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Kings Place - What\'s On (Autumn Season 2010)
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Kings Place - What\'s On (Autumn Season 2010)


The second major print project from the marketing team at Kings Place Music Foundation.

The second major print project from the marketing team at Kings Place Music Foundation.

Published in Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. music+art+restaurants WHAT’S ON SEPTEMBER–DECEMBER 2010 SCHUMANN BICENTENARY NATALIE CLEIN AND FRIENDS CELEBRATE A TROUBLED GENIUS Classical Stravinsky Remix Dufay Collective Claire Booth Terry Riley Jazz Mike Figgis Django Bates John Taylor Folk Peggy Seeger June Tabor Kevin Burke Art David Bailey Albert Irvin YOUR FREE COPY WWW.KINGSPLACE.CO.UK TICKETS FROM £9.50 ONLINE
  • 2. Private Dining Room for up to 24 people • Waterside Terrace • Make Rotunda your local for Great British Food – we have our own farm in Northumberland • Cocktail Classes family and friends’ gatherings. COVER PHOTO RAY BURMISTON to with their Heads! in the back section. Kings Place! curated by a wide range of in store this autumn, we’ve the London Chamber Music Kings Place is unique in in the front section, read our on Friday nights, presenting a publication to help guide you contemporary music concerts We also have regular classical holding weekly ‘mini-festivals’ Society, on Mondays Out Hear in-depth features or follow the imaginative performing artists. whole range of musicians from music on Sunday evenings from jazz, folk, contemporary, spoken events (Words on Monday), with word, comedy and art highlights day-by-day listings and calendar created this fuller, more detailed and a rich range of Spoken Word lively Thursday night comedy, Off through. You can locate classical, As we have a packed new season two new regular series: Folk Union Welcome This season we are introducing at just £4.50. Add to this our Art and July), led by some of the top After the summer break a new jazz strand, The Base, traditional folk legends to the lights of the global jazz scene. we launch the season with our organisations in children’s arts events, which will include face- in four days, with tickets priced Before our autumn season on Sea Family weekend (24–25 Following our own Festival, exciting new wave that is now in Sculpture galleries, and our high heating up Hall Two with leading full flow, and, on Saturday nights, it’s no surprise that Kings Place is kicks off, we have our Kings Place workshop and contemporary dance. September) featuring 100 concerts annual Kings Place Festival, (9–12 quality restaurants and cafés, and painting, boat trips, puppet shows, this up-and-coming area of London. becoming a dynamic arts venue for street ping-pong, a ‘Be a Young DJ’ (18 October). CL BLUA SS SIC E S IC AL A R CO S P O W O F O T F NTE K EN RLD C A LK OOD MP O WO MUS SP L W COME & DR R AR RD IC C TE OK ENORLD DY INK Y JA ART ONTE DR MP OR WO MU BLUE CL A SZ Z F F OOD MP O ED INK AR RD SIC S S SIC OLK & R A M Y B CL A Y JA ART CON P OK AL COMDRIN RY JA AR USIC LUE S SSIC Z Z F O TEM EN WWOR ED K CL Z Z F O T F CON SP AL F OLK OD & P OR OR LD MY BLU A SS F OLK C A LK OOD TEM OK E WOR CO DRINARY D AR USIC E S IC AL CO SP L W COME & DR P OR N WO LD M MED K C JA Z T F CO SP O WO MED TE OK ENORLD DY INK ARY RD USICY BLU L A S Z F OOOD NTE K EN RLD Y B DR MP OR WO MU BLUE CL A S JA Z ZART CON E S SIC AL LK C & DR MP OR WOR MUS LUE S ED INK AR RD SIC S INK AR D IC S SIC F F OO TE SP O W OM A SP O M Y B CL A Y JA ART CON P OK AL OLK D & MP O K EN ORLDEDY CL A Y JA RT CONTE K E AR USIC LUE S SSIC Z Z F O TEM EN WWOR COM DRINR AR WO MU BLU SSIC Z Z F OO MP N W F O T F CON SP AL F OLK OD & P OR OR LD M EDY K C Y JA RD SIC E S S AL F OLK D & D OR A ORD C A LK OOD TEM OK E WOR CO DRINARY D AR USIC BLU L A S Z Z F ART CON P OK WOR CO RIN RY ART SP OL W COME & DR P OR N WO LD M MED K C JA Z T F CO E S S SIC AL OLK F OO TEM EN WLD MMED K CL JA Z Z F OO TEM K ENORLD DY B INK ARY RD A USICY BLU L A SSZ F OOOD &NTEMP OK E WO COMD & D P OR A ORD USICY BLU A SSIC F OLKD & DR P O WO MU LU CL A JA Z RT CO E S IC A LK C DR P O N W RLD EDY RIN RY AR CO E S AL CO DRIN events from Poet in the City LIFEM: London International EDYINK R ARY RD SIC E S SPSSIC AZ F O F OO NTEM SP OKL WO OME INK R ARY ORD MUS BLUK CL JA Z Z T F O NTEM SP OK WOR MED K CL M B CL A JA ART CON OK E L LK C D & P O EN RLD DY CL A JA A IC E S SA SS F O OD P O EN LD Y BLUA S spheres. Sky Arts are making have long dreamed of doing, AR USIC LUE S SSIC AZ Z F F OO TEMP N WWORLDOME DRINR ARY WOR MU BLUE SSIC AZ Z FRT F OCONTE P OKIC AL LK C & DR R ARY WOR MUSIC E SSIC AL T F CO SP L OLK D & OR OR D K S S O OM IN D Aldeburgh Festival Highlights, OO NTE OK WO C DR AR D A MUS Y BLUCL A JA Z ZD ARTIC CO SP OL WO LK C OD & MP OEN WWORLD ED K CLJA Z Z ART CON SP OK WOR R IC F N K R Y A F TE E LD Stars, one of the most popular E S R OM D OR Festival of Indian Music, which D & MP EN RLD OM IN Y Place to put on the events they DR OR A WO M EDY K C JA Z Z T F O CON S S SIC AL OLK F OOD TEMPEN WLD M EDYRINK ARY JAD A MUS BLUE SSIC OLK F OOD MP ON WO MUS O U R IC A C the Northern Lights Early Music here this autumn, including the INK RY RD USIC B L A S F OD TE P O array of other fabulous festivals and about the Spoken Word All so it’s rewarding to see projects AR CL A JA Z T CO S LUE SIC OLK & MP K ENWORCOME & DR OR AR RD SIC BLUECL A S Z Z T F O CO S SP OL WOOME & DR R ARYRD A IC CO D A C S F IN R we’re delighted to be hosting an SSIC Z F F O NTE SP AL W COM RINKOR AR WORLD M DY B INK C Y JA Z RT F ONTES SP IC AL OLK OD &NTEM K EN RLD DY BLUK C JA Z Z T F ONTEM documentaries about the Darbar was successfully presented here, London Jazz Festival, the London Festival of Exploratory Music and Festival from York. New to the list AL OLK OD & MP O OK EN ORLDEDY CL Y JA D A USIC LUE S L A S Z F OOD MP OOK EN WO COM DRIN P OR WOR MUS E S L A SS F O OD P OR entertaining debate (12 October). Festival of South Asian Literature, It has always been my aim to B AS Z R C IC LK & A give curators a free hand at Kings S SIC OLK & R RLD ED K AR D IC Guitar Festival in the Fall, the DSC W O CO D R R A W pioneered here taking off in other is the London Restaurant Festival, RLD MED INK RY ORD MUS LUE S SIC A Z F OT F OOONTE P OK E AL W CO DRINARY WORD MU Y BLUCL A Y JA ART CONSP OK E AL W COMDRIN RY JA IC O M which has chosen Kings Place for an MU Y B CL A JA Z Z AR C SP L W LK D MP N K JA Z A SIC SSIC Z Z F O TEM N O ED K C L Z SIC LUE SS F O T F ONTEOK E ORLDCOM & DR OR A WOR RLD EDY B CL A S Z F ORT F COE S SP AL F OLK OD & P ORWOR RLD MY BLU A S Z F OLK CON S S IC AL LK OOD MP N W M EDY INK RY D A MUS LUE SIC LK OOD NTEM OK E WOR CO DR ARY D A US E S SIC A TEMP OK WO COM & D OR A ORD USIC BLU CL A JA Z Z RT F IC C S S AL W COM & D P O N W LD MED INK JA Z RT F IC C SP L WCOME P OREN W RLD EDY RIN RY AR CO E S SSIC F O OOD ONTEP OK OR EDY RINK R AR ORD MUS Y B CL A Z F OOD ONTEOK EN ORLD DY AR ORD MU BLUK CL JA Z T F O NTEM SP O AL LK C & D MP EN W LD M BLU CL Y JA AR IC C LUE SSIC OLK & D MP WO MU Y JA A SIC E S A S Z F OD P K E WO OM RIN OR OR US E S A S Z Z T F ON S S AL CO RIN OR RD - ZZ RT CO SP SIC OLK & OR A N W RLD EDY K ARY D IC C SP SIC A F O OOD TEM P OK WO ME K ARY F OLKF OO NTE OK E AL W CO DRIN RY ORD MU BLUCL A S JA Z ART ONTEOK E L W LK C & D P OR EN RLD DY B CL A S JA Z D M N M JA S FO N O W LU COM & D P OR WO ORLD EDY K CL A Z Z FART IC COE S SSIC ALZ F OLK OD MP O WO ORLD MED RINK ARY JAORD MUSIC E S SI- Z EDYRINK ARY RD A MU BLU SSIC OLK F OO NTE P OK WO C & DR R AR RD A MUS Y BLUCL A Z Z ART CO BLU CL A JA Z Z RT FSIC C E S S AL W COMD & D MP O EN W RLD OMED INK Y JA RT F IC C E S SSIC A F OLK F OO N- E S SSIC F O OOD ONTEP OK OR EDY RIN R AR ORD MUS Y B CL A Z Z F OOD ONTE SP O L W CO D & SP O AL LK & M EN LD B K Y A IC LU SS O & M K O M K EN WO COM DRIN P OR WOR MUS LUE SCL A S JA Z Z RT F CON E S S IC AL LK CO DRINP OREN WORLD - WO RLD EDY K ARY D A IC C SP OSIC A F OLKOOD TEMP P OK E WOR MED K C ARY RD RD MU BLU JA Z RT ONTE K E L W C & D OR N W LD Y B L A S JA Z AR SIC E S Z F F OO M N W OR OME RIN ARY OR MU LUE SI- Z T F CO S P OLK D & P OR OR LD M DY K C JA D SIC S OO NTE OK COM DRINARY D AR USIC BLU L A SS Z Z F ART CON D & M P EN EDY K C JA Z T F O CO E S S IC A OLK F OO - D R O R A WO INK RY RD L BLU L A SSZ F O OD &NTEMP OK E WO COMD & CL A JA Z ART E S IC A LK C DR P O N W RLD - SSIC Z F F O SP O L W OM INK R AR OR AL OLK OD & K EN ORLDEDY CL Y JA D W O CO D R WO M BLUA SSI- Z Z RLD MED INK RD USIC E S MU Y B CL A A R CO SIC LUE SS T F N- Enjoy! CON S S IC AL OO TEMP OK WO D& P OREN W RLD A R ORD Y JA ZZ Peter Millican (14–16 October). which launches a year-long 2011 with a Mozart concert, rooms available • Event management • Bespoke wedding planning • of the Age of Enlightenment celebration of Mozart’s music. Looking ahead, we have a broadcast live on BBC Radio 3, the Royal Philharmonic Society Check out the website for more details ( music events to suit every taste resident ensembles, for winning (see p48) and we’ll be heralding Ensemble of the Year. Don’t miss Remix, their unique collaboration We also want to congratulate stunning programme of Christmas the London Sinfonietta, one of our with fellow residents the Orchestra 90 York Way London N1 9AG event bookings: 020 7014 2838 Conferences for up to 420 people • Dinners for up to 220 guests • Small meeting Birthdays and family parties • Intimate dinners • Barbeques and outdoor events 03
  • 3. PHOTO DAvID bAILEy PHOTO SvEN ARNSTEIN PHOTO JAzzSIGN/LEbREcHT MuSIc & ARTS PHOTO MAGNuS SKREDE PHOTO bob THoMAS/PoPPERfoTo/GETTy IMAGES CLASSICAL JAZZ FOLK CONTEMPORARY SPOKEN WORD COMEDY ART FOOD & DRINK HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS 08 Stravinsky Remix 12 West Side Story Jessie 14 Welcome to The Wild Crowd 10 Dai Fujikura’s 16 Poet in the City 15 The Wisdom of 18 Ruth Borchard’s 20 Solution to 09 Thomas Arne’s Alfred Buckley, new voice in jazz Alistair Anderson on Super-Collider 17 Twin Dynasties Peacock & Gamble Self-Portrait Collection the Sunday roast 24 COVER FEATURE 13 Piano Man John Taylor, a bumper folk season 11 ELISION’s Mission Fatima Bhutto & Two MCs have a 19 The art of defying gravity 21 Grape Expectations Soul to Soul a pianist and a gentleman 40 FEATURE Impossible Nayantara Sahgal chat about audiences Ann Christopher Meet the man behind Schumann’s bicentenary 32 FEATURE Unbroken Chain 43 FEATURE 47 COlUmn 28 FEATURE the wine list at the Rotunda with Lucy Parham (above) Don’t Stop Me Now! Colin Irwin traces the rise of Mikhail Karikis’s (above) Mihir Bose on Cricket, The Skull Beneath the Skin Restaurant and Natalie Clein Django Bates (above) hits 50 the folk movement. exploded opera Xenon Commonwealth and Country. Rachel Campbell-Johnston 38 FEATURE by John Fordham Sigrid Moldestad (above). 82 FEATURE The Nawab of Pataudi meets David Bailey. Eternity in an Hour 44 FEATURE Q&A: Terry Riley, still (above). Shoe Tongue by David Transition_projects featuring The Secrets of Musical exploring at 75 Bailey (above). Claire Booth Manipulation 34 FEATURE 48 CHRISTMAS AT Mike Figgis in conversation The Indefatigable Albert Irvin KINGS PLACE by William Varley with the Dufay Collective and many more REGULARS 03 WELCOME 06 TICKET INFORMATION 51 LISTINGS 52 PLAN YOUR WEEK 79 CALENDAR 82 Q&A 08 HIGHLIGHTS AT KINGS PLACE 24 FEATURES 53 SEPTEMBER 48 CHRISTMAS EVENTS 56 OCTOBER 65 NOVEMBER 72 DECEMBER WHAT’S ON CONTRIBUTORS AND EDITORIAL TEAM SEPTEMBER– Contributors Rachel Campbell- Tel Editor-in-Chief Designer © Kings Place 2010 DECEMBER 2010 mihir Bose is an award-winning sports Johnston is the art critic and poetry +44 (0) 20 7520 1440 Email Helen Wallace Editorial Team Ana Acosta Art Direction All material is strictly copyright and all rights are reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without the written permission of Kings Place is strictly broadcaster and critic for the Times Michael Green Deep forbidden. The greatest care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information in this magazine author. He writes on John Fordham is jazz Web Janie Nicholas at the time of going to press, but we accept no sport for the London critic for the Guardian Emrah Tokalaç Print responsibility for omissions or errors. The views Evening Standard Lowri Williams expressed in this magazine are not necessarily Colin Irvin is editor St Ives Web Ltd those of Kings Place. of FRoots
  • 4. Book tickets now: 06 TICKETS September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 TICKET INFORMATION Box Office 020 7520 1490 BOOKING yOuR jOuRNEy Tickets for all performances from £9.50 online We are located 300 metres from The online ticket prices are shown in the listings. Please add £2 King’s Cross and St Pancras Stations. to the online ticket price if booking by other methods. Our main entrance is on York Way. Photo: Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment – ONLINE PREMIuM SEATS Eric Richmond, Harrison & Co. PuBLIC TRANSPORT Premium seats are the best Visit to help plan your Journey, Secure online booking seats in the house. They are or call London Travel Information 24 hours a day. available at an additional cost and 020 7222 1234. include one glass of house wine, beer or soft drink. HALL ONE PARKING Pick your own seat NCP Car Park – Pancras Road. pick your seat: BOOK NOW GROuPS Visit or call or choose the SAVER SEAT option Buy 10 or more tickets and save 0845 050 7080 for further details. saver seat: BOOK NOW 20%. Group discounts are only available directly through the Box Office and exclude Saver and ACCESS HALL TwO Premium Seats. Kings Place aims to be accessible to all All seating is unreserved, some and both auditoria offer suitable seating events may be standing only. for wheelchair users. Please inform us of any By PHONE & IN PERSON access requirements when booking. There is 020 7520 1490 an induction loop at the Box Office to assist SAVER SEATS Mon–Sat: 12–8pm, Sun 12–7pm those with hearing aids. An infrared system exclusively available online (Closed Bank Holidays) is installed in Halls One and Two, with hearing You are guaranteed a seat but advancement headsets for audience members its location will be allocated by who do not use a hearing aid. Neck loops are the Box Office. Saver seat tickets By POST available to use with hearing aids switched are available for collection one Kings Place Box Office to the ‘T’ position. All areas of Kings Place hour before the performance. 90 York Way, London N1 9AG are accessible to those with Guide (Limited availability) and Hearing Dogs .
  • 5. Book tickets now: Book tickets now: hIGhLIGhtS 08 HIGHLIGHTS September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 CLASSICAL 09 SIX ALFREdS IN SEARCH CLASSICAL It was Stravinsky who unforgettably said, ‘A good composer does Fast-forward to the 21st century, and not imitate, he steals’, and that’s the inspiration behind Remix (14– 16 October). The London Sinfonietta (LS) and the Orchestra of the the practice of recycling is alive and well, as Friday’s LS concert Cover Versions will CLASSICAL HIGHLIGHTS Age of Enlightenment (OAE) do not make obvious bedfellows: one is the UK’s foremost contemporary music group, the other a peerless period instrument ensemble. In fact, it’s not the first time they have prove, with an array of works in which the composers have used source material, often from the distant past: Tom Adès 27 September– 2 OctOber Schumann 11–13 NOvember Aldeburgh Highlights OF A pERFORMANCE… worked together (composer Heiner Goebbels created Songs of on Couperin, Birtwistle using Ockeghem, Bicentenary Britten and Beyond, the Classical opera Company present a unique Wars I have Seen for them in 2007), but it is the first time they’ve Sciarrino inspired by Machaut, Bussotti Featuring Lucy Parham, incl. Hebrides Ensemble shared a stage at Kings Place. Says Andrew Burke, Chief Executive by Puccini, and the young composer Anna Natalie Clein, Ann performance of thomas Arne’s masque Alfred. of the London Sinfonietta, ‘The earliest music we tend to play is Clyne with a new arrangement of Britten’s Murray, Jennifer Pike. 14 NOvember early 20th century, while the latest the OAE play is usually late 19th Hymn to the Virgin. It’s telling that living lcms 3 OctOber Turner Ensemble century, so there’s a potential cross-over period there’ – into which composers are attracted to the more Thomas Arne, whose 300th formal.’ they will be sung by a fine lcms Stravinsky (almost) fits. distant, pre-Classical period when seeking anniversary will be marked in cast of young British singers including Wihan Quartet 21 NOvember The final concert will offer a rare opportunity to hear the inspiration. The title ‘Remix’ might suggest lcms November by the Classical opera thomas hobbs as King Alfred and actual source material for Stravinsky’s delightful burlesque on the electronics, DJs and decks, but in fact the 4 OctOber Chilingirian Quartet Company, has become something Mary Bevan as Queen Eltruda. Baroque, Pulcinella. For too long it has been wrongly attributed to orchestras are challenging that perception out hear of a historical footnote, known Sadly, many of Arne’s works Pergolesi alone, when in fact Stravinsky was also borrowing ideas and showing that music has eaten itself Scarlatti:Cage:Sonatas 25–27 NOvember solely for his rousing, innocently were lost, several destroyed by a David Greilsammer from Gallo, Monza and Wassanaer. For the climax of the evening, since time immemorial. Innocence & jingoistic ‘Rule! Britannia’. this theatre fire. one that survived in the OAE will switch to modern instruments and join forces with the Experience does a very gifted dramatic part was his hugely popular opera LS for the full ballet suite. 7–9 OctOber composer a grave disservice, since Artaxerxes, premiered at Covent Transition_projects On 14 October, the OAE present their own 18th-century version Remix 14–16 October. London Sinfonietta Classical Opera this ‘grand ode’ is but one number Garden in 1762, which received a of daylight robbery in Baroque Reinventions. As programmer/ & Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Company from the entertaining Alfred, which staggering total of 111 performances 1–4 December violinist Roy Mowatt explains, Handel used 18 of Gottlieb Muffat’s See Listings p59 for details. Focus on Arne will be given two unique before 1790. the Classical opera Italians in Paris works in 30 of his own: ‘Handel clearly had a lot of respect for performances at Kings Place Company’s 2009 production at the 14–16 OctOber Quatuor Mosaïques, Muffat. There’s everything from orchestrations of his keyboard Felicity Lott, (7, 9 october). Unique, explains Royal opera’s Linbury theatre pieces to using Muffat as an initial stimulus with the finished work Remix Carolyn Sampson conductor Ian Page, because he received rave reviews, and they bearing only a hint of the original.’ Also in this concert there will be some beautiful reworkings of Pergolesi by JS Bach. ‘Bach would HIGHLIGHTS London Sinfonietta & Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment 5 December will be creating a performing edition specifically for hall one: will be launching the cast recording at Kings Place in an have seen nothing odd in transforming a Catholic Italian work into a lcms ‘there are six versions of Alfred in insight evening, with special guest Protestant German piece,’ explains Mowatt. Quartet for Peace existence, as Arne didn’t quite soprano Elizabeth Watts and 17 OctOber He is keen to point out that this practice has only been viewed lcms settle on whether it was a masque musicologist Roderick Swanston. with suspicion relatively recently: ‘The concept of a composition as Sitkovetsky Trio 12 December or an opera – it’s a minefield!’ lcms a definitive art work only arrived in the 19th century. The way 18th- Aquinas Piano Trio – but one he will enjoy picking his century composers reworked and arranged their own and others’ 25 OctOber way through to create a libretto (to Classical Opera Company compositions shows a different ethic, more akin to jazz: the work out hear be read by an actor) to link the 7–9 October. Arne’s Alfred; 15–18 December is still recognisable even though it may be vastly transformed and Counterpoise northern lights: early choruses and arias. ‘the great Artaxerxes; Pergolesi’s Stabat subject to improvisation in performance.’ Actaeon music festival thing about Arne was his melodic Mater. See Listings p58. by David Matthews Joglaresa, Ensemble gift,’ enthuses Page, ‘he wrote in a Meridiana, Dufay Scene from really fluent, charming way, made Collective, The Clerks Artaxerxes at 28,29 OctOber accessible by the fact it’s in the Linbury london guitar festival Theatre earlier in the fall 20–23 December English.’ Written in 1740, Alfred this year. belongs to the world of handel but David Russell Ivor Setterfield’s ‘has a simplicity and folksiness Nigel North Christmas that’s very appealing. the arias Concerts REMIX: A CASE 31 OctOber tend to be shorter than handel’s, Barts Chamber Choir, lcms swifter dramatically and less New London Singers, Rosamunde Trio OF MUSICAL Orchestra of St John’s 3–6 NOvember 31 December, lifem RECYCLING London 1 JaNUarY International New Year Mozart Festival of Orchestra of the Age of ARNE IS ONLY Photo BPK, BERLIn / PHOTO SCALA, FLOREnCE Stravinsky’s Pulcinella forms Enlightenment Exploratory Music with Sophie Bevan kNOwN FOR Photo ERIC RICHMOnD, HARRISOn & CO. the centrepiece of a unique Terry Riley, George Brooks; wRITING ‘RULE! collaboration between Kings Pulcinella by Talvin Singh; bRITANNIA’ bUT Photo STEPHEn PAGE Maurice Sand. Gavin Bryars; Place’s two resident orchestras, Coloured engraving by A Manceau, 1859. Wim Mertens; HE wAS A GIFTEd Pascal Comelade as Helen Wallace discovers. Lisa Beznosiuk OpERA COMpOSER
  • 6. HIGHLIGHTS Book tickets now: Book tickets now: hIGhLIGhtS 10 CONTEMPORARY September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 CONTEMPORARY 11 MISSION IMpOSSIbLE CONTEMpORARY Dai Fujikura CONTEMpORARY HIGHLIGHTS MAdE TO MEASURE 20 September out hear Ensemble 3-6 NOvember LIFem Terry Riley, Talvin Singh, George Plus Minus the players of ELISIoN relish the chance to cook Stockhausen, Brooks, Wim Mertens, Pascal Comelade, up new, extreme challenges with composers. Mark Knoop Svjata Vatra, Gavin Bryars, Fernanda Takai 27 September out hear A SUpER-COLLISION This is a group renowned for its fearless players are held in balance with the certainties 8 NOvember Ed Hughes out hear advocacy of contemporary music’s most of the score. Extreme difficulty is transformed difficult corners. Isn’t this going to be a little into an opportunity to journey beyond the The New Music Players Super-Collider OF EAST & wEST scary? A forbidding display of technique and impenetrable intellectualism? Far from it. What really characterises purely technical. the players are absorbed in the questions of music-making; nothing is taken for granted, they’re prepared – eager – to 4 OctOber out hear Dai Fujikura 15 NOvember Scarlatti:Cage: out hear Tim Rutherford-Johnson meets ELISIoN is a unique energy that comes from submit their instruments, bodies, training and Sonatas ELISION a combination of absolute integrity to the habits to complete de- and reconstruction. up-and-coming composer Dai music and the larger-than-life personalities Every ELISIoN performance distils such stories David Greilsammer Liza Lim; Michael Finnissy Fujikura, who’s collaborated with of the players. the group works almost like a of self-discovery into one-off musical moments 11 OctOber family, fostering long-term relationships and at the boundaries of what you thought possible. Ryuichi Sakamoto and oKEANoS for capitalising on the unique skills and interests of Scary can be good. out hear 22 NOvember Peter Gregson out hear his Out Hear event this autumn. each performer. In November, Deborah Kayser Mark Knoop (voice) and Yang Chunwei (Chinese qin) will Shlomowitz & Finnissy perform Liza Lim’s The Quickening, written Elision 15 November, 6 December, Hall Two 18 OctOber at a time when all three women had young See Listings p69 & p74 for details. out hear 29 NOvember children, so the piece – the title of which is an Max de out hear allusion to the first time a mother feels her baby Wardener Sargasso:C If Kings Place’s Out Hear series is should be played with as much comfort closely with oKEANoS because I was moving in the womb – carries a deep emotional Jim Cuomo and the designed to unite different audiences and love as possible.’ not familiar with koto or sho. I was resonance for the players. December’s concert 22-23 OctOber for new and exploratory music, then Dai Bassoonist Pascal Gallois, who will curious because I didn’t know how to features music by two young composers – EvERY ELISION Mikhail Karikis 8-BIT REtroVOLUTION Fujikura’s curated concert on 8 November is an Out Hear season in miniature. the play Berio’s Sequenza XII, exemplifies this goal. Based in Paris, he is taking full write for them!’ Fujikura is keen to emphasise Robert Dahm and timothy McCormack – whose radical musical explorations exemplify the pERFORMANCE Love Songs for Broken Machines 6 December out hear British-Japanese composer is bringing advantage of Kings Place’s location to that his thinking behind this concert benefits of such close relationships. dISTILS STORIES juice; ELISION Scratch the Surface together a variety of the best new music performers for an evening of contrasts make a quick return home on the Eurostar, but the Sequenza, written is not only to present each work in its best possible light, with the best the result for every ELISIoN performance is a unique culture of invention and customisation OF SELF-dISCOvERY Xenon: An Exploded Map of Impossibilities Hall Two and unexpected connections. specially for him, is so much a part of performers and as few distractions as in which the unpredictable personalities of the INTO MUSIC Opera the concert has been conceived his personal fabric that he is able to possible, but also to connect opposite 13 December HIGHLIGHTS 25 OctOber out hear theatrically. Apart from chamber travel light – no score, just his instrument. points on the musical map: the title out hear Peter Veale & group oKEANoS, who will play the five the final ensemble piece was Super-Collider highlights his goal of Peter neville, Counterpoise Blank Canvas written by Fujikura for oKEANoS, with ELISIOn movements of Fujikura’s newly- finding unexpected results in unusual Melbourne 2007 London Sinfonietta David Matthews completed oKEANoS Cycle, and a video whom he has worked for some years: combinations. ‘Lachenmann and toop, Actaeon collaboration with the pop and film the group is notable for combining say, are complete opposites. But then 17 December composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (who is not Western instruments with Japanese Lachenmann’s music – especially this 1 NOvember Arctic Circle appearing in person), each musician koto (zither) and sho (mouth organ). piece – is more noise than conventional out hear Christmas Concert will play from memory. they will be As the composer explains, ‘It’s a playing. And maybe that’s not so far, CHROMA individually spot-lit and most will be completely multicultural ensemble, sonority-wise, from toop. So there Ensemble dispersed to the edges or corners of the which is actually not something I aim is some similarity on one level but Crumb, Cashian auditorium, except violinist James for, but it’s a mixture that is naturally a complete contrast on another. Widden, who will bring the fragile in myself.’ In fact, Fujikura’s first Personally, I can’t wait to go to this sounds of Lachenmann’s Toccatina into encounter with Japanese instruments interesting concert – it’s on my playlist!’ the centre of the audience. Fujikura did not come until he was 20 at, of all explains that all the performers are places, the German summer school playing pieces with which they have a of Darmstadt. ‘I’m opposed to the Dai Fujikura’s Tokyo 11 October. close personal relationship. ‘Either it idea that Japanese composers should Hall Two, 8pm (Peter Gregson’s Out Hear Photo JUSTIn nICHOLAS was written for them or they have been write Japanese music. With this piece event). See Listings p59 for details. playing it for a long time. the musicians I focused on the sonorities of the Photo AI UEDA can really play these pieces, they are instruments – it just happened to be Super-Collider 8 November. Hall Two, not learning new things. So each one Japanese instruments. I had to work 8pm. See Listings p68 for details.
  • 7. HIGHLIGHTS Book tickets now: Book tickets now: hIGhLIGhtS 12 JAZZ September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 JAZZ 13 JAZZ JAZZ HIGHLIGHTS A pIANIST ANd A 23,24 September samuel joseph 13 NOvember the base GENTLEMAN presents... solo jazz piano John Taylor, Denys Baptiste Quartet Saxophone colossus Zoe Rahman Denys Baptiste and co. 25 September samuel joseph 18–20 NOvember presents... solo jazz london jazz festival piano The Bad Plus HIGHLIGHTS Gwylim Simcock, Jessie Buckley, the Bad Plus with Wendy Lewis, the Plus with Joe Thompson Django Bates, the Plus plus Club night. 2 OctOber the base 27 NOvember the base Django Bates 50th Birthday Gala Jim Mullen She’s a twenty-year-old harpist from Ireland being Spitz brings together hailed as the new Ella Fitzgerald. Kerry-born Jessie Buckley is 9 OctOber some of London’s a phenomenal singer with no formal jazz or dramatic training, the base finest jazz musicians to who first hit our screens as the runner-up (but the judges’ this autumn Kings Place welcomes two visits United Vibrations celebrate Mullen’s 65th birthday, favourite) on BBC1’s I’d Do Anything, and went on to shine in trevor Nunn’s production of A Little Night Music. It was while from a British jazz legend, pianist John Taylor. Jazz meets punk, with influences from Fela Kuti 4 December she was performing in this show that she met the resident to Bob Marley. the base pianist and music director of the Ivy Club, Joe thompson, John Taylor with whom she’ll appear at Kings Place. ‘the cast were given The sweepingly skilful jazz pianist John Jarretts and Mehldaus has been a 16 OctOber the base the F-IRE Collective membership of the club, and we’d go off there for a nightcap Taylor has been a star on the European long time coming… the broadening celebrate ten years by after the show and sometimes I’d end up singing with him. scene for 40 years, but perhaps it’s of the pianist’s vision and the further F-IRE Collective inviting John taylor and the last few months have been very exciting, we’ve been taken that long for his unique talent to blossoming of his awesome technique Large Ensemble friends to play. touring with classics from the Great American Song Book; be fully appreciated. His career stretches has been a genuine middle-years UK premieres of they are such a pleasure to sing, so well-written, you just back to the early Seventies when he breakthrough. Taylor doesn’t convolute Hear, O Israel and 11 December accompanied Cleo Laine and jammed Four pieces for peace. the base don’t find songs like that any more. I’ve learnt so much from pop tunes like Brad Mehldau, reawaken working with Joe – he’s a wonderful, hidden talent.’ with John Surman. Successive decades standards like Keith Jarrett, or play Aquarium Buckley grew up in a musical household: ‘My mother was saw the slow-burning development of with Herbie Hancock’s swollen-river 23 OctOber Led by pianist/composer the base a singer and my father loved jazz, which is why I got to hear countless creative collaborations with, imperiousness. But he rebalances Sam Leak, features Abram Wilson James Allsopp (sax), Josh so much on the radio. I always adored Ella Fitzgerald, Ray among others, his famous group elements of all those qualities.’ Mo’ Better Blues Blackmore (drums) and Charles, Jonny Mercer and Duke Ellington – never pop music, Azimuth, norma Winstone and Peter His good influence has spread to Calum Gourlay (bass). Dune Music marks the I was really born in the wrong era!’ Erskine, Lee Konitz, Julian Arguelles, Jan a new generation of players through 20th anniversary of the When Jessie sold out at Pizza on the Park earlier this Garbarek, Marc Johnson, and now his teaching posts in Cologne and at monumental Spike Lee 18 December year, The Stage’s Mark Shenton declared he had ‘never seen Kenny Wheeler and his current trio York University, and the fact that the film Mo’ Better Blues. the base a cabaret debut as accomplished, daring and confident members Palle Danielsson and Martin young F-IRE Collective have chosen A Dune Jazz before’, yet this was a girl who had no plans for such a career. France. His most recent album featured him as their guest to celebrate the 30 OctOber Christmas When I ask what she was doing a few years ago, she replies, Italian scat singer Diana Torto and tenth birthday of their organisation is london guitar Featuring Abram Wilson, ‘probably playing football as I was a tomboy!’ She learnt bassist Anders Jormin, with whom he’s telling. He’s a great example of festival in the fall Gary Crosby oBE, Jason piano, clarinet and harp from an early age: ‘I was kind of my working on a new project with the someone who has never rested on his Mike Outram Yarde, and members of A wEST SIdE STORY... own one-man band, but I was also very disciplined, there was German WDR Big Band. He can be laurels but keeps on developing with Guitarist and composer Rhythmica. no hardship in practising hard, or travelling to Dublin for harp spoken of in the same breath as his inexhaustible creativity. His with world-class credentials. lessons.’ Singing only came into the picture at her boarding hero, Bill Evans, and as an artist who commitment is an inspiration for those school, when she joined in the ‘fantastic productions. My first has never stopped evolving, but just struggling up through the ranks of a 6 NOvember A few years back Jessie Buckley was show was Chess, and I was the only one tall enough to play gets better and better, as his recent notoriously insecure profession. lifem the man!’ solo album Phases (2009) reveals. Fernanda Takai commuting from Kerry to Dublin for harp Catch this charismatic future star with Joe thompson as John Fordham of the Guardian First UK appearance of Photo VInCEnzO PHOTOGRAPHY lessons. Now she’s the hot new voice in jazz. part of the Samuel Joseph presents... Solo Jazz Piano series. gave an apt summary of his unique Samuel Joseph presents… Brazilian singer from pop qualities when he reviewed Taylor’s Solo Jazz Piano John Taylor band Pato Fu. highly successful Angel of the Presence 23 September, Hall One, 7.30pm. Photo C FORBES Jessie Buckley & Joe Thompson album recorded by his current trio: The Base, John Taylor and friends Jessie Buckley Saturday 25 September, Hall Two. See Listings p55 for details. ‘Taylor’s proximity to the status of the 4 December, Hall Two, 8pm.
  • 8. hIGhLIGhtS Book tickets now: Book tickets now: hIGhLIGhtS 14 FOLK September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 COMEDY 15 FOLk COMEdY more fun that way and everyone AUTUMN FOLk THE wARM wELCOME will get along better. now, I’d like HIGHLIGHTS wISdOM to return to what you said about PEACOCK the audience ‘joining in’. 24 September FOR A wILd CROwd OF v Ed: Why are you speaking all folk union Songdog official? I don’t like it. You sound like you’re a sergeant. 1 OctOber Concertina player Alistair Anderson, who has Ray: Sorry, but just listen for GAMBLE folk union this bit and then we can get Heidi Talbot & Co. played a key role in producing a new generation back to our cartoons. Some 15 OctOber of folk musicians, welcomes folk legends and audiences seem to think that folk union Parkbench young artists alike at Kings Place this autumn HIGHLIGHTS they’re being helpful by shouting out and being disruptive. A lot of people claim they’re giving 22 OctOber us ‘ammunition’. folk union Peggy Seeger Ed: Yeah, but the ammunition is faulty. If I fired a gun with one 29 OctOber of their bullets in it, it would folk union The Carrivick Sisters ‘It’s fantastic that there’s going to be a new regular folk strand makes an appearance. he has had such success with his trio Lau: ‘Don’t very different characters, but they started to collaborate towards the HIGHLIGHTS Ray Peacock and Ed Gamble, regular MCs at Kings Place Off With Their probably fly off in the wrong direction, go to the bar and chat. [Folk Union] at Kings Place,’ miss that, he’s always interesting.’ end of their time at uni and they So you’re right, our Audience 5 NOvember Heads! comedy nights, reflect on a Legend 2.0 wouldn’t heckle or enthuses Anderson, ‘that will help of the younger generation of have gone from strength to strength. OFF wITH lifem be disruptive. Just laugh, clap Svjata Vatra to put it on the map as a folk performers, he picks out the artistry Jonny is a very original songwriter.’ thorny problem – the behaviour of and have a lovely time. 12 NOvember venue.’ he points out that there are some really big names this season, of heidi talbot whose 2008 album Love and Light was so well- Coming full circle, he remarks that his former students playing THEIR HEAdS! stand-up audiences... Ray: What if they aren’t shouting folk union opportunities to see artists like the received: ‘She’s a fine singer, with with him in Steel Skies remember 30 September because they think it’s helpful – Sigrid Moldestad soulful British folk-singer June quite a reflective style. She’s the piece from their parents’ LPs Dan Antopolski Ray: Hello, I’m Ray Peacock and Ray: Already on it. I think our but because they’re drunk? tabor, who rarely plays in London, coming with John McCusker who’s when they were children, 20 years I’m one of the regular MCs at perfect audience member should 19 NOvember and who is coming with a a superb fiddler.’ Anderson has ago: ‘Emily and Sophy Ball grew up 7 OctOber Ed: Alcohol is a dangerous folk union the Kings Place comedy night, have the ability to engage their wonderful group of collaborators, also enjoyed the young band with that album. Steel Skies (1982) Andy Zaltzman balance to strike with an Kris Drever Off With Their Heads! ears, and disengage their including violinist Mark Emerson Parkbench – ‘dynamic and upfront, was ground-breaking in its way, audience. It can help loosen the 14 OctOber mouths. Apart from laughing, and pianist huw Warren. then very much a good-time band’. setting music rooted in the Ed: Hello, I’m Ed Gamble; I’m inhibitions and actually get them 26 NOvember Carl Donnelly obviously. There is nothing more folk union there’s the legendary Peggy No doubt he has a soft-spot tradition in a new context, and it one of them as well. laughing a bit more. But too annoying for the rest of the Jonny Kearney Seeger, who has been such a huge for Lucy Farrell and Jonny Kearney, appealed to a wide audience, much and it can turn someone and Lucy Farrell 21 OctOber Ray: Anyway, Kings Place have audience and the comedian if influence on a generation of former students of his on the including many new to folk music. Rob Rouse into the worst audience member asked us to write a thing, and someone insists on chatting singers. Married to Ewan McColl, Newcastle University Folk and the album was recently reissued ever. Inattentive, insensitive and 3 December this is that thing. It’s about throughout the night. So I think she was at the heart of the British traditional Music degree course: on CD and has had great reviews 28 OctOber intensely annoying. folk union audiences. now, the stand-up they should be a mute but one folk scene for many years, and this ‘they are quirky and delightful and again… so we’re introducing it to a Special headliner Celloman audience is an odd beast... who can laugh. And listen. Ray: Maybe we should autumn returns to the UK after 15 have done very well. they are two new generation.’ See sidebar, left. breathalyse people after the years in America: ‘She’s always 4 NOvember Ed: Like a cow with tentacles Ed: What hair should they have? 17 December Paul Sinha interval then make them drink or folk union engaging and thought-provoking,’ that can speak French. Ray: This isn’t The Sims. It sober up accordingly? The Arctic Circle says Anderson. 11 NOvember Ray: Yep, that is an odd beast, doesn’t matter what hair they Christmas Concert he’s also thrilled to welcome Ed: There’s probably something Phil Nichol but concentrate. If we were to go have – any type is allowed. You three legendary Irish musicians to legally wrong with that... it 9–11 December to our secret underground lab think of one now. his own Feast of Folk in 18 NOvember sounds like we’re creating a Feast of Folk (which all comedians have) and December, ‘Kevin Burke has been Zoe Lyons Ed: Well as a compere, it’s Police State. We’ll probably just create the perfect audience Legends of Irish Music in several of the most important always frustrating when you ask need to trust our perfect punter 25 NOvember member, what would they be like? Kevin Burke, Irish bands, he’s a huge talent. someone what they do for a not to act like a wally. Máire Ní Chathasaigh Frisky and Mannish Ed: I like this idea; it’s sort of a living, and they make something Virtuoso harpist and singer Máire Ray: I think what we have built and Chris Newman Ní Chathasaigh and guitarist Chris fun approach to eugenics. up. I think they’re just trying to Alistair Anderson 2 December is essentially a nice human. Alistair Anderson: Steel Skies Newman (who toured with (right): ‘Folk Union join in, but there are only so Emily & Sophy Ball, Lillias Steve Hall Ray: We should probably be Grappelli) will really set you back will help put Kings many times you can hear Ed: I’m still worried about Kinsman Blake, Andy Watt Place on the map serious about it though, just so on your heels. You think a harp and as a folk venue.’ 9 December someone tell you they’re a the hair... June Tabor with Huw Warren, they let us still do the gig. guitar are going to be gentle but Terry Alderton gynaecologist. People say that Ray: OK, a Mohican. They would Photo BRADLEY CRESWICK Andy Cutting, Tim Harries, Ed: Good point, I like playing to me loads. Wham! What a big sound they have a Mohican. Mark Emerson make, it’s spectacular.’ Just before 16 December Kings Place too much to get Special headliner Ray: You’re right, our super- this, in November, the orkadian fired. Shall we hop on the Ed: Perfect. soldier should be honest. It’s guitarist and singer Kris Drever For support acts, see listings Mature Train to Sensibletown?
  • 9. hIGhLIGhtS Book tickets now: Book tickets now: HIGHLIGHTS 16 SPOKEN WORD September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 SPOKEN WORD 17 SpOkEN wORd Fatima Bhutto SpOkEN wORd HIGHLIGHTS 20 September 25 OctOber THIS CITY TwIN dYNASTIES LOvES pOETS! poet in the city words on monday Thomas Hardy Guardian hosted by Claire tomalin, Book Club As part of the DSC Festival of South acclaimed biographer of Asian Literature at Kings Place, two hardy, this special event 1 NOvember will feature readings of words on monday Graham henderson, director of Poet in the City, remarkable women from two of the hardy’s poetry, and new Oxfam Debate anticipates another sell-out season of spoken region’s most prominent political work inspired by him. 8 NOvember word events at Kings Place this autumn. families come together. 27 September words on monday words on monday Guardian Debate Schumann An evening with ‘I can’t remember the number of thomas hardy led by Claire tomalin When Nayantara Sahgal and Fatima Bhutto come on Bicentennary the Guardian’s cult times I’ve been told that the poetry and a fascinating one on the stage in Hall One on 21 October, it will be a symbolic Professor Lord columnists Zoe Williams, audience in the UK could fit into one corresponding American poets meeting of the two great dynasties of India and Robert Winston with Ben Goldacre and room,’ says Graham henderson, Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop. Pakistan. Both are talented writers who have given Stephen Johnson tanya Gold. director of Poet in the City, who has of the contemporary poetry events, voice to the experience of inheriting a loaded, often A medical and 15 NOvember curated a highly successful event the Spoken Word All Stars will be one violent political legacy from close family. musical discussion poet in the city series. ‘But we have proved them not to miss. they begin their tour at novelist nayantara descends from the nehru on Schumann’s creativity Elizabeth Bishop wrong here time and time again. I Latitude Festival and will arrive at family, arguably the world’s oldest democratic and mental state. & Robert Lowell think our event in January this year Kings Place on 18 october with a political dynasty. now spanning four generations and 4 OctOber A celebration of the life with Seamus heaney was one of the keenly honed set, featuring producing the only team of father-daughter-grandson words on monday and work of two of North biggest ever, with both halls packed saxophonist Jason Yarde. ‘he prime ministers, the nehrus have ruled for 37 of Rock ’n’ America’s greatest out, and the audience in hall two rehearses carefully to synchronise India’s 53 years in independence. Sahgal’s fiction 20th-century poets. Roll Politics receiving a video link.’ with the poets, it’s all about rap, deals with the response of India’s elite to the crises Hosted by 22 NOvember A quarter of the audience so far rhythm and beat, he creates a great engendered by political change and her novels are Steve Richards words on monday has been first-timers, which shows synergy.’ henderson is particularly often set against the backdrop of pivotal events in Guardian the reach is still growing. owing to proud that the All Stars launched and Indian history. She was one of the first female 18 OctOber Book Club lack of commercial clout, henderson developed the event at Kings Place: Indo-Anglian writers to receive wide recognition. poet in the city feels this great art form has been it’s now not only on a national tour, Fatima Bhutto was born in Pakistan, the Spoken Word 29 NOvember side-lined: ‘but at all the important but has become the subject of a Sky granddaughter of zulfikar Ali Bhutto, prime minister All Stars words on monday transitions in life – births, marriages, Arts documentary. ‘our work at Kings from 1971 until his execution in 1977. His daughter, Guardian Debate Featuring Charlie Dark, Kate tempest, Kat Francois and El Crisis, 6 December deaths – poetry storms back into people’s consciousness’, and it finds Place has become a springboard for all sorts of ideas. My favourite HIGHLIGHTS Benazir, was elected for two stints as prime minister during the 1990s, the first woman from a Muslim words on monday its transcendent place once again. audience response is, “I didn’t think I state to head a government, before she was accompanied by sax- player Jason Yarde. Winter Words ‘Real poetry sits in your hand like a was going to enjoy that – but I did!”’ assassinated in 2007. Fatima, Benazir’s niece, is a Ian McMillan & polished stone,’ says henderson, fearless poet and writer, who came to fame after the 20–21 OctOber Luke Carver Goss ‘You wonder how something so appearance of her first collection of poems, Whispers DSC South simple, so perfect and gleaming can Poet in the City For events see of the Desert. Her new book, Songs of Blood and A forecast blizzard Asian Literature of songs, poems & contain so much meaning.’ sidebar, left. For further details see the Sword has caused controversy by focusing on Festival wordflakes from poet, henderson’s chief aim has been Listings section. the murder of her father and her negative view Bhakti & the Blues; comedian & broadcaster to change the ‘terminally unglamorous’ of her aunt, Benazir. It follows the story of her own Cricket, Commonwealth Ian McMillan, and reputation of the poetry reading. ‘I family, who became powerbrokers when Pakistan & Country; composer Luke Carver wanted to get away from the “woolly was liberated from colonial British forces after the Twin Dynasties Goss. jumper” image, of a few people in a Second World War. This unusual evening, moderated 13 December dingy basement reading their own by Maya Jaggi, will draw on relevant imagery and words on monday interminable verse to each other for music during which both speakers will talk about Dark Fairytales hours on end. our evenings are their personal experiences of growing up in such Written and performed short, sharp, high-quality, in a powerful and turbulent families. by Dzifa Benson. magazine format – poetry interlaced Film and design with biography, context and DSC South Asian Literature Festival by Al Livingstone. comment – and no interval.’ Twin Dynasties 21 October, Hall One, 7pm. Poet in the City alternate events See Listings p62 for details exploring classic poetry, the ‘late, Bhakti & the Blues with Vayu Naidu Photo ALFRED EISEnSTAEDT great poets’, hosted by leading & Cleveland Watkiss 20 October, Hall Two, 9pm. Photo JOHn DUnnE experts, with those featuring living Cricket, Commonwealth & Country Photo AMEAn J poets reading their own verse. this 20 October, Hall One, 7pm. Luke Carver Goss Robert Lowell & Ian Mcmillan season there will be an event on See Mihir Bose’s column p47.
  • 10. HIGHLIGHTS Book tickets now: Book tickets now: hIGhLIGhtS 18 ART September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 ART 19 THE ART OF ART ART HIGHLIGHTS dEFYING GRAvITY 20 aUgUSt–2 OctOber Kings Place Gallery Unfold: Art from Cape 1 –26 NOvember Concert Level Jazz Legends Airy and elegant, Ann Christopher’s new sculptures Farewell 2007-2009 Sefton Samuels UNFoLD presents work in a will be shown at Pangolin London in october variety of media by leading Sefton spent a lifetime capturing the biggest names in jazz. international artists in response HIGHLIGHTS Royal Academician, Ann Christopher 1970s who initially inspired to climate change. 3–24 December 2010 (4–11 FebrUarY 2011) is a sculptor whose elegant and Christopher, such as Richard Serra 20 aUgUSt – Kings Place Gallery 8 OctOber intricate works seem to evade and Eduardo Chillida. Kings Place Gallery Albert Irvin RA gravity to rise gracefully into space. this exhibition at Pangolin The Complete Prints taking its inspiration from a wide London focuses on a brand-new Anthony Whishaw RA Images on the Edge of the first major retrospective range of sources, including ancient body of work in a variety of media Perception of Irvin’s printmaking career, standing stones and soaring and is Christopher’s first major solo organised in Association with skyscrapers on an urban skyline, show in London since her Whishaw’s complex meditations Advanced Graphics. Christopher’s work is recognisable exhibition at the Royal Academy. upon and representations of Nature culminate in ‘an image in Spoilt for Choice: Prints from for its intimate attention to detail Christopher’s public and private Advanced Graphics London the process of making itself visible’. and surface texture. commissions can be found across Running concurrently with the Despite their subtle surfaces the globe and her work is held in 8 September – Irvin, work by fellow Academicians. and slender forms, Christopher’s numerous public collections. 16 OctOber sculptures in bronze, steel or silver Ann Christopher will be have great strength and presence talking about her exhibition and Pangolin London David Bailey TALkING ART and her delicate works on paper work in general as part of the Pangolin London Sculpture and Photography also have immense impact, talking Art series on Monday 22 regardless of their fragile nature. November. the first public exhibition of 4 OctOber It is this remarkable ability to Bailey’s sculpture, challenging the boundaries between art forms. An Evening with David Bailey balance power and grace that sets her aside from the bolder, Ann Christopher RA: New Work 1 NOvember more brutal principles of the 27 October—4 December 15 OctOber – William Pye Water Sculptures avant-garde sculptors of the Pangolin London 26 NOvember Kings Place Gallery 22 NOvember Face To Face Ann Christopher in conversation British Self-Portraits of the 20th Century: Selected works from 20 December the Ruth Borchard Collection Pangolin Christmas Show: An Introduction FACE TO FACE wITH THE Ruth Borchard, who came to academicism, Camden Town, A unique collection of 100 self- portraits spanning the period London as a German-Jewish refugee Expressionism, the Euston Road in 1939, started collecting British School and Kitchen Sink. from 1921 to 1971. TALkING ART SERIES TwENTIETH CENTURY self-portraits in the late 1950s. With astonishing bravado, she set herself a ceiling of 21 guineas for Among young artists spotted by Ruth Borchard in their student days were Mario Dubsky, Peter IT IS THIS REMARkAbLE 15 OctOber – 26 NOvember By Dr Gail-Nina Anderson 11 OctOber any one picture, irrespective of Phillips and Patrick Procktor, AbILITY TO Kings Place Gallery From Sickert to Riley: The Colour Yellow When Ruth Borchard made the daring decision the artist’s fame, and usually along with Antony Eyton, Antony bALANCE pOwER Developments in Modern to collect self-portraits, she created an enduring succeeded, accumulating more Green, Ken Howard, David Tindle 18 OctOber vision of Britain’s post-war art world. the than 100 portraits. and Euan Uglow. As the collection ANd GRACE THAT British Art Victoria and Albert as Collectors From the post-Impressionist collection, now housed at the Kings Place The earliest in this remarkable collection of British self-portraits and her confidence grew, she approached artists at the height of SETS HER ASIdE exhibitions to the post-war 25 OctOber generation still working today. includes work by Raymond Coxon, their careers: many, such as Mona Lisa and Her Sisters Gallery, goes on show on 15 october. Ithell Colquhoun, Carel Weight Michael Ayrton, Roger Hilton, Felix 27 OctOber – 8 NOvember and Anne Redpath from the Topolski and Keith Vaughan, 4 NOvember Mirrors and Reflections Photo RUTH BORCHARD COLLECTIOn inter-war years, but most are from co-operated. This year a national Pangolin London the 1950s and 1960s, helping to self-portrait prize will be Ann Christopher RA 15 NOvember evoke an entire period in British launched, so that her legacy will Photo STEVE RUSSELL New Work Portraits of the Working Class art and its myriad developing continue to grow. strands. All kinds of artistic A brand new body of work in a Ruth Borchard Ann Christopher variety of media. 13 December Jean Cooke influences are evident – art school See listings p60 Shadow of Light The Colour Gold
  • 11. hIGhLIGhtS Book tickets now: Book tickets now: hIGhLIGhtS 20 FOOD & DRINK September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 FOOD & DRINK 21 GRApE EXpECTATIONS FOOd & dRINk very collectable and at £42 this If you could only take one most gorgeous of wines is a steal. bottle of wine to a desert SOLUTION TO THE THE dEMISE Robin Davis, owner of SWIG, is an independent Clos Erasmus 1988 came from a private cellar. We tasted three vintages of this wine before settling island, what would it be? A fine bottle of New Zealand Pinot OF FRENCH Noir! But I wouldn’t wait till I got SUNdAY ROAST wine importer and consultant who helped put on the 1988 and if you want to to the desert island. Like Miles in together the wine list at the Kings Place Rotunda drink one of Spain’s most collectable the film Sideways waiting for the CUISINE? restaurant. We asked him how he chooses wines and for his seasonal recommendations. reds with over 20 years’ bottle age this is one not to miss. perfect moment to drink his several hundred dollars a bottle of Château Cheval Blanc, it’s rare There’s something about at one table and 24 at three, for a sit- The London Restaurant Festival What’s the best way to enjoy a that it comes, and when it does preparing the Sunday roast which down meal. It provides a relaxed arrives at Kings Place on glass of wine? the wine might be too old or let wars against a relaxed, sociable environment for friends and family 12 October with a lively debate Always take the time to smell it. you down. It’s better to grab the family time – little wonder it and has a stunning terrace running on the state of French cuisine. As much of the magic of a wine is moment… Monday nights are sometimes only happens on alongside the canal which is perfectly The motion is: This House in its aroma as in its taste. Most as good as any to drink Christmas day. You start the process suited to inviting larger groups Believes that French Cuisine is importantly take your time, drink something special. early in the morning and by the time should you want to try a Spent Force. Debating this less of a quality wine, make it last the guests arrive, you’re sweating a barbecue or hog roast with some contentious issue will be author SWIG is an interesting name – could draw off stock for the top over two or three nights. over the stove, the meat has dried to great British beer to wash it down. and broadcaster Jonathan how did it come about? end of the list. the Bordeaux have For wine tasting events a crisp, the vegetables have boiled there is no hire charge for the Meades, who has made his home the Serious Wine Imbibers Group been carefully chosen as being What’s your favourite wine- this autumn look on to a pulp and the roast potatoes are space and three-course menus start in France, the acerbically witty (SWIG) was a newsletter-style over-achievers but under-priced in producing country and why? still hard. You never get to talk to at £27.00 per head. the suggested critic AA Gill and the feisty guide to buying wines written by their respective vintages. the most It has to be Italy, the array of grape anyone. Liz Reece, manager of the menus for the private dining room editor-cum-smallholder Rosie my late mentor, James Rogers. he expensive wine on the list is varieties make for some memorable There will be a September tasting Rotunda, has the answer: ‘We create are hugely flexible and Norman Boycott, who is now an active imported wines for his family’s Lynch-Bages 1961 at £225. I’ve just flavours and aromas. the whole with Mike Weersing of Pyramid the roast dinner you always wanted harkness, the Rotunda head chef, is campaigner for home-grown chain of quality grocers, Cullens, seen it on another retailer’s list at country is just awash with greatly Valley, organic wine-maker of the under the eyes of a professional always happy to sit down and produce and works for the from California, Argentina, New £495 per bottle. Peter and John are improved producers – a big moment in New Zealand; October chef. We’ll serve our amazing quality discuss any ideas you might have to mayoralty as Chair of London Zealand and Australia long before very keen to work with smaller change from 20 years ago – but sees a tasting of South Africa’s top beef or lamb from our linked farm up make the occasion as special and Food. The event will kick off with anyone else was bringing them in. suppliers who have something it’s hard to get people to try some 20 producers, and in November we in Northumbria, you bring your personal as you would like it. drinks at 6.15pm and the debate he got the famous wine journalists interesting to offer. For the ‘wines of the lesser-known grape varieties welcome Domaine Serene, family in and we leave you to carve If you’re in search of an will start at 7pm in Hall One. of today to taste blind and showed by the glass’ section we taste – they stick to the big names. Oregon’s top Pinot Noir producer. and serve yourselves, or we’ll serve intimate dining space, with them that without using this everything blind against three or unobtrusively if you’d prefer.’ excellent travel links for all your method, you would never choose four times as many wines as we Vegetables come in big bowls, and guests and menus to suit all tastes The London Restaurant Festival the best-value wine for the actually list, and these are very the whole idea is about people then the Rotunda can offer you 2010 Culinary Debate 12 October, customer or get innovation in reasonably priced. getting together and enjoying some exactly what you’re looking for, as Hall One, 6.15pm for 7pm wine. I always wanted to carry on uninterrupted quality time. the Rotunda private dining room Liz says, ‘As far as our private dining is concerned, it is all about For bookings: Rotunda Bar & HIGHLIGHTS SWIG, in honour of him. Tell us about one of your great wine finds? can be booked from 9am to 11pm taking the menu to the person, not Restaurant Tel: 020 7014 2840 How did you become involved two terraces 2003 from Waipara, seven days a week. It seats up to 16 taking the person to the menu’. with Kings Place and the New Zealand. It’s a Merlot/ Rotunda? Cabernet blend which the trade Kings Place owner Peter Millican is have by-passed each year for three a wine enthusiast. he told us years, during which time we’ve about Kings Place three years been the only people importing JOIN ROSIE before it was built and hoped one this gorgeous leafy, blackcurranty, bOYCOTT ANd day we could be involved. he introduced John Nugent (Managing Bordeaux-like wine. It’s as good as any of the more famous names in AA GILL TO dEbATE Director of Green & Fortune) over the room that cost twice as much, dinner and wines from small and what’s more, it’s more wHETHER FRENCH producers which I import, and we pleasurable to drink. It’s £25 on CUISINE IS A all agreed it would be a positive the restaurant list. thing to work together. SpENT FORCE What should people be trying On what principles do you put a this autumn from the Rotunda wine list together for a wine list? restaurant like the Rotunda? If you buy any bottle that costs £40 Peter and John told me they’d like or more you will be drinking Photo JOAKIM BLOCKSTRöM to have a wine list with interesting something extraordinary and rare Rosie Boycott, Chair of London and quirky wines, as well as for the price on which just a Photo JILL CHEn Food, joins the classics at great prices. We agreed modest cash mark-up has been London Restaurant Robin & Festival debate to purchase a cellar from which we applied. Amon Ra from Australia is Son Lachlan
  • 12. Book tickets now: Book tickets now: 24 January—April 2010 September—December 2010 COVER FEATURE 25 Robert Schumann about Chopin’s music which is exquisite – a (1810–1856) perfection which is almost inhuman. That’s not and wife clara Schumann the case with Schumann, sometimes you feel it (1819–1896). could be edited, but it’s so human, there’s the imprint of the man there – I’m not sure you ever truly know Chopin through his music.’ Parham’s programme for the week includes not only some great works for solo piano, chamber ensembles, the Cello Concerto, and a Lieder recital by Ann Murray, but a concert of Schumann’s piano miniatures. For one of the special aspects of Schumann must surely be his accessibility: there are pieces for instruments, short songs and the incomparably tender Kinderszenen (Scenes from Childhood) through which children and amateur pianists can discover the essence of this extraordinary composer. ‘I loved playing all the Schumann pieces you learn as a child, I thought they were completely magical,’ explains Lucy, ‘So I’ve invited all sorts of pianists to each play one for our gala concert to support the National Youth Orchestra.’ She has persuaded a host of amateur pianists well known in other fields to perform, from the Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger, (a pupil of Parham’s), actor Edward Fox, comic Sue Perkins, BBC presenter Katie Derham to Richard Ingrams of The Oldie and Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, Archbishop of Westminster: ‘I think they’re very brave, but I’m hoping it will also be great fun, and Robert Schumann’s music ‘I have a strange feeling when playing attract a crowd.’ Schumann of coming home: I think, deep down, A centrepiece of the week will be a exerts a unique power over his is a language I understand. I suppose there presentation of Beloved Clara, Parham’s musicians. Pianist Lucy Parham is something very personal about his music, dramatisation of the relationship between Robert, a troubled soul that comes shining through.’ his wife the pianist Clara Schumann, and Johannes (pictured below), who curates Schumann is very much on the mind of pianist Brahms, as told through their letters and music. a week of Schumann events Lucy Parham, in this, his 200th-anniversary year, It must be the most famous love-triangle in the at Kings Place in honour of which he shares with Chopin. Performing the history of music, and has exerted a fascination music of both, she’s had plenty of time to explore over creative minds ever since. Katherine his bicentenary, discusses two utterly different Romantic voices: Hepburn played Clara in Love Song, Hollywood’s his genius and the most ‘Technically, Schumann’s music is not very 1947 version of the story, where a handsome pianistic, and doesn’t fit well under the hand. young Brahms woos the married Clara, who famous love triangle in music Chopin was primarily a pianist, and a much mourns her increasingly ‘lunatic’ husband. with Helen Wallace. better pianist than Schumann, while Schumann Author Janice Galloway explored the painful thinks in a more orchestral, vocal or instrumental practical and physical realities of the life of a way. But while Chopin is more comfortable to travelling virtuoso with an unstable husband and play, Schumann makes special demands on seven children in her searing book Clara. Sting your imagination, to go right into the depths and Trudie Styler are the latest to try out the roles of his soul. I love the fact that you have the of Robert and Clara in Twin Spirits (Opus Arte) very introverted, shy character and then you with Derek Jacobi narrating a story that focuses suddenly have this mad, mercurial personality on Robert’s battle with Clara’s father for her that explodes on to the scene – it’s hard to hand. Lucy, who created her drama with writer understand at first. Take a piece like Kreisleriana, Jessica Duchen, sees Clara as the key figure: ‘At which in many respects is an impulsive the centre is Clara, this astonishing virtuoso whirlwind, but underneath it there’s an agony, pianist and composer, who managed, against all PHOTO tuLLy PotteR coLLection a passion – a voice crying out.’ odds, to break free from her controlling pianist It’s this human voice that seems to take a father. The fact that these two great composers PHOTO Sven ARnStein Pianist Lucy Parham hold on certain musicians, and causes them to formed relationships with her, were inspired by who is curating the week speak of Schumann as if he were an intimate her and wrote all this extraordinary music for her and performing. friend, flawed but lovable: ‘There’s something – well, there’s no story in music quite like it.’
  • 13. MUSIC Book tickets now: Book tickets now: MUSIC 26 SOUL TO SOUL September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 SOUL TO SOUL 27 PHOTO BenjAmin eALovegA PHOTO Steve uLLAtHoRne Schumann natalie clein bicentenary on Schumann MONDAY 27 SEPTEMBER Music & Madness Professor Lord Robert Winston and Stephen Johnson discuss Schumann’s ‘Schumann for me is unique: i once creativity and mental state. heard the composer Heinz Holliger Hall One 7pm say that you have to find colours on the cello for Schumann that you never have to find for any other composer, WEDNESDAY 29 SEPTEMBER and that’s so true. it’s always a joy and Schumann on huge challenge to perform his music. Piano and Violin We cellists are lucky in that he wrote Lucy Parham piano Jennifer Pike violin us such substantial pieces. He was an Martin Roscoe piano amateur cellist himself, which can be the Hall One 7.30pm most dangerous combination – he was familiar with the cello but didn’t know THURSDAY 30 SEPTEMBER quite how difficult his music was to play! Schumann with Natalie Although the wonderful Fantasiestücke Clein & Friends Left: Cellist Raphael Wallfisch. (originally for clarinet) works brilliantly on Natalie Clein cello Above: comic Sue Perkins and the cello, i particularly love the Stücke im Images from left: Katya Apekisheva piano Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger violinist Jennifer Pike, who try their hand at playing Schumann Volkston (Pieces in a Folk Style) for cello. performs during the week; Alexander Sitkovetsky violin too on 2 October. they are very obsessive: those themes actress Martina Gedeck. Krzysztof Chorzelski viola get under your skin, they can take you Hall One 7.30pm over, but they conjure up the fairy-tale world he was immersed in. i’ve included FRIDAY 1 OCTOBER the noble Adagio and Allegro as i feel Beloved Clara the two movements perfectly capture Lucy Parham piano with Sebastian the contrasting spirits of Florestan and Koch & Martina Gedeck actors eusebius, the two characters he felt were Hall One 7.30pm Her own words-and-music presentation, pieces by them and Clara herself. Perhaps most warring within him. her, and Clara established his two piano concertos Beloved Clara, takes its title from a letter of poignant are the moments in which we glimpse Schumann was such a gifted writer in the repertoire. Parham pays tribute to her SATURDAY 2 OCTOBER Schumann’s, as does a recent German film of the the sacrifice she made as a creative artist in order as well as composer that a portrait dedication to her husband’s music: ‘I think the Schumann Gala story, which will receive its UK premiere at Kings Place in this week. The film stars actress Maria that Robert could compose: his writing had to take precedence over her practising and often including words and music is an ideal way of presenting him, as Lucy’s evening Schumann makeS fact that she never married Brahms is because her whole life was dedicated to Schumann, even Scenes from Childhood Gedeck, known to British audiences through her composing, despite Schumann’s admiration Beloved Clara will show. Special demandS on after his death. She worked tirelessly to promote Kinderszenen Op.15 as played by Alan Rusbridger, Richard Ingrams, her performance in the acclaimed film about life for her gift: ‘Clara has written a series of small it’s incredibly touching his works, many of which had been dismissed by in the DDR, The Lives of Others. Lucy is thrilled pieces, more delicate and richly musical in their to read their letters your imagination, to go critics and other composers.’ Katie Derham, Sue Perkins, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor and others. that Gedeck is taking up the role again, with her co-star Sebastian Koch playing Robert Schumann invention than she’s ever achieved before … I’m often disturbed to think how many brilliant ideas to each other because the love right into the depthS She’s delighted to be joined by a mix of fine musicians, young and old. As a laureate of the Hall One 11.30am and Brahms. ‘To have two German voices, who are lost because she hasn’t the time to work was so intense of hiS Soul. BBC Young Musician of the Year herself, Lucy has Lieder Masterclass know how to lift those letters off the page, and them out.’ on both sides. always supported those who came after her. She has invited former winners cellist Natalie Clein with Ann Murray/Iain Burnside bring those people alive, is very special. And One of the reasons Clara’s father objected to While she is Hall One 1.30pm the letters are such a direct way into their world the marriage was his perception that Schumann not as great a and violinist Jennifer Pike to perform whole – they were brilliant writers, and corresponded was mentally unstable. His condition deteriorated composer programmes of chamber music. ‘I’ve always Film: Geliebte Clara (2008/Germany) after the ecstatic first years of the marriage, as Schumann, After attempting suicide by throwing himself loved Natalie’s playing and I’ve followed Jennifer UK Premiere in a way unknown to us now. It starts when the St Pancras Room 4pm Schumanns marry, and ends with Brahms taking though recent biographers have interpreted his she did have into the Rhine, Robert was committed to a with great interest since she won at the age of 12; leave of the dying Clara.’ She confesses that tragic mental decline as far from inevitable, but a gift for very mental asylum in the spookily-named Endenich it’s wonderful to see a major talent developing.’ Schumann and the Voice sometimes when she hears Träumerei, she finds caused by the effects of mercury treatment for beautiful and suffered an agonising two years of isolation Of the more established names, she welcomes Ann Murray mezzo-soprano it impossible not to cry. Having read the script, I syphilis, probably picked up in his student days. melodies.’ before his death. During that time Brahms, a cellist Raphael Wallfisch to play the Cello Iain Burnside piano can see what she means. He confesses in one letter that he had ‘auditory loyal friend to the couple who early on recognised Concerto, and mezzo Ann Murray to give a song Hall One 7pm One of Clara’s great achievements was a illusions’ and Lucy has asked Professor Lord his talent, became Clara’s greatest ally, and later recital and masterclass: ‘Ann is a wonderful The Cello Concerto PHOTO DAnieLA mueLLeR-BRunKe radical overhaul of the concert piano repertoire Robert Winston and broadcaster Stephen declared she was the only woman he ever truly singer and teacher. She’s immediately engaging Raphael Wallfisch cello which had become virtuosic and showy to a fault, Johnson, who has explored mental illness in loved. There is no evidence the two had more and inspirational, and has such a wealth of Orchestra of St John’s/John Lubbock and she was largely responsible for introducing other composers too, to discuss the medical than a platonic relationship, though it was experience to bring to this. And we couldn’t Hall One 8.15pm the world to the compositions of Mendelssohn, realities of the composer’s possibly bi-polar creatively fruitful. He wrote some of his finest explore Schumann without hearing his songs – See Listings p55–7 for full details. Schumann and Brahms. The evening interleaves condition, and how it affected his music. piano pieces and chamber works expressly for they take you to the heart of the man.’
  • 14. ART 28 ART September—December 2010 September—December 2010 THE SKULL BENEATH THE SKIN 29 Photo DAVID BAILEY Photo DAVID BAILEY Bailey: David Bailey ‘I don’t take Shoe Tongue photographs, Sterling Silver I make images’ Celebrated photographer David Bailey has taken up sculpture, and Pangolin London will be the first gallery to show his work. Rachel Campbell-Johnston went to his studio to meet an outspoken creator who revels in ‘messing with materials’.
  • 15. PANGOLIN ARt 30 THE SKULL BENEATH THE SKIN September—December 2010 David Bailey – or just Bailey as he is always called (even by his wife) – is the photographer who first became famous because he clicked with the Sixties, with its world of legs and lips and long sleek hair, of eyelashes hanging like bats upon cheekbones and mini-skirts hiking up startlingly high. But now, in his seventies, he is ‘Have you ever been presenting a very different sort of picture. In a show of his sculpture which opens at Pangolin to a foundry?’ He London this autumn, Bailey looks straight asks, His eyes Heating through the fripperies of fashion. he focuses on the skull that lies beneath that perfect skin. up like molten grey ‘I’m not saying I’m a sculptor,’ Bailey insists. ‘I just make images. I don’t take photographs, I metal; ‘it’s fantastic, make them. And now I’m making something else. tHe silver falls like I’ve always messed around with stuff like this. When I was a kid I used to make cabinets of silver rain’ curiosity. I’d put things in crisp boxes and write little labels on them. the whole of life is a cabinet of curiosities,’ he says, casting his gaze restlessly around his London mews studio. It flits across a huge butterfly painting by Damien hirst, a poster-sized print of the Beatles as kids, and Photo DAVID BAILEY comes to rest for a few moments on a canvas which he has just finished painting. It shows his David Bailey Comfortable Skull mother being raped by hitler, he says. ‘I paint Sterling silver hitler all the time,’ he explains. ‘I always thought that he killed Mickey Mouse because when I was a boy he bombed the cinema at Upton Park.’ Jumping up from his chair, a small, plump, unshaven figure, he rummages about on his carved wooden fetish. ‘But then I met the guy home). ‘Everything in my life is found,’ he says, shelves. ‘this is called the The Rite of Spring,’ who owns the Pangolin foundry [Rungwe ‘whether it’s something that I find in the person he says, showing me an assemblage in a glass- Kingdon] (‘have you ever been to a foundry?’ he I’m taking a picture of or some farmer’s old boot fronted, shoe-box-sized cabinet which involves a asks, his eyes heating up like molten grey metal; that I find on a bonfire.’ the tongue intrigues him. graphic sex toy, a picture of an (understandably ‘it’s fantastic, the silver falls like silver rain’) and ‘It’s the only sexual part of your body that round-eyed) owl and a bird’s nest woven from twigs. ‘It’s exciting to make something you I began mucking around with plaster and clay.’ he revels in the hands-on immediacy of the everybody sees. You do as much sex with your tongue as anything else’, he says. And yet, right Pangolin until 3 July Fallis in wonderland Pangolin london sculPtor in residence, abigail fallis london haven’t seen before,’ he says. ‘Curiosity is process. he deplores digital technology. behind all this exuberant sensuality, lies the brute everything. If you’re not curious, you’re finished.’ ‘Chimpanzees can take pictures,’ he says. he still fact of death. ‘the skull is our destiny,’ says Bailey is inspired by the primitive, by the prints all his photographs himself. he loves Bailey. ‘All those beautiful girls: that’s all they are tribal carvings and fetishistic assemblages of messing with the materials of sculpture. ‘I don’t 13 july - 21 august in the end. When Picasso painted Gertrude Stein African and oceanic culture which he first know how to do it and that’s why I do it,’ he says. she complained that she didn’t look like that. sculPture, Prints Michael cooper encountered through Picasso, an artist whose Skulls seemed to him the obvious subject “You will”, Picasso said.’ stone carvings & bronzes work he adores. It is hardly surprising. they have matter. they have always obsessed him. over the ‘I don’t believe in the afterlife,’ Bailey says. & drawings much in common: a relentless inventiveness, years he has assembled quite a collection. the ‘I don’t want people to come to my funeral. I a tireless determination, a bellicose disposition, craniums of a gorilla, a hippo, a tiger (which he never go to theirs. I just want to be put into an 8 september - 16 october an irreverent outlook – and a taste for beautiful extracted himself from an old moth-eaten head) old cardboard box and then burnt – then people david bailey women. Bailey may have settled down with age lie about his studio. Sometimes he will bury dead can smoke me, I suppose. But if art can do sculPture & PhotograPhs – the only things he now cares about, he says, animals to dig them up a few months later. ‘the anything’, he says (and he insists that it does not are his work, his wife Catherine, his children ... skull is nature’s sculpture,’ he says. ‘the old ones serve a practical purpose – design does that) ‘if it and his Jack Russell dog, Pig. But once, like the get this lovely patina,’ he says. serves anything, it would serve the soul... if we 9 september - 24 december great pioneer of Modernism, he was as famous his new sculpture exhibition will display pieces had one... by showing us how to look at the world williaM pye for bedding the world’s most beautiful women as that range from a tiny grinning memento mori cast in a different way.’ water sculPtures for making pictures of them. in pure silver and set on a fashion-catwalk chair to Kings Place clockwise from top left: ‘Primitive is the wrong word,’ Bailey says. ‘this art is so sophisticated. And yet it’s so basic.’ a huge five-foot bronze in which death looms very large. ‘here is Shoe Tongue,’ he says: showing me David Bailey: Sculpture & Photographs abigail fallis Looking Glass; 27 october - 4 december 90 York Way he has always set out to simplify, he says. Even a skull with a boot-leather tongue poking 8 September – 16 October. Pangolin London. Michael cooper Seated ann christopher new work London Gorilla; david bailey Shoe in photography, he prefers black and white: colour gets in the way of the image pure and impudently from its gape. he was inspired to make it by an old shoe which he found on a See Listings p53. An Evening with David Bailey Tongue; Jon buck Drawn In; N1 9AG direct. the first sculpture he ever made was a burnt-out fire in Dartmoor (where he has a second 4 October. See Listings p57. ann christopher Shadow 9 december - 24 december of Light ; william Pye Scylla pangolin london christMas show T: 020 7520 1480
  • 16. Book tickets now: 32 JAZZ September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 33 DON’T 5TOP ME NOW! Django Bates, jazz dynamo, band-leader and composer, has chosen to celebrate his 50th birthday at Kings Place. John Fordham looks back on an idiosyncratic career that’s still on a creative rollercoaster. Django Bates with colleagues from his current Danish big band StoRMChaser When Django Bates was growing up in Schnittke viola concerto. I really had no idea playing its members’ compositions) took even as different as the atmospheric Norwegians Five years ago, in the Guardian, Bates and Beckenham in the 1970s, he dreamed of making about musical boundaries at all.’ the world-famous Ronnie Scott’s Club by storm, Sidsel Endresen and Nils Petter Molvaer, and the young F-IRE Collective guitarist David Okumu friends with someone who knew what jazz was. Django Bates is 50 this year. He’s released and at one point engaged the services of an the edgily innovative New York pairing of cellist animatedly discussed the practicalities and Classmates at his local comprehensive were a rare covers album with the Charlie Parker admiring Teo Macero, the legendary Miles Hank Roberts and saxophonist/composer Tim economics of unorthodox music-making in what into reggae, Mud, or Showaddywaddy, and tribute Beloved Bird, but there’s nothing Davis producer. Berne. In 2004, he was the inaugural Artistic they both saw as a lowest-common-denominator one or two were discovering punk – but jazz studiously respectful about this piano-trio tour In 1991, Django Bates formed his post- Director of the FuseLeeds new music festival, culture. Okumu pointed out that the 1980s was nowhere to be heard. The teenage pianist de force. Parker’s usually straight-swinging Tubes big band, Delightful Precipice. The commissioning sixty composers from Adnitt example of Loose Tubes, and the unflinching took to whistling Charlie Parker bebop tunes on ‘Scrapple From The Apple’ constantly switches enthusiasm for its surreal rearrangement of (Tim) to Zorn (John) to write one bar each in independence of Django Bates’s work since, had railway platforms, hoping somebody would get tempos, ‘My Little Suede Shoes’ deconstructs ‘New York, New York’ at the Copenhagen Jazz celebration of saxophone revolutionary Evan been a major inspiration to the F-IRE Collective, the message. post-Parker Latin-jazz clichés, and the normally Festival (Bates used to announce it by saying Parker’s 60th birthday, quilted together so that and other young organisations like it. Bates Bates found a fellow bop obsessive (the brisk ‘A-leu-cha’ is turned into a tender reverie. ‘we’d now like to play a lovely, lovely, lovely, the recipient could improvise over it. remarked on how heartened he was ‘that saxophonist Steve Buckley) that way, and the Bates is also busy applying his creative LOVELY old song, in a horrible new way’) led to somehow these people with a common musical partnership became his first jazz band. He went mischievousness to the Rhythmic Music the prestigious 1997 Jazzpar Prize, which Bates purpose seem to find each other in this huge on to co-found one of the UK’s most innovative Conservatory’s StoRMChaser big band, whose was only the second non-American to receive. city’. He also put his finger on the motivation that jazz orchestras (Loose Tubes), compose for members defy traditional ensemble principles The 1990s also saw an increase in drove him back to when he was whistling bebop jazz, classical and theatre ensembles, collect by playing as many different things as possible adventurous classical ensembles seeking on railway stations, and which drives him still. Europe’s jazz equivalent of the Nobel prize at the same time, and frequently at odds to the unconventional composers. Django Bates ‘Being outside the establishment has always (Denmark’s £20,000 Jazzpar), and become a beat as well. wrote for the London Sinfonietta, the Britten BEiNg OuTsiDE ThE seemed important to me, because creatively professor at Copenhagen’s unique Rhythmic Music Conservatory. It’s been a long ride from Django Bates’s first regular gig was as a house-pianist for some of the biggest names Sinfonia, and the Smith and Brodsky String Quartets, though these adventures sometimes EsTaBlishMENT has alWays it’s where you have to be.’ the platform at Beckenham Junction – and from in UK jazz, at promoter Jonny Edgecombe’s divided the classical critics, who struggled to sEEMED iMPOrTaNT TO ME, his father Ralf’s remarkable record collection, Waterside Theatre in Rotherhithe in the late categorise his eccentric and ebullient take on Django Bates & Human Chain, which, as Bates says, ‘embraced everything 1970s. Out of that gig came the pianist’s band, tradition. The last two decades have also seen BEcausE crEaTivEly iT’s 50th Birthday Gala from Romanian folk orchestras to Zulu choirs. Human Chain, with saxophonist Iain Ballamy Django Bates compose for theatre director WhErE yOu havE TO BE. 2 October, Hall Two. See Listings p57. PHOTO MARTIN MUNCH He’d tape snatches of weirdness from the radio, – and between 1984 and 1990, they were both Lucy Bailey, collaborate with former Yes and The Bad Plus and we’d listen to it all through. You’d get ten swept into the collective energies of Loose King Crimson rock drummer Bill Bruford in the with Evan Parker and Django Bates seconds of calypso smashing straight into a Tubes. The unruly young orchestra (mainly Earthworks quartet, and record with artists 20 November, Hall One. See Listings p70.
  • 17. ART 34 ART September—December 2010 September—December 2010 THE INDEFATIGABLE ALBERT IRVIN 35 The indefaTigable alberT irvin As a new exhibition opens at the Kings Place Gallery, William Varley celebrates the life and work of a painter engaged in the physical and emotional dynamics of existence. There is a marvellous book by Professor Jonathan Rose called The Intellectual Life of an enthusiasm for classical music so that it comes as no surprise to learn that as a young London and, for a while, joined the committee of the Poetry Society. The discovery of the British Working Classes. The outcome artist during World War II he attended Dame If his adventure in self-development MaTisse’s colour had of scrupulous research, it documents the Myra Hess’s lunchtime concerts at the National is perhaps not unique amongst former rise of the self-education movement in the Gallery. He possesses a vast hinterland of grammar school boys of his generation, his freed hiM so ThaT Victorian age, through the 20th century to its decline in the 1980s. Bert Irvin, now 88, cultural knowledge which is simply taken for granted and never paraded as exceptional or development as an artist almost provides a rehearsal of the history of post-war British Today The blazing is the quintessential autodidact, though he exclusive. His reverence for high culture and Modernism. From his early essays in figuration conTrasTs and was not, strictly speaking, of a working-class background, his father having run a small its spiritually enriching power utterly separates him from those nowadays who are driven by (radically flattened-out vignettes of working- class life) to his first forays in abstraction burning red/violeT grocery business in Bermondsey until it failed, the ‘Anxiety of Cool’. Moreover, throughout which were informed by his cartographical harMonies have a life- whereupon he was forced to take a succession his youth he had encountered inspirational and spatial expertise as an RAF navigator, he of jobs. If the young Bert was neither teachers, first at Holloway County Grammar moved inexorably towards ‘painting which affirMing opTiMisM. economically nor culturally privileged, he was School, then at Towcester when he was aspires to the condition of music’. Abstract still imbued with aspirational values, largely evacuated to Northamptonshire, and later at painting, devoid of any mimetic purpose, inculcated by his mother, who was a Sunday Northampton College of Art. While there he would for him articulate ‘the physical and School teacher. also met the Reverend Walter Hussey, patron emotional dynamics of existence’. The pursuit of material success, celebrity of the arts, whose collection included work Forming a friendship with the painter Peter and the casual acceptance of consumerism by Graham Sutherland and Matthew Smith, Lanyon in 1957 was in this respect a meeting have never been part of Bert Irvin’s make-up. and who had commissioned Henry Moore’s of minds. Lanyon often flew a glider (he was The details of his intellectual odyssey are Madonna and Child for St Matthew’s church. eventually killed in a crash), and used that vividly reconstructed in Paul Moorhouse’s This direct experience of a serious engagement activity to inform his painting. The sensations PHoTo PAul TozeR splendid biography, an enthralling account of with culture fired him up, and it is small wonder of swooping and diving in a contingent space one exciting discovery for him after another. that after his wartime service in the RAF, he were sensory experiences that he recreated in Albert Irvin From early in his life, for example, he developed renewed his education at Goldsmith’s College in the movement of paint. Furthermore, Lanyon in his studio
  • 18. ART ART 36 THE INDEFATIGABLE ALBERT IRVIN September—December 2010 September—December 2010 THE INDEFATIGABLE ALBERT IRVIN 37 Albert Irvin at Kings Place in 2008: his work was the first to be exhibited in the new gallery had exhibited in New York and had shared ideas tectonic plates or manifestations of pure to mention being a streetwise Londoner for with some of the leading Abstract Expressionist energy. His repertoire of shapes and marks years, knows a good deal about the darker painters. By this time Irvin had seen their work increased too, and with their feints, jabs and sides of life. In his painting though, rather than in landmark exhibitions in the mid-fifties at the sweeps, echo a boxer’s armoury, but it would yield to them, he defiantly and exuberantly Tate and the Whitechapel Gallery. De Kooning, be wrong to align him with proponents of transcends them. That Retrospective included a Kline and Pollock were especially important to painterly machismo. As a passionate admirer of large painting titled Nicholson. Nothing to do him. The mural scale and the environmental Turner, he is more often preoccupied with the with Sir William, or Ben, it refers in fact to the presence of many of these paintings which ineffable and the numinous. Those marks and maiden name of Betty, his wife and constant often loomed over the spectator threatening shapes, incidentally, don’t form a nexus that supporter, to whom he has been married for to engulf him, like Gordale Scar, James Ward’s the spectator must decode, but rather present over 60 years. It’s good, too, to see his romantic exercise in the Sublime (in the sense one that might be sensed or apprehended. long-term friend Basil Beattie showing in Spoilt of ominous and threatening), made a lasting Collectively they might engender sensations of for Choice, the accompanying Advanced impression upon him. Again, the notion of the bustle of urban life or hint at inner conflicts. Graphics show. As for his own prints, most the canvas as an arena of activity wherein a Colour too had been developed from the frequently a combination of screenprint and drama of brushstrokes unfolds, rather than as subfusc tonalities and khaki fogs that were the woodblock, one marvels at the deftness with a composition of fictive references, became common currency of British painting in the ’50s. which he edits the activity of his paintings to increasingly important. The discovery of Matisse’s colour had freed preserve their vigour at smaller scale. As his work developed, his abstract him so that today the blazing contrasts of By the way, his favourite colour is red, language became more complex. The canvas complementaries and burning red/violet but then it would be, given that he’s been a would be rotated so that the topography of harmonies have a life-affirming optimism. In her lifelong Arsenal supporter. marks became even more ambivalent and with introduction to his Retrospective at Kings Place the adoption of acrylics rather than oils he (2008), Alice Correia aptly defined him as ‘a could pour paint onto the canvas or even use a painter of hope’. This is not to suggest that he is Albert Irvin, The Complete Prints squeegee to create tides of overlapping colour. of Panglossian innocence: anyone who has In association with Advanced Graphics. It takes little imagination to see in these vast endured the ‘terrifying’ experience of being a 3–24 December. Kings Place Gallery. pictorial improvisations seismic shifts of wartime navigator in a Beaufighter bomber, not See Listings p73.
  • 19. Book tickets now: Book tickets now: CLASSICAL 38 CLASSICAL September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 ETERNITY IN AN HOUR 39 ETERNITY TRANSITION_ PROjECTS INNOCENCE AND ExPERIENCE N AN H0UR… 25 NoveMBer Poulenc La Voix humaine Berio Sequenza III Claire Booth soprano 26 NoveMBer Britten Winter Words Netia Jones, founder and artistic director of Transition_projects, is well known for presenting Tippett staged concerts and performances with integrated film, creating a richly visual narrative. Boyhood’s End James Gilchrist tenor Here she personally introduces ‘Innocence and Experience’, three evenings of extraordinary music by masters of vocal writing, staged with Transition’s unique projected visuals. 27 NoveMBer Jacopo Peri/ Monteverdi O miei giorni Fflur Wyn soprano See Listings p71,72 ‘Taking our theme, Innocence and Experience, of women on the edge: La Voix humaine, not many performers who could bring that off, I’ll start with the most innocent, the radiant arias Poulenc’s astonishing setting of Jean Cocteau’s but Claire can. of Jacopo Peri (1561–1633) and his contemporary monologue by a lone female on the telephone, After the turmoil of a relationship breaking Monteverdi, because this show is all about combined with Luciano Berio’s Sequenza III, up, we come to Winter Words, a reflective youth and hope. The young heroine (here which pushes the female voice to extreme piece, where an older person is looking played by the young soprano Fflur Wyn) is an virtuoso feats. Berio wrote his piece for the back on life and the loss of innocence. adolescent character who hurls herself into love, singer Cathy Berberian in the year following A chance meeting with a nightwatchman at abandoning herself to emotion, and opening their divorce, and it is fragmentary and fraught an abandoned set of buildings threatened her soul in the absolute way of the first-time with extreme emotion, a real coup de théâtre by vandalism presented the ideal setting for lover. The setting is a long August vacation, For this, Claire Booth’s vocalisation will trigger these two sets of stunning songs, Britten’s which stretches before you as a teenager; this live video. We’ll do La Voix humaine more like Hardy-settings, Winter Words, and Tippett’s artistic, romantic young girl is stuck in prosaic suburbia and she fills the hours with thoughts a film, showing the back story, starring the heroine and her former lover. That will mean Boyhood’s End. He described to me how he spent all night in this entirely empty, semi- THIS ROMANTIC and dreams of love. I’m always struck by the the audience are sometimes complicit in her derelict set of buildings. The nocturnal aspect, YOUNG GIRL freshness, spontaneity and contemporary version of events, and sometimes in the story the absolute solitude struck me, and will give immediacy of these 16th-century songs; they from her ex-lover’s point of view. As she goes depth, another reflective layer, to these songs IS STUCK IN remind me of the work of singer-songwriters today. We’re using a mix of animation and live through the gamut of her guiles, bullying, threatening, cajoling and pleading, the truth which deal with an idealised memory of youth and the melancholy conclusions of old age. I PROSAIC SUBURBIA footage in the staging; animation is ideal for this slowly dawns – on her and us – that she has know that tenor James Gilchrist will respond AND FILLS THE story, with its nascent adult values. The medium uses the tools of childhood and I love working been replaced, she is powerless. The screen will project the image she is trying to project to him, amazingly to these poems which are so rich with life, resonance and narrative, and giving HOURS WITH with animators, they are such extraordinarily while on stage we see the dishevelled reality. him this context should provide a heightened DREAMS OF LOVE. creative and dedicated people. Claire’s performance is quite extraordinary for sense of drama, another emotional dimension From the idealism of youth to the crushing its restraint: she plays this hysterical woman not possible in a straight concert performance blow of rejection. We turn to two portraits but is completely still throughout. There are – that’s what Transition_projects is all about.’
  • 20. Book tickets now: Book tickets now: FOLK 40 FOLK September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 UNBROKEN CHAIN 41 Sigrid Moldestad FOLK UNION, FRIDAY, SEPT–DEC 24 SEPTEMBER Songdog 1 OCTOBER Heidi Talbot with John McCusker & Boo Hewerdine 15 OCTOBER Parkbench 22 OCTOBER Peggy Seeger 29 OCTOBER The Carrivick Sisters The UK folk music scene has never been so vibrant and 5 NOVEMBER so richly diverse. Colin Irwin lays some tired clichés to Svjata Vatra rest and follows the folk story from the Fifties revival 12 NOVEMBER Sigrid Moldestad to a talented new generation performing today. 19 NOVEMBER Kris Drever 26 NOVEMBER Jonny Kearney & Lucy Farrell 3 DECEMBER Celloman 17 DECEMBER The Arctic Circle Christmas Concert Christmas concert featuring Emily Invited to present a gong at the 2003 BBC about introverted singer-songwriters or clubs that still survive in lesser numbers today, Barker, Ted Barnes, Dom Coyote, Folk Awards, the novelist Kazuo Ishiguro made a ridiculously long ballads with laughably spurring on a new generation of artists and Dale Grundle (The Sleeping Years) stirring speech on behalf of a much-maligned convoluted narratives. The British, it seemed, inspiring not only an explosion of earnest, and composer/arranger Harry Escott. national heritage. reviled their own music, and outing yourself socially conscious songwriters, but interest in and ‘There is this treasure chest you have sitting in front of you,’ he told the guests, ‘and if you as a fan of folk music was a quick route to becoming a social outcast. respect for the old traditional songs and singers. A few of those working at the coalface of FEAST OF FOLK WEEK were American or perhaps Irish you might have Long had it been thus. While doing those trailblazing early days continue to fight 9 DECEMBER opened it by now, but because you live here it invaluable work annotating the old songs, the good fight and remain influential figures. A Legends of Irish probably hasn’t occurred to you to do so yet. Victorian collectors were largely geared towards member of a famous American folk music Music Well, I would urge you to open that thing up and reflecting an unreal idyllic vision of rural England, dynasty, a fresh-faced Peggy Seeger and her Kevin Burke fiddle delve inside because I believe you’ll find there a and many of the traditional singers who kept banjo originally came to England in the 1950s, Máire Ní Chathasaigh harp and sublime vision of life in the British Isles as it has traditional songs alive through much of the teaming up with Ewan MacColl to establish a voice and Chris Newman guitar been lived over the last few centuries; and it’s 20th century did so covertly, conditioned to revered and hugely influential partnership that the kind of vision that you can’t readily get from believing their songs were outdated, worthless continued until his death in 1989. Their 10 DECEMBER the works of Dickens or Shakespeare or Elgar or and an invitation to scorn were they ever to sing groundbreaking BBC Radio Ballads series Steel Skies Sir Christopher Wren. If you don’t open that them in public. Few of them recognised effectively changed the way radio programmes Alistair Anderson concertina & treasure chest you are going to miss a whole themselves as the keepers of a dying tradition were made, and Seeger – a superb interpreter Northumbrian pipes Emily Ball dimension of cultural life in this country.’ or thought of the songs handed down to them of old folk songs and an intelligent composer of fiddle Sophy Ball fiddle Lillias Ishiguro’s empowering words said plenty were considered folk songs. vibrant new ones – remains as passionate and Kinsman Blake flute Andy Watt mandolin not only about the richness and importance of It took the British folk revival of the 1950s committed as she ever was to the role of song our folk music traditions, but about the ignorant and 1960s to redress the balance. Its two main in political struggle. 11 DECEMBER clichés and stereotypes that had smothered it protagonists, Ewan MacColl and AL Lloyd, had Northumbrian Louis Killen, too, is a seminal June Tabor PHOTO MagnUS SKrede for so long to the point that ridicule and their own agendas, shaping folk music figure, whose career has spanned almost the with Huw Warren piano denigration almost became a national sport. If it politically as an expression of working-class entirety of the folk revival with many adventures Andy Cutting accordion wasn’t jokes about fingers in ears, long beards, values and struggles. It was successful, too, for a in between, but he is still able to deliver a Tim Harries double bass Aran jumpers and pewter tankards, it was quips while, igniting a formidable network of folk ballad with richness and grace. The likes of Mark Emerson viola, violin
  • 21. UNBROKEN CHAIN FOLK Book tickets now: Book tickets now: Book tickets now: Book tickets now: ARTICLE TITLE 42 UNBROKEN CHAIN DATE September—December 2010 September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—december 2010 January—April 2010 CONTEMPORARY 11 DATE 43 XENON PHOTO LOUIS decarLO OThERS WERE DRAWN TO IT, ALIENATED bY ThE PREDICTAbLE CRASSNESS OF POP mUSIC, TO DISCOvER Mikhail Karikis brings two unique Karikis took his inspiration for Xenon: An Exploded Opera, from Pierre SOmEThINg mUCh theatrical events to Hall One this Boulez’s infamous suggestion that ‘the most elegant solution to the problem of opera is to blow up all the opera houses’. The show contains operatic autumn. Helen Wallace caught mORE hONEST, REAL elements, such as singing (classical, improvisational, rap), costume and set up with a composer and artist design, dance and recitative, without assuming that these elements exist AND EXCITINg PHOTO davId angeL of daring originality. simultaneously. ‘Costume, for example’, says Karikis, ‘is not used as an additional element to complement the performance, but is of equal value to the music.’ Staging an ‘opera’ in Hall One is no mean feat, but Karikis is endlessly resourceful: ‘I use the entire space of the auditorium and stage as Images a performance area. from top left: Act 1 has a character who duets with the stars and emerges as a shadow Kevin Burke, out of a big blue circle of light at the very back of the auditorium, before Kris drever, Heidi Talbot. performing a slow promenade toward the stage, reaching for the sky. A big bouquet of balloons opens up a vertical dimension to the audience. Act 2 has soldiers sectioning off parts of the auditorium and stage using barrier tape. These acts transform the way the space is perceived by the audience.’ Besides Boulez, John Cage and his desire to dissociate music from traditional narrative has influenced Karikis. ‘Xenon has no one narrative, but many. The title means ‘stranger’ and the opera stages encounters between strangers. Each one has their own story and set of difficulties to overcome.’ Karikis recalls that he drew his first costume collection when he was five, and created a two-note composition to accompany it. ‘I took a chair, threw a Seeger and Killen in turn inspired a committed born to it, raised by families deeply immersed course, now regularly producing a diverse piece of cloth and some Christmas lights over it, placed my Playmobil figures generation of revival singers, like the magnificent in the folk revival. Yet others were drawn to it selection of prodigious young talents. on the seat and invited my sister and mum to my room for the premiere of Chris Coe, a mainstay of the grassroots scene anew, alienated by the predictable crassness Among these are the duo Jonny Kearney my first show.’ As a promising pianist, he had a classical career mapped out for three decades and a walking masterclass in of pop music and the suffocating banality of the and Lucy Farrell, who met on the course and for him, but early on he knew he had to create his own world, and left how to inhabit the skin of a great song. She reality TV show phenomenon, keen to discover came to national attention on a lengthy support Greece to study architecture in London, and begin the process of becoming would be a national treasure, but the folk world something much more honest, real and exciting tour with The Unthanks. The partnership seems composer, performer and artist. ‘I always thought of music in a material way, doesn’t work like that. in the folk world, whether in a dramatic ballad odd – Kearney is a Northumbrian guitar player as something to sculpt.’ He admires the ‘devastating drama’ of the music of By the mid-1970s, interest had faded and, from the 1800s or the new songs emerging who writes extraordinary songs and claims to his compatriot Iannis Xenakis, also an architect in sound, and counts Laurie while the legacy of that 1950s/60s revival remains within the highly flexible framework of a genre know little of the folk tradition, while Farrell is Anderson, Ingmar Bergman and Alexander McQueen as influences. profound, the rise of other more fashionable that, despite widespread popular belief, has the singing/fiddle-playing daughter of a Kent Karikis’s second event, Love Songs for Broken Machines, features the musical styles drove it underground to be widely always been geared to embrace new visions. morris dancer weaned on the tradition. Yet that vocal group juice. What can we expect? ‘Beautiful singing from this dismissed as either irrelevant or an unwelcome As Martin Carthy – one of folk music’s most contrast is itself almost a microcosm of the folk contemporary female voice trio, who have commissioned the songs from reminder of an embarrassing empirical history. venerable figures – is fond of saying, the world’s diversity, and most of the surviving early influential living composers, and a series of fascinating theatrical actions A kind of bunker mentality prevailed for two only way you can damage a folk song is by revivalists eagerly agree the quality of the using DJ decks and low-tech machines. I’m exploring the fact that we’ve built decades, but detachment from the mainstream not singing it. modern performers vastly outstrips their own a vast number of machines with a shorter and shorter life span, for the sake brought its own strengths as it established itself And, with a formidable influx of youth standards at the same stage. They are talking of fuelling consumption to maintain the capitalist status quo: many of our as an alternative culture, which proved to be blending in with the proud, hardy survivors of about artists like the sublime Irish singer Heidi technologies are made redundant, when in fact we can reinvent their fertile ground for honest music-making, free an earlier era, the folk scene is thriving again Talbot; and Orcadian guitarist/singer Kris function.’ If anyone can reinvent, it’s Karikis, the ‘sound alchemist’. from commercial pressures, with its own DIY with various hotbeds around the country, not Drever, who juggles his career in award-winning cottage industry. least in Newcastle, where the brilliant concertina trio Lau with solo work; and another Scotsman, By the mid-1990s an exciting new, young player Alistair Anderson has played a massive Alasdair Roberts, whose own highly-distinctive Love Songs for Broken Machines 22 October, Hall One. generation of musicians had started to emerge role in developing young talent with his work at and imaginative writing blurs the lines between Mikhail Karikis Xenon: An Exploded Opera 23 October, Hall One. to change antiquated perceptions of folk song. various Folkworks initiatives and the Newcastle tradition and contemporary song to make a singing in act See Listings p53. 1 of Xenon his Some – like Eliza Carthy and Kate Rusby – were University Folk and Traditional Music degree seamless link in a vital cultural chain. ‘exploded opera’
  • 22. Book tickets now: Book tickets now: JAZZ 44 JAZZ September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 MIKE FIGGIS WEEK 45 THE SEcrETS the thriller genre, you couldn’t have had Psycho without Stravinsky. But there’s an anaesthetising of people’s ability to respond: musical clichés are so lazy. All music is OF MUSicAL THE SLOW MOVEMENT interesting, all music is powerful, depending on where you choose to put it.’ OF MAHLEr’S FiFTH Figgis eludes categorisation because he has worked in so many different genres: film SyMpHONy WiLL MANip– noir, classical stage adaptations, Hollywood TrANSFOrM THE block-busters, experimental films and a thriller for Disney (Cold Creek Manor) for MOST bANAL ScENE which he composed a 12-tone score. He likes iNTO A TrAgEdy to confound expectations: some wouldn’t ULATiON dream of putting a jazz score to a drama about the Wars of the Roses, but, he says, ‘You have to ask why? Why wouldn’t a funky double bass work for Elizabeth I as she’s seducing one of the courtiers? Anachronicity can be a problem when you are dealing with very specific pieces of music, but when it’s radically out, it can work.’ Radical is a word that has attached itself to Figgis over a long career, and we’ll be able Mike Figgis is one of the UK’s classical jazz fan. I started trumpet when I was your perception. I do a little demo with the to see an early incarnation of his creative 12, then I realised that it just doesn’t attract slow movement of Mahler’s Fifth Symphony. work when he revives three mixed-media most visionary and successful girls, like Eddie Izzard said about the clarinet Here’s a piece of music that will work with events at Kings Place once staged by the film directors. But he’s never – it doesn’t cut the mustard! So I switched to any scene in a film and immediately transform Mike Figgis Company, which he describes as guitar, taught myself classical guitar, and then it into a great tragedy regardless of what is involving ‘semi-operatic live music film-cross- lost his roots as a jazz musician conned my way into music college by happening. A dog can be having a pee against over’. They will be performed in Hall One as and composer, as his week pretending I could read. They said they’d let a lamp-post – it will become a tragic pee!’ stripped-down, essentially music theatre me in if I studied piano, so I jumped at the He plans to make Timecode (1999) pieces. The first, Redheugh, is named after at Kings Place will reveal. chance.’ He ‘painfully’ taught himself to read central to this event. The radical, four-screen the house he grew up in and where his father He discusses the programme and write music, played trumpet with Bryan comedy thriller was an experimental and died. ‘The songs, in German, centre around with Helen Wallace. Ferry, and joined the experimental free commercial success, in which Figgis showed transition and death, and they describe the improvisation group The People Band, who four separate takes on the same series of effect the Second World War had on that were collaborating with the The People Show, events through a quartered screen. Emphasis generation.’ The second work, Slow Fade, is a a performance art ensemble. He became part on one or more of the soundtracks guides the ‘political fantasy’ that eventually became his Mike Figgis’s first major feature, Stormy of The People Show and toured with them for audience as to what to watch when. It’s the first film, The House, for Channel 4, starring Monday (1987), seems to signpost every ten years. ultimate ‘eavesdropping’ experience in cinema, Stephen Rea. In it, he imagines England as a important element in his career and make-up: Performance art led to big mixed-media but, more crucially, a masterclass in musical land-locked country in 1890, about to be set in the north east, where he has roots, it events (some to be re-staged at Kings Place manipulation. ‘I can radically change the music invaded by Russia and Latvia. ‘In this version was a highly original film noir starring major during this week) which in turn led him into and I can remix the dialogue: it’s the best I have an opera singer, a jazz singer and a Hollywood stars – Melanie Griffiths and Tommy film-making for live theatre events. ‘I tried tangible demonstration of what can be done.’ string quartet.’ The third piece, Animals in the Lee Jones – and involved a musician, Sting, to get into the National Film School, and they No one gets a radical film like Timecode City, is about New York. Musically, he says it’s playing a jazz club owner. Like all his films knocked me back, because I was from distributed without a fight, and the laid-back in a Brechtian style, with an almost formal – think Leaving Las Vegas, Internal Affairs, a performance art background, so I thought, man in the battered hat before me has a jazz structure. One Night Stand, Hotel – it had a subtle but f*** you, I’ll make films anyway.’ The rest reputation for being, shall we say, no He’s invited pianist Rosey Chan to perform utterly effective soundtrack: surely Figgis is is history. walkover. Not surprisingly, he has trenchant on Friday night. She’s a classically trained unique in being a major film director who is But, he reminds me, he remains a views on the role of music in the majority of pianist who went into jazz and performance also practising performer and composer? musician. And so he kicks off his week at films: ‘Music has always been the whore of art, and has just released an album One, ‘I was first and foremost a musician,’ he Kings Place with an examination of the the film industry, the domain of the producer produced by Sting. She will be playing a says over coffee in the Rotunda, from where relationship between music and film. It rather than the director: “prostituted” music mixture of classical and improvisation, and he can look out across the Battlebridge Basin promises to be a fascinating masterclass: in certain generic films can work well, but it’s Figgis will sit in on bass and trumpet, which Mike Figgis towards his home (he ‘loves the building, ‘I’ll do some live demonstrations – take a not authentic: it might have a Stravinsky feel, he’s managed to keep up despite its physical today: ‘I started off as a musician even though it’s robbed me of my view of piece of film without music and show how a Bartókian feel, it’s not the real thing. The challenges: ‘I’ve developed a new technique and remain one.’ north London!’). ‘My father was a huge different kinds of music psychologically alter Rite of Spring has had a huge influence on as a result of playing with an acoustic pianist,
  • 23. JAZZ Book tickets now: Book tickets now: 46 MIKE FIGGIS WEEK September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 SpOKEN WOrD 47 A MATcH MAdE Figgis at work on set: ‘As a emerged following economic teams, and their presence at the director I adopt a cooler approach, MikE FiggiS WEEk: THE FiLMS OF liberalisation, cricket advertises India’s growing economic power. matches attracts a huge mixed fan base. The stars’ waves generate as as a musician 15–19 SEpTEMbEr MikE FiggiS With a well-off middle class of 400 much noise as the deeds of the iN MUMbAi I participate.’ million, the game generates a cricketers. Pom pom girls perform 15 SEptEMBEr PHOTO MOVING PICTURE CO/BR SCREEN/ fortune from television, so much so during the matches, creating what FILM 4 INT’L / THE KOBAL COLLECTION Sound, Music and Film that India now provides 80% of Indians call tamasha, meaning fun, world cricket’s income. The country frolic and excitement rolled into one 16 SEptEMBEr has long been an underachieving very appetising package. The whole theatre songs sporting nation (India’s first thing lasts about three hours – the individual Olympic gold wasn’t won duration of a Bollywood film. 17 SEptEMBEr until 2008) but cricket is the one 600 million Indians still live past present Future: Stormy Monday 1987 (above) sport in which it takes on the world on less than a dollar a day. On a PHOTO REx FEATURES Internal Affairs 1990 and wins. The current Test team is recent visit to Kolkata I saw poor rosey Chan and Friends No 1 in the international rankings, Indian kids playing cricket with a and in Sachin Tendulkar it has the plank of wood and a ball made of 18 SEptEMBEr world’s most successful batsman, rags, begging for money. Yet less COLLECTION / HANOVER, SUZANNE the people Band India took over a quintessentially English who could well prove to be the than two miles away under PHOTO NEW LINE / THE KOBAL greatest in the history of the game. floodlights thousands had gathered game and created an inimitably Indian In his wake other stars have to watch an IPL match. Some of the phenomenon, says Mihir Bose, who chairs emerged, the most fascinating world’s best players were on ‘Cricket, Commonwealth and Country’ being the current Indian captain, display, earning more money than Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He hails they’ve ever earned before, being One Night Stand 1991 (above) for the DSC South Asian Literature Festival. from Ranchi, once shunned as a watched by some of Bollywood’s Liebestraum 1992 hick town full of mental asylums. biggest stars. It showed that India Mr Jones 1993 Now growing in prosperity, it has had, in its own classic style, the Browning Version 1994 Cricket, brought to India by recognised the overall supremacy of used his influence and achievements absorbed English cricket and then English sailors in the 18th century, the British Raj. These Indian-ruled to advertise its new status. converted it into something very took off as a result of rivalry states were seen as a useful safety Culturally, the most significant much its own. between various Indian religious valve, but the princes knew they development must be the formal groups. The Parsees, descendants had to curry favour with the Raj. And marriage of Bollywood to the Cricket, Commonwealth & Country PHOTO UNITED ARTISTS / THE KOBAL COLLECTION of the Zoroastrians who had fled in the early 20th century they domestic 20-20 tournament (each featuring Mihir Bose and guests. Iran as it fell to Islam, were the first discovered how useful cricket could team bats for 20 overs), which Wednesday 20 October, Hall One, to take to the game. Not to be be, lavishing money and no little provides just the sort of instant 7pm. For full Listings of the DSC outdone, the Hindus, Muslims and time on the game. cricket the Indian urban masses South Asian Literature Festival, I now use a Harmon mute, and I’ve found a and it was amazing, so we’re going to do an Leaving Las Vegas 1995 Christians followed their lead and Yet even in 1947, when a free love. The film stars finance cricket see p62 beautiful Danish microphone, a tiny pick-up. I epic performance here on the Saturday night, for much of the early 20th century India emerged, it was by no means (above) put it through an amplifier, which means I can utilising both halls, and the escalator and part the greatest Indian cricket certain cricket would become the One night stand 1997 play very quietly and improvise for a fairly of the lobby and we’re video and sound- tournament pitted teams along supreme national game: football long time without a standard embouchure.’ linking a two–three hour improvisation with religious lines. In the wider Indian was hugely popular. Cricket won He’s still actively composing, both at the about 30 musicians moving around. We want world religious tensions tore the because Jawaharlal Nehru, the keyboard and in his head. ‘I wrote a little each hall to influence the other in a country apart. Yet, on the cricket Harrow- and Cambridge-educated PHOTO RED MULLET PROD / fugue on Eurostar the other day, and it was completely spontaneous way. There will be no field, a Hindu played a Muslim team Prime Minister, promoted it, and THE KOBAL COLLECTION one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve separation, the audience are part of the with no fear of violence. Indian businessmen, like the had in a long time. I’d forgotten that you can event.’ You have been warned… Even today, the essentially Maharajahs, discovered the game’s write music just based on the patterns you Free jazz on the escalators seems a far religious origins of Indian cricket can promotional value. know. I couldn’t play it, it was far too cry from eye-watering budgets and ruthless be seen along Mumbai’s sea front. Cricket brought together the complicated, but Rosey made it sound good!’ studio bosses in Hollywood: how does Mike timecode 1999 (above) Here stand clubs in whose names aspiring middle classes and urban From a train carriage to the Coliseum, Figgis bridge that divide? Am I looking at his Miss Julie 2000 Hindus, Muslims and Parsees poor in one setting, with immense he’s currently ‘up to his neck’ preparing to doppelgänger? ‘As a film director I have to Hotel 2001 broadcast their religious allegiances. marketing potential. Cricket became direct a production of Donizetti’s Lucrezia maintain a cooler approach, to watch and The game would never have a status symbol and almost every PHOTO KULWANT ROY COLLECTION/ADITYA ARYA ARCHIVES Borgia for English National Opera, opening in judge and adjust whilst keeping in mind the really got off the ground but for the businessman seeking to advertise THE KOBAL COLLECTION / SEIDA, TAKASHI January 2011. Here is a man unusually at ease end result. As a musician/composer I get to patronage of the Indian princes. his worth had a cricket team. Indeed PHOTO TOUCHSTONE PICTURES / in every corner of the arts. One minute he is participate – and there is no feeling quite like Contrary to popular belief, the in Mumbai, the financial centre of talking about working with conductor Paul that of playing music, especially live with an British did not rule the whole of India, the local paper runs a hugely Daniel, the next he’s enthusing about the audience to respond and relate to.’ India. A third was ruled by native successful cricket tournament for revival of his ‘crazy ensemble’ The People rulers, many of whom had helped business teams which at one stage Band. ‘We’re a free jazz group, who came out the British conquer the country. outrivalled the domestic cricket of the People Show and first recorded in 1968. For details of all the Mike Figgis Events Their reward was autonomy in their tournament. Three years ago we got together at the Vortex see listings p53-54 Cold Creek Manor 2003 (above) own lands as long as they In the modern nation that has
  • 24. Book tickets now: 48 CHRISTMAS EVENTS September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 Septem CHRISTMAS AT KINGS PLACE IN HOARY WINTER’S NIGHT MOZART xMAS LISTINGS 15-18 DeceMbeR Northern Lights: Early Music Festival We’re serving up a lively Dufay Collective recreate traditional carol concert, 17 DeceMbeR toe-tapping Christmas revels Ivor Setterfield presents two The Arctic Circle seasonal cornucopia from Renaissance England. stonking Noel choral events Christmas Concert this December to For those looking for a more (20–21 December) featuring 18 DeceMbeR suit every taste. contemporary edge to their carols new and old from Barts A Dune Jazz Christmas Christmas, try the ever-inventive Chamber Choir and the New Arctic Circle Christmas Concert (17 London Singers The season 20, 21 DeceMbeR Amid the crowds and the December). The Circle promise reaches a crescendo with a Ivor Setterfield’s Noel chaos in the weeks running up to conjure up some wintry magic must-see Handel’s Messiah Christmas Concerts to Christmas, Kings Place will in their now legendary event, from the Orchestra of St John’s be a haven of seasonal good featuring Emily Barker, Ted (22 December), followed by a 22 DeceMbeR Handel’s Messiah cheer, dishing up a feast of Barnes, Dom Coyote and Dale Christmas Orchestral Concert Orchestra of St John’s musical treats from early music Grundle (of the Sleeping Years). (23 December) featuring rarely to jazz, feisty folk to Messiah. The following night we welcome heard songs by Sibelius. 23 DeceMbeR First up will be the Northern an all-star line-up for A Dune Jazz We welcome the New Year Christmas Orchestral Concert Lights Early Music Festival Christmas, including Gary Crosby, in with two chances to hear Orchestra of St John’s (15–18 December) on tour from Abram Wilson, Jason Yarde and a stunning Mozart concert by York, bringing top international Rhythmica. Be entertained by a the Orchestra of the Age of the 31 DeceMbeR, performers to Hall One. In Hoary night of elaborate reinventions of Enlightenment (31 December, 1 JAnuARy 2011 Mozart New Year Concert Winter’s Night with Joglaresa traditional favourites by masters 1 January) that launches our Orchestra of the Age of promises an effervescent suh as Duke Ellington, Charles Mozart Unwrapped year at Kings Enlightenment featuring Anglo-Irish collaboration of Mingus and Wynton Marsalis. Place and will be broadcast live soprano Sophie Bevan. spellbinding songs, while the For those looking for a big on BBC Radio 3.
  • 25. Book tickets now: LISTINGS January—April 2010 APRIL 9 LISTINGS To help guide you through our fantastic Autumn Season, here’s your comprehensive Listing section. With so many things to choose from and tickets going quickly, book early to avoid disappointment! BOOK NOW TIckeTS fRom £9.50 oNLINe Box offIce: 020 7520 1490 SEPTEMBER P53 OCTOBER P56 Photo: Orchestra of the NOVEMBER P65 Age of Enlightenment – Eric Richmond, Harrison & Co. DECEMBER P72 Details for Remix: London Sinfonietta & CALENDAR P79-81 Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment on pp. 59-61.
  • 26. Book tickets now: 52 Listings September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 Plan your Weekly Themes From Wednesday to Saturday each week, Kings Place is given over to one artist, group or organisation to present whatever Week they feel most appropriate within the available spaces. See listings for more information. Embracing the arts like no other Weekly sTrands venue in the capital, Kings Place offers a mondays WORDs On MOnDAY ‘artsculturepoliticsscience’ Start your week by joining in a celebration of literature and spoken word with speakers such as Tanya Gold, Fatima rich mix of spoken Bhutto, Ian McMillan and Claire Tomalin, with regular curators word, contemporary Poet in the City and the Guardian. music, comedy, folk, jazz and classical. OUt HEAR Break Your sound Barrier The outstanding Grainy electronics and textured sounds collide with complex beats through waves of genre-twisting, boundary-blurring programming and sonic exploration. See the leading promoters and musicians world-class concert- from the world of contemporary experimental music and hall acoustics attract a multi-media performance. diverse audience seven nights a week. Thursdays OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Comedy at Kings Place Brought to you in association with Avalon Promotions Ltd, Kings Place presents big names and sharp delivery from the comedy circuit. Past headliners include: Jenny Éclair (Grumpy Old Women, Perrier Award Winner), Isy Suttie (Peep Show) and Greg Davies (The Inbetweeners and We are Klang). The FirsT london arTs Fridays FOLK UniOn Folk at Kings Place A new addition to the week, Folk Union will be a regular event from September 2010. Bring a warm glow to your weekend venue To geT The and explore future traditions and contemporary songwriting with the leading proponents of folk. The autumn programme aTmosPhere righT. includes Songdog, Balladeers, Parkbench, June Tabor, Peggy Seeger and Alistair Anderson. CreaTive WriTing ConsulTanCy saTurdays tHE BAsE Jazz at Kings Place Another new regular event. From September 2010, Saturday night belongs to The Base as Kings Place heats up with leading lights of the global jazz scene. This season’s highlights include: Django Bates’s Human Chain celebrating Django’s 50th birthday, Nina Ferro with her beautiful Waiting for the Sunset project, Abram Wilson and Mo’ Better Blues, John Taylor and the UK debut of Brazilian singer Fernanda Takai. sundays London Chamber Music tHE LOnDOn CHAMBER MUsiC sERiEs The London Chamber Music Society continue their Sunday residency throughout the autumn with the Wihan Quartet, Society Fibonacci Sequence, Chilingirian Quartet, Sitkovetsky Trio, Turner Ensemble, Allegri Quartet and many more.
  • 27. Vayu Naidu
  • 28. Chroma Emsemble
  • 29. Snape Maltings Concert Hall
  • 30. Book tickets now: 82 CONTEMPORARY September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 Q&A TERRY RILEY Make Rotunda your local for the visionary father of american minimalism, Terry Riley has influenced musicians from John family and friends’ gatherings. adams to the Who. On a rare visit to London in his 75th year, he performs at Kings Place. Terry Riley: a Western pioneer in Indian music Perhaps your best-known What inspired you to study about this collaboration. But we give new meaning. of course not piece is In C (1964). It’s been Indian classical music so deeply? all have knowledge of the raga every piece is revolutionary, but performed in hundreds of ways I had always had an interest in forms in common. I like these hopefully some works chart out a – have you a favourite? Indian traditions but it was only kinds of challenges – they almost new adventure. Nothing can touch the when I heard Pandit Pran Nath, who invariably result in artistic growth. performance at Carnegie hall in embodied that tradition, that I Where would you advise a 2009 for the 45th anniversary of started to realise how incredible it How does the California of young listener to start getting the piece. the event was organised was. Fate threw us together and I today compare to the California to know your music? by David harrington of the Kronos knew he was the one person that you grew up in? Is it still where I think my String Quartets would Quartet and he hand-picked all the could explain everything to me; I’m your heart lies? be a good place: I really like them musicians, many of whom were not sure I would have embarked Since the days of my youth, all. G Song is relatively easy for a in the premiere, including Morton on that road with anyone else. California has changed young quartet to play. Requiem Subotnick and Stuart Dempster, dramatically compared to for Adam, [written after the death plus a host of collaborators, like Saxophonist George Brooks somewhere like New York. the of David harrington’s 16-year-old Bang on a Can, Ustad Mashkoor studied with Pran Nath too; population here has exploded son], is the most difficult and Ali Khan, Philip Glass, osvaldo is that shared understanding and with it a great expansion of the most moving quartet I have Golijov, Wu Man, So Percussion significant to you both today? the music scene, especially in written. of course, the Kronos and the Young People’s Chorus It’s been very important that contemporary music. one of the Quartet was a vital inspiration to of New York City. It was amazing – George shared that same biggest changes is that the State me. the string quartet is a form outstanding! experience with me. When we has lost its wealth and is mired in that is never exhausted, and there work together there is always economic problems of a seemingly are so many wonderful string You spent a lot of time on the that strong reference point, insurmountable nature. It’s still players around today who can road as a pianist in the late alongside our shared love of jazz, where I want to live, though. meet any challenge a composer 60s and 70s – what do you those two distinct elements throws at them. remember of your time in working together. Do you feel you have arrived as London? a composer, or are you still on Interview by Helen Wallace I started off in Paris, and then came How are you approaching this an exploration? to England. I made friends with new project to work with Brooks I am still an explorer, but not just Robert Wyatt and he introduced Dining Room for up to 24the sake of experimentation. Private and Talvin Singh? for people • Waterside Terrace • Brooks Terry Riley, George Photo Betty Freeman/LeBrecht music & arts – we we have thehave own farm always looking forperform. Great British Food Neither George nor Iour met me to lots of pop musicians in have exciting I am new in Northumberland Talvin Singh& • Cocktail Classes London and, of course, all the talvin so ways to compose and 3 November, Hall One. Conferences for up to 420 people • Dinners for up to 220 guests • Small meeting players in Soft Machine. I was prospect of not knowing what I don’t want to just paste on the rooms available • Event management • Bespoke wedding planning • living in their house, and we were to expect when we actually sit 19th-century forms to a modern Part of LIFEM, London International jamming away. I witnessed a down to play. there will be some palette but look instead at finding Festival of Exploratory Music. Birthdays and family parties • Intimate dinners • Barbeques and outdoor events merger between the rock musicians necessary exploring to find out ways to deconstruct the musical/ Also appearing: Wim Mertens, and the new music people; it was what our roles are and what dramatic forms and reassemble Svjata Vatra, Gavin Bryars. a very fluid time. is the most meaningful thing them in ways to free them up to See Listings p66 for details. 90 York Way London N1 9AG event bookings: 020 7014 2838