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  1. 1. Spend more time living life… Patient Advocacy Pharmacy Services Patient Services Nursing and Support Patient Testimonials
  2. 2. Patient Advocacy We work closely with you, your Hematologist, and Hemophilia Treatment Center to ensure the highest quality of care. NewLife HOMECARE INC. embodies a holistic approach that includes but is not limited to: maintaining access to superior cost effective clinical services, advocacy & support, dissemination of information, pastoral care, and other services required by the client and their families to lead fuller, healthier and happier lives.
  3. 3. Patient Advocacy At New Life HomeCare Inc. we treat the person, not just the disease. New Life understands that you are facing a serious illness, and we would like to make things as easy for you as possible. We will advocate on your behalf for State and Federal Entitlements as well ass SSI, SSDI, Medicare, and Medicaid. We offer the following: • Vocational and educational testing • Vocational planning and assessment • Specialized management of physical needs • Insurance and financial counseling • Financial hardship assistance.
  4. 4. Pharmacy Services NewLife HOMECARE INC. offers clients access to the best pharmacy and client services. Independent In House Pharmacy 24 hour withdrawal and recall notification Next day delivery to home, HTC or wherever designated in the United States Clinical Services available 24/7 Related therapies, including oral medications. Vitamins Needles Syringes Gloves Medical Waste Management Log Sheets Ancillary Supplies Knee and Elbow Pads Helmets Emergency Information Kits Travel Cases Medic Alert Service Any other medically necessary items with your doctor's prescription with overnight & emergency delivery available.
  5. 5. Patient Services “NewLife HomeCare is a friend…”
  6. 6. Patient Services Our services include:  All necessary ancillary supplies with your factor.  Insurance specialists who work to help you.  We offer 24 hour pastoral services for our customers.  We strive to create individualized service to fit your lifestyle  Financially support bleeding disorder community events.  Round the clock pharmacy support services  Professional staff to help address your everyday needs and concerns
  7. 7. Nursing Services
  8. 8. Nursing Services NewLife HOMECARE INC. has a goal which is to meet the highest standard in our field. We work closely with your Primary Care Physician as well as any specialist you may use to provide the best care possible. We offer case management to meet specific outcomes 24 hour access to nursing division In-home nursing service coordination when required Client Advocacy Scheduled Client Contacts Our Nursing service will work closely with your doctors to provide the highest quality of care to improve the care and lifestyle of our clients. Educational materials are provided at no cost upon request.
  9. 9. Nursing Services NewLife HOMECARE INC. has professionally trained nurses who understand the needs of individuals with chronic health conditions. Utilizing a team approach, as advocates and educators, working through case management with support services our goal is to meet your school, work and lifestyle needs. NewLife HOMECARE INC. Coordinates home health services in your local area, when it is a medical necessity.
  10. 10. Patient Testimonials “NewLife HomeCare fought this battle for me and won… “
  11. 11. Patient Testimonials NewLife HomeCare and Father Gregory Malia made this possible and I thank NewLife HomeCare for their help, care, concern and assistance. They are more than just a pharmacy—they are there for you individually whenever you need them. Thank You” -FLORIDA “NewLife HomeCare is a friend. When I had many hard times after my husband’s surgery, NewLife Homecare encouraged me and saw me through these times, helping me with all my physical, medical, and spiritual needs. Thank you NewLife Homecare.” -PENNSYLVANIA
  12. 12. Patient Testimonials “NewLife Homecare Inc. is a very hospitable company. They provided me with a nurse and a physical therapist at my home. They assisted me until I was able to care for myself. What more could a person ask for! With a company like this I felt like I had a new life. I would highly recommend NewLife HomeCare.” -MARYLAND