How to design seo friendly website


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For the success of the website you must care about the design and content of the website. To design SEO friendly website you should follow some useful tips. Use of relevant keyword, avoiding flash, frames and more use of javascript are the best way to design SEO friendly website.

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How to design seo friendly website

  1. 1. How to design SEO friendly Website?
  2. 2. Contents• Search Engine Optimized Website• Tips to Design SEO Friendly Websites• Design SEO friendly Website• Website Designer Software• Thanks
  3. 3. How to design SEO friendly Website?• Search Engine Optimized Website• These days with the advent of latest technology it’s not enough to design a beautiful, functional website that can easily fulfill clients’ needs. If you are going to design good looking and better functional websites in the view of search engines then putting SEO quality in your website is necessity. Search Engine Optimization is a method which improves the visibility of the websites in search engines through organic results. In the field of online marketing it is needed to design SEO friendly websites.
  4. 4. How to design SEO friendly Website? Tips to Design SEO Friendly Websites• It is easy to design a SEO friendly website with website design software. To improve the functionality of the website in regard of SEO you should follow the following tips:
  5. 5. How to design SEO friendly Website?• Keywords- It is important part of a search engine optimized website. Using right keyword is the best way to keep your website in good ranking of the search engines. Due to wrong keyword use you won’t get better result of the website. Either you are planning for local area or national or global market targeting specific keywords is the foundation of website success.
  6. 6. How to design SEO friendly Website?• Search Engine Friendly Navigation- To include search engine friendly navigation in your website you need to create a structure that search engine can follow. For the proper navigation you can add links on the images instead of texts. If there is possible to avoid the use of JavaScript then it will be better for search engines.
  7. 7. How to design SEO friendly Website?• Don’t use Flash and Frames- In regard of SEO flash and frames are not good things. Search engines crawler don’t index flash and frames that is worthless for the search engine spiders. Some to the search engine spider prompts the following message while visiting a frame used websites. “Sorry! You need a frame-browser to view this site.”
  8. 8. How to design SEO friendly Website?• Use of Meta Tag- A optimized website has good Meta tag content. Title, keyword and description are the main part of the webpage. A search engine indexed the Meta tag content and present results with good written Meta tag.
  9. 9. How to design SEO friendly Website?• Design SEO friendly Website with Website Designer Software• With all these things you should care about the design of the website. A good designed websites are liked by the website visitors. You can take help of Website designer software for the good designing process. This software provides various tools and function for easy website designing.
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