Manage SharePoint In SharePoint


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Images and Ideas to manage SharePoint Assets in SharePoint.

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Manage SharePoint In SharePoint

  1. 1. - Manage SharePoint in SharePointIn this solution I will be illustrating and displaying some ideas to helpmanage SharePoint assets. These assets include all of the items youacquire, write, design, build etc. throughout the SharePoint lifecycle.The example that follows was designed as an all in one interface. Itwas primarily designed to help manage all of the assets in theSharePoint environment.Greg Gignac - SharePoint ConsultantMy SharePoint Portfolio
  2. 2. - Manage SharePoint in SharePointThe second purpose was provide a high level overview of the entireSharePoint environment with a focus on;•Business Continuity Planning•SharePoint structure/contents•Employee training and continuity management•Single source of documentation/reference•Conform with Business and Legal requirements•SharePoint administration/maintenanceGreg Gignac - SharePoint ConsultantMy SharePoint Portfolio
  3. 3. - Manage SharePoint in SharePointSP Portal Assets Site solutionGreg Gignac - SharePoint ConsultantMy SharePoint Portfolio
  4. 4. - Manage SharePoint in SharePointIndividual sites/pages were created and displayed as GlobalNavigation links to manage specific SharePoint areas;Portal Environment – documentation/charts of how the environment was built anddeployed such as;• Farm design/structure• Technical Charts• Security• Server informationGreg Gignac - SharePoint ConsultantMy SharePoint Portfolio
  5. 5. - Manage SharePoint in SharePointPortal Architecture – site/site collection Visio maps, navigation structure, specificdepartment designs and links to technical and “best practice”Microsoft documentsGreg Gignac - SharePoint ConsultantMy SharePoint Portfolio
  6. 6. - Manage SharePoint in SharePointAdministration Links – important internal and external links were provided for theadministrative role for quick access and frequently accessed areas.Greg Gignac - SharePoint ConsultantMy SharePoint Portfolio
  7. 7. - Manage SharePoint in SharePointBusiness Solutions – Items added or developed in the environment are documentedusing word templates and linkable if the solution can be referenced toa specific site or page. Solutions can be accessed by department orsolution name.Greg Gignac - SharePoint ConsultantMy SharePoint Portfolio
  8. 8. - Manage SharePoint in SharePointSharePoint Projects – Dedicated site to manage new or projects currently in progress.SP 2010 Database Maintenance– Site to document backup/disaster recovery related administrationGreg Gignac - SharePoint ConsultantMy SharePoint Portfolio
  9. 9. - Manage SharePoint in SharePointAdditional SharePoint Assets to Manage • 3rd party web parts • SharePoint Group Architecture/Plan • Contacts IT/Maintenance/Vendor • Product licenses • Primary Portal links for quick access • “How to” deploy documents • InfoPath Form Repository • 3rd party products installed in the environment • Branding Guidelines • Contractual documents • Consultant Partners Information(links, contacts) • Updates & Industry InformationGreg Gignac - SharePoint ConsultantMy SharePoint Portfolio
  10. 10. - Manage SharePoint in SharePoint Branding design images displayed by; www.sharepointpackages.comGreg Gignac - SharePoint ConsultantMy SharePoint Portfolio
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