Truth behind the so called pure bottled water by green yatra


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Please check the Facts behind the processing of water bottle and consequences thereof.

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  • Truth behind the so called pure bottled water by green yatra

    1. 1. “PURE” Bottled Water…A FALSE TRUTH by Green Yatra Follow us on
    2. 2. Bottled Water- Do we NEED it?? Follow us on
    3. 3. Bottled water costs Rs. 15 per litre. 4280 times That is the price of Mumbai Municipal tap water.
    4. 4. Where your Bottled Water comes from… For Bottled Water underground and deep underground water is extracted. To replenish this, it takes 100s of years, that too with rigorous efforts.
    5. 5. Are WE and OUR Ecology profiting ?- Manufacturers buy OUR water at Rs 1 for 1000 litres.- They sell it to us at Rs. 15 for ONE litre.- More than half the profit from OUR water is exported out of our country !! Only the Manufacturers profit. At the cost of OUR depleted aquifers.
    6. 6. 1,000,000Litres of Bottled Water = Nearly 1,100,000 plastic bottles of which 95% end up as Garbage
    7. 7. 1,000,000 Liters of Bottled Water means 850,000 barrel of oil was used to produce them. that oil could have been enough to fuel about 6,000 cars for a year
    8. 8. 1,000,000 Litres of Bottled Water =100,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)that was produced in the manufacturing of the plastic bottles.
    9. 9. Do you keep your Bottled Water in your car?? You thought it was convenient, didn’t you ?? But did you know……..With automobile heat the plastic leaches out toxic chemicals(bisphenol –A, orthophthalates, polyethylene terephthalate )that lead to Cancers and Organ failure .
    10. 10. Wisdom of drinking Bottled Water !! You spend your Money...... You pollute the Environment .. You deplete Mother Earth.... You pollute the Groundwater... You invite Health Hazard.... Follow us on
    11. 11. The Bad news……..For Health:Damage due to toxic chemicals (bisphenol –A, Chlorineand orthophthalates) and also reduction of micronutrients.For Mother Earth:Continuous depletion of underground water assets, withoutsystematic, site-specific recharge schemes.For the Environment:Damage due to the Production, Transportation,Packaging and Disposal cost of the plastic bottles.
    12. 12. We are RESPONSIBLE for this directly or indirectly. Our legacy for future Generations….
    13. 13. Just Say NO to Bottled WaterSTOP Exploiting Mother Earth and CARRY WATER FROM HOMESAVE MOTHER EARTH
    14. 14. GREEN THANKS --From Green Yatra Follow us on