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    • Gregg Malmstrom Gregg Malmstrom Stanislav - I would like to have the facts re: U.S. sponsored "snipers" in Kiev. What proof do you have?  1 month ago
    • Gregg Malmstrom Gregg Malmstrom Vova - if you're directing the question in your post to me, I can give you a few examples of countries that grabbed territory in the Americas" England Russia Netherlands Spain Portugal France  1 month ago
    • Gregg Malmstrom Gregg Malmstrom History has shown that many countries have, through Colonialism, done the same by either invading, taking over, or annexing countries or territory. The U.S. is no different. Certainly, Europe was actively involved when it came to the Americas and staked their claim through our hemisphere. As an American, I have no interest in my country taking over another country, nor do I have an interest in protecting my personal, political, or governmental views on anyone else. Unfortunately, NONE of our governments appear to learn from history or mistakes made in the past. Also, I agree the media is to blame for much and as we were just reminded, not all of the facts regarding people & events are fully disclosed. This too has been a problem for us all as citizens of our respective countries. Let's always strive to get the facts and learn the truth behind all of these events.  1 month ago
    • Gregg Malmstrom Gregg Malmstrom Also, this is all very good discussion. Facts, emotions, media influence, and experiences have driven the outcome. All points appear to be valid and I certainly appreciate your perspectives. As an American, I'm not proud that as a country, we too have done things to our own people that shouldn't have happened. We also haven't made some of the best foreign policy decisions or extended our influences negatively on other countries. We're currently experiencing challenges within our system both in our government and political process. We can't let our governments go beyond what we know is right as a people. We all need to work together and keep in mind that we don't work for the "Government" but the "Government" needs to work for us - regardless of our country. We can do what's right.  1 month ago
    • Gregg Malmstrom Gregg Malmstrom I shouldn't be surprised how many comments there have been based on the political nature of this presentation. Regardless of our political, ethnical, or country affiliations, there's one theme that comes to mind. As citizens on this earth, we all want peace, freedom, and individual rights. It doesn't appear to vary. Also, we all have challenges with "Government" regardless of our country of natural origin. Overall, the underlying challenge appears to be with "Government" Am I right?  1 month ago
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