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  1. 1. The idea…..2004: At the begging it was just implementation of environmental legislation2006: The it was implementation of environmental management systems2007: Then it was a static site promoting Eco management and environmental services2011 . ....
  2. 2. Why “green” is important to  hotelsHOTELS CONTRIBUTE TO GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLES. BY 2020 international trip areexpected to grow to 1.6 million!! Facing up responsibilities and sustainable approaches greentourism is the only solution. Some advantages are: Fulfill Legislation standards  Protect the environment  Reduce of energy, wastes, water use etc  Fulfilling shareholders, employees, guests, customers and public expected high standards Companies reputation
  3. 3. GreenHotels portal, ranks and books Eco Hotels in GreeceHotels are increasingly embracing green practices as a way to set themselves apart, so itonly makes sense to see a portal emerge that aims to help eco-minded consumers findthem. in fact, serves not only as a portal and booking engine promotingeco-hotels in Greece, but it even scores those hotels on the “greenness” of their approach.To be included in the GreenHotels network, hotels must have implemented operationalsystems and methods that are eco-oriented and they must have applied principles ofenvironmental management. Eco-minded practices in use should target water savings,waste reduction, energy footprint and locally sourced products, among other areas. Basedon their performance on those criteria, each hotel is given an overall score and classified asa full-fledged “Eco Hotel” — the named used for those with the best scores — or as “EcoClass” A, B or C. Prospective guests can then search the GreenHotels site by map, keywordor the “greenness” level theyre looking for. Once they find one they like, they can bookdirectly through the GreenHotels site.GreenHotels is the brainchild of Greek mSolutions. Who will help environmentally conscioustravelers find like-minded hotels in other parts of the world...?
  4. 4. What is greenhotelsGreenHotels is the first network of Greek Eco Hotels. By the term"Eco Hotels" we refer to those hotels which are committed toenvironmental management and aim at: i l d i• Water saving• W t reduction Waste d ti• Establishing Recycling Policies• Minimizing their Energy Footprint (ie the amount of carbon dioxidewhich is emitted at the atmosphere by everyday activities that requireenergy consumption)• Offering Biological and Local products to their guests• Using Renewable Energy Sources• Building an Environmental Culture and communicating it to staff andguests – CSR builds brand value
  5. 5. Why greenhotels? 93% prefers a greenhotel compared to another one without environmental 93% prefers a greenhotel compared to another one without environmental policy70% would like to implement environmental actions during their stay
  6. 6. Environmental Criteria Reduction the use of energy R d ti th f Use of water Waste  Environmental Policy and management
  7. 7. Green ClassificationHotel is being characterized as an Eco Hotel. It operates with full awareness of theimpact that the operation of a hotel has on the environment. According to its size andits capacity, it implements methods and practices that lead to maximum saving ratesof energy and natural resources. Moreover, it communicates and promotes the idea ofenvironmental management to its customers so as to prompt them to adopt similartactics and methods not only during their staying but also in their daily life. Hotel iseco-certificated (EMAS, ISO 14001, ECO LABEL)Hotel’s managers care enough about the protection of the environment and they haveadopted effective methods and practices th t aim t energy and natural resources d t d ff ti th d d ti that i to d t lsaving. Moreover, hotel communicates and promotes the idea of environmentalmanagement to its customers so as to prompt them to adopt similar tactics andmethods not only during their staying but also in their daily life.Hotel sHotel’s managers are making a significant effort towards the protection of theenvironment and energy and natural resources saving, by adopting significant practicesand methods for hotel’s operation. However, there is room for development andoptimization of their methods, so as the hotel to become more eco friendly and itsenvironmental policy to become widely known to hotel’s customers. Hotel’s operation is based on widely accepted methods of environmental protectionand energy and natural resources saving. Nevertheless, hotel’s managers do notcommunicate effectively their program neither to customers nor to their staff and/ ormethods that are being applied to lag of effectiveness to,
  8. 8. And where is the business ? 1. Consulting2. Booking3. Advertising4. Networking
  9. 9. How to find us1. www.greenhotels.gr2. info@greenhotels.gr2 i f @ h t l3. T. 2310.2655444. F. 2310.2655484 F 2310 2655485.
  10. 10. Links likes and recommendations   Join us facebook com/GreenhotelsGreece http://www all-ecohotel com/