Eco-Nomics: Re-Envisioning Financial Services For The 21st Century

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This presentation accompanies a talk, which I gave at SXSW ECO in October 2011. The talk can be found on Scribd: …

This presentation accompanies a talk, which I gave at SXSW ECO in October 2011. The talk can be found on Scribd:

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  • 1. ECO-nomicsre-envisioning financial services for the 21st Century Scott Edward Anderson The Green Skeptic @greenskeptic SXSW ECO October 2011
  • 2. why the green skeptic?
  • 3. “Sometimes life is diving in head first, sometimes heart first.”-Jack Ricchiuto, DesigningLife
  • 4. we forgot...
  • 5. eco means house
  • 6. really?
  • 7. create
  • 8. make something
  • 9. build what you love
  • 10. don’t compromise
  • 11. deliver value
  • 12. innovate
  • 13. what’s this got to dowith financial services?
  • 14. what if...
  • 15. transparency
  • 16. sustainable choices
  • 17. money + values
  • 18. profit + purpose
  • 19. financial socialenvironmental
  • 20. financial social environmental
  • 21. Meet Frank
  • 22. Frank is a banker...
  • 23. part of the solution
  • 24. Frank met Sandy
  • 25. a sustainable economyneeds a different model
  • 26. build a different kind of bank
  • 27. disrupt financial services
  • 28. banks & investors
  • 29. standards & metrics
  • 30. “Innovation ultimately begins on the inside.“ –Jennifer Sertl, Agility3R
  • 31. Scott Edward Anderson
  • 32. Credits• Letchworth Gorge photo by J. Stephen Conn, used by permission of photographer.•Disruption exploding slide courtesy Fred Wilson.•Ultimate Game Chair photo:•Sprawl:• Hummer H3 Lift Kit Snow Jump:•Reboot Universe photo by Ryan Laughlin (•John Lennon New York City photo by Bob Gruen, used by permission of the photographer.•Inspire-->Inspired cartoon by Hugh MacLeod, used by permission of the artist.•Frank Baldassarre, Frank and Sandy, and e3bank logo courtesy e3bank.•Bank logos:•iPhone 4 in Hand:•Photographs of Lego creations, gnome houses, pizzas, and bottlecap by the author.At the time of publication or presentation of this slide show, permissions requests have been granted or solicitedfor all of the images not owned by the author of this presentation, where rights holders could be identified.Permission does not imply endorsement of the ideas or opinions expressed in this presentation in whole or inpart.This slideshow is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 UnportedLicense. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter toCreative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.