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Data mining with Google analytics
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Data mining with Google analytics


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9 Tips and Tricks for getting the most from your Google Analytics reports

9 Tips and Tricks for getting the most from your Google Analytics reports

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. data mining with Google Analytics9 Tips and Tricks for getting the most from Your Analytics reports
    Greg Bray, President, Blue Tangerine Solutions
    July 30, 2009
  • 2. Web Analytics
    Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.
  • 3. Two Types of Analytics Programs
    Log file readers
    Imports Web server log files
    No changes required to site
    Difficult to capture transactional data
    Page Tagging
    Use javascript code embedded on each Web page to transmit tracking data
    Data only available “going forward” after setup
    More flexibility to capture additional parameters
    Google Analytics is a Page Tagging program
  • 4. Important Reminders
    Analytics programs may measure things slightly differently
    Tracking is not exact or perfect
    IP Address based locations are approximations
    Focus on trends and comparisons
    Reporting delay
  • 5. 9 Google Analytics Tips
    Adwords Auto-tagging
    Ecommerce Tracking
    Goals & Funnels
    Campaign Tracking Codes
    Customize the Dashboard
    Schedule Email Reports
    Site Search Tracking
    Event Tracking
    Explore Advanced Reports
  • 6. Tip 1: Turn on Adwords Auto-tagging
    Allows full Adwords expense data to be included
    Step1 - Link your Adwords and Analytics account
    (In Adwords) Reporting -> Google Analytics
    Step 2- Turn on Auto-tagging
    (In Adwords) My account -> Account preferences -> Tracking (edit)
  • 7. Tip 2: Configure Ecommerce Tracking
    Allows you to include transaction values and measure ROI.
    Step 1 – Turn on Ecommerce Tracking
    Edit Profile -> Edit Main Website Profile Information
    Step 2 – Add additional tracking code to checkout “Thank You” page
  • 8. Tip 3: Configure Goals & Funnels
    Track specific visitor conversion activities, and follow the path to conversion.
    Checkout process
    Email sign up form
    Landing page conversion
    Edit Profile -> Edit Goal
    Only 4 Goals per profile allowed, but you can create additional profiles.
  • 9. Tip 4: Campaign Tracking Codes
    Allows you to include Email Marketing, Banner Ads, Blog posts, etc. in the Traffic Sources report.
    Add URL tracking variables to your click-through links
    utm_source, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_content, utm_campaign
    URL Builder:
  • 10. Tip 5: Customize the Dashboard
    Put key reports into a single, combined report, to make it quick and easy to find data of interest
    View desired report -> click on Add to Dashboard button
  • 11. Tip 6: Schedule Email Reports
    Automate regular report distribution to multiple recipients.
    Automatically converts data to PDF, Excel, etc.
    View desired report –> click Email button -> Schedule
  • 12. Tip 7: Configure Site Search Tracking
    Allows you to see what searches are being conducted on your site, and where users go after particular searches.
    Step 1 – update Web site to include search query in URL string
    Step 2 – Turn on Site Search tracking
    Edit Profile -> Edit Main Website Profile, enter query string variable
  • 13. Tip 8: Configure Event Tracking
    Allows Flash, Ajax and other events to be tracked.
    Embed additional javascript function call into Flash, Ajax code, etc. to trigger tracking.
    _trackEvent(category, action, optional_label, optional_value)
  • 14. Tip 9: Explore Advanced Reports
    Date Range Comparisons
    Graph Metric Comparisons
    Advanced Segments
    Site Overlay
    Map Overlay
    Custom Reports
  • 15. Additional Resources
    Google Analytics Signup and Product Tour
    Google URL Builder
    Google Analytics Video Training
    Definitions of General Analytics Terms
  • 16. Special Offer
    50% discount on Google Analytics basic tracking configuration (regular price $250)
    Available to first 12 requesters
    Must have site hosted with Blue Tangerine Solutions
    1 month free hosting to new hosting customers with 12 month contract
    Offer expires August 31, 2009.