.  App contests and data camps: County encourages developers and activists to drive new and improved government services through mobile apps and data visualizations. 4.  Continuous improvement: County expands data offerings, provides ongoing incentives for developers and activists and opens a conversation about improving our government. Cook County Illinois
  10. 10. Open government in Cook County10 March-April Summer 2011 2012 Beyond 2011 Host launch Continue fostering developer community Enact open data party/ through data camps, and contests and ordinance App contest conferences Use resulting information to improve Partner with vendor to create single-site data government efficiency, effectiveness and portal fairness Invest County Expand public data offerings data owners Cook County Illinois
  11. 11. Open government in Cook County11 Cook County Illinois
  12. 12. Open data site architecture12 Cook County Illinois
  13. 13. “Apps for Metro Chicago”13 Cook County Illinois
  14. 14. Regional open data site14 Cook County Illinois
  15. 15. Results and reactions15 ¨  “The Cook County open data website ¨  “( appears to was launched on-time and it has been a deliver what public-sector technologists reliable platform for the County to long have said could be possible—a deliver information to citizens and for truly regional clearinghouse where all potential use by entrepreneurs public data is available for free in one developing applications. The shared place.”—Government Technology, May platform with the State of Illinois and 2012 the City of Chicago keeps costs down ¨  “Yesterday, Cook County released an and promotes consistent approaches for unprecedented amount of data on their data sharing.”—TechAmerica, The Cloud website. It’s exciting to see both the City Imperative: Better Collaboration, Better of Chicago and Cook County creating Service, Better Cost, Feb 2012 new, innovative ways to inform and engage with citizens about important local issues including public safety, economic development and especially government spending.”—Illinois PIRG, Sep 2011 Cook County Illinois
  16. 16. Next steps16 ¨  Big Data ¨  More use of open data for research and analysis ¨  Expanding Cook County Illinois
  17. 17. 17 (312) 603-1400 Cook County Illinois