Effects of Environment on Health by Green Yatra


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Effects of Environment on Health by Green Yatra

  1. 1. Effects of environment on health<br /> ~Dr.BinalS.Master~<br />
  2. 2. What is Environmental health ?<br />Environmental health addresses all human-health-related aspects of both the natural environment as well as the built environment<br />
  3. 3. Environmental Health<br /><ul><li>Environmental health as used by the WHO Regional Office for Europe, includes both the direct pathological effects of chemicals, radiation and some biological agents
  4. 4. And the effects (often indirect) on health and wellbeing of the broad physical, psychological, social and cultural environment, which includes housing, urban development, land use and transport, encompasses all issues of public health that might be affected by any aspect of the built or natural environment.
  5. 5. It is targeted towards preventing disease and creating health-supporting environments. Environmental health addresses all human-health-related aspects of both the natural environment and the built environment</li></li></ul><li>What are environmental health-related issues that affect modern life in both the developed and the developing worlds?<br /><ul><li> Air quality, which includes pollution from industry, transport or tobacco;
  6. 6.  Body art safety - tattooing and piercing;
  7. 7.  Climate change and its effects on health;
  8. 8.  Drinking water safety;
  9. 9. Food safety, issues from cultivation to sale and subsequent storage;
  10. 10. Hazardous material management, including disposal of nuclear waste;
  11. 11. Liquid waste disposal, including water treatment plants and domestic waste; 
  12. 12. Medical waste management and disposal;
  13. 13.  Noise pollution control; 
  14. 14. Occupational health and industrial hygiene;
  15. 15. Prevention of lead poisoning, particularly among children;
  16. 16. Recreational water management, such as in swimming pools and spas;
  17. 17. Solid waste management, such as landfill and recycling;
  18. 18. Toxic chemical exposure in air, water or in the ground.</li></li></ul><li>Factors which affect human health<br />Human health is strongly affected by-<br />Social, <br />Political, <br />Economic, <br />Environmental and <br />Technological factors, including urbanization, scientific developments,<br />Individual behavior and individual vulnerability (e.g., genetic makeup, nutritional status, emotional well-being, age, gender and economic status).<br />
  19. 19. Global perspective of health…..<br />Tragedy illustrated on 12 thMarch 2011 when an unprecedented earthquake and tsunami,  explosion at a nuclear power facility , releasing dangerous radiation of unspecified proportions into the air, in Japan, Fukushima caused considerable environmental damage, loss of life and pollution, <br />including the release of potentially hazardous nuclear contaminants<br /> http://www.cocoponics.co/page/3<br />
  20. 20. Big Challenge!!!!<br />Global warming has a major influence on world pollution and has been described as a ticking active bomb. It might seem that there is no stopping its onslaught and although in some respects this might be partly true, it is certainly possible to slow the process down. <br />Time is fairly short, but if the nations of the world took a united stand to cut greenhouse emissions this would certainly be a major step in the right direction.<br />
  21. 21. Effect of heavy metals on human health<br />
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Effects of environment on children and younger population<br />Large number of children and adolescents suffer following common illnesses related to the respiratory diseases (upper respiratory tract infections, chronic bronchitis, asthma),<br />gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting)<br />and dermatologicaldiseases (fungal infections, allergic and unspecified dermatitis/ pruritus) <br />abpworld.wordpress.com<br />
  24. 24. Human Body and Effects of environment on it<br />
  25. 25. Common health problems related with Environment<br />• Skin Disorders – Fungal infection, allergic dermatitis, <br />pruritus and skin cancer<br />• Respiratory Abnormalities – bacterial upper respiratory tract infections (pharyngitis, laryngitis and rhinitis), chronic <br />bronchitis and asthma<br />• Abdominal and Intestinal Problems – bacterial enteritis, <br />Helminthiasis, Amoebiasis, liver cancer, kidney and renal failure <br />• Dental Disorders – dental carries and dental pain<br />• Ear Infections – otitis media and bacterial infections<br />• Skeletal Muscular Systems – back pain<br />•Central Nervous System – impairment of neurological <br />development, peripheral nerve damage and headaches<br />•Eye Infections – allergic conjunctivitis, bacterial eye <br />infections<br />•Blood Disorders – Iron deficiency Anemia<br />•Others – malaria, chicken pox, septic wounds and congenital abnormalities, auto immune diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancers<br />
  26. 26. Steps taken to solve environmental-health related issues<br />Making lifestyle choices and taking precautions at home and in the workplace to reduce potentially harmful exposures<br />BE THE ARCHITECT OF YOUR OWN BODY AND ENVIRONMENT<br />Do not smoke, or chew tobacco, and avoid secondhand smoke<br />Eat a diet rich in fruits or vegetables<br />Limit alcohol consumption<br />Be physically active<br />Protect your skin from the sun - apply sunscreen, and wear sun protective clothing, a hat, and sunglasses<br />Women: get regular mammograms starting at age 40 and Pap smears starting at age 21 or within three years of the first time you have sex - which ever happens first<br />Men: get regular physical exams and examine testes, as recommended by your doctor<br />
  27. 27. “Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good; try to use ordinary situations.”- Jean Paul Richter<br />THANK~YOU <br />
  28. 28. About Green Yatra<br /> Green Yatra is a registered non-profit trust and a non-government organization (NGO) dedicated to the protection and conservation of our Mother Earth and it’s environment. We strive to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem for the benefit of all living creatures by introducing and adopting simple green lifestyle, eco-friendly ideas in our daily lives. <br />Green Yatra was started and run by individuals who share a strong love and passion for protecting and respecting our only source of life—Mother Nature. We believe in ACTION by doing as much as we can to preserve our environment. Sitting idly, complaining, blaming the system, societies, or commenting on internet forums are THINGS WE DO NOT DO. We believe that by working logically, strategically, and practically with prevention and solution oriented approaches is the only way to reach our goal of nature conservation. The impact of Go Green Ganesha is a token of our dedication, effort, and hard work. We are working sincerely with devotion toward bringing out the VALUE of our nature, hoping for your complete support… <br />visit us @: www. greenyatra.org Contact us @: info@greenyatra.org<br /> Be with us in twitter: https://twitter.com/Greenyatra Join us face to face us in facebook: http://www.facebook.com/greenyatra<br />