Where to start with social media presentation


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A simple presentation to help small business get started with social media. Tips, advice and more. Presented for a local organization.

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Where to start with social media presentation

  1. 1. Technology & Social Media Where do I start? Sommer Poquette SLPconnections.com
  2. 2. Marketing Now
  3. 3. WHY?  1 Billion people online  Spend 3 hours each day  500 minutes a month  900m + people on Facebook  200m + people on Twitter  40m + people on Google(+)  10.4m + people on Pinterest  800 + million people on YouTubePinterest stats: http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/17_Pinterest_stats_to_show_your_boss_or_client_10905.aspxYouTube stats: http://www.youtube.com/t/press_statistics/Other stats: Hearsay Social
  4. 4. Have A PlanWhen creating your social strategy: 1. Who is your audience 2. Very clear goal 3. Action plan 4. Tools, tactics, techniques
  5. 5. Twitter is Free But…
  6. 6. Facebook Fan Page is Free but…
  7. 7. Facebook Tips and Tools
  8. 8. A Profile of Pinterest Pinterest is a unique, photo-based socialnetwork that has over 11 million users. Userscreate folders of photos called “Pin Boards.” Users can then roam the internet and use Pinterest’s easy to use interface to “pin” different images to their pin board.
  9. 9. Top 10 Tips Ways to Stay Focused on Social Media
  10. 10. #1 Separate Business & PersonalKeeping thingsseparate ensuresyou’re focused onbusiness when youshould be.
  11. 11. #2 Avoid Multitasking When you’re working on social media…only work on social media.
  12. 12. #3 Have a Daily PlanHave a daily plan and schedule your social media tasks.
  13. 13. #4 Do Your Work FirstFinish other importantbusiness tasks before goingto social media. You’ll bemore productive.
  14. 14. #5 Avoid ChatsTurn of chats in yoursocial media accounts.Schedule time fordiscussions instead.
  15. 15. #6 Recognize Unproductive Activity Whether it seems relevant to your topic or not, always ask your if you are staying on task.
  16. 16. #7 Get HelpHaving someone onyour social mediateam will help youstay focused andgives you more timeto work on otherbusiness activities.
  17. 17. #8 Study and Apply: One At a Time You don’t need to learn how to do everything at once. Take it one step at a time.
  18. 18. #9 Time Saving ToolsUse social media integration tools like Hootsuite or TweetDeck to streamline your process.
  19. 19. #10 Be Metric DrivenSet goals andmeasure progressso you know you’reon track.
  20. 20. Have A PlanWhen creating your social strategy: 1. Who is your audience 2. Very clear goal 3. Action plan 4. Tools, tactics, techniques
  21. 21. ROI
  22. 22. Helpful Links and Resources
  23. 23. ConnectSommer Poquettesommerpoquette@gmail.comhttp://twitter.com/greenmomhttp://facebook.com/greenandcleanmom.orghttp://facebook.com/mittenmomshttp://slpconnections.comhttp://greenandcleanmom.orghttp://mittenmoms.com•Hourly Consultation Available•Website, blog and SEO Evaluation•Blog Design•Social Media Strategies•Twitter and Facebook Coaching and Set Up•Blog outreach and relations