Open Green Map Introduction


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Open Green Map Introduction

  1. 1. Charting the way to a sustainable future
  2. 2. We started sharing Green Mapmaking resources in 1995. What is a Green Map? It’s a locally created map that charts the community’s green living, natural, social and cultural resources. Each is unique but all use globally designed Green Map Icons.
  3. 3. Our nonprofit supports local leadership in a great diversity of cities, towns and villages on all continents Today, the Green Map movement has spread to 474 communities in 50 countries
  4. 4. Thousands of important sites have been charted 6 Barcelona’s Sun Factory 0 Farmers & Local Artists Market & Robeson’s Kayak Tours ® Yogyakarta’s Geologic Feature A Breda’s Eco Center e Hybrid Mass Transit Icons identify, promote and link green living, nature, social and cultural sites, highlighting patterns of change and potential. (download poster at
  5. 5. Green Map projects are led by local Students · Planners · Community Groups · Geographers · Designers · Environmentalists · City Employees · Tourism Organizations · Dynamic Individuals
  6. 6. Green Map System provides each with our collaboratively developed adaptable tools and award-winning icons Green Map Mapmaking Multimedia Archive Icons Guides Resources Resources Globally designed. Adaptable for print Expand the impacts Learning from Updated in 2008. or web maps, with multi-lingual each other via Said to be world’s local conditions, books, guides, stories, Green only universal community workshops, hubs, Maps, reports presentations symbol set for maps process, etc. exhibits, websites and exchanges
  7. 7. Millions of copies of 350 published Green Maps are being used today by residents and visitors Hundreds more Green Map have been created in workshops and classrooms. For many teams, like Victoria BC Canada’s the process is as important as the completed map. They have published 10 maps, 3 websites and a bilingual community book. Recently adopted by University of Victoria they have trained diverse grassroots, First Nations, and academic groups in Green Mapmaking
  8. 8. Find our ever-expanding network, Green Maps, Exciting New Features! books, awards and more at We‘d like to see thousands of communities involved, and this website – our multilingual presentation- collaboration-tool center – is ready to assist them in traditional Green Mapmaking
  9. 9. With critical environment, climate and health concerns looming, we need to Do More to include everyone! “If the best greening resource in the world is around the corner but no one knows about it, what good can it do?” Yelitza Espinosa, Pereira Colombia Green Mapmaker Our inclusive solution, Open Green Map: a constantly evolving cross-cultural guide to sustainability strategies
  10. 10. Making a great Green Map can take years, but you can help us reduce the barriers at a time of real environmental need Online, Open Green Maps • are quick to publish, easy to update and expand • eliminate costly design & production while keeping valuable community organizing & research intact • include the wider community and visitors in sharing updates, insights, impacts, images and videos • celebrate progress and illuminate issues without cost
  11. 11. provides an immediately visible and inspiring solution for both local and global audiences Intuitive interface Users can select icons to customize the view Widgets will let each map appear in many other websites, blogs, etc. Can be used on various interactive base maps, including Google Map, Google Earth, OpenStreetM ap, etc.
  12. 12. Tabs organize public comments, connections, images and impacts. Side bar explains each map’s purpose and people Impacts tab will collect how this site has changed lives, planning, communities, biodiversity, etc, leading to more improvements. Handicap access, child- friendliess, transit, free icons will invite more participation
  13. 13. Hundreds of sites are already added by our network advisory group. These maps will be first to debut. New York Stockholm Several themed map views of each locale are planned. Public can suggest sites or add their own to the worldview Baltimore Rockland Green Map. Local teams may ‘adopt’ them, expanding the team and its potential.
  14. 14. Help our team make our mid-2008 public release a global success! Please support the many phases to follow, too.
  15. 15. Think Global, Map Local! Social Mapping for Sustainable Communities Worldwide 212 674 1631