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Pauline epistles i (online) week 1
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Pauline epistles i (online) week 1


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  • 1. Week 1 Powerpoint
  • 2.  Important Documents  Assignments  Syllabus  Quizzes  Course Calendar  Exams  Research Process  Bible Reading Report Essay (wk 4)  Research Paper (wk 6)  Collateral Reading Report (wk 7)
  • 3. Decade Books Places DatesA.D. 40-49 James Jerusalem A.D. 45-48 Galatians Antioch of Syria 40-49, after Paul’s 1st missionary journeyA.D. 50-59 1 Thessalonians Corinth 50-54, in Paul’s 2nd missionary journey 2 Thessalonians Corinth 50-54, in Paul’s 2nd 1 Corinthians Ephesus missionary journey About 56, in Paul’s 3rd 2 Corinthians Macedonia missionary journey Romans Corinth About 56, in Paul’s 3rd missionary journey 57, in Paul’s 3rd missionary journeyA.D. 60-69 Ephesians Rome 60 1 John Ephesus 60-65 2 John Ephesus Early 60’s 3 John Ephesus Early 60’s Philippians Rome 60-61 Colossians Rome 60-62 Philemon Rome 60-62 1 Timothy Macedonia? 63-66 Titus Macedonia? 63-66 1 Peter Rome? (Babylon) 64 Jude ? 67-80 2 Timothy Rome 67 2 Peter Rome? (Babylon) 67-68 Hebrews ? 68-69
  • 4. A.D. 6- Born a roman citizen to Jewish parents in Tarsus 20-30 - Studies Torah in Jerusalem with Gamaliel and becomes a Pharisee 30-33 - Persecutes followers of Jesus of Nazareth in Jerusalem and Judaea 33 - Converted on the road to Damascus 33-36 - Spends three years in Damascus (Gal 1:17,18) in preparation for gospel ministry 36 - Flees Damascus because of persecution; visits Jerusalem (Gal 1:18) 36-44 - Preaches in Tarsus and surrounding region 44-46 - Helps to lead the church at Antioch with Barnabas 46 - Visits Jerusalem with Barnabas to bring famine relief (Acts 11:27-30) 47-48 - First missionary journey with Barnabas, to Cyprus and Galatia (Acts 13-14) 49 - At the council of Jerusalem (Acts 15), Paul argues successfully that Gentile Christians need not follow Jewish law; returns to Antioch; confronts Peter over Question of Jewish practice (Gal 2:11-12) 49-52 - Second missionary journey with Silas – through Asia Minor and Greece (Acts 15:36 – 18:22); settles in Corinth; writes canonical letters to Thessalonians 52 - Visits Jerusalem and Antioch briefly; begins third missionary journey (Acts 18:23 – 20) 52-55 - Stays in Ephesus preaching gospel; writes canonical letters to Corinthians and Galatians 55-57 - Travels through Greece and possibly Illyricum (modern Yugoslavia) 57-59 - Returns to Jerusalem and arrested; imprisoned at Caesarea 59-60 - Appears before Festus and appeals to Caesar; voyage to Rome (Acts 25 ff) 60-62 - Under house arrest in Rome; writes canonical letters to Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon (Prison epistles) 62-64 - Released from house arrest; journeys to Spain (?); writes letters to Timothy and Titus 64 - Returns to Rome under second imprisonment; writes second letter to Timothy (2 Timothy 4:6-13) Paul – Not the PREACHER -- but Paul the SERVANT of Jesus Christ (1:1)
  • 5. Pauline Epistles 1
  • 6. The City of Rome:ImportanceRulePopulationReligionsThe Church of Rome:OriginMembershipLetter to the Romans:Place: Viewed in light of the book of Acts and the Corinthian epistles, the content of Romans clearlyindicates that it was written from Corinth during the third missionary journey Paul had not yet visited Rome A collection has been raised in the churches for the saints in Judea, and he is now going to Jerusalem to deliver it (Acts 15:25-26; 1 Cor 16:1-4; 2 Cor. 8 & 9) Paul is staying with Gaius (Rom 16:23) who seems to be a member of a the church at Corinth (1 Cor 1:14) Paul mentions that he had preached as far as Illyricum (Rom 15:19)
  • 7. Purpose: To preach God’s righteousness and the GOSPEL (1:11, 15-17) To gain PERSONAL support for his ministry (15:20-25) To gain PRAYER support for his ministry (15:30-33) To promote UNITY in the church (15:25-28) To warn of false DOCTRINE in the church (16:17-20)
  • 8. INTRODUCTION:I. THE AUTHOR OF ROMANS (1:1) A. His attitude was service (δοῦλος) B. His authority was apostolic (ἀπόστολος) C. His action was separatedII. THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST (1:2) A. The Gospel was an ETERNAL Plan B. The Gospel was an Old Testament prophecyIII. THE SON OF GOD (1:3-7) A. Christ’s HUMANITY -- proven by birth (3) B. Christ’s DEITY -- proven by resurrection (4) C. Christ’s GOSPEL -- demands obedience (5) D. Christ’s FOLLOWERS -- are called and loved (6,7)
  • 9. IV. THE PRAYER OF PAUL (1:8-15)A. Praise to God (8) • He praises God for the Romans’ faith in Jesus Christ • He does not praise God for their knowledge, good works, etc.B. Petition to God (9-15) • He prays for people (9) • He prays for God’s will (10) • He prays for opportunities (11) • He prays about needs (12) • He prays with patience (13)Because Paul felt indebted to both cultured Greeks and uncultured non-Greeks, he was eagerto evangelize wherever he could (14-15). Paul’s desire to have fruit among the Romans grewout of his obligation to preach the gospel to all men.V. THE MESSAGE OF ROMANS (1:16-18a)A. We need faith in the gospel a. For salvation (16) b. For revelation (17-18a) i. Of righteousness of God ii. Of wrath of God (18a)B. We need zeal for the lost (14)