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It is very helpfull to increase life of cut flower up to 18 days

It is very helpfull to increase life of cut flower up to 18 days



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    Floral Floral Presentation Transcript

    • it works up there
      • it works down here
    • Eliminates ALL Airborne Biological Contaminants
      • Microorganisms
      • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
      • Antibiotic Resistant Organisms
      • Single Pass – 99.99987% Kill Rate
      AiroCide Is Scientific Superiority
    • How AiroCide Works
    • Our Solution - Performance Exclusive NASA technology eliminates rather than traps contaminants. No other product is licensed to use this technology.
    • AiroCide is Unique • Patented Nano Particle Solution • Permanent Bonding • Highly Reactive 410 nm (magnification is 50,000) Titania Film on Glass Surface Proven Technology TiO2 Catalytic Layer Glass Surface Permanent Bond
    • AiroCide Is Proven Titania Surface Electron Microscope University of Florida
    • AiroCide Is Proven Bacillus subtilis Endospore –(AiroCide off) Electron Microscope University of Florida
    • AiroCide Is Proven Bacillus subtilis Endospore being absorbed (AiroCide on) Electron Microscope University of Florida
    • AiroCide Is Proven Bacillus subtilis Fully Mineralized (Organisms Eliminated) Electron Microscope University of Florida
    • Proven Technology Why Our technology Is Better . . . And Patented
        • Our Nano-Particle Solution is patented and creates optimum reactivity of interactive surfaces.
        • Our technology creates a Permanent Bond which results in an indefinite functional catalyst life and will not delaminate
        • Our technology is proven to create the Highest Reactive Surface of any PCO technology in existence
        • NASA – 1995 to date
          • Space Shuttle Missions - STS-63 (Feb 1995) and others International
          • Space Stations, MIR Space Station
        • National Renewable Energy Laboratory – July 1998
        • Self Cleaning Catalyst: Mineralization of E. Coli to Water Vapor and CO2
        • State of Wisconsin Hygiene Laboratory – August 2002
          • Performance of AiroCide® in Controlling Bacterial Spores (Anthrax-like spores)
        • Food & Drug Administration (FDA) – November 2002
          • Verification of Technology and Class II Medical Device Listing
        • Texas Tech University – June 2003
          • AiroCide® Destroys Mycotoxins from Mold Spores
        • Texas A&M University – June 2004
          • Peer Reviewed and Published Paper on AiroCide® Performance in a
          • Hospital Operating Room
        • Air Quality Sciences, Inc. – 2005 to date
          • Independent Air Quality Testing Lab, conducting multiple efficacy tests on
          • AiroCide® and RevolutionAir prototypes
      AiroCide Scientific Proof
    • AiroCide ® Air Purification System First AiroCide Model New AiroCide Model
      • Quick change bulb mechanism
      • Enhanced Circuit Design
      • Advanced Indicator Function
      • ICS-25
      AiroCide Product Line ICS-100 ICS-50 18.3in x 20.6in x 4.6in 28.3in x 22.8in x 4.6in 41.9in x 23.4in x 4.6in Dimensions (length x width x depth)
    • Floral Applications
    • Floral Applications Profit From Space Technology Floral Grower Wholesaler Retailer
    • Floral Applications Profit From Space Technology “ AiroCide extends the vase life of our flowers dramatically. Airborne mold/fungi was reduced to zero in a study in our Ecuador propagation laboratory.” Peter Ullrich, Chairman Esmeralda Farms Grower
    • Wholesaler Floral Applications Profit From Space Technology “ We in the fresh cut floral industry have similar goals. We make sure the basics of our business are covered and we strive to buy and sell the highest quality products. And of course, we must always control shrink and prevent rejections/returns. The AiroCide system produces a valuable return on investment.” Stanley Fitts, CEO Reeves Floral Products, Inc
    • Retailer Floral Applications Profit From Space Technology “ AiroCide has made a big improve-ment in the quality of my flowers. I no longer have mold issues and my customers get flowers that stay fresher, longer. I recommend any floral professional looking for new ways to ensure top quality products try AiroCide.” Dave Euston, Branch Manager Pittsburgh Cut Flowers Co.–Erie, PA
    • Floral Opportunity Case Study Results Summaries* *Typical results drawn from a body of field studies, clinical studies and field trials. 148,500 95.5% 48 hrs. Floral Importer Pre-cooler - Miami, FL 6,356 99.9% 11 Days Flora Wholesale Cooler - Madrid Spain 212 100% 11 days Floral Retail Cooler – Jacksonville, FL 3,400 100% 5 weeks. Floral Propagation Laboratory - Quito, Ecuador Test Volume ft 3 Mold/Fungi or Bacteria Reduction Timeframe Location
    • AiroCide Eliminates
      • Botrytis.
      • Mold and Fungi
      • Germs and Bacteria
      • Ethylene and other VOC’s
      • Odour
    • Advantages
      • Keeps flowers fresh
      • Increases shelf life of flowers
      • Eliminates odour including that of mold & fungi
      • Reduces spoilage
      • Increases your profitability
      • Keeps customers happy.