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  • I’ve prepared a brief presentation that highlights some information about me, my company, and my marketing strategy.
  • Here are a few highlights about me: I am a professional loan officer who strategically aligns with select agents, financial planners and local business. I am not interested in working with just anyone, I am selective because I value my relationships and like to add value to each one. By not spreading myself too thin, I can assist my strategic partners in their businesses. I have over 10 years in the financial services industry I am an active member of the local Board of Realtors I am very involved in a local networking group I have two boys - ages 14 and 17 When I’m not working, I enjoy hockey, golf, and football Note: If the agent shares personal information with you at this time, acknowledge it and ask a personal question to show you are interested in them as well. If they start talking about themselves, do NOT stop them for the sake of your presentation. When they are talking, they are actually enjoying the presentation!
  • I am committed to serving you and your clients. There are several benefits to doing business with me.
  • I have a clearly defined business philosophy. Here’s what I guarantee to my strategic partners: I return all my phone calls within 15 minutes so you have access to me and feel like the lines of communication are always open. If I’m on an appointment, I update my voice mail so you know when I will be available to return your call. My loans are approved within 48 hours of the client application. I provide solid pre-approval letters so there are no last minute phone calls telling you we can’t do the loan. 24 hours prior to closing, I provide the agent with a copy of the HUD I and I conduct a pre-closing call with each client to review the HUD I so the closing goes smoothly and the client is prepared and happy. I attend on my loan closings so I can answer any additional questions the client may have or handle any last minute changes. I am a professional partner who will help you build your business. And, I’m a mortgage expert designed to create Raving Fans of your clients. NOTE: Do NOT promise ANYTHING that you are not prepared to do! Modify this slide based on your market and your offerings.
  • I am a training resource as well. I am available to conduct various training sessions or one-on-one sessions, if you like. Here are several of the topics that I have trained. NOTE: Do NOT offer any course that you are not prepared to speak with confidence. Getting the Maximum Value for Your Listings – (Have an appraiser teach this one since they are experts) Creating Raving Fans Who Send Referrals – (Based on the book) 10 Steps to a Smoother Closing Buyer Red Flags – (These are the things you should consider when working with a buyer) FICO Frenzy – (How do credit scores work and how to improve them) The Millionaire Agent Mindset (Based on the book – The Millionaire Real Estate Agent) True 100% Financing & Other Remarkable Loan Options Ready, Set, HUD! – (How to read a HUD 1)
  • I am also available to provide on-site training and support. I can come on-site to teach classes and provide up-to-date information on the mortgage industry I will attend open houses and take loan applications on location Your clients will be able to easily apply for their loan online I will provide marketing materials for your open houses I will also conduct homebuyer seminars to your clients (these are especially helpful to first time homebuyers)
  • SunTrust Mortgage has a wide array of mortgage products and options. We can find the right mortgage financing solution for your clients.
  • SunTrust Mortgage has fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages with interest only and fully amortizing options. We also offer first time homebuyer programs and loans for primary residences and vacation/second homes. Our FHA and VA products now offer jumbo financing with loan amounts up to $729,750 in high cost areas for FHA loans and financing up to $1 million for VA loans. The Fannie Mae My Community Mortgage is great for first time homebuyers and features up to 100% financing, income source flexibilities, up to 6% seller contributions, and temporary buydowns. Our doctor loan program offers up to 100% financing and no mortgage insurance with loan amounts up to $1.5 million. It’s even available for construction financing and has an interest-only option. Bridge loans give your clients the ability to borrow up to 90% of the value of their current home to use as a down payment on their new home. They make no out-of-pocket payments for the first six months of the loan and have 12 months to repay the debt. The lender paid mortgage insurance option allows your clients to avoid the monthly expense of mortgage insurance payments. It offers up to 100% financing and is a great alternative to the combo loan. Our convenient construction/permanent financing has only one application- saving your clients time and money. We have fixed and adjustable rate mortgages available with an interest rate float down option on the fixed rate program. We also offer interest rate locks of up to 15 months. With the Premier Advantage program your clients will enjoy access to special mortgage pricing discounts and increased borrower opportunity. This is available for clients who have a banking or investment relationship with SunTrust Bank or meet certain minimum requirements.
  • We want to help your sellers find buyers for their home so we’ve developed several programs to help them encourage buyers including: The SkipIt Program which allows the seller to pay up to six months principal, interest, tax and insurance for the new homebuyer With the Buyers’ Bonus the seller can pay up to six months principal and interest for the buyer Temporary rate buydowns allow the seller to pay to reduce the homebuyer’s interest rate for the first two or three years of the loan They can even make closing cost contributions or pay the mortgage insurance for their buyer.
  • Now, I like to share with you my strategic marketing program that can help you grow your business…
  • What are your thoughts? Do you feel more comfortable with my ability to handle some of your clients? (If Yes) Excellent, is there anyone you need you need help with today? (If No) I look forward to working with you in the near future. I will stay in contact with you to differentiate myself from other Loan Officers.


  • 1. An Introduction to Greg George and SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Greg George Vice President, Sr Loan Officer 864.381.7342 SC 704.957.9092 NC [email_address] suntrustmortgage.com/ggeorge
  • 2. Meet Greg George
    • A top performing mortgage professional
    • Strategically Aligned with Select Financial
    • Planners, Real Estate Agents, and Businesses
    • Nearly a decade of Mortgage Sales Experience.
    • Deeply involved in Community and Networking
    • Married to my best friend, and father of three great kids.
  • 3. What My Clients and Partners Say
    • ” I don’t really know where to begin ….I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart…Because of all of your hard work and dedication, I was able to purchase a home for myself and my children. They love it and so do I.  Thank you again for sticking it through. Due to all of your efforts, you now have a client for life. I will never use another mortgage company.”      G. & J. C.
    • “ Thank you. Thank you very much! – To the King of the Quick Close ! Alan and I enjoyed working with you.” C. & A. H.
    • “ Thank you so, so much for all you did for us to get our loan re-financed. You hung in there with us where someone else would have given up”  R.A.
    • “ Greg is by far the best mortgage broker I have ever worked with. My clients are always pleased with the level of service and great products Greg provides. Greg’s knowledge of the mortgage and financial industries are unsurpassed and he has proven time and again to be a great asset to my firm.”  S.A.
    • “ Greg is a “client first” kind of professional who went above and beyond to fulfill my requirements. Greg & his team have been and will be my mortgage broker of choice.”  R.L.
  • 4. Why SunTrust Mortgage?
    • National mortgage company with local presence
    • Wholly-owned subsidiary of a Top 10 bank, SunTrust Bank
    • Top 5 in mortgage originations nationally
    • Respected brand in all markets
    • Nationally recognized for superior client service
    • Track record of consistent earnings
    • Laptop / Mobile originations
    • Local support from origination to closing
  • 5. SunTrust Mortgage – Business in Brief Ownership : Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of SunTrust Bank SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. originates loans throughout locations within SunTrust Bank markets (VA, DC, MD, NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, & FL) and adjacent states, maintains correspondent and broker relationships in 49 states, and services loans in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Year to date as of March 31, 2010: Servicing portfolio: $178.0 billion Loans originated: $4.6 billion Loans purchased: $1.0 billion Total production: $5.6 billion Number of loans serviced: 1,009,733 Number of locations: 202 Number of brokers: 2,043 Number of correspondents: 1,170 Headquarters: Richmond, VA
  • 6. Geographic Locations - Retail Over 1,100 Loan Officers*
    • *Includes loan officers with offices inside bank branch locations
    209 locations in Florida Group Over 144 locations in Central Group 137 locations in Mid-Atlantic Group
  • 7. I can offer… I am committed to serving you and your clients. There are several benefits to doing business with me, and SunTrust Mortgage.
  • 8. Guarantees
    • All calls returned within 24 hours
    • No lies, no tricks, and no crooked mortgage games
    • Loan approvals within 24 hours of application
    • Closing Statements (HUD I) within 24 hours of closing
    • A partner that will help you build your business
    • A mortgage expert designed to create raving fans of your clients.
  • 9. On-going Training
    • Topics include:
    • Mortgage industry updates
    • Creating Raving Fans Who Send Referrals for all parties.
    • 10 Steps to a Smoother Closing
    • Buyer Red Flags
    • FICO Frenzy
    • True 100% Financing & Other Remarkable Loan Options
    • Ready, Set, HUD!
  • 10. Never Lose Another Lead 3 Tasks I Perform After Each Referral I Call You Immediately I Send Buyer a Follow-up Email I Schedule Follow-up Call to Buyer in Outlook
  • 11. On-site Visibility and Support
    • Loan officer presence at open houses and model homes
    • Mortgage loan applications taken on location
    • Marketing materials, showing financing and product options, provided on-site to help move the sales process
    • Joint homebuyer seminars
      • Home affordability
      • Mortgage process
      • Preparing for closing
      • Construction/renovation financing
    • Marketing materials that demonstrate financing and product options placed on-site to help move the sales process
  • 12. Products and Options SunTrust Mortgage has a wide array of mortgage products and options. We can find the right mortgage financing solution for your clients.
  • 13. Variety of Product Options
    • Fixed or adjustable rate* products
    • Interest only** and fully amortizing options
    • First-time home buyer programs
    • Primary residences and vacation/second homes
    • FHA and VA loans
    • USDA Loans
    • 100% Doctor loan † with no mortgage insurance
    • Construction/Permanent financing
    • Jumbo loans
    *Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) products have interest rates that may increase after consummation. ** Monthly payments of interest only will not reduce the principal owed. † Borrowers should note that 100% mortgage financing will result in no property equity until such time as the loan principal is paid down through regular mortgage payments and/or the property value appreciates.  Additionally, if property values decline you could owe more than your property’s value.
  • 14. Encourage New Buyers
    • SkipIt – seller pays up to six months principal, interest, tax and insurance on behalf of the new homebuyer
    • Buyers’ Bonus – seller pays up to six months principal and interest for new homebuyer
    • Temporary rate buy downs – seller pays to reduce homebuyer’s interest rate for the first two or three years of their loan
    • Permanent rate buy downs – seller pays discount points to reduce homebuyer’s interest rate for the life of the loan
    • Single premium mortgage insurance
    • Closing cost contributions
  • 15. Strategic Marketing Our strategic marketing program can help you grow your business
  • 16. Strategic Marketing
    • Co-Branded Listing Flyers – 3 styles from which to choose!
    Five Photos with Financing One Photo with Financing Five Photos with Property Description
  • 17. Strategic Marketing Buyer’s Bonus Buy Down Mortgage Co-branded seller contribution flyers Your contact information, logo and/or photo can be added to customize these marketing pieces.
  • 18. Strategic Marketing
    • Product Flyers
    FHA Programs The Doctor Loan Jumbo Financing
  • 19. Why Greg and SunTrust Mortgage?
    • Exceptional Service
    • Powerful Products
    • Valuable Knowledge
    • Partnership opportunities
    • Professional marketing
    • Honesty you can trust.
  • 20. To Our Future Together