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Energy Benchmarking - David Unger
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Energy Benchmarking - David Unger


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Energy Benchmarking Presentation - David Unger, presented at the Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit on November 16, 2011 in New York City.

Energy Benchmarking Presentation - David Unger, presented at the Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit on November 16, 2011 in New York City.

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Using Benchmarking Data to Improve Performance Multi-family Summit November 16th, 2011
  • 2. Agenda1. Energy Use in NYC2. Energy Use Index3. Space Use – Multifamily vs. Commercial4. Who pays the bills?5. Types of energy use6. Short and long term strategies info@use-group.com1 (877) 404-7438
  • 3. Energy Use in NYC info@use-group.com2 (877) 404-7438
  • 4. Energy Use in NYC Heat & Hot Water costs account for over 50% of Energy use in NYC info@use-group.com3 (877) 404-7438
  • 5. Energy Use Index EUI = Index that represent Energy use of the site Sum total of BTUs used by the building / Square Footage of the Building kBTU/sqft/yr = 1000 BTU (British Thermal Units) per square foot per year Site vs. Source Energy Weather normalized vs. non-weather normalized EUI Multi-family buildings currently do not receive an Energy Star Rating info@use-group.com4 (877) 404-7438
  • 6. Source vs. Site Energy info@use-group.com5 (877) 404-7438
  • 7. Multifamily EUI Averages info@use-group.com6 (877) 404-7438
  • 8. Statement of Energy Performance info@use-group.com7 (877) 404-7438
  • 9. Who covers costType of Use Who Pays DescriptionCommon Area Electric Owner Separate meter paid by ownerTenant Electric Tenant / Owner Normally sub-metered or direct metered by Con Ed. Still many master metered Multi-Family buildings in NYCWater Owner Typically covered by owner.Heating Owner Normally covered by owner in all centrally heated buildingsCooling Tenant / Owner Normally handled by window units in smaller buildings. Larger buildings may have chiller plants. info@use-group.com8 (877) 404-7438
  • 10. Controlling Energy Costs in Buildings Older Buildings make up a majority of the building stock in NYC Owner typically pays heat and hot water costs Tenant typically pays electricity costs Overheating is a pervasive issue in NYC Fuel costs make up the second or third largest operating expense for Owners/Managers next to Real Estate taxes info@use-group.com9 (877) 404-7438
  • 11. Energy Use Cost Breakdown Average cost for Electricity and Fuel is $1.44 per square foot info@use-group.com10 (877) 404-7438
  • 12. Energy UsageType of Energy Usage Description CalculationNon-Seasonal Electric Use All Electric use less Electric use less cooling increase during cooling seasonCooling Electric Use Electric use for Electric use less non- cooling seasonal electric useDomestic Hot Water Production Fuel use for hot Fuel use less increase water during heating seasonHeating Fuel use for heat Fuel use less domestic hot water use. info@use-group.com11 (877) 404-7438
  • 13. Baseload DHW vs. Heating Use info@use-group.com12 (877) 404-7438
  • 14. Performance Scorecard info@use-group.com13 (877) 404-7438
  • 15. Energy Efficiency Measures - Heating Enhance Boiler operations to increase efficiency and reduce wear  Implement a regular maintenance routine  Maintain proper setting on burner/boiler controls  Maintain proper combustion efficiency Insulate piping Balance Heating Distribution System Seal Building Envelope Identify & Repair Return Line and Steam leaks info@use-group.com14 (877) 404-7438
  • 16. Overheating Example info@use-group.com15 (877) 404-7438
  • 17. Distribution Example info@use-group.com16 (877) 404-7438
  • 18. Distribution Example info@use-group.com17 (877) 404-7438
  • 19. Water Loss Example info@use-group.com18 (877) 404-7438
  • 20. High Stack Temperature Example info@use-group.com19 (877) 404-7438
  • 21. Energy Efficiency Measures - DHW Maintain proper DHW temperatures – NYC Law states 120°F to the tap Check / Maintain Mixing Valve Add DHW Recirculation pump controls Insulate DHW Piping Install low flow showerheads and faucets info@use-group.com20 (877) 404-7438
  • 22. Energy Efficiency Measures - Electric Replace common area lighting with CFL or LED bulbs Replace appliances with ENERGY STAR models at Apartment turnover Increase overall occupant awareness on Energy Savings info@use-group.com21 (877) 404-7438