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Zyndio Omni Content Presentation


This is a content marketing plan for native advertising that will allow us to provide scalable solutions to a range of clients utilizing curatorial content in addition to video, in-depth articles and …

This is a content marketing plan for native advertising that will allow us to provide scalable solutions to a range of clients utilizing curatorial content in addition to video, in-depth articles and other media.

Published in Technology , News & Politics
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  • 1. Zyndio Omni Content Plan Providing engaging custom content experiences
  • 2. What is content? • Content is a word used so frequently these days that it can be difficult to know what someone means when they say ‘content’. For our purposes, content can take the form of a website, an article, a video, a podcast, e-book, infographic, photo essay or any other piece of media that is intended to drive engagement.
  • 3. What is engagement? • This is another one of those buzz words that you’re going to hear over and over again. Engagement is any meaningful interaction that a user gets from your content. There is purpose, depth and satisfaction to genuine engagement.
  • 4. Native Advertising • Native advertising is content that is created with the same standards as the rest of the content on a site. It is usually tough to distinguish between ordinary editorial content and native advertising (or advertorial) content. Often there is a little bit of branding, used discreetly,
  • 5. Some meaningful numbers • Consumers looked at native ads 52% more frequently than at banner ads. • ”32% of respondents said that the native ad ‘is an ad I would share with a friend or family member’ versus just 19% for banner ads”. • Consumers looked 2% more at native ads than the original editorial content. • “99.8% of banner ads are being ignored”. • Volume of content is going up and the ability to force attention for video advertising is going down. Sources: Studies by Nielsen, Sharethrough and Solve Media
  • 6. The New York Times, New Yorker, The Atlantic, Forbes, The Washington Post and many other legacy publishers are all seeking storytelling solutions for their advertisers Fast Company Leadership Now vertical, presented by Adobe
  • 7. It has been found that the less an advertisement looks like an advertisement, and the more it looks like an editorial, the readers stop, look and read. Therefore, study the graphics used by editors and imitate them. Study the graphics used in advertisements, and avoid them. -David Ogilvy, father of modern advertising
  • 8. What We Do • Client engages Zyndio Omni Service • We discover the story you want to tell to your potential customers • We devise a content strategy that goes from ideation to distribution • We create your content • Simultaneously, we are creating or providing the platform through which your content will be discovered and engaged with • We use our sites, as well as our hand selected promotional network of sites targeted to broadcast your brand’s content and message to as wide an audience as is possible
  • 9. Content Curation • The internet was 1.2 zetabytes in 2010. It is 3.6ZB today. It will be 14.4ZB in 2017. It will be 57.6ZB in 2021. Someone has to help people sort through all this content. • Content curation is a simple and effective way to provide a valuable service to a switched on, information hungry audience. • Content curation allows you to present your expertise alongside the foremost thought leaders in the world. • Content curation allows you to easily create the framework that you feel would best suit your brand story. • Content curation site Upworthy is the fastest growing site on the internet. • 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  • 10. We will use the simplest and most attractive presentation of content. The presentation of your content will mimic the look and feel of regular editorial content. Your content will be of a sufficient level of quality that it will blend in perfectly to an audience that demands to be entertained, surprised and informed.
  • 11. Tailored Content • The average adult spends 11 hours and 33 minutes with various content throughout the day. • Traditional advertising can no longer compete for attention. • Think about the services you offer. You make a living by helping people get sober and/or address the underlying issues stopping them from finding success in their lives. With your wisdom and experience, you could just as easily write books or start a magazine or make documentaries about the transformative power of the service you sell. The product might change, but the story doesn’t. The product is just an extension of the story. • Ideas and budget are closely interrelated, but we believe that quality scales. If a piece of content is of sufficient quality, it will scale up naturally. • Newer platforms like mobile and tablets offer the chance to create a rich content experience.
  • 12. Mothership: Masternet Masternet’s aim is to be the premier online publishing authority when it comes to behavioral health. Our approach will be to provide a range of news and opinions on the world, filtered through the lens of the behavioral health. The site will host blog posts, feature length articles and videos, which will range from documentaries to talks to tutorials, all reflecting values of excellence in journalism and up to the highest standards of content on the web. This mission will be led by top thought leaders who will serve as editors, writers and curators for the site. Masternet will be a source for definitive information, distilled into descriptions that can be easily understood by a general audience. We are not only looking for one time visitors, we will develop a loyal and engaged audience. We want to provide a service that, if it were to go away, would sever an emotional connection with the reader. We will be a one stop shop for helping people overcome their problems.
  • 13. Verticals • Where2Go is a curatorial site that caters to a general audience. It will present the most interesting behavioral health and overall wellness information, tips, articles, videos and other content on the web. It will present the content in an attractive and easy to access way that puts user experience first. The reliable quality of the site and constantly updated fresh content will bring users back every day. • SeekIt is a curatorial site that caters mostly to an educated and industry-leaning audience. It will feature information at the leading edge of scientific research and address evolving problems related to behavioral health ranging from a clinical perspective to tips that will help practitioners in the field. • Blue Kiwi is a content-driven site that uses a hybrid of curatorial-inspired mini-articles, as well as engagement and social-ready tailored content displayed in such a way as to mimic the look and feel of the presentation of all other editorial content. Videos, photo essays, longer expose-type media rich articles, and other media, will all flow perfectly into a fresh, vital stream of daily content. • These sites will be engineered and led as much by our clients and their vision as by our own pursuit and production of excellent quality content and the effort of our team of professional creatives and industry thought leaders. • These sites will be independently branded content experiences presented by Masternet and a range of sponsors.
  • 14. Zyndio Omni Network • We are always developing relationships with sites and individuals who will act as syndicates for and evangelists of the content that we produce. Our network of sites will allow us to have an all-encompassing reach to a switched-on audience that is hungry for relevant well produced content. We will collaborate loosely with these partners to understand what content tracks well for them, and produce content that better reflects the demands of an audience that goes far beyond the reach of any one individual site. In some cases, these opportunities could be as simple as banner or sidebar ad placement, in others, it could be fully developed native advertising content that mimics the look, feel and overall presentation of content on the hosting site.
  • 15. What We Provide • Content that will change your day, your choices, your life, all with the power of your story. • The platform to tell impactful stories in a context of overall excellence. Enabling you to become a leader and an expert within the thought leadership community in your industry. • Curated stories that shine a light on the world of your brand. • Videos, including documentaries, short films, episodic content, recurring programs, video journals and other cinematic quality video that will use storytelling to drive engagement through our sites, your site and most importantly, across social media. • Photo essays that tell that tell thousand word stories about your brand. • Infographics that paint a picture of the world of addiction, recovery and other behavioral health concerns. • In-depth, high end journalism that utilizes investigation and analysis to reveal undeniable truths. Stories that debunk popular behavioral health myths. Instructive, informative stories that will help individuals prepare themselves for the possibility of a massive, positive life transformation.
  • 16. Zyndio Omni • Be at the forefront of the future of marketing. There are no examples of this in your industry because no one has tried it yet. But the results are proven. Spending on native ads was $1.63 billion in 2012. By 2014 it will increase to $2.85 billion. • In order to make a dent in social media, you have to sell stories. Nothing else. • Build genuine emotional involvement by telling your story and get to the heart of genuine human feeling. • By creating more meaningful content, you are adding value to your brand. You are getting a headstart on help by beginning the buyer’s journey earlier. • This content may seem a little bit abstract, but by adding value to your brand you are earning goodwill among people you wouldn’t normally be able to reach, creating brand evangelizers out of people who might never need your services themselves. The goodwill you generate with potential customers and referral sources is like money in the bank to be spent at a later date. • Native ads may seem like a novelty, but the latest thing often does. To paraphrase innovation guru Clay Christensen, the next big thing will often look like a toy. Twitter. Skype. Blogs. iPods. Personal computers. The telephone. • We are so inundated by content and information that most people have developed a kind of advertising blindness. Everyone resists the hard sell, even when it’s something they need. Storytelling allows us to have a gentle touch when it counts.