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All beaches should be managed sustainable.

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  1. 1. THE PRODUCT HELPING With Greece possessing some of Europe’s finest beaches, it is unsurprising that thou-THE PRIVATE SECTOR sands of people want to come and enjoy them every year. However, with an increasing trend for sustainability of tourism products and the need for diversifying beach recreational TO MARKET activity for tourists, efforts are needed to adopt to growing consumers demands. GREEK BEACHES It is of paramount importance that the beaches and nearshore areas are well managed to AND WATERFRONTS ensure the safety and enjoyment of today’s users as well as future generations. Therefore, the need for compliance to a new industry standard for beach management and safety (ISO 13009 - referred to here as the “Clean Blue Industry Standard” - CBIS), is required to help provide beach operators with the information and guidance to effectively manage the beaches of Greece. Historically, there have been no specific standards for beaches and very little guidance for beach management to help operators determine and plan for beach management. As a result, many of the beaches have not been developed or managed in a sustainable way, resulting in user conflicts and often a negative beach visitor experience. This Clean Blue In- dustry Standard is the first of its kind, not only in the Greece, but worldwide. This industry standard is in a position to set a world benchmark for beach management and safety. The aim of this industry standard is to help beach operators make better-informed deci- sions about managing the beaches they are responsible for using a consistent and best practice based-approach. As well as general beach management, the industry standard includes other important aspects, such as national actions plans, beach safety education and information, signage, access and zoning, supervision and rescue and beach facilities (referred collectively as “comfort services”). THE “CLEAN BLUE MED” APPROACH The Clean Blue Med consultancy team (part of a global “Clean Blue” initiative covering Af- rica, Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific regions) is the only firm in the world that is purposely established to help provide services to help deliver beach management, environmental planning and engineering advice for beach hotel owners and managers. The approach is valuable to help beach hotels to keep at the forefront of international standard compliance and from this, design improved marketing strategies to communicate new future improve- ments to the beach and waterfront areas. The “Clean Blue Med” team assist hotel owners and beach front property managers by preparing a bespoke consultancy service to help implement the new ISO 13009 Standard on “Beach Services” and from this to help clients realise this potential from a marketing perspective. Compliance to ISO 13009 (Beach Services) will help significantly towards generating both media and public interest in your resort or hotel. This in turn will help secure public funding for future improvements to the surrounding beach area which may be out of your direct control and influence.
  2. 2. By adhering to the advice provided by the “Clean Blue Med” team, clients will be able to: HELPING • Receive an independent assessment of your beach to ensure quality assurance andTHE PRIVATE SECTOR safety compliance/liability issues that may arise based on activities taking place on them; TO MARKET • Raise the profile of your beaches and marinas and have faith that brochure statements are factually correct and will not expose the client to any liability related claims (through GREEK BEACHES risk assessment work); • Save money by only introducing beach activities/features that are requested by guests/ AND WATERFRONTS visitors (through a bespoke customer satisfaction questionnaire process); • Receive action plans to help you in your future planning for the maintenance and develop- ment of the beach area; • Benefit from travel media coverage highlighting your success; • Enhance local and regional tourism strategies on implementing the ISO 13009 Beach Services Standard; • Be in a position to secure additional funding for the improvement of defined beach assets nearby. THE CLEAN BLUE MED SERVICES: THE APPROACH TO SUSTAINABLE, COMPLIANT AND COST EFFECTIVE BEACH MANAGEMENT One of the main problems for the beach tourism business is competition and marketing continuity. There are clear risks associated with not undertaking standardisation to beach safety and management in Greece. Many of these risks will not just affect the beach experience for residents and visitors, but also the economic and social fabric of Greece as a whole. There are many potential risks in maintaining the status quo and not undertaking a standards based approach to managing the beaches of Greece. Below are just a few examples: ECONOMIC IMPACT • Lose out to neighbouring competition – the Mediterranean, as a region, provides a wide consumer choice on good quality beach holidays; • Poor beach tourism development planning – insensitive landscaping, “views to the sea”, vistas and badly designed coastal engineering structures; • Investment in the tourism product reduced; • Negative portrayal in the media. SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS • Not meeting visitor and local expectations (based on customer satisfaction surveys etc); • Health and Safety – accidents and illness (need for clear incident reporting procedures etc); • Residents staying away from the beach – perceptions challenged; • Reputation for criminal and nuisance activity.
  3. 3. The Clean Blue approach enables the tourist industry itself to demonstrate a duty of care to its guests, and its local community living nearby and who use the beaches. Specific HELPING signage, education packages, beach clean up programmes and awareness procedures can all be designed for the hotel group or resort, and is based on specific risk assessmentsTHE PRIVATE SECTOR carried out by qualified staff from the “Clean Blue” team. TO MARKET The “Clean Blue” Industry Standard for beach management and safety when fol- lowed shall help to: GREEK BEACHES AND WATERFRONTS • Give consistency and credibility to beach management issues through a risk assess- ment and customer satisfaction survey approach (Step 1); • Provide recommended “best practice” which can then influence existing legislation; • Harmonise national practices into global systems; • Provide impetus towards the need for a legal duty to provide beach safety service s; • Help to improve understanding & beach related information (duty of care provision); • Increase the diversity of recreational products/services and beach access requests to bathing areas. THE CLEAN BLUE TEAM HELP CLIENTS TO ADDRESS THESE ISSUES IN A STRUCTURED AND “STEPPED” WAY AS IDENTIFIED BELOW: STEP 1 Conduct a beach risk assessment/Customer Satisfaction survey STEP 2 Identify beach classification type through the risk assessment: (1) High Activity (2) Low Activity STEP 3 Select appropriate beach management and safety standards advice based on the areas identified through the risk assessment, namely: (1) Education and Information (2) Signage, Access and Zoning (3) Supervision and Rescue (4) Beach Facilities (Comfort Services) STEP 4 Produce an “action plan” for each beach, prioritising high activity beaches or for actions requiring national implementation STEP 5 Implement Clean Blue Industry Standard STEP 6 Monitor, review and revise as necessary (annually) *STEP BY STEP FLOW DIAGRAM TO DEMONSTRATE PRINCIPAL OPERATOR APPROACH TO CLEAN BLUE INDUSTRY STANDARD IMPLEMENTATION.
  4. 4. SERVICES PROVIDED HELPING BY THE CLEAN BLUE TEAMTHE PRIVATE SECTOR PRODUCT 1 TO MARKET BEACH RISK ASSESSMENT AND CUSTOMER SURVEY GREEK BEACHES AND WATERFRONTS PRODUCT 2 INNOVATION STRATEGY • Researching consumer trends • Beach ownership and legal issues (compliance to National Strategic Planning Laws etc); • Beach Planning ideas workshop • Action plans for the future PRODUCT 3 COMFORT SERVICES ADVICE • Strategic Plan for a resorts comfort services and/or recreational activities (beach access routes etc) • Shower or washing facilities; • Beach cleaning techniques;Horsley, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 0NY, T.: +44 (0)1661 854 255, E. • Changing facilities; • Drinking fountains/facilities; • Waste disposal provision (grey water disposal and bins); • Beach furniture • Vendor facilities and permitting2. Greece, Greenhotels, Lori Margariti 9, 54622 Thessaloniki T. +30 2310 265544 • Toilets; • Lockers; • Beach Lighting and shade structures. • Recreational games/sports equipment1. UK, CTL-Consult Ltd, 9 Stephenson House, Horsley Business Centre, PRODUCT 4 BEACH ENGINEERING AND DESIGN SERVICES • Coastal defence and flood prevention measures • Engineering drawings and structure design • Consenting Compliance to National Building Codes and Regulations • Beach nourishment and sediment recycling PRODUCT 5E., Skype: milonas.sotiris BEACH AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES • Training and education for tour operators/hotels • Zoning (buoy placement etc) • Signage (placement and construction/maintenance) • Supervision and rescue services (lifeguard infrastructure/vehicles/incident reporting etc) • EIA and environmental monitoring / data collection services PRODUCT 6 MARKETING AND FINANCE SERVICES • Information management (IT, data collection, surveys, supply chain, database design etc) • Cost recovery advice (sponsorship opportunities/equipment sharing etc) • Beach tourism marketing techniques (communications plan / CSR etc)