Pinterest for business


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Pinterest is the new social network that everybody is talking about.
Should you put any interest in it and how could you leverage your business with this new tool ?

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Pinterest for business

  1. FEBRUARYANY INTEREST FOR YOUR 2012!BUSINESS ?!Gregory Pouy!@gregfromparis!gregory.pouy [at]gmail[.]com!!!
  2. REALLY….
  3. HOLD ON A SECOND!! 3!
  4. MAYBE THIS ONE IS WORTH A CLOSERLOOK!I agree with you… the web moves fast (like I have to tell YOU that); thereare tons of websites/services/apps that are born and die every day.!Itʼs impossible to focus on everything and know what is worth your timeand what isnʼt.!!Thatʼs the aim of this presentation (and others like it).! 4!
  5. PINTEREST IS A VIRTUAL PINBOARD!MEANING:!  You can organize and share photos and videos you find on the web!  You can browse pinboards created by others and find your way through vertical subjects!  You can “Repin” (repost) items on your pinboard that you find on othersʼ!  You can create groups & contribute to othersʼ groups! 5!
  6. “MY BEST KEPT SECRET”!Whether itʼs for a wedding, home decoration, cooking orwhatever your interest, on Pinterest you save and share yourinspirations. Your Pinterest is YOU !!A Wall Street Journalist wrote :” "It hadnt occurred to me thatsuch an online service also would be a window into me for myhusband who sees me every day."! 6!
  7. PINTEREST IS ABOUT (YOUR) LIFE !Everything exists there -- travel, hopes, dreams, adventures, interests,futures, pasts, humor -- its about life -- all of it, and its laid out in agreat format.  Like Facebook – itʼs what you make of it.! 7!Source : -!
Brad Mc Carty – The Next Web!Pinterest is a digital way for people to do “window shopping”for anything (physical & intangible) and to save their findings.!Following other users or groups is also a great way to find new“must-haves” just like you would with a magazine.! 8!
  9. ALL CLEAR?!
  10. YEAH SURE, BUT…! 10!
  11. …ISNʼT PINTEREST GOING TOCOMPETE WITH FACEBOOK ? !You are right if you think that Pinterest might pose a threat to Facebook, buteven if Facebook is huge, itʼs not the only network in the social web.!People need services that help them save time in their everyday life andPinterest can help for several reasons including : itʼs community focused andhelps you keep track of your latest predilections. !By the way, Mark Zuckerberg recently joined Pinterest ! 11!
  12. 10 MILLIONS USERS TOTAL - -AND 2 MILLIONS ACTIVE DAILY!THE FIGURES ARE VERTIGINOUS : !  Pinterest hit 12 million monthly U.S. unique visitors faster than any other independent site in history…and is now reaching 17 million a week!  The user base grew by 145% since the start of 2012!  Average time per user is 72 minutes (which is better than Facebook at 45 min)! 12!Source : Shareaholic - !
  13. >70% OF USERS ARE WOMEN !97% of Pinterestʼs Facebook fans are also women.!As Brad Mc Carty said on The Next Web, “At a risk of being sexist,women tend to like to shop more than men do and Pinterest is a newway to do window shopping”."59% of users are women ages 25-44.! 13!Source : Shareaholic - !
  14. >! +! +!Generating an average of 2.5% of referrals to other sites,Pinterest generates more traffic (on average) than Youtube,Google+ and LinkedIn combined.!!When you click on a picture or video in Pinterest, the user issent directly to the website.! 14!Source : Shareaholic - !
  15. OVER 80% OF PINS ARE RE-PINS!1.4% of tweets are re-tweets. Reposting othersʼ content isnatural.!Youʼve got it, then -- Pinterest is very viral (if you pininteresting content) – perfect for your business, personalbranding, or simply your own ego.!However, users who have joined in recent months are 2 to 3 15!times less active during their first month of presence.!Source : RJ Metrics -!
IN RETAINING AND ENGAGINGCUSTOMERS…!…if you compare both services at similar times in their histories.!i.e. The number of users who continue to use Pinterest shouldmake up for any users who leave.!!! 16!Source : RJ Metrics -!
  17. WHY SUCH A PHENOMENAL SUCCESS?!There are numerous theories. Take your pick:!  Invitation only!  Highly community focused!  Frequent notifications!  Intensely visual and therefore beautiful and easy to understand quickly!  A mobile version is available (iPhone and HTML5, so far)!! 17!And the Facebook Timeline App increases traffic towards Pinterestby more than 60% (source : Facebook developper blog)!
  18. EVEN THE U.S. ARMY IS ONPINTEREST…! 18!Source – Mashable - !
  19. THE U.S. ARMY IS USING PINTEREST TORECRUIT! The U.S. Armyʼs Pinterest board aims at showing different aspects of Army life and the Armyʼs missions or to connect with Army Families (“DIY &Décor”).! “It is important for the U.S. Army to be present on different platforms so it can reach people it canʼt find anywhere else”. Juanita Chang – Director of the U.S. Armyʼs online and Social Media division! 19!Source – Mashable - !
  21. THERE ARE ALREADY 150+ BRANDS ON PINTEREST ! Food! Travel! Television/Media! Non-Profit! Beauty/Fashion! Apparel/Retail! Sport/Health! Home Improvement/DIY! 21!A comprehensive list is available here :!Icons are from !
  22. ETSY IS THE MOST POPULARBRAND ON PINTEREST !With more than 53 000 followers, Etsy (a community of independentcreative people) is the most popular account on Pinterest.!But even being the largest account, they only represent 3% of allpins which means that there is a large universe of site on Pinterest.! 22!
  23. GET OUTTA HERE!! !Donʼt even think about using Pinterest to broadcast your1 !advertising message…itʼs isnʼt allowing for that type of ! !networking yet.! !Donʼt create your social media presence from scratch by2 !just using Pinterest; itʼs probably not the best place to !start…! 23!
  24. SO WHAT CAN YOU DO ?!1 Promote a lifestyle! 4 Crowdsource!2 Use it like a focus group! 5 Run contests!3 Drive sales! 24!Source : American Express Open Forum : !
  25. 1! PROMOTE A LIFESTYLE!Pinterest is an amazing tool for creating moodboards of what makes yourbrand tick.!You donʼt need to feature just your products; focus on what inspires you to helpconsumers find brands that fit their lifestyles.!A hotel could, for example, post pictures of local landmarks, restaurants, artists…!You can have different types of boards since people donʼt have to follow all ofthem at once, so donʼt be afraid to be adventurous – the point of Pinterest isdiscovery.! 25!Source : American Express Open Forum : !
  26. 1 Promote a lifestyle!WESTELM – INSPIRATION! Westelm is a furniture company that decided to put a few boards together (31 and counting) to show their followers different styles of beautiful homes…! In short, they are taking you to the first stage (psychological) of the buying process.! 26!Source : American Express Open Forum : !
  27. 1 Promote a lifestyle!CHOBANI – INSPIRATION FROM A YOGURT BRAND?! Chobani is a yogurt brand that invites their followers to discover exercise ideas, recipes using yogurt, travel ideas, and kitchen utensils through their 18 boards…! They understand how to make it look fun (look at the name of the board) and inspirational. This has helped promote the brandʼs spirit.! 27!Source : American Express Open Forum : !
  28. 1 Promote a lifestyle!GAP – A BIT TOO PROMOTIONAL! The Gapʼs presence is a bit “promotional” as they feature their collections, a holiday gift guide, people in the Gap…but they also promote icons wearing denim, have a candy board (where they also put their kids collections), a denim-inspired board and a seasonal board (right now itʼs snow).! 28!Source : American Express Open Forum : !
  29. 2! USE IT LIKE A FOCUS GROUP!Marketers donʼt like to be passive and simply listen (or read) but the socialweb is a real treasure and Pinterest is one of its diamonds. Peopleshare what they love (places, trends, recipes…) or even dream about.!Dreams are one of the ingredient of virality – Imagine understanding who isfollowing you on Pinterest and creating a viral operation based on that.! 29!Source : American Express Open Forum : !
  30. 3! DRIVING SALES – 5x SALES!The retail deal site has seen a 446% increase in web traffic, andsales resulting from those visits has increased 5 fold.!When you start from nothing it is clear that traffic can only go up, but youhave to admit, these figures are pretty amazing.! doesnʼt use Pinterest just for business, they also see it as agrowing resource for better understanding their users.! 30!Source : American Express Open Forum : !
  31. 4! CROWDSOURCE!UGC content is always somewhat complicated, with variable quality,but it is easy to imagine asking fans to pin pictures of themselves orto pin wishlists, all of which is useful content.!You could also imagine running a contest or carrying out researchabout your followers.! 31!Source : American Express Open Forum : !
  32. 5! RUN CONTESTS! Landʼs End Canvas, a fashion brand, created an innovative campaign on Pinterest with “Pin it to Win it”.! The brand asked users to create a “Pin it to win it” pinboard and pin (or repin) 10 to 20 images from their website.! Once a board was completed, they had a chance of 32! winning a $250 gift card.! Results : around 200 boards were created.!Source : American Express Open Forum : !
  33. IS IT ONLY FOR HUGE BRANDS?! Definitely not!! Pinterest is easy, free and focused on numerous interest groups. Small businesses can take advantage of it because of the low cost of maintaining a board or several boards and the return available through engaging with customers.! There are tons of examples of small companies doing really well on Pinterest.! 33! !Source : American Express – Open Forum :!
  34. IS IT ONLY FOR HUGE BRANDS ?! 20% OF ALL VISITS TO THEIR WEBSITE AFTER 1 MONTH! Biscuit by Lambchop is a highly niche product: gluten-free dog biscuits.! They are pinning photos of things like ingredients and equipment for baking dog biscuits. They try to create value to their followers by teaching them recipes for healthy dogs.! Pinterest represents one-fifth if its referral source (50% of new visitors!) and a respectable bounce rate.! 34! !Source : American Express – Open Forum :!
  35. IS IT ONLY FOR HUGE BRANDS ?! DEMONSTRATE EXPERTISE! Shira Levine, a freelance business, travel, luxury and popular culture writer uses Pinterest to demonstrate her expertise by including fun, short anecdotes on the site. ! ! 35!Source : American Express – Open Forum :!
  36. WHAT IF YOUR BUSINESS IS NOT “VISUAL”?! Pinterest is visual-centric but you might think that youʼre business is not.! General Electric is not the most “visual” company but as they explain it “is pinning things that inspire us to build, power, move and cure the world.”! Pinterest is not about your products/services, itʼs about youʼre spirit!! 36!
  37. WHAT NOW?! 37!
  38. YOU HAVE TO TRY ITTO UNDERSTAND IT!Ask for an invitation.!The social web is based on learningthrough trying. You donʼt have to test with 38!your brand name, just spend some time onthe platform and try it yourself.!
  39. AND…! 39!
  40. 20 advices on Pinterest by E.Vivier / JN. Chaintreuil! 1! Claim your brand! 11! Add a follow button to your site! Enable sharing on your Facebook 2! Try it to learn it! 12! Timeline! 3! Boost your brand image by sharing cool 13! Create group Boards! but relevant images! 4! Gain customers insight and identify 14! Contribute to group Boards! trends! 5! Be an active member (pin, re-pin, like…)! 15! Add a RSS feed of your board! 6! Promote lifestyles, not just your brand 16! Use Keywords! content! 7! Reorder your boards! 17! Invite other members! 8! Add the Pin button to your website! 18! Find whoʼs pinned your content! 9! Follow the “Pin Etiquette” – on their site! 19! Pin Videos! 40! 10! Promote products with pricing information! 20! Watermark your images!Source :
  41. THANKS!Gregory Pouy!@gregfromparis!gregory.pouy [at]gmail[.]com!! 41!!