Presented by       GreenPearl Events            Massey Knakal            Multifamily SummitNovember 16, 2011   McGraw-Hill...
New Year, New Ideas,                                                             New Year, New Ideas,                     ...
INSURENT GUARANTY                   INCREASES PROFITS...                AT NO COST TO THE OWNER!     1. Reduces vacancies ...
CORPO-WRIT MEDIA / 732.901.0617                                  With today’s energy prices, your boiler can’t afford     ...
E                                 PERTISE                                                  Real Estate is about more than ...
McGRAW-HILLConference Center                                                                                             A...
Thank You to Our Summit Sponsors                            Massey Knakal is the New York metropolitan areas premier full ...
TOWN Residential is a Manhattan-based real estate services firm specializing in luxury sales, new de-                     ...
Founded in 1991, Meridian Capital Group,                              Laundry rooms provide a valuable amenity to resident...
ONLINE GENIUS Social, Search, Mobile, Remarketing, Listing Syndication, Dynamic phone numbers,          Analytics, Website...
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15THButterfield 8 • 5 East 38th Street • New York, NY 100165:00 - 7:00 PMVIP Cocktail Reception (By Invi...
R E D U C E YO U R B U I L D I N G ’ S E N E R G Y U S E .                  YO      I M P R OV E YO U R B OT TO M L I N E ...
10:00 AMNetworking Break and Refreshments in Exhibit Hall10:30 AMConcurrent Sessions (Choose Track A, B or C)Track A - Mul...
O RE                                      REMAIN THE BEST                                              HE BES             ...
12:30 PMConcurrent LuncheonsNetworking LunchExhibit HallWorking Lunch: Cash Management Secrets for Building Owners and Man...
Over 600 investors, owners, developers, financiers,                    and other principals and deal makers helped make   ...
Kushner Real Estate Group                  Papaver Holdings, LLC                 Steven Winter Associates, Inc.L&P Real Es...
Thank You to Our Summit Speakers     Robert Akalski, Senior Vice President, Capital One                                   ...
Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit Program
Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit Program
Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit Program
Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit Program
Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit Program
Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit Program
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Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit Program


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The Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit was held on Wednesday, November 16, at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center in New York City. Over 700 participated in the day-long event that featured 14 sessions, over 60 speakers, 30 sponsors and exhibitors, who availed themselves of the valuable educational and networking opportunities that the conference presented.

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Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit Program

  1. 1. Presented by GreenPearl Events Massey Knakal Multifamily SummitNovember 16, 2011 McGraw-Hill Conference Center New York City
  2. 2. New Year, New Ideas, New Year, New Ideas, New Contacts… New Contacts… EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS IN 2011 EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS IN 2012 As GREENPEARL EVENTS continues totogrow and bring As GREENPEARL EVENTS continues grow and bring education and networking events to real estate professionals, education and networking events to real estate professionals,Dear colleagues and friends, we’d like to say thank you to all of our attendees, sponsors, we’d like to say thank you to all of our attendees, sponsors, and partners for making 2011 a year to remember. The combined and partners for making 2010 a year to remember. The com- bined successes have set the stage for moregrowth and more successes have set the stage for more growth and moreIt is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2nd Annual Massey opportunities in 2012. opportunities in 2011.Knakal Multifamily Summit. HERE ARE SOME OF THE PROGRAMS HERE ARE SOME OF THE PROGRAMSOver 600 have gathered to learn about and discuss the YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO: YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO:acquisition, disposition, financing and management of NYC CCIM REAL ESTATE FORECAST 2012 COMMERCIAL REAL THE BROOKLYNarea multifamily properties in today’s changing market. ESTATE SUMMIT: New York City Bar Association REAL ESTATE SUMMIT BEYOND DISTRESSThis summit will have a special emphasis on the political NEW YORK CITY New York City – January 26thenvironment, trends in rents and operations, as well as a MIDWEST June 16 Chicago – May 12discussion of cap rates, financing and interest rates. REAL ESTATE WEEKLYS NEW YORK WOMEN’S FORUM CMBS 2.0 - New York City – September 22We have assembled panels comprised of some of the McGraw Hill Conference Center REAL ESTATE ASSETfinest in the industry, and we are delighted to have Bruce New York City – February 15th SECURITIZATION IREM NYC ASSETBeal, Executive Vice President, Related Companies and MANAGEMENT FORUMRichard Mack, Chief Executive Officer, AREA Property IREM ASSET MANAGEMENT SYMPOSIUM SYMPOSIUM NEW YORK CITYPartners as our morning and afternoon keynote speakers. McGraw Hill Conference NEW YORK CITY Center October 27 MarchYork New 24 City – March 21stWorking under the Massey Knakal Territory System™, we MULTIFAMILY SUMMIT MASSEY KNAKAL MASSEY KNAKAL CRErecognize that the NYC multifamily market is one that is COMMERCIAL REAL CHICAGO ESTATE INVESTMENT SUMMITmultifaceted. I hope we can learn from each other to INVESTMENT SUMMITSeptember 15 NEW YORK CITY May 19 NEW YORK CITYemerge from the economic crisis with an even stronger New York City Bar Association November 16commercial real estate market. New York City – April 26th MORE INFORMATION ABOUT GREENPEARL EVENTS THE BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE SUMMITVery Truly Yours, Events are continuously added, so please check back to St. Francis College for updates and a full list of Brooklyn – June 14th programs. Early bird and group discounts are available. Visit for pricing and registration REGISTER EARLY deadlines. Register early and you can save up to $300 off the cost of a single event. rates, you can save up to With early bird and group $300 off the cost of a single event.Paul Massey SPONSORSHIP, CONTINUOUSLY ADDED EVENTS ARE SPEAKING AND EVENT INQUIRIES Please visit forChief Executive Officer, Founding Partner a full contact or Please list of programs, updates, and to register. (646) 862-6136 x2.Massey Knakal Realty Services SPONSORSHIP, SPEAKING AND EVENT INQUIRIESNYCs #1 Building Sales Firm Please contact or (646) 862-6136. Welcome to MASSEY KNAKEL MULTIFAMILY SUMMIT 2
  3. 3. INSURENT GUARANTY INCREASES PROFITS... AT NO COST TO THE OWNER! 1. Reduces vacancies 2. Closes leases that you wouldn’t have closed 3. Eliminates all rent loss 4. Drives additional creditworthy renters to your buildings 5. Closes leases faster 6. Removes all financial and credit risk on new tenants 7. Shortens lease-up period for new buildings 8. No change to your existing proceduresAccepted by over 1,100 buildings representing over 135,000 apartments, the Insurent LeaseGuaranty Program provides owners with a superior alternative for creditworthy renterswhen a co-signer/guarantor, additional security or prepaid rent is required of the renter.Whoever said there are no guarantees in life never called us.For more info, visit or call (646) 843-1712. The Institutional Guarantor of Residential Leases
  4. 4. CORPO-WRIT MEDIA / 732.901.0617 With today’s energy prices, your boiler can’t afford to be without the EnTech VR-500™ this heating season. And with EnTech’s no-risk Energy Savings Guarantee, there’s never been a better time to consider a VR-500 for every property in your portfolio. Discover why EnTech’s industry-leading technology has been voted #1 by leading property owners,boiler technicians, and major energy suppliers. Call today for a free on-site evaluation! ™ LIGHT YEARS AHEAD OF THE INDUSTRY 732.730.1595 | |
  5. 5. E PERTISE Real Estate is about more than steel and glass. It’s about a myriad of timely business decisions essential to maximizing the return on your properties. That’s why you need an accounting firm with real expertise. For over 85 years Friedman LLP has successfully guided our clients through the financial complexities of the ever-changing market, and helped them recognize and take advantage of every opportunity along the way. So when your real estate business needs expertise, build a relationship with Friedman. FRIEDMAN – THE NAME YOU SHOULD KNOW.®NEW YORK | NEW JERSEY | LONG ISLAND | BEIJINGFred Berk, CPA, PartnerReal Estate GroupTel: 212-842-7000fberk@friedmanllp.comSteven Barranca, CPA, PrincipalTel: © 2011 Friedman LLP. All rights reserved. An Independent Member Firm of DFK with Offices Worldwide
  6. 6. McGRAW-HILLConference Center AGENDA AT A GLANCE 7:30AM - Registration and Breakfast in Exhibit Hall 8:00AM - Opening Remarks & NYC Multifamily Market Update ‫ܖ‬ 8:30AM - Interview with Special Guest, Bruce Beal, Related Companies ‫ܖ‬ 9:00AM - Affordable Housing: The Low Income Housing Market ‫ܖ‬ 10:00AM - Networking Break and Refreshments in Exhibit Hall 10:30AM - CONCURRENT SESSION (choose one) Multifamily Financing: Cap Rates vs. Interest Rates ‫ܖ‬ Innovations in Management: Generating Cash-Flow ‫ܖ‬ ROOM ROOM 204 ROOM 205 ROOM ROOM 207 ROOM 208 209 Online Marketing to Renters ‫ܖ‬ 206 11:30AM - CONCURRENT SESSION (choose one) New Development Showdown: Rentals vs. Condos ‫ܖ‬ Albany and the City 2011: Rent-Stabilization and the Politics of Real Estate ‫ܖ‬FLOOR REGISTRATION AUDITORIUM Multifamily Energy Management: Optimizing Benchmarking Data ‫ܖ‬ 12:30PM - Networking Luncheon in Exhibit Hall PLAN 1:00PM - Working Luncheon: Cash Management Secrets for Building Owners and Managers ‫ܖ‬ ESCALATORS 1:30PM - CONCURRENT SESSION (choose one) EXHIBIT HALL Owners Roundtable ‫ܖ‬ Transaction Financing Strategies: 1031 Exchanges ‫ܖ‬ 2:45PM - Repositioning Multifamily Assets: Renovation, Redevelopment & Conversions ‫ܖ‬ 3:45PM - Keynote Interview with AREA Property’s Richard Mack ‫ܖ‬Second Floor 4:30PM - Networking Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Hall sponsorship & exhibit opportunitiesSponsorships and exhibits are excellent opportunities for your company to showcase its productsand services to high-level, targeted decision makers. It helps companies like yours achieve importantsales, marketing and branding objectives by setting aside a limited number of event sponsorships andexhibit spaces - all of which are tailored to assist your organization in creating a platform to maximizeits exposure at the event. UPCOMING 2012 GREENPEARL EVENTSCCIM REAL ESTATE FORECAST 2012 REAL ESTATE WEEKLYS WOMENS FORUM IREM ASSET MANAGEMENT SYMPOSIUMNEW YORK CITY BAR ASSOCIATION MCGRAW HILL CONFERENCE CENTER MCGRAW HILL CONFERENCE CENTER NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK CITY JANUARY 26TH FEBRUARY 15TH MARCH 21ST MASSEY KNAKAL COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT SUMMIT THE BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE SUMMIT NEW YORK CITY BAR ASSOCIATION ST. FRANCIS COLLEGE NEW YORK CITY BROOKLYN APRIL 26TH JUNE 14TH For more information on sponsoring or exhibiting, please contact Abel Devis at 646-862-9391 or Visit us on the web at
  7. 7. Thank You to Our Summit Sponsors Massey Knakal is the New York metropolitan areas premier full service sales company, specializing in the sale of investment and user properties. With over 100 employees, four offices and thorough coverage of the five boroughs of New York City, Westchester County, Long Island and New Jersey, Massey Knakal Re- alty Services dominates the New York metropolitan areas building sales marketplace. For over two decades, Massey Knakal has focused exclusively on the New York metropolitan area, building strong rela- tionships within the neighborhoods we represent and developing an extensive database of customers that includes all of the major investors, institutions, agencies and individuals that are active in real estate in the area. Our dedication to neighborhood knowledge and relationship building is a source of continuing pride and success for Massey Knakal, and through our Territory SystemT, our agents have partnered with sellers throughout the city to close over 2,000 transactions, with an aggregate value of approximately $10 billion since 2001. Massey Knakal handles many different property types, including commercial buildings, apartment buildings, townhouses, mixed use investment building, mixed use user buildings, live plus income buildings, indus- trial properties and development/conversion sites. Our agents are experienced in representing properties of all values, from $500,000 properties to portfolios exceeding $100 million. To learn more about the people behind Massey Knakal, meet our Ex- ecutive Team. To find the Agent thats right for you, browse our Neighborhood pages. Bargold Storage Systems custom builds and installs Consider Citibanks Financial Intermediaries Group. your Tenant Storage System at No Cost To You! Firms that manage other peoples money-- We market your Storage System to building residents such as title insurance companies, investment and give you 25% of the gross monthly rental money managers, commercial real estate companies--need bankers income. We handle all administration services including: tenant rental agree- with specialized industry knowledge. Our dedicated group of financial ments and monthly billing and collections. We maintain your storage system intermediary professionals use a consultative approach and their including general upkeep and repairs done at no expense to you, and always particular expertise to provide their clients with customer-centric provides professional and friendly customer service. Its a win-win situation. banking solutions. BRT Realty Trust is a publicly traded (NYSE: BRT) direct Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP, established in 1989, is a short-term commercial lender with over thirty five years of law firm concentrating on real estate issues, disputes and problem experience originating first mortgage loans nationwide. solving. Our areas of practice include, but are not limited to, Land- BRT is recognized as a national leader in creative short-term lord/Tenant Disputes, Leasing, Co-op and Condo Disputes, Com- financing solutions throughout the commercial real estate industry. mercial Disputes, Co-op and Condo Conversions, Real Estate We closed over $110MM in the first half of 2011. Our primary focus is Transactions/Financing, Mortgage Foreclosures, Land Use and Zoning, Admin- on loans that need immediate financing where borrowers have the istrative Proceedings, and Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights. Our clients include opportunity to acquire commercial real estate, repurchase debt from a many of New Yorks most prominent owners, developers, sponsors, manage- current lender, purchase third party performing or non-performing ment companies and lenders. We can be contacted at (212) 867-4466 or notes, and refinance current debt. through our website at As the Nations #1 multi-family lender, Chase strives to Capital One is a diversified bank that offers a provide our commercial clients the best financing broad array of financial products and services to solutions when purchasing or refinancing stabilized apartment buildings. consumer, small businesses and commercial •Term financing from $500,000 to $10 million clients. A Fortune 500 company, Capital One has one of the most widely •An array of fixed and adjustable rate loan programs recognized brands in America and is one of the nations top 10 largest banks •Competitive pricing and low fees based on deposits. Most recently, Capital One has organized a group to lend •Streamlined and standardized documentation to multifamily owners and investors, with a specific focus on the New York •Fast, efficient loan processing tri-state market. To reach Capital Ones multifamily lending group, contact •Excellent customer service provided by seasoned professionals Christie Keel at (631) 531-2114. Our Global Real Estate Group For more than 180 years, Con Edison has been sup- consists of 56 lawyers across plying the energy that powers New York. Con Edison— our network of offices, including 28 in New York. Dewey & LeBoeuf is one of a few Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency one of the nation’s largest investor-owned energy global firms to combine major real estate disciplines, including: construction and companies, with approximately $13 billion in annual revenue, and $36 billion development, complex real estate negotiation and transaction structuring, in assets—provides electric service in New York, and most of Westchester finance, tax and environmental. We have represented the owners of several County. Con Edison also owns and operates the world’s largest district steam hundred shopping centers, office buildings, apartment complexes, hotels, resorts, system, providing steam service in most of Manhattan. Con Edison is recreational, cultural, healthcare facilities, and industrial and manufacturing committed to supporting New York State’s competitive energy market. facilities throughout the United States and abroad. Our diversified real estate Through its PowerYourWay program, the company encourages customers experience enables the group to handle virtually any real estate-related matter, to learn about other electric and natural gas companies — known as energy including the completion of properties having financial difficulties during services companies (ESCOs) — and to compare the pricing options and construction, the unwinding of complex structured financing transactions services that they offer. and the restructuring of properties with multiple levels of debt. www.deweyleboeuf.com7 Thank You to Our Summit Sponsors and Partners
  8. 8. TOWN Residential is a Manhattan-based real estate services firm specializing in luxury sales, new de- velopment marketing and rentals. TOWNs business philosophy is based on an unwavering commit- ment to providing the most exceptional services and impactful resources to both our clients and ourrepresentatives. This includes a focus on providing preeminent marketing, training and the most advanced technology programsin the industry, as well as additional services which allow TOWN to operate as a fully-integrated real estate services For over thirteen years now, the EnTech corporation Friedman LLP has been serving the has stood at the forefront of the electronic boiler accounting, tax and business consulting control revolution. EnTech was founded by a team needs of public and private companiesof expert boiler technicians and veteran software developers, whose years since 1924. Our industry-focused practice features concentrated areas ofof experience and combined expertise in both fields have put them on the expertise and understanding of the economic environment. We have thecutting edge of computerized control technology development. Most of all, ability to be innovative in our approach, act quickly in our decision-making andour overriding commitment to our clients, well beyond the point of sale, has be flexible in our delivery of services. Our clients benefit from hands-on contactmade EnTech the #1 preferred choice among leading real estate holders with our partners, cutting-edge technical expertise and our understanding offrom across the entire spectrum. While insuring maximum efficiency the their industry and their business. Our clients have the advantage of workingVirtual Remote-500 increases tenant satisfaction by providing a uniform with a mid-size accounting firm that combines the staff and resources of ainterior temperature. Its precise digital technology provides accurate, large firm with a philosophy of personal responsibility for our clients. Pleaseup-to-the-minute readings and comprehensive historical data. also visit our practice and service areas to learn more about our Real estate lending has been Greystone Servicing Corporation, The Insurent Lease Guaranty Program was created to assist Inc.s ("GSC") core business for nearly two decades. From our landlords, condo/co-op owners, renters and brokers in closing roots as a workout specialist for distressed FHA loans, we have residential leases. Its role as the "institutional Mommy and continuously expanded our capabilities to become a full-service Daddy" allows thousands of leases to quickly and easily close multifamily housing and healthcare facility lender. We work with to the benefit of all parties that otherwise would not have closed without Insurent.both large and small clients, on transactions of all sizes and degrees of For owners, the benefits of Insurent include increasing cash flow and closing manycomplexity. Our national team of professionals-including the largest group of more leases quickly for no cost and with no risk. Some of the types of leases thatFHA loan underwriters in the country-has built strong, collaborative Insurent helps to close include foreigners with no U.S. credit, foreign and domesticrelationships with Fannie Mae and the United States Department of Housing students, retirees, self-employed people, wealthy people who are out of theand Urban Development (HUD), enabling us to move quickly to help clients workforce, and those with good credit but a little short on income.capture investment opportunities and avoid costly missteps and delays. Please email cschoenau@insurent or call 646-843-1713 to learn New York State Energy Research and Development Hudson Realty Capital LLC (Hudson) is a real estate Authority (NYSERDA) is a public benefit corporation. fund manager with more than $2 billion of assets NYSERDA’s aim is to help New York meet its energy currently under management. Since the formationgoals: reducing energy consumption, promoting the use of renewable energy of its initial two funds in 2003, the company has closed over $3 billion insources, and protecting the environment. NYSERDA administers the Multifamily transactions. Activities include originating, participating in, servicing,Performance Program (MPP) to help owners and developers make their build- restructuring and/or acquiring high-yield, special situation debt andings more energy efficient and more comfortable! Visit our table at the Massey mezzanine loans. In addition, the company invests directly in real estateKnakal Multifamily Summit to learn more about how you can save money and the acquisition of under-performing real estate assets and otherthrough retrofit and get the government to subsidize the work. real estate-related Margolin, Winer & Evens LLP is one of the The brokerage formed by the merger of largest accounting and business advisory The Developers Group and The Real Estate Group firms in the Northeast. Since 1946, MWE has in 2009 is rebranding itself with a new name - MNS, provided expert advice to a cross-section of which stands for marketing and sales. MNS will the real estate industry, including developers, open its second Manhattan office at 189 Eighth Avenue in Chelsea on June 1.owners and operators of commercial, industrial, retail and residential The expansion will bring the three-office brokerage to a sales force of overproperties, as well as financial institutions and individual investors. Our 125 agents focusing on new developments, resale and rentals. The companysexpertise covers a wide range of applications from rental and mixed-use third office is located on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.facilities to cooperatives, condominiums, community developments, hospitality, MNS currently represents over $1 billion in exclusive listings comprisingrecreational and special purpose facilities. MWEs leadership in providing over 1,000 apartment units in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The firmservices to the real estate industry is based on a conviction that we serve a is reporting remarkable sales activity at the citys two largest condominiumdual role as accountants and business and financial advisors. Our goal is communities - The Edge in Williamsburg and One Brooklyn Bridge Park into assist clients in structuring sound real estate transactions, as well as Brooklyn Heights. MNS is also instituting VOW, or Virtual Office Website,developing effective tax and finance strategies that address their overall which will enable customers and agents to search all of the industrysbusiness and financial objectives. listings provided directly by Thank You to Our Summit Summit Sponsors and Partners 8
  9. 9. Founded in 1991, Meridian Capital Group, Laundry rooms provide a valuable amenity to residents LLC is one of the nations largest commer- and steady revenue to property owners. SDi will install cial real estate finance and advisory firms. rooms with one washer and dryer or dozens of machines, Meridian has arranged more than $120 billion of commercial real estate debt, often at no cost to the property owner. Our Cyberserve system eliminates cash, including more than 27,500 transactions in 42 states. The firm is headquar- improving security and reducing labor costs. Our award-winning laundry rooms tered in New York with offices in New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, Florida and Cali- are in thousands of buildings throughout the Metro area. Family owned and fornia. Working with a broad array of capital providers, Meridian arranges operated since 1952, SDi boasts instant refunds, 24/7 service, and financing for transactions ranging from $500,000 to more than $500 million timely payments to property managers to help keep budgets on track. for multifamily, co-op, office, retail, hotel, mixed-use, industrial, healthcare, stu- That’s why 95 percent of our business comes from referrals, and over dent housing, self-storage and construction 90 percent of our customers renew their contracts. RealPage provides a platform of on-demand With experience that spans a vast software solutions that integrates and streamlines variety of deals and property types, the rental property management business functions. lawyers inNixon Peabodys Real Estate Our solutions enable owners and managers of single-family and a wide variety practice quickly comprehend client goals and work to meet them with speed, of multi-family rental property types, including conventional, affordable, creativity, and efficiency. The firm has more than 100 attorneys with deep privatized military, student and senior housing, to manage their marketing, experience in virtually all matters related to real estate acquisition, pricing, screening, leasing, accounting, purchasing and other property development, and financing, so there is never a shortage of the know-how operations. Our solutions enable property owners and managers needed to address issues, resolve them, and get the job done. We have full- to increase revenues and reduce operating costs through higher service capabilities, so can assist clients with every detail at every stage of a occupancy, improved pricing methodologies, new sources of revenue real estate transaction. Consider our practice a comprehensive resource for from ancillary services, improved collections and more integrated counsel on: Development, Acquisitions, Financing, Investment management and centralized business processes. For more information, and asset recovery, Permitting, Leasing, Dispositions and workouts. visit Reach rental tenants using multichannel marketing. Quality Conservation Services is an award-winning, Whether your target audience uses laptops or PDAs, nationwide energy services company with core reads blogs or Kindles, you must have the know how to competencies in weatherization, lighting and custom deliver the right message at the right time. The professionals at Online energy retrofits serving the residential, commercial and in- Marketing Groupknow the most effective ways to reach potential tenants at dustrial markets. As a residential and commercial energy efficiency contractor work or play. We transform your sales & marketing goals into online strategies both independently and authorized by major utility companies across the & tactics that work. Search Engine strategies, affiliate marketing, website country, QCS is the largest and most experienced provider of energy development and online advertising campaigns. These are just a few of the services to the multi-family residential market. A national leader in areas we can help you with. In a world where change is the only constant, you energy conservation programs, QCS energy management professionals need the guidance of professionals who understand how the online world with 25 years of experience have designed and implemented solutions affects the offline. Online Marketing Group provides a complete suite of services for demand-side management energy reduction programs to various to help clients make the most of online opportunities - wherever they are. business segments. In the tri-state area, QCS is employing its GreenSmart Energy Reduction Program® for property owners and managers of multi-unit buildings. The Rent Stabilization Association of N.Y.C., Inc. (RSA) is the largest real estate industry trade association in New York representing 25,000 property owners/agents responsible for On the leading edge since 1978, US En- approximately one million units of housing. RSAs members range from owners ergys mission has been to help property of one small building to large multi-family complexes, cooperatives & owners and managers conserve energy condominiums. Our broad representation has allowed the RSA to develop a and reduce costs. Now, every property owner knows the world of energy use powerful base for our lobbying programs and the resources to provide a wide has changed forever and the days of cheap energy are long gone. The watch- assortment of products and services to our members. Our members rely on words today are "operating efficiency" and "conservation". Certainly, there are the RSA to effectively manage their buildings and protect their property many energy conservation and money-saving products smart property owners rights in the most challenging rental environment in the country. and managers should consider, but Energy Management Systems (EMS), integrated controls, fuel measurement and delivery verification, and online monitoring are the essential "no-brainers." They go REM Residential is one of New York’s preeminent real estate to the heart of a propertys energy use - providing information, management companies, with a focus on managing rental control and provable cost-saving results. buildings for investors. At REM, we adhere to a set of core val- ues that form the cornerstone of our reputation: accountabil- ity, integrity and an “old school” work ethic that commits us to delivering on WeiserMazars LLP, an independent U.S. member firm every client obligation in a professional and timely fashion. Accountability is a of Mazars Group, meets the critical issues and term that is all too often overlooked by our competitors in the industry. We competitive challenges facing global organizations, firmly believe that we are accountable for the management of your asset. We owner managed businesses and high net worth accomplish this accountability through various means of communication. We individuals. We provide innovative accounting, auditing, tax and financial believe in providing our clients with comprehensive details, updates and status advisory services to a diverse range of clients in industries including: reports. We are passionate about the buildings we manage and we are confi- real estate, financial services, manufacturing & distribution, media & dent no company can match our attentiveness or the level of experience we communications, healthcare, and not-for-profit. Our organizational bring to every facet of managing your building. We are known for our long term structure and access to professionals throughout the world facilitate client relationships and our hands-on approach to building management. strong client relations and excellent service. www.weisermazars.com9 Thank You to Our Summit Sponsors and Partners
  10. 10. ONLINE GENIUS Social, Search, Mobile, Remarketing, Listing Syndication, Dynamic phone numbers, Analytics, Website Optimization. This is no time to go it alone. Online Marketing Group (OMG) offers unequalled insight & services for marketing real estate online. We are committed to helping ownership generate leads. Lots of them, every day. FREE LISTING SYNDICATION Stop by our table and sign up for 2 months of free listing syndication. We’ll put all your availabilities on over 30 WEBSITES FOR 2 MONTHS – FREE OF CHARGE. Visit our table in the exhibit hall. 212.532.0600 12 West 23rd Street New York, NY 10010
  11. 11. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15THButterfield 8 • 5 East 38th Street • New York, NY 100165:00 - 7:00 PMVIP Cocktail Reception (By Invitation Only)A reception for sponsors, speakers and special guests hosted by Massey Knakal Realty ServicesWEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16THMcGraw-Hill Conference Center • 1221 Avenue of Americas • New York, NY 100207:30 AMRegistration & Networking Breakfast in Exhibit Hall8:00 AM –Opening Remarks & NYC Multifamily Market Update ‫ܖ‬AuditoriumRobert Knakal, Chairman, MASSEY KNAKAL REALTY SERVICES8:30 AM –Interview with Special Guest, Bruce Beal, Related Companies ‫ܖ‬AuditoriumOne-on-one with:Bruce Beal, Executive Vice President, RELATED COMPANIESRobert Knakal, Chairman, MASSEY KNAKAL REALTY SERVICES9:00 AM –Affordable Housing: The Changing Fundamentals of the Low Income Housing Market ‫ܖ‬AuditoriumModerator: John Kelly, Partner, NIXON PEABODYSol Arker, Partner, THE ARKER COMPANIESSteven Barranca, Principal, FRIEDMAN LLPDavid Dishy, Executive Vice President – Acquisitions & Investment, L + M DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSShola Olatoye, Deputy Director – New York, ENTERPRISE COMMUNITY PARTNERSEugene Schneur, Co-Founder & Managing Director, OMNI NEW YORK LLCMathew Wambua, Commissioner, NYC DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING PRESERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT Attendance at this years Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit qualifies you for up to 7.5 hours of CE credits, facilitated by REEDC. License number and sign-in required.Visit their table in the exhibit hall for more details. Conference Agenda 12
  12. 12. R E D U C E YO U R B U I L D I N G ’ S E N E R G Y U S E . YO I M P R OV E YO U R B OT TO M L I N E . Result h R Results have shown an average lts show h wn averag ge annual recurring energy savings of $650* p annua al energy saving gs per unit Level 1 En gy Audits ner Energy Re eduction Needs An nalysis Water & S er Conservatio Measures Sew on Air Infiltra ation Reduction Me easures Energy Effi ficient Lighting Me easures Common A ea Lighting and C Ar Controls Rebates Energy Management System and Controls ms Benchmarking and Retrocom r mmissioning We have the SOLUTION. We have the SOLUTION. The weatherization measures of our GreenSmart Energy Reduction GreenSmar t Energy Reduction Program® save you money by reducing your building’s energy consumption - Program quickly and ef ficiently. Our quick payback period and immediate results help improve your bottom line. Before you invest in costly large scale projects, take the important first steps toward reducing your building’s energy use and costs. Take the FIRST STEP to reducing your building’s energy use. Take the FIRST STEP to reducing your building’s energy use.CONTACT US TODAY FOR YOURCOMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION! For more information, please visit us at: or call 877.782.5661. QCS is a Par rticipating Contractor in Con Edison’s Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program and a y*Results may vary based upon findings of the Energy Reduction Needs Analysis. Market Partn in Con Edison’s Commercial & Industrial Energ Efficiency Market Partner Program. ner gy
  13. 13. 10:00 AMNetworking Break and Refreshments in Exhibit Hall10:30 AMConcurrent Sessions (Choose Track A, B or C)Track A - Multifamily Financing: Track B - Innovations in Management: Cap Rates vs. Interest Rates ‫ܖ‬ Lessons from the Front Line of Cash-Flow Generation ‫ܖ‬Auditorium Room 209Moderator: Garrett Thelander, Managing Director, MASSEY KNAKAL REALTY SERVICES Moderator: Stephen Palmese, Director of Sales, MASSEY KNAKAL REALTY SERVICESRobert Akalski, Senior Vice President, CAPITAL ONE Robert Cohen, Managing Principal, R. A. COHEN & ASSOCIATESMelissa Farrell, Principal, PRUDENTIAL COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE Andrew Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer, STONEHENGE PARTNERSSpencer Garfield, Managing Director, HUDSON REALTY CAPITAL David Kuperberg, Founder & CEO, COOPER SQUARE REALTYJeff Gould, President and CEO, BRT REALTY TRUST Wayne Olson, Partner, MARGOLIN WINER & EVENS LLPHilary Provinse, Vice President – Multifamily Lending, FANNIE MAE David Unger, Chief Operating Officer, US ENERGYRon Wechsler, Managing Director, RAIT Matt Van Damm, Director of Operations, TOWN RESIDENTIALRichard Wolf, Senior Managing Director, GREYSTONETrack C - Online Marketing to Renters: How to Use Web, Mobile, and Social Media to Better Market Your Building ‫ܖ‬Room 205Presenters: Don Tallerman, President, ONLINE MARKETING GROUP • Ilana Schwartz, Vice President, ONLINE MARKETING GROUPCase Studies:Alex Kafenbaum, Associate Director of Development, M&R MANAGEMENTMichael Regan, Senior Leasing Director, VANTAGE PROPERTIESKirsten Risko, Marketing Manager, ROSE ASSOCIATESAbout this workshop: Come learn how you and your leasing team can better market and lease up your vacant units while minimizing costs and brokers fees.• Mobile Devices – How to be Smart “mobile”• Brand Monitoring & Management – What comes up when you type your name into Google?• Back from the dead. Print is making a comeback – how to use print to dovetail with your online efforts.• Can social media really bring deals? How to make social media work for you.11:30 AMConcurrent Sessions (Choose Track A, B or C)Track A - New Development Showdown: Track B - Albany and the City 2011: Rentals vs. Condos ‫ܖ‬ Rent-Stabilization and the Politics of Real Estate ‫ܖ‬Auditorium Room 209Moderator: James Nelson, Partner, MASSEY KNAKAL REALTY SERVICES Moderator: Ron Lagnado, Partner, WEISERMAZARSHarold Fetner, President & CEO, DURST FETNER RESIDENTIAL Sherwin Belkin, Partner, BELKIN BURDEN WENIG & GOLDMAN, LLPJames Hedden, Senior Managing Director, Development, ROSE ASSOCIATES David Hershey-Webb, Partner, HIMMELSTEIN, MCCONNELL,Kenneth Horn, Founder & Principal, ALCHEMY PROPERTIES GRIBBEN, DONOGHUE & JOSEPHJoe McMillan, Chief Executive Officer, DDG PARTNERS Robert Knakal, Chairman, MASSEY KNAKAL REALTY SERVICESReid Price, Managing Director – New Developments, TOWN RESIDENTIAL Daniel Margulies, Executive Director, ASSOCIATED BUILDERS AND OWNERS OF GREATER NEW YORK Joe Strasburg, President, RENT STABILIZATION ASSOCIATIONTrack C - Multifamily Energy Management: How to Use Benchmarking Data to Optimize Your Building’s Performance ‫ܖ‬Room 205Presenter: David Unger, Chief Operating Officer, US ENERGYAbout this workshop: Now that you have gathered your energy use data and have submitted it to EPAs Portfolio Manager in compliance with Local Law 84,how can you put this valuable information to use? This workshop will focus on how to interpret the results from benchmarking your buildings and how to usethis information to drive energy efficiency measures to improve performance and reduce cost. This session will focus on the following topics:• What is an EUI (Energy Use Index), and how does my EUI compare to other buildings?• How to evaluate the building based on tenancy and space use• Who bears the cost of energy use and how can it be controlled (Tenant vs. Owner)?• How to evaluate each area of use, and determine strategies for reducing consumption• Short and long term measures that can be taken - Low Hanging Fruit vs. Longer term investments Conference Agenda 14
  14. 14. O RE REMAIN THE BEST HE BES RECR RUIT THE BES HE BEST Massey Kn assey Knakal is seeking the most a THE BEST TRAINING Massey Knakals sophis als a sophisticated training programs and THE BEST WORK ENVIRONMENT erritory SystemTMOur Te NYC’S #1 BUIL DING SA L ES FIRM NOW HIRING www. w.massey
  15. 15. 12:30 PMConcurrent LuncheonsNetworking LunchExhibit HallWorking Lunch: Cash Management Secrets for Building Owners and ManagersRoom 205 (Presentation begins promptly at 1pm)Presenters: Bernadette Knight, Senior Vice President, CITIGROUP • Lyndie Fasold, Vice President, CITIGROUPAbout this workshop: Owner, operators, and managers who are responsible for their portfolio’s cash management should attend.• Real Estate Cash Management: Different account and payment types that meet the demands of the Real Estate industry• Collections and Receivables: How to speed up receivables and streamline your company’s collections process• Online Cash Management: How to maximize your bank’s Online Banking platform• Preventing Fraud: How to safeguard your company’s bank accounts from check and electronic fraud1:30 PMConcurrent Sessions (Choose Track A or B)Track A - Owners Roundtable ‫ܖ‬ Track B - Transaction Financing Strategies: 1031 Exchanges ‫ܖ‬Auditorium Room 205Moderator: Andrew Baroccas, CEO, MNS Presenter: David Gorenberg, Senior Vice President, CITIBANKAdam Leitman Bailey, Owner, ADAM LEITMAN BAILEY, P.C. About this workshop: Transaction attorneys and building ownersDaniel Benedict, President, BENEDICT REALTY considering a sale should attend this workshop.John Gilbert, Executive Vice President, RUDIN MANAGEMENT • Transactions: Property transactions and the rules of “incidental property”Larry Gluck, Founder and CEO, STELLAR MANAGEMENT • Benefits: How to maximize tax benefits, plus personal property implicationsRobert Nelson, President, NELSON MANAGEMENT GROUP • Restrictions: What not to do in a delayed exchangeRichard Parkoff, President, THE PARKOFF ORGANIZATION • Protect Yourself: Effects of Qualified Intermediary Fraud and Bankruptcy • Examples: Real-life case studies and creative exchange solutions2:45 PMRepositioning Multifamily Assets: Renovation, Redevelopment & Conversions ‫ܖ‬AuditoriumModerator: Stuart Saft, Chair of the Real Estate Department, DEWEY & LEBOEUFDevin Aronstam, Head of Acquisitions, VANTAGE PROPERTIESLarry Curtis, President, WINNDEVELOPMENTDouglas Eisenberg, Chief Operating Officer, URBAN AMERICANZiel Feldman, Managing Principal, HFZ CAPITAL GROUPArnold Goldstein, Chairman, SAMSON MANAGEMENTDavid Gorenberg, Senior Vice President, CITIBANK3:45 PMKeynote Interview with AREA Property’s Richard Mack ‫ܖ‬AuditoriumOne-on-one with:Richard Mack, Chief Executive Officer, AREA PROPERTY PARTNERSPaul Massey, CEO, MASSEY KNAKAL REALTY SERVICES4:30 PMNetworking Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Hall Photos, presentations, and audio recordings will be posted online after the event. Please visit And, meet past attendees of GreenPearl’s Real Estate Summits by following GreenPearl Events on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Conference Agenda 16
  16. 16. Over 600 investors, owners, developers, financiers, and other principals and deal makers helped make MASSEY KNAKAL MULTIFAMILY SUMMIT a success. Thank you for your support! 10439th Realty Citi Abstract Inc. Fisher Brothers 1st Global Equity Investors Citi Habitats Flatbush Federal Savings 23 Schermerhorn KG, LLC Citibank Focus Real Estate Group, LLC Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Citigroup Forrest Partners, LLC Adelphia, LLC Citi-Habitats Forsyth Street Advisors AEA City Skyline Realty, Inc. Fortress Investment Group AIG Global Real Estate ClickPay Services, Inc. Friedman, LLP AJ Clarke Real Estate Columbia University GACE Consulting Engineers AJA Properties, Ltd. Community Housing Improvement Program Gaveco Real Estate, Inc. Alchemy Properties Con Edison GCP Capital Group Amalgamated Bank Coney Realty Co. Georgia Malone Anbau Enterprises Cooper Square Realty Glenwood Management Corp. Corigin Goldman Sachs Arbor Realty Trust Cornicello, Tendler, Baumel-Cornicello Gramercy Capital Corp. AREA Property Partners Covington & Burling, LLP Great Point Properties ARM Real Estate Group, LLC CPEX Real Estate Great Rentals Asset Preservation, Inc. Creative Funding Group, LLC GreenPearl Events Associated Builders & David Staton Greenrock Organization, LLC Owners of Greater New York DDG Partners, LLC Greystone Servicing Corp. Bank of America Dearborn Capital Group Grubb & Ellis Bargold Storage Systems Deerwood Real Estate Capital GTIS Partners Baruch College (CUNY) Deutsche Bank Berkshire Mortgage Hamilton Properties Bedford Strategies & Solutions Dewey & LeBoeuf Hartz Mountain Industries, Inc. BELFOR Property Restoration Diversified Realty Advisors, LLC Heights Real Estate Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP Dixon Advisory Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen Belpointe Capital, LLC Douglas Elliman Property Management Herrick, Feinstein, LLP Benchmark Title Agency Douglaston Realty Management Corp HFZ Capital Group Benedict Realty Durst Fetner Residential Himmelstein, McConnell, Gribben, Berkadia DVO Real Estate Holdings, LLC Donoghue & Joseph Birchwood Properties, LLC Eagle Rock Advisors, LLC Houlihan Parnes Bloomberg News East End Capital Hudson Housing Capital Boston Realty Advisors Eastdil Secured Hudson Realty Capital Bozzuto Management Company Ecotekture Development & Design Inc. Hughes Hubbard & Reed, LLP Brenhines Properties, LLC Eldon Management Insurent Agency Corporation BRG Emanuel Enterprises Corp. Invesco Bright Power, Inc. EMG Iron Hound Management, LLC Brown Harris Stevens Entech Digital Controls Jasberg Group, LLC Brownstone Real Estate, LLC Enterprise Community Investment JB Real Estate Investment Group BRT Realty Trust Enterprise Community Partners JDF Realty, Inc. Builders Bank Exceed, LLC JGAM, LLC Cadence Capital Group, LLC Falco & Isak Realty Services JP Morgan - Asset Management Capital One Bank Fannie Mae JP Morgan Chase CBRE Fine Times JSPOL Investors Corp. Centerline Capital Group First American Title Insurance Company Julianna Realty Certilman Balin First Metropolitan Properties KASA Holdings, LLC CetraRuddy First National Bank of Long Island KeyBank Real Estate Capital Chase Bank First Point Realty Advisors, LLC Khana Equities17 Conference Attendees
  17. 17. Kushner Real Estate Group Papaver Holdings, LLC Steven Winter Associates, Inc.L&P Real Estate Group, Inc. Parkimmo Stillman ManagementL.A.M. Management Co., Inc. Phillips Development, Inc. Stonehenge PartnersL+M Development Partners, Inc. Pink Stone Capital Group, LLC Studley, Inc.Lafayette Portland Corp. Pomme Group Real Estate Corp. Stuyvesant Town -Landmark Partners Porthaven Capital, LLC Peter Cooper Village Tenants AssociationLarew, Doyle & Associates Prana Investments TAB Equities, LLCLee Stern & Co. Principal Real Estate Investors TD BankLeFrak Organization Prudential Commercial Mortgage TerraCRGLehigh Cromwell, LLC Prudential Douglass Elliman - The Arker CompaniesLeitner Group Inc. The Haber Team The Carlyle GroupLend Some Money Prudential Mortgage Capital Company The Dermot Company, Inc.Leslie A. Barnett, Architect Quality Conservation Services The Harmony GroupLexin Capital, LLC Quinlan Development Group, LLC The Houston Real Estate GroupLu Ning Architecture, PLLC Quontic Bank The John Buck CompanyM&R Management Company R. A. Cohen & Associates The Manhattan Realty (TMR)M&T Bank RAIT The Marketing DirectorsM. Ravikoff Associates, Inc. Rapid Realty NYC, Inc. The Mgmt GroupMadison Equities RealPage, Inc. The Parkoff OrganizationMadison National Bank Rebel Rebel Capital The Rainmaker GroupManhattan Skyline Management Corp. Recap Real Estate Advisors The Real DealMargolin, Winer & Evens, LLP Reigns Capital The Witkoff GroupMassey Knakal Realty Services Related Companies Thomas S. Fleishell & Associates, P.C.Medley Realty, LLC REM Resiential TIAA-CREFMeister Seelig & Fein, LLP Rennie-Walker Holdings Tishman SpeyerMeridian Capital Group, LLC Rent Stabilization Association TMGMeridian Properties, LLC TOWN Residential, LLCMetLife RentGrow TransAtlantic Capital AdvisorsMetrobuild, LLC REOL Services Trellis PropertiesMetropolitan Funding Corp. Reznick Group Tuck Capital AssociatesMichael & Appell Associates, Inc. RG Consulting Services, LLC Turett Collaborative ArchitectsMitsui Fudosan America Riverside Abstract Universal Enterprise, LLCMJS Investments RML Urban AmericanMNS Roanoke Realty Partners US Energy GroupMorgan Properties Rose Associates, Inc. USA Mortgage / Hecht GroupMoss Adams Capital Roux Associates, Inc. Vantage PropertiesNCL Capital Advisors Royal Abstract Wachtel Management Corp.Nelson Management Group Rudin Management Waksard Capital, LLCNemec Financial SafeRent Walker & DunlopNew York State Energy Research & Samson Management Waterton Associates Development Authority (NYSERDA) Sandra Ospina WeiserMazars, LLPNewmark Knight Frank Service Directions, Inc Wheelhouse PropertyNidoj Realty Corp. Shearman & Sterling, LLP White Birch Builders, Inc.NIKKEI Sholom & Zuckerbrot Realty Corp. Winick Realty GroupNixon Peabody, LLP Signature Bank WinnDevelopmentNOI Strategies Simone Song Properties Winthrop ManagementNorthEnd Equities, LLC Simpson Housing, LLP Wiss & Company, LLPNorthMarq Capital Skyline TRG Title Agency WoodsBagotNYC Department of Housing Preservation & Sothebys International Realty Yarra Development, LLC Development Sovereign Associates YMCA of Greater New YorkNYRE Ventures, LLC SR Properties Youngwood & AssociatesOmni New York, LLC State Bank of Long Island As of November 4thOnline Marketing Group Stellar Sterling American Property, Inc. Conference Attendees 18
  18. 18. Thank You to Our Summit Speakers Robert Akalski, Senior Vice President, Capital One Lyndie Fasold, Vice President, Citigroup Robert Akalski is the Senior Vice President and Relationship Manager of Capital Ones Multifamily Lending Lyndie Fasold is a Treasury Consultant and Vice President at Citi. Lyndie has been working at Citi since business in New York. Capital One is one of New Yorks leading multifamily lenders with a portfolio of ap- 2005 when she joined the organization as a Management Associate. Currently, Lyndie works with Middle proximately $5.3fB and multifamily originations of over $1.4B in 2011. Capital One is very high on the New Market and Financial Intermediary clients in the New York and Connecticut marketplaces to provide them York multifamily business and expects to grow its portfolio significantly over the next several years. Mr. with innovative Cash Management Solutions. Akalski has over twenty five years of experience in all aspects of real estate finance, including the sourcing, underwriting, structuring and negotiating of all types of transactions. Ziel Feldman, Managing Principal, HFZ Capital Group Mr. Feldman began his career as a real estate attorney in 1984 and ascended quickly to the role of part- Sol Arker, Partner, The Arker Companies ner. Concurrent with his legal work, Mr. Feldman began investing in several multi-family properties located Sol Arker is the Chief Executive Officer of The Arker Companies. He is responsible for providing direction to in New York City. In 2005, Feldman created a new entity, HFZ Capital Group, with a broader mandate to all parts of the company including its development, contracting and management divisions. Mr. Arker holds capitalize on development and investment opportunities in the U.S. and around the globe. In 2007, Mr. a B.S. degree in Economics from the University of Hartford and a J.D. degree from St. Johns University. The Feldman purchased a majority stake in Polar Investments Ltd., a public real estate company traded on the Arker Companies is a fully integrated development, construction, and property management company with Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), and assumed the position of Chairman. more than 100 employees, based in Floral Park, NY. Harold Fetner, President and CEO, Durst Fetner Residential Devin Aronstam, Director - Head of Acquisitions, Vantage Properties Harold Fetner became President and CEO of Sidney Fetner Associates in 1988, and he was named Presi- Devin is the Head of Acquisitions for Vantage Properties and its affiliate, Candlebrook Properties. Since dent and CEO of Durst Fetner Residential at its inception in 2007. Under Mr. Fetners direction, SFAs port- joining Vantage in 2009, Devin has led Vantages geographic expansion out of New York City and into the folio has grown exponentially, all through ground up development, allowing the company to earn its surrounding suburban markets, having acquired approximately 2,500 units in New Jersey to date. Prior to reputation as a premiere residential development and management company. He has established the core Joining Vantage, Devin was a Principal with Lubert-Adler Partners, a leading real estate private equity firm. values for Durst Fetner Residential, which include: high service standards, commitment to sustainable de- Devin received his B.A from the University of Michigan and his M.B.A. from The Wharton School at the Uni- velopment and attention to detail. versity of Pennsylvania. Spencer Garfield, Managing Director, Hudson Realty Capital Adam Leitman Bailey, Owner, Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Mr. Garfield joined Hudson at its formation in March 2003 as a Managing Director in charge of new loan Adam Leitman Bailey, Esq. practices residential and commercial real estate law. Among New Yorks most originations, business development and business relations. Mr. Garfield has been instrumental in the com- successful and prominent real estate attorneys, Mr. Bailey has been identified among the top five percent pany achieving dominance in the middle-market, opportunistic real estate investment arena. Led by of attorneys in the New York area, and named a Super Lawyer by Law & Politics magazine. During the past Garfields originations, HRC has closed more than $2 billion in debt and equity transactions since the for- three years, the internationally esteemed Chambers & Partners repeatedly selected Mr. Bailey as one of mation of its initial two funds. Before joining HRC, Mr. Garfield spent 12 years in the real estate industry New Yorks Leading Real Estate lawyers, hailing Mr. Bailey as a "tenacious and confident litigator who is with an emphasis on real estate investment and finance. quick-witted in court and respected by the judges." John Gilbert, Executive Vice President, Rudin Management Steven Barranca, Tax Principal, Friedman LLP John Gilbert is EVP and COO for the Rudin organization. This prominent, family-owned developer, possesses Steven Barranca is a tax principal with Friedman LLP. He has over 25 years of experience in public account- 10 million feet of commercial space and 18 apartment buildings. Mr. Gilbert has chaired or co-chaired sev- ing and specializes in the taxation of partnerships and partners in real estate. Steve has extensive experi- eral task forces on rebuilding telecom infrastructure and security, and serves on Mayor Bloombergs task ence with real estate developers, investors, operators, syndicated real estate deals, tiered-entity-structures, forces on energy policy and improving the Citys emergency response and security, and was appointed to low-income housing projects, historic tax credits, REIT compliance, UPREIT structures, tax-exempt investors, the Mayors new Broadband Advisory Committee. Mr. Gilbert also is a Trustee for the New York Hall of Sci- and section 1031 like-kind exchanges. ence. Andrew Barrocas, CEO, MNS Laurence Gluck, Founder and CEO, Stellar Management Andrew Barrocas is the Chief Executive Officer of The Real Estate Group. He is jointly responsible for the In March, Laurence Gluck picked up a stalled condominium project in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at a steep day-to-day operations, strategic planning and the overall vision of the company. Mr. Barrocas began his real discount. He plans to relaunch it as a rental. In the past year, the head of Stellar Management has also estate career at one of Manhattans largest brokerage firms, where he soon earned the title of Managing snapped up a hotel and a residential tower in Manhattan, and signed on a deep-pocketed investor for his Director at the age of 23. Over the course of the next four years, he received numerous awards for his cash-squeezed, 26-story office tower downtown. achievements in real estate, including the prestigious Crains NY "Top Broker Under 30?. Arnold Goldstein, Chairman, Samson Management Bruce Beal, Executive Vice President, Related Companies Arnold Goldstein graduated from New York Universitys School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, and is Bruce A. Beal, Jr., is an Executive Vice President of Related Companies. Mr. Beal joined Related in 1995 co-founder of Samson Management, one of New York Citys largest owner management firm. Mr. Goldstein and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day development process for projects throughout the country, is Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Rent Stabilization Association of including acquisition, finance and construction activities. In addition, Mr. Beal oversees Relateds existing New York, member of the Attorney Generals Cooperatives and Condominiums Advisory Task Force and portfolio of residential properties as well as the new acquisitions and development for the Related Afford- served as a Director of the NYS Managed Long Term Care Advisory Board. able division. David Gorenberg, Senior Vice President, Citibank Sherwin Belkin, Partner, Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP David is the Senior Vice President of Citibank, N.A., and serves as the National Director of 1031 Exchange Mr. Belkin has represented owners in numerous proceedings and hearings before the New York Concilia- Services, a national Qualified Intermediary in Section 1031 tax-deferred property exchanges. In that capac- tion and Appeals Board, Office of Rent Control, New York State Division of Housing and Community Re- ity, he speaks frequently on Section 1031 tax-deferred property exchanges, recently issued regulations re- newal, Attorney Generals Real Estate Financing and Consumer Frauds Bureaus, U.S. Department of garding exchanges, and updates to the Tax Code concerning Section 1031, and related issues. He has also Housing and Urban Development and New York City Commission on Human Rights. He has successfully developed other specialized presentations to meet the needs of specific groups, including attorneys, ac- challenged many of these administrative agencies in State Supreme Court and has argued appeals before countants, estate planners, real estate professionals, and investor groups. all levels of State appellate courts. Jeffrey Gould, President and CEO, BRT Realty Trust Daniel Benedict, President, Benedict Realty Jeff is President and Chief Executive Officer of BRT Realty Trust (NYSE: BRT), a Great Neck, New York based Mr. Benedict founded Benedict Realty Group, LLC in 1995. After working with a Belgium-based metals and public mortgage REIT and a member of the Board of Trustees. BRT originates short-term bridge loans for commodities trading firm, Mr. Benedict saw the opportunities available in real estate in the early 1990s acquisition and to assist borrowers in the buyback of their debt or third-party debt opportunities primarily and switched his focus toward acquiring NY multifamily real estate. Mr. Benedicts first real estate purchase on income producing properties nationwide. Jeff has an outstanding record of accomplishments in com- occurred in 1994 when he bought a $1 million note secured by 60 units in the Bronx, New York. The prop- mercial real estate lending and real estate ownership. Under his stewardship, BRT has dramatically ad- erty had 30 vacancies with significant capex issues. Mr. Benedict foreclosed on the equity, filled the units vanced its reach, equity and assets to become one of the foremost short-term lenders on the national and has recouped the investment many times over. unconventional lender landscape, providing impeccable service, speed, and reliability of closing. Robert Cohen, Managing Principal, R. A. Cohen & Associates James Hedden, Senior Managing Director, Development, Rose Associates Besides his expertise at assembling a diversified staff of professionals, Robert A. Cohen, president and As Senior Managing Director of Development for Rose Associates, Inc., James L. Hedden sources develop- founder, has an extensive background in real estate law and management. Prior to forming R. A. Cohen & ment and acquisition opportunities and provides financial analysis and investment viability. Prior to joining Associates, Inc., he was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Imperial Properties, Inc., Rose Associates, Jim was NYC Regional Executive for Bank of Americas Commercial Real Estate Banking New York, after a long and successful career as Vice President and General Counsel of M. J. Raynes Incor- Group. Jim has more than 25 years in various positions in the real estate industry hroughout the Northeast. porated, during its period of dominance in co-op conversions in the 1980s. He served as senior vice president at Fleet Bank in charge of commercial real estate lending, managing of- fices in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Lawrence Curtis, President, WinnDevelopment As Managing Partner and President for WinnDevelopment, Larry leads a full range of real estate develop- David Hershey-Webb, Partner, Himmelstein, McConnell, Gribben, Donoghue & Joseph ment and acquisition activities for WinnCompanies, a Boston-based firm with over 80,000 residential units David is a partner at Himmelstein, McConnell, Gribben, Donoghue & Joseph and has been with the firm under management in 23 states across the country. While maintaining a wide range of real estate inter- since 2001. David specializes in DHCR related litigation and has won significant decisions in favor of rent- ests, Larrys primary focus has been on the creation of affordable housing and historic rehabilitation. stabilized tenants including Columbus 95 v. DHCR (Supreme Court decision holding that former Mitchell- Lamas are not entitled to "unique or peculiar" rent increases). David has published in the New York Law David Dishy, Executive Vice President for Acquisition & Investment, L + M Development Partners Journal (In the Wake of the Roberts Decision, What Next? 12/1/09). David Dishy is responsible for new acquisitions and investments for L+M. In this capacity, David manages the New York Affordable Housing (NYAH) Preservation Fund, an investment platform with Citi Community Andrew Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer, Stonehenge Partners Capital as well as components of L+Ms joint venture with Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group Andrew Hoffman joined Stonehenge Partners in 2008 as Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for all (GSLM). Prior to joining L+M, David served as Senior Vice President for residential with Forest City Ratner aspects of the companys operations including leasing, property management, compliance and related op- Companies and then as a Managing Director for residential development and acquisition with Tishman erational matters. Mr. Hoffman has over 25 years in New York City real estate management, including 16 Speyer in New York. years as the President of Clarendon Management Corp., the owner-operated management company man- aging more than 2,500 residential rental units, including the 1,000-unit London Terrace Gardens. The port- Douglas Eisenberg, Chief Operating Officer, Urban American folio Mr. Hoffman oversaw was valued at over $800 million. Urban American-founded in 1997-got its start in New York and New Jersey, building a portfolio of more than 12,000 units. Douglas Eisenberg is Chief Operating Officer of the company he started with his father, and Kenneth Horn, Principal, Alchemy Properties has developed a formula of buying, renovating, and managing workforce apartment properties often over- Kenneth S. Horn, Esq. founded Alchemy Properties Inc. in 1990. Mr. Horn has been actively involved in de- looked by institutional investors. velopment and other aspects of real estate in the metro area for 25 years. Since 1990, Mr. Horn has been directly responsible for the acquisition, renovation, development, financing, marketing and conversion of Melissa Farrell, Principal, Prudential Commercial Mortgage over 3,000 apartments in the New York City region. Alchemy has developed over Twenty (20) residential Melissa is a Managing Director with Prudential Mortgage Capital Company. In this role, she oversees the and retail buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens either as ground-up structures or rehabilitations. firms Manhattan office and is responsible for the origination of a broad range of commercial mortgage products throughout the Northeast region. She is located in New York City.19 Thank You to Our Summit Speakers