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Commish  Review  Team  Recs To  Admin Commish Review Team Recs To Admin Presentation Transcript

  • EGHS Commissioner’s Review Summary of Findings and Recommendations
  • Deficiencies in Alignment
    • Cross-disciplinary alignment to Math and ELA GSEs regarding
      • Curriculum
      • Tasks
      • Assessments
  • Deficiencies in Access, Opportunity, and Fairness
    • We are deficient in…
      • Training on tuning protocols
      • Training on looking at student work
      • Training on using school-wide rubrics
      • Training on Universal Design
      • Aligning differentiated instruction to GSEs
      • Providing comparable access and rigor across all courses and levels
      • Training on integrating literacy instruction across the curriculum
  • Deficiencies in Data Usage
    • We also lack…
    • District-wide data policy and protocols
    • Access to data by teachers, department heads
    • Knowledge of SchoolMax’s capabilities
    • Means to utilize data to place students in levels
    • Ability to measure ALL students’ achievement and progress
  • Deficiencies in Data Usage
    • We do not use data substantively to…
    • Place students in appropriate courses and levels
    • Measure ALL students’ achievement and progress
    • Analyze gaps in skills
    • Drive instructional decisions
    • Drive curriculum revision
    • Drive creation of School Improvement Plan
    • Eliminate bias regarding for major state-required sub-groups (ILP, etc.)
  • Recommendation #1
    • Develop a district-wide DATA POLICY (Supt., Assistant Supt., Principals, Pat P., Pat D., Paula, Greg) to determine…
      • What data are to be collected
      • Who is responsible for collection
      • Who is responsible for dissemination
      • Frequency of data review
  • Recommendation #1 in Detail
      • Appoint a data management supervisor for each site (Mike P.?)
      • Provide teachers access to students’ PLPs
      • Reinstitute school report night (state requirement)
      • Gain access to Data Warehouse ® for state assessment data (Jerry Netik)
      • Invest in training for SchoolMax’s ® capabilities (guidance personnel, administration, and department chairs at RINET $25.00)
      • Regular data analysis of sub-groups’ course-taking patterns
      • Routine reporting of dual-formatted state testing data to teachers
      • Regular data collection of data and dissemination to department heads
      • Regular analysis and tracking of state testing data for ALL students
      • Regular data analysis and tracking of state testing data for sub-groups
      • Accountability for effectiveness of SIP as it pertains to AYP
      • Institute common planning time to address and use data
  • Recommendation #2
    • Develop a PD PLAN which includes training on and application of
      • Tuning protocols to examine student work
      • Universal Design
      • School-wide rubrics
      • Aligning curricula and assessments to Math and ELA GSEs
      • Data use