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The Ultimate Insider's GUIDE to Launching & Growing Your Own Profitable Healthy Vending Business

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How to-start-a-vending-machine-business

  1. 1. Finally! a vending program that is Healthy, Innovative & Highly ProfitableDear Future Partner in Healthy Vending,Have you ever dreamed of owning your own highly-profitable business? One that earns you moneyeven when you’re not working, minimizing your hassle and maximizing your free time? A businessthat can begin as a part-time, second-income job and evolve into a full-time profession that makesyou more money than you’ve ever made before? All the while improving the health, happiness, andperformance of ALL your customers?h.u.m.a.n. can help you make those dreams a reality, TODAY. We are an innovative companyfocused on improving the health and happiness of the people around us. To do this, we have createda business that concentrates on: 1) Providing the tools, technology & information that vendingoperators need to grow a healthy business quickly and efficiently, and 2) Promoting healthy livingby donating 10% of proceeds to charities that fight obesity and malnutrition. The thrill of owningyour own business is multiplied when you know that your actions are improving other peoples’ lives!Today, I’m excited to give you a “behind the scenes” healthy vending tour and show you a detailed,business blueprint on how to be wildly successful running your own healthy vending business. In thisHealthy Vending Handbook you’ll learn about: 11 Dumb Healthy Vending Mistakes We Made…and How to Avoid Them The Full Story Behind h.u.m.a.n. – the World’s 1st Healthy Vending Company How and Why the h.u.m.a.n. Healthy Vending Program Works Details and Specifications on Our State-of-the-Art Vending Machines Our Healthy & Tasty Product Offerings (Hint: we have over 1000 approved products in our healthy vending catalog…& it’s growing!) How to Increase Your Revenue with Video Advertising Program Costs and Configurations h.u.m.a.n.’s Mission, Company Vision, & Philanthropic EndeavorsThere’s a ton more stuff that I’m not even mentioning here. Flip to the next page so we can get started!Best in Health & Becoming h.u.m.a.n., h.u.m.a.n.Sean Kelly, Chief Humanist, h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition
  2. 2. Table of ContentsDescription PageWelcome Letter 2You’re looking at it! 3The Story Behind h.u.m.a.n. 4Entreprenuer - 100 Brilliant Companies Article 11Your Profit Checklist 14Why the h.u.m.a.n. Program Works 15The h.u.m.a.n. Machines 16h.u.m.a.n.’s Warranty 24Premium “Location Discovery & Acquisition” 25The h.u.m.a.n. Products 26Vending 2.0™: Technology & Innovation 31Advendtising™: h.u.m.a.n.’s Digital Advertising Program 32h.u.m.a.n. vs. The Competition 35Steps to Get Started 37The h.u.m.a.n. Relationship Diagram 38Making an Intelligent Investment with h.u.m.a.n. 39Fast Mover Bonus: Free “HUMAN VIP Upgrade” 41Your Next Steps with h.u.m.a.n. 42Your Decision 43
  3. 3. Why in the heck, way backin 2003, did I decide to start ahealthy vending companyout of all things?The Story BehindA passion for health and improving the machines stocked with healthy lives of others is food & drink options in New York foods and drinks instead of junk why this company City after searching up and down food and sugary beverages. was formed, but I the streets, how in the heck could soon learned that I we expect other people to do so? “This idea will change the world,” Ineeded a whole lot more than good The answer was we couldn’t. vividly remember thinking. Not longintentions to reach the pinnacle of after this epiphany I made the toughhealthy vending success... The fact was that there was a serious decision to not attend medical void in the market and it was having school, and instead, decided toIt all started in New York City on a a disastrous effect on peoples’ lives. dedicate my life to public health…mild winter night in late January. Thoughts of obesity, diabetes, and of healthy vending machines.with my cousin Luke at New York It all started making sense – without I was starting to understand thatSports Club on Manhattan’s Upper convenient access to healthy dietary sometimes the largest problems haveWest Side – the health club where options, it was no wonder that the simplest solutions, solutions thatI spent my time personal training preventable health problems were have profound and wide-rangingwhile I wasn’t studying biomedical spreading like epidemics across theengineering & bio-mechanics at globe.nearby Columbia University. Good Intentions... Something had to be done. ButIt was 8:30pm on one of America’s what? Fueled solely by our passionbusiest streets, but something for health and improving theseemed strange…Luke and I The answer came to Luke and I lives of others, we created when we returned to the gym. As wefoods or drinks within a 10 block approached the soda machine nextradius of the gym. to the treadmills, a middle-aged vending machine company. woman bought a coca-cola from the With such true, respectable,Instead, our only quick “refueling” vending machine and then returned & good-hearted intentions, to her regular evening workout on what could possibly goworshipping bagel shop downstairs an elliptical machine.and sugar-laden soda machines wrong? I soon found out thatinside the health club. I was An idea was born. This woman had the answer to this questiondumbfounded. just shown us the answer: vending is a WHOLE LOT…If we, as serious health enthusiasts,
  4. 4. h.u.m.a.n. The Top 7 Healthy Vending Mistakes helping unite man and nutrition We Made & Learned From! What were the Mistake #1: I placed healthy products next to unhealthy products mistakes that I made inside of vending machines. as an operator of my What a failure this was! The unhealthy foods & drinks just cannibalizedown healthy vending the healthy ones due to their lower pricing & more recognizable brands. machines? Customers made the irrational, impulse-based purchasing decisions that has become typical when standing in front of a vending machine. Nothing influenced or motivated the average customer to choose the healthier I’ll tell goods. Talk about money down the drain! you…ONLY to Lesson #1: I refuse to allow h.u.m.a.n. machines to be filled with ANY prevent you from unhealthy products thus maximizing sales, profits, & positive dietary influence. repeating these Mistake #2: I allowed my healthy vending machines to blend in with errors! other traditional, junk-food machines. Much like my first mistake, this hindered the ability of my machines to positively impact the dietary decisions of vending customers. This hurt our brand value - our machines were just like others in the mix. Lesson #2: I only allow h.u.m.a.n. machines to be placed in exclusive arrangements or locations large enough to provide significant volume for my partner operators. The one exception to this is if a location has a high percentage of its population that is very keen on healthy eating and our machine is able to stand out in a big way from the other machines present. Only in this latter case do I sometimes allow for placement next to junk food vendors. Mistake #3: : I used the same “coil” vending machines as everyone else & added no attractive features. Bad idea! It’s one thing to sell junk food out of brown, inanimate machines that are clunky to use & unappealing to approach. But it’s an entirely different thing to use these same machines to sell premium healthy foods and beverages while also trying to make a positive, emotional connection with the customer. My machines shouted “Junk that makes you feel bad sold here” instead of “Better your life today!” and, therefore, it didn’t matter what products I was selling.“Nothing is more important at Lesson #3: I make sure our state-of-the-art, proprietary vending machinesh.u.m.a.n. than the people thatmake-up our company, most include new technologies such as conveyor belts (NOT coils), digital videoimportantly, our partner vending screens, robust remote monitoring that texts you inventory alerts, andoperators. They’re the backbone touch-screen LCD displays in order to improve the customer experience,of our brand & represent what which directly boosts sales & profits.h.u.m.a.n. is all about – innovativeentrepreneurship, dedication to a Mistake #4: I didn’t think my machines’ graphics were THAT important.worthy purpose, and intense ambition Most people treat vending machines as a “last resort” dietary option. Myto succeed at the highest level.” machines had the same unattractive appearance as standard machines, and therefore, people had the same negative psychological connectionSean Kelly with my machines as they did with others. This hurt sales & brought meCo-Founder & CEO, h.u.m.a.n. no new, high-end, health conscious customers.Named one of Top 25 Young Lesson #4: I conducted numerous customer surveys, emotional connectivityEntrepreneurs in America by tests, and research studies to produce the most appealing machineBusiness Week Magazine in 2006 graphics, thereby creating a machine that shouts “You want to buy from me!”
  5. 5. h.u.m.a.n. The Top 7 Healthy Vending Mistakes helping unite man and nutrition We Made & Learned From!Higher Profits Mistake #5: My machines only offered cash & coin payment capabilities. This one still makes me cringe! In a world where credit & debit cards are often the only form of payment people keep on them at all times, I was preventing customers from being able to buy items from my machines. This was especially impactful since I was vending premium healthy foods and drinks, which are more expensive than junk food (usually higher than $1). Lesson #5: I place credit card readers in each and every one of our machines to give consumers the most purchasing power, allow for the sale of higher-priced items, and ensure that a sale at a h.u.m.a.n. machine is never lost. Mistake #6: I put products in my machines without adequately testing them for consumer acceptance.The h.u.m.a.n. program This one really hurt! I simply stocked my machines with all of the productsmaximizes profits for its I liked & knew, not understanding that different people have differentvending operators by: tastes & needs, and thus, different product preferences. By not realizing the great importance of customizing product offerings per location, I Utilizing only the finest & tastiest ended-up throwing away tons of product that didn’t sell and paid a huge healthy products that are proven opportunity cost along the way because of it. to sell at high profit-margins Lesson #6: I require that all products are taste-tested, nutritionally- Allowing for the generation of screened, and sales-verified before gaining placement in our machines, digital ad revenues via LCD and also make sure that every single product mix is customized per screens on the front of the location with no exceptions machines Increasing sales by providing Mistake #7: I didn’t realize the significance of creating another revenue machines that attract more stream besides product sales. customers & encourage larger purchases I just accepted that product sales were the only way I could make money and didn’t think about other ways to increase profits and revenues. I was Including technologies such a blind pessimist lacking an innovative mentality! as remote monitoring systems & credit card readers to cut- Lesson #7: I integrated ad-revenue producing digital video screens on costs and increase customer the front of h.u.m.a.n. machines to provide vending operators with extra purchasing power revenue opportunities without extra work. As you can see, I made many mistakes over the first few years as a WHew! After years of learning from my mistakes & implementing all of these healthy vending operator. And even invaluable lessons into my healthythough it hasn’t been all smiles vending business, I could finally say itsince our inception in 2003, was 100% optimized and primed for I sure am smiling With each success. Mine was a healthy vending now. Why? mistake we became business that was second to none…. better! My mistakes by a long-shot! I had solved the taught me the lessons I “healthy vending problem” and it needed to know to do was an amazing feeling. things right! But my work wasn’t complete…
  6. 6. How We Created a Highly-Profitable h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition Healthy Vending Program for YouI had created a healthy vending machinebusiness that I could finally say was100% optimized and primed for success.This feeling of accomplishment was so great that Irealized I had a new job - to spread to others thehealthy vending knowledge & expertise I had gainedthrough years of in-the-field experience.By offering the world’s best healthy vending programto other vending operators, I would be able topositively influence more people and would allowothers to earn great profits, creating better lifestylesfor themselves and their families. I was moreexcited than ever before.Since I had healthy vending “down pat,” creating a highly-profitable vending program for otheroperators would be easy, right? So I thought! But I was humbled, once again… What were the FOUR MAIN BLUNDERS that I made before creating the most profitable healthy vending opportunity ever? Let me see...Blunder #1: I didn’t REALLY know the ins & outs of Blunder #2: I tried to have us operate all of our ownthe vending industry. machines.I had no idea how opposed the industry is to To maintain complete control of our operations andprogression, innovative technologies, and health maximize profit, I thought it would be a good ideapromotion. In the beginning, I tried to work completely for us to operate machines across the country byWITHIN the old-school good ol’ boys club that is the ourselves, or more specifically, via people that wetraditional vending industry. This simply caused me hired on an hourly basis. This wreaked-havoc on ourto waste months of time & thousands of dollars in a supply chain, slowed-down expansion, and createdstagnant industry that didn’t want to budge. logistical nightmares. We weren’t fully opening-up our arms to others, and this minimized, not maximized,Solution #1: I analyzed and improved upon our from the progressive, innovative, anddemanding perspective of a discerning, health- Solution #2: I now share our expertise, experience,conscious customer, instead of a traditional vending and innovation with open arms by having our partnersoperator. This means our machines attract customers, operate all h.u.m.a.n. machines, while we help themrather than being the last resort of a passer-by. by managing locations and advertising.
  7. 7. How We Created a Highly-Profitable h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition Healthy Vending Program for YouBlunder #3: I set-up 100% in-house product Blunder #4: I allowed partner vending operators todistribution. start-off with fewer than five vending machines.Another BIG time whammy! We stored and shipped- Talk about a bad decision for everyone! Almostout every product order ourselves, focusing a great always, operating a route of only 1,2, or 3 vendingdeal of effort on the wholesale side of our business. machines requires too much time & hassle for theEven though this generated a profit, it meant higher reciprocal amount of profit that is produced. Myproduct prices, slower delivery times, and less-than- partner vending operators could have been makingoptimal service for our vending operators. My focus more money in less time, but my planning was off-was not where it should have been. target.Solution #3: I refined our business model so that we Solution #4: I place our partner vending operators’now completely outsource our product distribution profits as my top priority, and therefore, stronglyto 20 warehouses across the country, meaning we encourage operators to start-off with at least fivemake zero profit from product sales in order to ensure healthy vending machines to maximize their “profit tothat our partner vending operators receive the lowest time” ratio, experience immediate positive cash-flow,possible product prices with the fastest delivery time. and set themselves up for long-term success.11 major mistakes, 11 big time lessons, 11 even bigger solutions. It’s why the profitable, innovative, and highly scalable opportunity that it is today! “New record...YMCA swim meet today...161 vends!!! WAS CRAZY!!!!” Shelly G and Family HUMAN Partner Vending Operator Members of Team HUMAN raise their guns in support of the War on Obesity
  8. 8. Our Expert Where We Are Today...Board of Advisors Helping Unite Man And Nutrition At the end of 2007, we were purchased by Nutrition Without Borders, LLC and had our name changed from Fit Fuel Healthy Vending to h.u.m.a.n. to reflect our vast business improvements and, most importantly, our number one priority, which is to Help Unite Man And Nutrition by making health foods, drinks, and information universally accessible. We also now give 10% of our proceeds to charities that fight obesity and malnutrition. Join Us! Working for You We’re happy to report that after all the discoveries we’veChristopher R. Mohr, PhD, RD made on how to do healthy vending the right way, theExpert writer for Men’s Fitness, h.u.m.a.n. healthy vending program is optimized, primed,Weight Watchers, & Men’s and proven to work for YOU.Health. An Innovative Vending Opportunity After years of field research, we’ve created the most innovative vending opportunity that’s ever existed. Our turn-key healthy vending program was created to get you up and running quickly with minimal hassle so that you can start making money right away. So just ask yourself... Do you want to become your own boss, have limit-less upside, and finally be able to determine your own future?O.J. Bloom, MD, MPHPhysician for the NHL’s Carolina Have you been yearning to do somethingHurricanes & USA Baseball. you can truly feel good about day-in and day-out? Would you like to sit back at night and feel lucky that you got involved in a business at just the right time, affording you a significantly upgraded lifestyle? Then JOIN US! Continue down your path to a new lifestyle by reading through the rest of this HealthyRobyn L. Goldberg, R.D. Vending Handbook where you’ll learn all youRegistered Dietitian andNutritional Therapist specializing need to know about the h.u.m.a.n. Healthyin preventative nutrition. Vending Program.
  9. 9. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition h.u.m.a.n. Passion + Purpose + Philanthropy = Success! Is it important to you to really feel like you’re making a difference with your work? Like you’re doing something that really helps people? Something you at h.u.m.a.n. & that’s why we do what we do! h.u.m.a.n. was founded on 3 principles: Our Mission Principle #1 Principle #2 Principle #3 The largest problems often have Focus on our partners’ wallets Philanthropy is a cornerstone of the simplest solutions. Simply healthy business. True happiness is by making healthy products & We only succeed in business if our information more accessible, we programs and vending operators purpose. The happier the people of a can stop today´s obesity & diabetes company, the healthier the company is. epidemics.needs to be made. We take our mission so seriously, that we decided to make it our name! “To Help Unite Man And Nutrition by making health The h.u.m.a.n. Mission: foods, drinks, and information universally accessible.”How are we achieving our mission? i) Via the establishment of a global network ii) By donating 10% of proceeds to charities of healthy & interactive vending machines effectively that bring nutrition directly to people rather than allowing people to help others (charitable giving) by helping themselves (improved health).The h.u.m.a.n. team is spearheaded by proven professionals dedicated to the spread of the healthylifestyle and the defeat of preventable disease. It helps that they’re experienced vending experts too! Sean Kelly, CEO , CMO Biomedical Engineer that Internet marketing specialist earned his degree from The Johns Hopkins University & who led a Special Forces Columbia University. Named fast-boat team in the Iraq one of America’s top 25 young War. Andy earned a BS from entrepreneurs by Business Boston University and an MBA Week in 2006. Co-Founder & from Stanford University. He former President of Fit Fuel, currently sits on the Board of Advisors for VENDture, LLC, healthy vending company. creators of the Vend-it-Hot hot food vending machine.
  10. 10. 100 BrilliantCompanies
  11. 11. 100 BrilliantCompanies
  12. 12. 100 BrilliantCompanies
  13. 13. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition Healthy AND Tasty Products For healthy products to sell, they have to taste Higher Sales good. We’ve tested over 1000 products and know what consumers like and what they don’t - Proven Profit Checklist Volume Sales!One of the best things about Higher Product Price Pointsrunning your own healthyvending business is that it’s Consumers are willing to spend more for healthy products that make them feel good. The averagedown economy. Why? as traditional Healthy vending vending! products are considered to be low-cost Premium Real Estate ONLY consumables, whose sales are virtually Better unaffected in an where people are willing to pay for better nutrition economic downturn Locations Use of vending machines drinks. often increases during tough-times because Money-Saving & Money-Producing Technology people tend to eat-out less and depend on Credit card readers allow for the sale of higher convenient food choices priced items, remote monitoring systems lower more Technology stocking & inventory costs, & digital displays h.u.m.a.n. combines attract new, high-end customers. today’s three hottest market trends – health, convenience, & digital An Added Revenue Stream advertising - which h.u.m.a.n. machines are equipped with digital will continue to boom Digital LCD screens that can generate added revenue throughout the foreseeable future via which help educate consumers “Healthy” vending is the and bring-in extra $$$ for our operators. fastest growing segment in the vast & established The Lowest Wholesale Prices vending industry h.u.m.a.n. does not make money wholesaling Vending has provided Lowest Prices products to our operators. We only make money operators with stable when you do! Our products are priced as low as upon decades possible. Higher Digital Reduced Higher Sales + Advertising + Premium + Operational = Volume Revenue Real Estate Costs Profit
  14. 14. h.u.m.a.n. Why the h.u.m.a.n. Healthy helping unite man and nutritionThe h.u.m.a.n. healthy vending program works because it was built on thefoundation of three of today’s strongest trends: Health & Nutrition Convenience Digital Advertising Why it WorksThe U.S. nutrition industry In today’s hectic society, Have you seen ads displayedgrew 9% in 2008 with total less meals are being through digital signage yet?consumer sales of $102 consumed at home. People If you haven’t, you surely willBillion. Now that’s a huge simply have less time to eat very soon. They’re poppingindustry! Additionally, 61% due to our increasingly fast- up everywhere, and theyof employed individuals in paced society. By bringing make a whole lot of sense.America prefer better health health & nutrition products Why? Because they displaycare to increased pay. directly to customers, targeted ads, look reallyWhat does this mean? we’re making it easier than sharp, & generateHealth is gaining importance ever before to eat morein consumers’ minds. nutritiously & achieve a when compared to old-People are increasingly healthy lifestyle. To improve school static advertisements. upon the already convenient This is why the “Out-of-Homea healthy lifestyle and are nature of vending, we Digital Advertising” is alreadyproving it by spending more provide features such as a $1.7 Billion industry withon healthy goods than ever credit card readers to make a rapid 23% annual growthbefore. h.u.m.a.n. provides purchasing from our vendors rate. Our healthy vendingthe healthiest, tastiest foods as easy as possible. Since program capitalizes on this& drinks that consumers 2003 h.u.m.a.n. has been booming digital advertisinglove. the leader in “convenient nutrition!” from it! Be a part of innovation money in health & fast! Now is the time for that comes along with it. nutrition! Become h.u.m.a.n.!
  15. 15. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition h.u.m.a.n.From the moment you see a h.u.m.a.n. vendor, it’s obvious that it’s not your average vendingmachine. h.u.m.a.n.vending partner, more money in healthy vending…period. Our Machines “Hello. I am h.u.m.a.n.” Media MogulWe use an effective blend of new technology, attractive graphics, and optimized product offerings tomaximize your revenue potential and reduce the time you need to spend on & in your business. Thisallows you to spend more time doing what you love to do. Isn’t that what life is really all about? The 3 Primary Goals of the h.u.m.a.n. Healthy Vending Machines#1 #2 #3 First and foremost, Make operating Create happy, maximize revenues & and maintaining our healthy customers machines easier for operator partners. our vending operators. malnutrition through charitable giving.
  16. 16. Primary Features: Uses up to 50% Less Energy Than Standard Vending Machines Strategically-Placed Infrared Sensors Virtually Eliminate Misvends Our Machines Clears Vending Errors Automatically Over 40% More Capacity Than Prior Models Uses Conveyor Belt Dispensing Technology, Not Coils, Which Greatly Increases Versatility & Capacity Easily Upgrade Your "Apprentice" With a 23” HD Video Screen Whenever You’re Ready Can Be Upgraded to Any Form of CashlessWarranty: 2 Years LimitedElectrical:Dimensions (inches): 72”H x 31.5”W x 37”DWeight: 705 lbs. R134A - CFC FreeTemperature: Ambient to 33 degrees FTray Style: Highly-Versatile Conveyor Belt Maximize Purchasing Power. Offer Cashless Payments. Basic Sales Tracking & Reports Credit Card $500 Payment Gateway: Included Included Included Maximize Purchasing Power. Offer Cashless Payments. SMS Text Alerts, Instant Real Inventory Tracking, Sales Tracking & Reports, Machine Speaks to Customer Credit Card $750 Payment Gateway: Included Included Included
  17. 17. Primary Features: Displays Video Ads, Product Info, & Nutrition Advice. Attracts More Eyeballs. Generate an Extra Our Machines Screen The Brains Behind Your Advendtising Program. Keeps Your Machine on the Cutting Edge Maximize Purchasing Power. Offer Cashless Payment. SMS Text Alerts, Real Inventory Tracking, Sales Tracking & Reports, Machine Speaks to Customer Uses up to 50% Less Energy Than Standard Vending Machines Strategically-Placed Infrared Sensors Refund Money If a Product Doesn’t Vend Clears Vending Errors Automatically Over 40% More Capacity Than Prior Models. Less Trips to Your Machine Uses Conveyor Belt Dispensing Technology, NOT Coils, Which Greatly Increases Versatility Continuous Software Enhancements* Same as “The Apprentice”, except the Media Mogul is 88”H Interactivity Appearance Technology The LCD screens, Consumers are Message-driven Digital LCD screen Limitless updates &internal PC computer, provided with graphics and LCD attracts more eyes software enhancements, and advanced ad- product info, videos allow customer to your machine & cashless payment serving system allow nutritional advice, & to interact with a enhance its image, capabilities, advanced you to display a health tips via your previously inanimate leading to a higher remote monitoringvariety of digital video machines’ LCD, object, improving the perceived value & system, interactive SMSads on your machine. leading to increased customer experience. intrigue of machine & messaging & much loyalty & purchasing its contents. more. frequency. Purchasing Stream! Volume
  18. 18. Our Machines Primary Features: Vends Hot Food, Cold Drinks, & Healthy Snacks! Generate an Video Screen The Brains Behind Your Advendtising Program. Keeps Your Machine on the Cutting Edge Uses up to 50% Less Energy Than Standard Vending Machines Improves Product Presentation,Requires No Service for 5+ Years, & Reduces Lighting Energy Costs by 40% Wide Variety of Healthy Menu Selections Available. Vends Packages Of All Shapes & Sizes Maximize Purchasing Track Sales & Inventory Metrics. Generate Custom Reports. Run Your Biz Strategically-Placed Infrared Sensors Refund Money If a Product Doesn’t VendWarranty: 2 Years LimitedElectrical:Dimensions (inches):Weight: 725 lbs.Temperature: Ambient to 33 degrees FTray Style: Adjustable Coil System
  19. 19. Our Machines Primary Features: Vends Hot Food, Cold Drinks, & Tasty Snacks! Holds 33% more than the Hot HUMAN Machine Generate an Video Screen The Brains Behind Your Advendtising Program. Keeps Your Machine on the Cutting Edge Uses up to 50% Less Energy Than Standard Vending Machines Improves Product Presentation, Requires No Service for 5+ Years, & Reduces Lighting Energy Costs by 40% Wide Variety of Healthy Menu Selections Available. Vends Packages Of All Shapes & Sizes Maximize Purchasing Power. Offer Cashless Payment Track Sales & Inventory Metrics. Generate Custom Reports. Run Your Biz Strategically-Placed Infrared Sensors Refund Money If a Product Doesn’t VendWarranty: 2 Years LimitedElectrical:Dimensions (inches):Weight: 975 lbs.Temperature: Ambient to 33 degrees FTray Style: Adjustable Coil System
  20. 20. Primary Features: Vends A Wide Our Machines Variety Of Tasty And Nutritious Full Frozen Meals (In Multiple Shapes “Ruggedized” Design. Built to Withstand the Elements Keeps Your Products Cold While Reducing Energy Consumption Strategically-Placed Infrared Sensors Virtually Eliminate Misvends Clears Vending Errors Automatically Uses Conveyor Belt Dispensing Technology, Not Coils, Which Greatly Increases Versatility and Capacity Can Be Upgraded To Any Form of CashlessWarranty: 2 Years LimitedElectrical:Dimensions (inches): 41”W x 36”D x 72”HWeight: 970 lbs. R-404A – CFC FreeTemperature:Tray Style: Highly-Versatile Conveyor Belt
  21. 21. Our Machines Primary Features: “Ruggedized” Design. Built to Withstand the Elements Keeps Your Products Cold While Reducing Energy Consumption Strategically- Placed Infrared Sensors Virtually Eliminate Misvends Clears Vending Errors Automatically Uses Conveyor Belt Dispensing Technology, Not Coils, Which Greatly Increases Versatility and Capacity Can Be Upgraded ToWarranty: 2 Years LimitedElectrical:Dimensions (inches): 37”W x 33.5”D x 72”HWeight: 992 lbsTemperature: Ambient to 33 degrees FTray Style: Highly-Versatile Conveyor Belt
  22. 22. Our Machines Primary Features: WAY Better Than Your Average Cup of Joe Machine Grinds Whole Coffee Beans On-The-Spot For Every Cup Serves Coffee, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochas, Espressos, & More Machine Serves Over 300 Cups of Coffee Before Re-stocking. Less Trips To Your Machine Self Cleaning Mixing Circuit, Product Delivery, and Grinding Assembly Saves You Time & Effort! Steel Cabinet With Rust Proof Treatment, Vandal-Proof Lock, and Crow- Bar Resistant DesignWarranty: 2 Years LimitedElectrical:Dimensions (inches): 24”W x 24”D x 72”HWeight: 330 lbs.
  23. 23. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutritionh.u.m.a.n.’s time-tested, premium “Location Discovery & Acquisition” (LDA) system sifts and sortsthrough your area’s best locations and delivers high-value vending contracts for your business.PHASE Inputs include: national databases, chamber of commerce, corporate wellness companies, charities, internet searches, operator “wishlist”, and other exclusive “connectors” h.u.m.a.n. knows h.u.m.a.n. h.u.m.a.n. kicks off a month-long, multi-tiered, customized direct mail campaign to your top locations, which generates incoming leads for your program launchPHASE HUMAN trains you on how to conduct an awesome location meeting using your brand new iPad 2. Meetings are set with top locations in your area on a rolling basis, usually over the course of a month. You’ll attend 10-30 face-to-face LDA meetings with HUMAN doing live machine demos and Q&A viaPHASE live video feed on your iPad2. This is where we pick out the best of the best locations. We’ll hook you up with awesome meeting materials to aid in the sales process You get trained on how to properly conduct location meetings so you can grow your network whenever you want to h.u.m.a.n locks in the contract at the meeting or sets a timeline for thorough follow-up Not all locations sign contracts during Phase 3. Follow-Up is crucial to get the best locations. Here’s what happens:PHASE Thank you letters go out to all locations we met with Continual follow-up from h.u.m.a.n that includes: answering more questions, providing more information, formulating a customized planogram, and frequent contact with the location to guide them through the process With full h.u.m.a.n support, you attend any follow-on meetings that occur Average Duration of the Whole LDA Process: 3-4 months
  24. 24. h.u.m.a.n. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutritionAs a h.u.m.a.n. partner you’ll AVOID THE #1 BIGGEST MISTAKE made by vending operators whenstarting a healthy vending business: selling the wrong products! We are the healthy vending productexperts – we know what products sell & what don’t. We’ll handle the product selection process foryou so that you can start-off on the right foot, eliminate guesswork, and save yourself a boatload of Our Productstime & money. The 5 Es that form the underlying principles of our overall product strategy: Expertise Offer only the healthiest products Experience Education Rely on sales-proven Create informed, products loyal customers PRODUCT STRATEGY Enjoyment Economics Provide the tastiest Maximize your foods and drinksExpertise Experience Education Economics EnjoymentOur company Since 2003, we’ve Each h.u.m.a.n. We offer the lowest Great nutrition doeswas founded by a tested over 1000 program launch prices on over 1000 nothing without greatbiomedical engineer different products includes an food & beverage taste. That’s why& has a health in our vending educational selections. This each of our productsadvisory board full machines. We put component that is means lower prices must pass a healthof medical doctors, together customized designed to develop for consumers & test AND a taste product-mix offerings loyal & valuable test. Even the mostregistered dieticians, for each unique customers. Our on- both our operators & discerning eater will& public health location based on machine digital LCD locations. How do wespecialists. We know this data. Why? screens & our weekly do this? By making that they enjoy insidehealth & nutrition – Because we’ve online newsletters NO money selling of h.u.m.a.n. healthyespecially in regards learned that different provide health info, products at wholesale vending convenience - people have different product purchasing to our vending After taste-testing,REALLY well. We’re needs & different advice, & promotions operators. You won’t many customers don’tboth a vending AND a product preferences. encouraging use of believe the productshealth company. Customization is key! high-quality products. are actually healthy!
  25. 25. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition We utilize a vast nutritional distribution network of over 20 warehouses across the nation to get you the products you need in a very speedy fashion. What exactly do we offer? Absolute Customization. 100% organic, SB- Our Products 19 compliant, gluten-free, allergen-free, low-fat, Special low-carb, no sugar-added, or whatever else your Dietary customers need - h.u.m.a.n. has the necessary preferences. A Bar for Every Occasion. Granola bars, energy bars, protein bars, fruit bars, meal replacement bars, Bars every type of bar you can imagine. An Extensive Variety. Dried fruit, trail mix, granola, Healthy natural pita chips, kettle corn, assorted nuts, natural meat jerky, vegetarian snacks, healthy crackers, chips, & cookies – a snack to satisfy every craving.“As an athlete thatunderstands the relationship premium waters, sports beverages, protein shakes,between nutrition and Nutritious natural energy drinks, natural sodas, soy milk, organicperformance, I appreciate Beverages smoothies, kids juices & organic h.u.m.a.n. HealthyVending provides healthconscious individuals withthe nutrition they need...around the clock.” More than just foods & drinks. Immune boosters, Dietary multi-vitamin packs, protein powders, electrolyte gel,Jay Fiedler Supplements & meal replacement packs – your customers desireNFL Quarterback, more than foods & drinks alone can provide.New York Jet
  26. 26. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition Our Products Hansen’s Natural Pirate’s The Switch Booty Juice Luna Bar Honest Tea Vitamin Nature Water 10 Stacy’s28 Lorem Sit onth
  27. 27. h.u.m.a.n.helping unite man and nutrition Our Products
  28. 28. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutritionaccount, order your products, stock your machines, and you’re good to go! STEP 1: Our Productst Your assigned healthy vending expert, or Humanist, will conduct an in-depth This process includes demographic information analysis, on-location customer You’re then provided with a complete Product Order List per location STEP 2: h.u.m.a.n. h.u.m.a.n. vending operator partner in their system You’ll typically be set-up with 2-3 distribution warehouses from which to order - the To avoid paying sales tax you’ll need a Reseller’s License which can be obtained You only have to do Step 1 and 2 once, then you’ll be set up and ready to make $! STEP 3: Order the exact products on your unique Product Order List from your newly set-up distributors – orders can be placed via phone, fax, or online minimums of between $250-$500 depending on the distributor Orders are either shipped same or next day, the only exception being some STEP 4: Orders are delivered within 24-72 hours of order placement, again, with the only exception being some drink orders which require route delivery Receive deliveries, stock your machines, & store extra inventory properly we’d speak with you before-hand to ensure proper storage STEP 5: You receive weekly sale reports from your machines, so you’ll know in advance when you need to re-order from your distributors Most distributors require up-front or COD payments initially, but will give you a credit Don’t want to pay up-front for your initial inventory purchase? h.u.m.a.n. allows you to wrap these payments into your lease agreement so that you don’t have to pay ANY money down!
  29. 29. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutritionThe traditional “junk food” vending industry is in a tail-spin andhow they’re going to get through this recession alive.What’s h.u.m.a.n.’s answer to the woes of the Vending 2.0™vending industry? “Every vending operator MUST adopt a Vending 2.0™ mindset NOW.”Not only will integrating Vending 2.0™ strategies SAVE youfrom the pitfalls of the traditional vending industry, it will allowyou to THRIVE in a recession & make more money in vendingthan was ever thought possible.So what the heck is Vending 2.0™?We’re glad you asked…1) Data tracking, data management, and data-driven decisions…basically, any sort of “internal intelligence h.u.m.a.n. machines,2) A more educated consumer is a more loyal & health-conscious consumer, and that translates to higher sales, leading to more money in your pocket. Digital LCD screens make it h.u.m.a.n. machine.3) By combining the relatively low cost of digital LCD screens & computing power with the high speed of today’s broadband internet, it’s now technologically feasible & affordable to stream digital video content to h.u.m.a.n. and reduces the operator’ break-even time. Advertising – or as we like to call it Advendtising - on h.u.m.a.n. machines creates a revenue stream for both vending operators & locations, leaving people to wonder:h.u.m.a.n. is leading the vending industry into its next major upgrade cycle, which we’vecoined Vending 2.0™, where it will be no coincidence that the vending operators making the
  30. 30. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition h.u.m.a.n. Program healthy vending business? Of course you do! AdvendtisingTM is the biggest thing to hit the vending industry since…well, since Advendtising™ it’s founding! For years vending operators have been seeking an additional revenue stream besides product sales, especially one that doesn’t require much extra work or investment. With the advent of video advertising via digital LCD screens on the front An actual screen shot of a digital video they’ve been seeking since the 1980s. EVERYONE makes moreadvendtisement on a Versatile h.u.m.a.n healthy vending machine. money with the h.u.m.a.n. AdvendtisingTM program! Advendtising™ Revenue Breakdown 25% Vending Operator 25% Sale of Ad 10% Location 20% Manager of Ad 20% Administration of Ad YOU receive 25% of ad revenues, requiring little to no work on your end! This is another area where YOU can make more money! The seller of the ad typically earns an additional 25% of the ad revenue. Location The location where the machine is hosted typically receives a 10% share. h.u.m.a.n. manages the ad network, handles all revenue distribution, & maximizes ad utilization at each & every machine. This revenue share is paid to the creators & administrators of the ad network.
  31. 31. h.u.m.a.n. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutritionAdvendtisingTM sounds great, but it also sounds complicated…right? Don’t worry! We’vecreated a seamless back-end system that makes the process easy - you barely have to do any work! Ad Sales: Connect with Interested Advendtisers Advendtising™ h.u.m.a.n. & its ad sales partners connect with brands that want to place digital ads on your healthy vending machines’ LCD screens length of contract, total number of machines utilized, duration of ad, ad frequency, location rating, and other important advendtising factors Your machines will likely be wrapped into larger regional and/or national Advendtising™ networks to allow for the attainment of critical mass Ad Management: Integration of Ads into Ad-Server h.u.m.a.n. works with advendtisers to create highly targeted digital ads optimized for placement on healthy vending machine LCD screens h.u.m.a.n. loads ads onto ad-server network and prepares them for distribution through vending machine network Through lifetime of the Advendtising™ contract, h.u.m.a.n. maintains and updates the ads, ensuring that your machines are optimally utilized Ad System Set-up: Internet Connectivity or USB Loading To receive remotely-loaded ads, each of your machines’ internal computers needs to be connected to the internet via a direct Ethernet connection (optimal), an internal WiFi card, or a wireless carrier card If your machines cannot be connected to the internet, all ads will have to content manually, which is a simple process (but not optimal) Ad Placement: Upload from Ad-Server to Machine PCs h.u.m.a.n. then initiates the upload of the ads from our ad-server to your Each machine can serve up to 10 video ads - in addition to health information, trivia & nutritional guidance spots – all rotating on a continuous loop Ad Delivery: Advendtisements Play on LCD Screens Your machine’s internal PC serves the ads to your customers via its gorgeous 23” HD LCD screens h.u.m.a.n. works hand-in-hand with you to build important Advendtising™ metrics such as sales effects, direct-response performance, & more
  32. 32. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition WORK How much work Almost none! The best thing about our Advendtising™ program is that it provides our vending operators with an additional revenue stream but doesn’t require you to do much is required to extra work. Just operate your healthy vending machines as usual, keep your LCD screens run a successful Advendtising™ properly connected so that they’re always displaying ads, and we’ll send you quarterly Advendtising™ commission checks equal to 25% of the ad revenue your machines bring-in.* program? The only time you’ll really have to do some minimal “work” is in the beginning when connecting your machine to the internet. Additionally, you’ll have to maintain this connection over time, but this is something you have to do anyway to keep the credit card reader working properly. If your machines are not connected to the internet, then you’ll have to PROFITS How much Quite a bit! But there are no exact answers to this question. Every location is different – money can the better the location, the higher the ad-revenue. I make per Purely as an example, & with no implied guarantees, let’s assume each of your machines machine with Advendtising™? case, if you did nothing but stock, maintain & operate your machines as usual, you would ™ 10 machines, this would bring you an additional $1,000 per month in PROFITS!* These numbers are not even considering the separate fact that LCD screens & digital content COST How much does Nothing! it cost to run machine. BUT if you compare the cost of our machines & our program to others, especially Advendtising™ considering that each of our machines have credit card readers & remote-monitoring devices built-in, you’ll notice that our machines are actually the better deal…by far! You’re on my machines? basically not paying ANYTHING more for our machines’ internal PC computers, digital LCD MORE up-front it would be well worth it. Consider this: If your machines never even run an ad, they’d still make-up for this “imaginary extra cost” via increased vending machine sales for YOU! 20%. What does this mean for you? If your average vend price is $2.00, and your machines vend on-average 20 products per day, 5 days per week, then you’d generate*Note: Not every location is equally conducive to Advendtising. While all machines are shipped with digital content loaded, that doesn’t mean that allAdvendtising program. Vending operators can help this process by selling ads themselves. And remember, the Advendtising system increases productssales immediately!
  33. 33. h.u.m.a.n. Healthy Vending h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutritionWe want to make sure that you’re making the right decision when it comes to partneringwith h.u.m.a.n. healthy vending. Traditional Vending “Healthy Vending”Features Included H.U.M.A.N. Company X Company YMachines Credit Card Reader $575 Extra $575 Extra Comparison Allows for cashless payments & increases 23” HD Video Display NA NA Streaming videos provide nutritional information, purchasing advice, & ads Remote Monitoring System NA NA Customer. Professional Graphics Plain exterior Old-School Graphics h.u.m.a.n. graphics are the result of consumer surveys & professional design Eco-Friendly Design NA NA Uses up to 50% Less Energy Than Standard Vending Machines Vend Sensor Technology NA NA Strategically-Placed Infrared Sensors Self-Diagnosing System NA NA Clears Vending Errors Automatically Increased Capacity Sometimes Sometimes Machines Conveyor Dispensing Technology NA NA Technology, NOT Coils, Which Greatly Increases Versatility Lifetime Unlimited Updates NA NA EnhancementsProducts Taste-Test Proven NA NA Taste is just as important as health when it h.u.m.a.n. never places Traditional vending companies just Other companies can’t compete comes to healthy vending success a product in a machine buy brands they recognize when it comes to taste test research Planogram Customization NA h.u.m.a.n. mentality Product Selection 1000+ Health Items Primarily Junk Food 100-500 Items A larger product selection allows for more accurately tailored planograms Wholesale Pricing LOW LOW MEDIUM Lower wholesale prices mean higher margins h.u.m.a.n. makes absolutely Most traditional vending Other “healthy vending” companies & sales for operators no money on wholesale companies tell their customers to usually take a cut when wholesaling products Distribution 20+ Distribution Local Varies h.u.m.a.n. utilizes more than 20 ditribution Warehouses warehouses
  34. 34. h.u.m.a.n. Healthy Vending h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutritionWe welcome comparisons of our program vs. others in the market, because we know that theh.u.m.a.n. program looks the best when it’s subjected to the most critical eye! Traditional Vending “Healthy Vending”Features Included H.U.M.A.N. Company X Company Y ComparisonThe Program Digital Advertising Revenue NA NA video screen on h.u.m.a.n. machines Charitable Giving NA NA h.u.m.a.n. donates 10% of proceeds to Location Management NA NA h.u.m.a.n. manages certain aspects of your locations so you save time & hassle Basic PR Package NA NA h.u.m.a.n at every location free of charge Ongoing Education NA NA Includes newsletters, recommendations, Premium Location Acquisition NA NA machine video demos and support via iPad2 Lifetime Coaching NA NA Coaching and Assistance to Build Your BusinessThe Company Expert Health Advisory Board NA NA Health advisors ensure h.u.m.a.n. is always at the forefront of health Health Professional as Founder NA NA h.u.m.a.n.’s founder is a biomedical engineer with proven business success Philanthropy as a Main Focus NA NA Social responsibility & charitable giving make up h.u.m.a.n.’s foundation Healthy Vending Experience +7 Years Minimal 2-3 Years h.u.m.a.n. founded the industry of pure-play healthy vending in 2003
  35. 35. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition h.u.m.a.n.We’re ready to get you there. These are the next Six Steps that need to be taken to get you onyour way to achieving bigtime success as a h.u.m.a.n. operator partner! Get Started Work with the h.u.m.a.n. We’ll work with you to survey your premium locations, team to create a network of your locations and determine we help you choose the at least 5 premium locations the exact needs & desires of best machines to install. optimal for h.u.m.a.n. your customer group(s). This Then, we assist you in machine placement. You > > determining whether product mix, allowing you to leasing or purchasing the yourself, or we can set- serve your customers to the machines makes the most up the network for you. best degree possible. Quality sense for you and your People contact us every day R&D leads to better business, particular situation. Here requesting our machines, happier customers, & higher so we may already have training & installation locations for you to service! anticipation for your launch! details. Based on past-precedence, Together we arrange demographic data, The location surveys also the installation of your & gathered survey give us key insights into what h.u.m.a.n. machines & information, we’ll put digital content would best decide on the training together the perfect suit your customer group(s) program that works best planogram, or product-mix, & our advertising partners. for each of your locations. > The goal here is to create a > for you. The machines are delivered, you stock Then you’ll set-up accounts them with product, and with our partner distributors targeted digital ad campaign “Voila” - you’re launched! in your area, and order that also includes health Work with us to kick-off information and nutritional a PR campaign & then delivery within 1-3 days. advice. Our creative team focus all of your effort on Reorder whenever your puts together this campaign building your h.u.m.a.n. inventory gets low! It’s and pre-loads your machines network to be better, that easy – we make it as with the digital content. larger, & stronger! seamless as possible.
  36. 36. h.u.m.a.n. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition Our #1 operational goal is to make your life as easy as possible.Our logistics and processes system ensures that you only spend time doing what makes youmoney - operating & optimizing your machine network. We handle the rest! Our Program
  37. 37. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition h.u.m.a.n. Wholesale Price Apprentice Machine Eco-Friendly, Versatile, and Video- $7,499.00 $9,999.00 Ready Media Mogul Machine $9,499.00 $12,499.00 Premium, Ad-Serving Health Store w/o Media Screen w/o Media Screen $9,999.00 $11,999.00 Hot HUMAN All-in-One Healthy Vending Solution w/ Media Screen w/ Media Screen $11,499.00 $13,499.00 w/o Media Screen w/o Media Screen $10,999.00 $12,999.00 Hot HUMAN PLUS All-in-One Healthy Vending Solution w/ Media Screen w/ Media Screen $12,499.00 $14,499.00 Arctic HUMAN $8,999.00 $11,999.00 Heavy Duty Frozen Foods Vendor Rugged HUMAN $8,499.00 $11,499.00 Sturdy, Versatile Outdoor Machine Joe HUMAN $5,499.00 $7,499.00 Premium Gourmet Coffee Vendor*All pricing subject to change at any time without notice**All shipments FOB from H.U.M.A.N.’S designated warehouses
  38. 38. h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition h.u.m.a.n. Product Wholesale Price Basic Cashless Payment System for Media Mogul and Hot HUMANs FREE Basic Cashless Payment System for All Others $500 Advanced Cashless Payment System for Media Mogul and Hot HUMANs $250 Advanced Cashless Payment System for All Others $750 HUMAN Healthy Vending Wholesale Price Optional Services $500/Machine (U.S.) Shipping & Delivery Includes shipping of 5 or more machines to a central holding facility in your area. $750/Machine (Canada) Professional Training, VIP Set-up & Machine Installation $500/Machine (U.S.) or fewer machines. $6,000 (6 or Fewer Machines) Premium Location Discovery & Acquisition + Comprehensive iPad2 Video Support + LDA Sales Training 25 of this Handbook $1,000/machine (7 or More Machines)*All pricing subject to change at any time without notice**All shipments FOB from H.U.M.A.N.’S designated warehouses
  39. 39. Place a Deposit for 5 or More “Media Mogul” Machinesin the Next 21 Days and Get the HUMAN VIP Upgrade, Free: Cash Back you get (10 machine limit on cash back) Master Humanist Upgrade With 10 or more machines: Platinum PR Upgrade 1 SEO- Optimized Blog Post Platinum Marketing Upgrade 1 HUMAN Polo Shirt The “HUMAN VIP Upgrade” Value 1) Cash Back (10 Machines) $5,000.00 2) Master Humanist Upgrade $10,000.00 3) Platinum PR Upgrade $1,499.00 4) Platinum Marketing Upgrade $299.00 Total Upgrade Value (yours free in the next 21 days) $16,798.00 The Clock is Officially Ticking (T-Minus 21 Days)Contact HUMAN
  40. 40. h.u.m.a.n.h.u.m.a.n.helping unite man and nutrition Step 1 Partner Application Here: Step 2 call your Partner Interview. 323-272-4309. A Nutrition Without Borders Company 333 S. Wilton Pl., Suite #9 Los Angeles, CA 90020 341 Bonnie Circle, Suite #102 Website: m
  41. 41. h.u.m.a.n. isRIGHT for You if:i) You want to work foryourself & determine I’m looking for vending operators who want to be a part of somethingyour own hours & as important, a health revolution that will improve the lives of peopleii) You believe thatwith hard work across the globe. can drastically malnutrition. These public health initiatives make-up the strong foundationimprove your lifestyle of our socially responsible company.iii) You want to feelthat what you do As a partner vending operator, we want you to believe in our missionreally helps people & support it. You must have a passion for sharing the gift of health andthe world recognize that with each and every minute you spend on your business, you’re making the healthy lifestyle easier for people to achieve. Imagineiv) You see the the respect, pride, and enjoyment you’ll feel from being a part of such animportance ofinvesting your moneyin income-producingassets h.u.m.a.n. has created a vending program and machines designed tov) You believe in the dominate the Vending 2.0™ industry. We want partner vending operatorsh.u.m.a.n. mission & who have an intense desire to be part of our premium brand. When you joinvision h.u.m.a.n. you join an innovative team of highly passionate You embraceinnovation, industry, and a feeling of contentment each and every, & today’sterm trends In order to achieve success operating h.u.m.a.n. machines, you have to be ambitious, willing to work hard, and determined to reach success.h.u.m.a.n. is Although I have streamlined the h.u.m.a.n. program to ensure that you haveWRONG for You if:i) You’re seeking that you put-in a solid effort. You will continually focus on optimizing anda get-rich quickscheme without the improving your business, so you can make more money in less time. Itinvestment of work or takes the dedication of a true entrepreneur. You just have to want it.effortii) You’re 100% happy And if you really want it, I want you on my team.with your level ofimpact on the world I’m recruiting only those people who are determined to step-up their livesiii) You fear newopportunities, situation handed down to them by everyday life. Stop working for moneyinnovation, & change and let your money work for you. Today is the day to make a change!grasping that each Sound good? Ready to take the plunge, inject some excitement into your& every day you life, along with a sizeable helping ofhave the chance todrastically better your There’s no better time to act than & surroundingsv) You’re ok with If you have what it takes to become h.u.m.a.n., let’s get started! Go tomissing-out on thefrom the health forward to hearing from you!revolutionvi) You’re completelycurrent lifestyle & Sean Kelly h.u.m.a.n. helping unite man and nutrition Chief Humanist, h.u.m.a.n.