Advertising in a Fragmented Media Universe


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How do you maintain your brand identity with consumers as they spend their time across multiple media platforms?

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Advertising in a Fragmented Media Universe

  1. 1. Advertising in a FragmentedMedia UniverseGreg OsborneInteractive Media Director - Indiana
  2. 2. How do you maintainyour brand identitywith consumers asthey spend their timeacross multiplemedia platforms?The Problem
  3. 3. So Many ChoicesSocial?Print?TV?Mobile?Search?Radio?Online?Billboards?Email?
  4. 4. How Businesses WantAdvertising to WorkConsumer makes purchaseConsumer reactsAd runs
  5. 5. The Reality: Purchase Funnel•TV•Radio•Display (online and print)•OutdoorAwareness•Online Search•Short form video (TV and online)Familiarity•Long-form video (online, on demand)•Online Display (click-thrus)•Social NetworkingConsideration•Review sites•Blogs•Direct Mail•Social Network RecommendationsOne Make/ModelIntention•Online comparison shopping•Email marketing•Directories (online and print)Shopping•Website•In-store•3rd party ecommercePurchasePost-Purchase RelationshipEmail subscriber list ● Facebook “likes” ● Twitter followers ● Customer mailings ● Text messaging
  6. 6. Online PurchasesSimultaneous TV + OnlineOnline VideoGamingTV ViewingSportsSocialMediaEmailMeet the Digital Household
  7. 7. 7Adults spend the majority of their timewith TV and Online media42% TV26% Online15% Radio10% Mobile4% Newspapers3% MagazinesSource: eMarketer, Dec 2011 (includes multitasking—exposure to two mediums simultaneously are counted under both mediums)Adult Media Consumption
  8. 8. 8Time Per Interaction2Source: “If Content Is King, Multiscreen Is The Queen”; Ingrid Lunden; 8/29/12;
  9. 9. OK, Then What Do I Do?Choose Your Target LifestyleSelect Your Target GeographyCreate Your MessageBrandingCall ToAction!Inform &Influence
  10. 10. 10The same message on two XFINITY screens in thesame geography to your target market.TV OnlineUnify Your Message
  11. 11. 0.0%1.0%2.0%3.0%4.0%5.0%6.0%7.0%8.0%% Usage % XFINITY cable TV UsageTV and Usage Throughout the Source: Open Ad-Stream, 2011 (1/1/2011 – 12/31/2011), Impressions.Indy XFINITY TV Source: HH Impressions based on Nielsen, Indianapolis C-DMA, Live+7, Indianapolis Interconnect Insertable Networks,Nov11, Extrapolated by Strata Marketing.*Note that percentages add up to 100.Why it Works: 24-Hour AdsHigh Simultaneous UseOnline Usage HighPrime Time TV
  12. 12. Example: Video EverywhereVideo - Social Media - Large Graphics - Enhanced Data - Repurpose CreativeLIVE TVLOCALEMAIL &MORELocal ADHOTTOPICSONLINE VIDEO
  13. 13. Who Are We?Comcast is the driving force behind Spotlight, allowing us to bring advertisersthe best in media and technology. We drive innovation to create the worldsbest entertainment and online experiences.We also partner with other affiliates to bring you a one-stop-shop foradvertising:• AT&T U-verse• Bright House• Charter• DIRECTV• Mediacom• WOW!• Wyandotte
  14. 14. What Do We Offer?Video and online advertising• The most highly used media• Geographic targeting• Demographic and psychographic targeting capabilities• Specific programs, networks and websites• A multimedia approach
  15. 15. Video EntertainmentMulti-Screened
  16. 16. Thanks!Greg OsborneInteractive Media Director - IndianaComcast
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