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    3 16-11futureoftech-slim 3 16-11futureoftech-slim Presentation Transcript

    • What we want isn’t always what we need.
      Agreeing on what to get is even harder.
    • Things to Discuss Today
      • Introductions
      • New Technology: Online Community Storytelling
      • Elevating the Value of Douglas County
      • Using Technology to Bridge the Generation Gap
      • Incubation and Growth: A New Story
    • Thoughts to Start Discussion
      Cynics start with “That won’t work.”
      Leaders debate ideas without criticizing people:
      “How can we make this work?”
      Keep things positive to get a good result.
      No views you hear today belong to any organization, and are only the opinions of individuals.
      The purpose of today’s event is to stimulate dialogue.
      No one person knows the answer to life’s problems.
      Together we achieve more.
      We’re all in this together.
    • Thanks to the people and organizations who brought us here:
    • A grassroots member organization promoting independent farms and businesses in Douglas County.
      A project of UCDC.
    • KerninSteinhaeur
      Executive Director of
      Organizational Development
      Mark Bilton-SmithPresident, Rio Networks
    • Phoenix Charter School
    • Douglas County Library
    • Aaron’s story
      San Francisco
      Oakland, CA
      Wrangell, AK
      Douglas County
    • Find your community’s core story and give them voice to share.
      Exploring a new identity
      Sustainable, thriving & strong local economy
    • High Tech and Creative Industries Community Economic Development Focus
      Original concept and local focus: attract high tech and creative entrepreneurs to build diversity within the local economy and create jobs.
      Douglas County provides an excellent lifestyle well-suited to the lives of internet entrepreneurs, and will benefit from an influx of job creators.
      We need to effectively leverage and utilize the local businesses, natural resources and gifts of Douglas County.
      Community input is being collected to assess additional opportunities and uses for the UBC.
    • Why a Data Center?
      There is rapidly growing demand for rural based web and server hosting facilities. Metropolitan areas are overbuilt and a prime target for mass central disruption in the event of catastrophe.
      Current business demand massive, redundant, quality, wide area network and internet traffic distribution, this will establish Douglas County as the meeting place for accessing the internet superhighway.
      Will stimulate the success of the UBC by providing the infrastructure to attract the internet dependant sector, high tech individuals and enterprise business to our community.
    • First Floor-Data Center
    • Results – Deliverables, continued
      5,000 sq. ft. Data Center collocation facility
      Includes 200 6’ x 24” secure enclosed server racks
      Fire suppression system
      Redundant climate controlled atmosphere
      Redundant generators, power conditioning system battery backup
      High end security and surveillance system
      Network Operations Center
      24x7 centralized monitoring and control systems for network management and deployment
      24x7 high security environment with full surveillance
      Secure entry, loading, staging and programming area
    • Second Floor- Umpqua Business Center
    • Results - Deliverables
      12,500 sq. ft. business incubation center (Second floor)
      28 fully connected incubator offices
      Class A office spaces for executive suite anchor tenants
      Receptionist services and conferencing rooms
      Fully equipped copy/print common area for all tenants
      “Community Connect” access area for public internet
      Provides a 30 seat workstation training room
      Provides 5 public access computers with broadband
      Provides a 3 screen HD telepresence system
    • Why does technology matter for the future of Umpqua?
    • Our relationship with technology determines our future.
    • This is not your granddaddy's tractor.
    • Engagement in Douglas County
      The nexus of change and transformation.
      Coordinated programs
      Coordinated programs
      Current & future businesses
      Local schools & organizations
      Local purpose
      Critical Thinking
      Local purpose
      Education + Economics
      Thanks to Design H for inspiring this slide… more about them soon
    • We face new problems.
      Are we missing 4,000 people between ages 25-50?
      Have we fully prepared the younger generations to take the reigns of Douglas County?
      Our challenge is to work together to prepare youth to lead in an increasingly complex future.
    • Job Creation is Creative!
    • You know how much you can make selling fake energy drinks on Facebook?
    • New economy jobs
      Director of Chaos (Berkshire Hathaway)
      Director of Culture (Southwest Airlines)
      Vibe Manager (W Hotels)
      CEO of Love (America Online Dating)
      Director of Human Experience Strategy (Starcom Media)
    • We are leveraging new technology to build community alignment.
    • No Matter the Chicken, Incubation Nurtures and Supports.
    • How do we know which ideas to hatch?
    • Incubation Best Practices
      Strong Review and Governance Committee
      Strict Criteria and Graduation Requirements
      Facilitating Relationships and Connections
      Access and Preparation for Venture Capital
      Coaching, Training, and Leadership
      Enthusiastic Community Participation
      Networked to Local, Regional, National, and Global Resources and Best Practices
    • Some Leading Growth Industries
      Leadership and Management Consulting
      Low Cost Solutions to Global Poverty
    • Where do you want to go?
    • Our decisions matter.
    • What does growth and change mean for Douglas County?
    • What stories can we grow together?
      Share your story – aaron@cometoumpqua.com
    • We must reach across generations to learn from each other.
    • Work together to strengthen Douglas County.
    • Umpqua Business Center
      What do you want for your future?
      Tell me – email aaron@cometoumpqua.com