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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. LBS Business Model Threats: Skyhook Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) Technology Brief Doug Green 2008
    • 2.
      • Game Changing taking place – new players and new technologies
        • Alternatives to carrier network and GPS LBS emerging/maturing
          • Skyhook in North America – 5 yrs old – Wi-Fi LBS
            • Expanding to European and Asian markets
          • Rosum partnership with Intel – TV Spectrum LBS
        • Low cost LBS moving to compete with carrier provided LBS
        • Apple selected Wi-Fi Skyhook LBS over ATT
        • Carrier as Location Broker is being circumvented / displaced in a crowded and complicated LBS field
      Location Information Business Model Threats
    • 3. LBS in Transition – Crowded market The Crowded Customer-Facing Navigation Landscape Becomes More Complicated Source: Yankee Group, 2008
    • 4.
        • “ Location information is the foundation for new mobile services and the business models … In the short term , mobile operators are leveraging GPS to offer navigation services.”
        • “ Navigation is a highly compelling first-generation location-based service, but competition will force prices down .”
        • “ Navigation is the only current LBS application that warrants any more than an extra $1 to $2 per month in value-added content.”
        • “ Mobile operators must relinquish the idea of LBS as a standalone application and instead look at location information as enhancing existing applications in the market.”
        • “ Beyond navigation, if mobile operators are not satisfied with being the pipe that delivers the location information, they must insert themselves into the value chain that local search, mobile marketing and other vendors will be building . ”
        • Are Carriers Playing the Right LBS Game?
        • LBS – Shrinking Revenue Opportunity -- Yankee Group 01/08
    • 5. A Game Changing Player: Skyhook Wireless -- Company overview
      • Privately held - Based in Boston, MA
      • VC partners -
        • Bain Capital, Intel Capital, Common Angels and RRE Ventures
      • July 07’ funding raised $8.5M, Total VC $16.8M
      • Press release claims $850M in assets
      • Most notable endorsement Steve Jobs at Macworld Conference 2008
      • Publicly announced customers:
        • Apple, AOL, SIRF, Navteq, ReignCom and TeleAtlas
      • CEO – Ted Morgan, Co-Founder
    • 6. Skyhook Wireless -- Technology Solution
      • Software-only location platform with Mobile Location Client
      • Calculates current location - Skyhook proprietary positioning algorithms
      • Terrestrial based Wi-Fi access points provide location data
      • Maps geographic position information -- proprietary scanning
        • Fleet vehicles cruise coverage area, building and maintaining reference database
      • Updates the reference data in real time to fill in “holes” created by changes
      • in access point
      • Reliant on public and private Wi-Fi access point MAC address beacons
      • Beacons have an approximate 150-200 meter 360 O foot print
      • Device client activated by mapping application
      • Device based client solution identifies existing Wi-Fi beacons, calculates and reports location (Network based calculation also available)
      • Loki “virtual GPS” toolbar integrates user location with web content
      • Google Maps, Fandango,, and picture geo-tagging
    • 7. Skyhook Wireless -- Key Components
      • Supports Hosted or Carrier Network ownership
      • Capable of network based location calculation
      • Metering, Tracking, Billing & Management
      • Power Management
      • Autonomous reference/location calculation
      • Location Server dependent reference/location calculation
      MLC – Mobile Location Client Location Server
    • 8. Skyhook Wireless -- Coverage / Accuracy
      • Coverage
      • Skyhook claims to cover 70% if US and Canadian populations
      • 07’ VC funding to cover 50 European MSAs and 15 Asian cities
      • Claims to chart over 23 million WLAN access points
      • Accuracy
      • System accurate to within 250 meters if in range of one hotspot
      • Suburban areas - multiple hotspots (3, or 4) range is 50 meters
      • In cities, the accuracy rises to within just 20 meters
      • In coverage areas Skyhook claims they can exceed E911 Phase II Automatic Location Identification (ALI) requirements
          • (50 meters for 67% of calls and 150 meters for 95% of calls)
      Home | How it works | Skyhook in action | Mobile Devices | Application Developers | Carriers & Service Providers | Contact Us © 2008 Skyhook Wireless, Inc.
    • 9. Accuracy claims
      • Skyhook Accuracy chart implies technology hybrid of WPS + GPS (XPS) is superior to A-GPS and suitable for 911 in urban areas
    • 10.
        • Reduces reliance on carrier offered GPS/AFLT location offerings
        • Provides low cost solution to indoor GPS and AFLT limitations
        • Wi-Fi is an entrenched RF technology that continues to proliferate
          • Solution does not require additional investments like TV RF LBS
        • WPS combined with Tower ID can support proximity based LBS
          • e.g. Google My Location Mashup compatible with Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry and Most Windows Mobile devices
        • Apple rejected ATT LBS in favor of Skyhook WPS
            • Apple uses Skyhook and Google Technology for the iPhone
              • WPS first, then defaults to Google’s cell-tower information
        • Low cost / No cost integration of location capabilities is a game changing threat consistent with Web 2.0 service strategy
        • Open device model (Android) will evolve to exploit software based user plane solutions
      WPS is a Game Changing Technology
    • 11. WPS -- Adoption to solve existing challenges 4G Fixed and Type 3 1x & DOrA Femto, VoIP and Enterprise 4G Mobile WPS + GPS+AFLT - Commercial LBS, VoIP 911 Not E911 (1x Calling) Augment existing A-GPS to address GPS and AFLT in-building and “urban canyon” multi-path issues. Can be applied to Consumer LBS, Enterprise Unified Communication, DOrA and VoIP 911 calls. Not suitable for 1x due to 1x inability to support simultaneous data and voice sessions WPS + IP Location – In building Enterprise Applications, FMC and UC Could improve issues with enterprise location support for CDMA repeaters. WPS + Cell Tower ID - 911 address registration, and Mobile Enable devices to use automatic 911 address registration Low cost method for devices enabling Location determination without CDMA or GPS chipsets
    • 12. End FPO