NYSERDA Incentives


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File provided by Diana Pangestu of Solar1.org, mentioned during May 13, 2009, Building Owners Cash Flow seminar.

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NYSERDA Incentives

  1. 1. 5/14/2009 What is Solar One? NYSERDA Incentives for Buildings and Businesses New York City’s preeminent not-for-profit on May 13, 2009 sustainability Achieving our s stainabilit – Achie ing o r mission thro gh through A Presentation By: education, outreach, and action. Diana Pangestu, NYSERDA Energy $mart Communities Coordinator SOLAR ONE What is NYSERDA? What is the SBC? The System Benefits Charge Established by the Public Services Commission in 1996 to fund Energy efficiency, R&D, Affordability New York Energy $mart programs are available to all electricity customers of the following utilities: • Central Hudson Statewide Funded • Con Edison administrator Through the Headquartere Promote of System System • New York State Electric & Gas A public d in Albany Energy Benefits Benefits benefit With Local Awareness, Charge (SBC), Charge (SBC) • National Grid corporation Offices in New Efficiency, & also called the Fund From established by York City, • Rochester Gas and Electric Alternative New York Utility law in 1975. Buffalo and Resources Energy Customers West Valley. • Orange and Rockland $martSM Across New Program. York State 1
  2. 2. 5/14/2009 Current Funding and New York Energy $martSM Initiatives Programs to Cover Existing Facilities New Construction Program EEPS RGGI SBC (Energy (Regional Federal & (Systems PLANYC Utility Rate Efficiency Greenhouse State Tax Benefit 2030 Payer Cases Multifamily Performance Program Portfolio Gas Incentives Charge) Standard) Initiative) Energy $mart Loan Photovoltaic Incentives NYSERDA Program Structure Energy Audit Program For Small Facilities with under $75,000 in Annual Electricity Bills. Energy Audit • NYSERDA contracts with engineering firms to provide energy technical services. Recommendation Report • Cost f dit i $100-$400, C t of audit is $100 $400 which is reimbursable if owner installs recommended measures. Install Measures Receive Incentives 2
  3. 3. 5/14/2009 Flexible Technical Assistance Technical Assistance Energy Audit for Larger Commercial Energy Audit for Larger Commercial Facilities Facilities • NYSERDA contracts with • Use your own energy services engineering firms to provide technician. energy technical services • Services akin to those of Flexible • Services include Retro- Technical Assistance. Assistance commissioning, Long-term • NYSERDA cost-shares 50% of Energy Management, Capital energy study up to $500,000 Budget Strategies for ($1,000,000 for Con Ed territory) Upgrades for 5 years. • NYSERDA cost-shares 50% of energy study up to $500,000 ($1,000,000 for Con Ed territory) for 5 years. Existing Facilities Program Existing Facilities Program Equipment Rebates for Commercial Grants for Commercial Facilities Facilities Performance-Based Incentives Pre-Qualified Incentives • Larger and custom projects – • Projects receive pre-qualified projects must qualify for at least incentives for installing energy $10,000 in incentives. conservation measures, up to ,p $30,000. • Electric Incentives, Gas Incentives, Demand Response • Available for lighting, HVAC, Incentives, Combined Heat and Chillers, Motors, Refrigeration, Power Incentives Interval Meters, Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), • Total incentives may not exceed Commercial Kitchen Equipment 50% of project costs or $2 million and Washers per facility. 3
  4. 4. 5/14/2009 New York Energy $martSM New Construction Program Programs to Cover Various Incentives and Rebates for New Construction Commercial Commercial – Existing Facilities Facilities • Technical assistance to evaluate and design energy Commercial - New Construction efficiency options • Cash back for installation of Residential - Multifamily Buildings EB/NC cost-effective electric efficiency measures in new or renovated buildings Financing: Energy $mart Loan • Additional incentives for green buildings, solar technologies, Photovoltaic Incentives peak-load management and energy benchmarking. New Construction Program: New Construction Program: Three Approaches Eligible Project Types 1. Whole Building Design: Designed for projects where the applicant New Construction Project: New building, or a portion within a new elects to examine interactions between energy efficiency building improvements and their effect on overall energy needs throughout the entire building. Substantial Renovation Project: 2. Whole Building Design with Green Building Option: Promotes the design and construction of buildings, giving careful consideration • A change of use and reconstruction of an existing building or g g g to three main elements: healthy indoor environment, maximum space within; energy efficiency, and conservative, thoughtful use of natural resources. • Construction requiring that the building or space within be out of 3. Custom Approach: Through this approach, potential energy saving service for at least 30 consecutive days (if only part of the building or opportunities and associated incentives are calculated for a variety space is out of service for at least 30 days, approval must be of individual measures. obtained through NYSERDA to be eligible); or • Reconstruction of a vacant structure or space within a building. 4
  5. 5. 5/14/2009 New York Energy $martSM Multifamily Performance Program Programs to Cover • New program (May 2007) Commercial – Existing Facilities • Existing Buildings and New Construction • Market Rate and Affordable Commercial - New Construction • 20% ENERGY REDUCTION TARGET Residential - Multifamily Buildings EB/NC • Provide incentives for energy and energy-related improvements Financing: Energy $mart Loan Photovoltaic Incentives MFP Incentives MFP Process 1. Hire a Multifamily Performance Partner www.getenergysmart.org. 2. Complete a Program Application and Participation Agreement. Agreement 3. Benchmark your project. 4. Develop an Energy Reduction Plan. 5. Implement the Energy Reduction Plan. 6. Confirm achievement of the target. 5
  6. 6. 5/14/2009 New York Energy $martSM Photovoltaic Incentives Programs to Cover • Cash incentives to bring Commercial – Existing Facilities down the cost of PV systems 30%. • First come/first serve. Commercial - New Construction • Systems must be connected y to utility grid. Residential - Multifamily Buildings EB/NC • Available only to eligible installers; must be passed on Financing: Energy $mart Loan to customer • Website: Photovoltaic Incentives www.powernaturally.org PV Incentives- Residential PV Incentives- Commercial Standard Residential Systems: Standard Non‐Residential Systems: • Up to first 4 kW:  $3/watt, or $3,000/kW  • Up to first 40 kW:  $3/watt, or $3,000/kW • 5kW – 8 kW:  $2/watt, or $2,000/kW • 40kW – 80 kW:  $2/watt, or $2,000/kW Building Integrated Systems: Building Integrated Systems: Building Integrated Systems: Building Integrated Systems: • Up to 5kW:  $4.50/watt, or $4,500/kW  • Up to 25kW:  $4.50/watt, or $4,500/kW  • 6kW – 10 kW: $3.50/watt, or $3,500/kW • 26kW – 50 kW: $3.50/watt, or $3,500/kW ENERGY STAR Labeled Home:  School, Non‐Profit, Government:  • Up to 5kW:  $4.50/watt, or $4,500/kW  • Up to 25kW:  $5.00/watt, or $5,000/kW  • 6kW – 10 kW: $3.50/watt, or $3,500/kW 6
  7. 7. 5/14/2009 New York Energy $martSM Energy $mart Loan Fund Programs to Cover Only for Residential Projects. Loan Fund for Commercial Commercial – Existing Facilities Projects suspended. Provides low-interest loans Commercial - New Construction through participating lenders for energy efficient improvements . Residential - Multifamily Buildings EB/NC 4.0% buy-down on the interest rate of the loan with Financing: Energy $mart Loan a 3% floor. Download the “Loan Fund Photovoltaic Incentives Borrower Package” at www.getenergysmart.org. Contact Information NYSERDA www.getenergysmart.org www.nyserda.org www.powernaturally.org Diana Pangestu, Energy $mart Communities Coordinator – Manhattan and Staten Island Solar One Email: diana@solar1.org Ph. (212) 785-0734 7