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To all mothers to-be
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To all mothers to-be


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I would like to give you some advice on what to do while pregnant in order to feel better. I hope this will help you. If yoiu can think of anything else, please do tell me! …

I would like to give you some advice on what to do while pregnant in order to feel better. I hope this will help you. If yoiu can think of anything else, please do tell me!

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  • 1. To All Mothers-To-Be
    I am absolutely sure, you have read many books about pregnancy, maternity and baby care, but I would like to share some details with you, because you may miss them in the hassle of preparing for the baby.
  • 2. Sleep
    Obviously, you want to, but it is so uncomfortable. However, you should know that this inconvenience is nothing compared to the inconvenience caused by your baby night cries, when you will be having a nap on the couch, awaiting to be awaken every second and thinking of a thousand reasons "why he/she cries".So... Sleep now! Take short, but stable naps often. Enjoy it!
  • 3. Eat seated
    No matter how organized you are, when the baby is present you will always be in a hurry thinking or doing hundreds of things. Enjoy the food as long as you can and eat slowly
  • 4. Read books
    Not books about pregnancy, but real, meaningful books, which will help your personal development. When you deliver the baby, you will not have the chance to sit peacefully and read your book, because you will be busy with the baby.
  • 5. Enjoy the silence
    Seriously. Turn off the TV, do not answer the phone and just sit on the couch and listen. Yes, it is clear that there is nothing to listen, but may be you do not realize its value. Soon you will be listening to the endless chatter, screams, murmur, whine, groan and cries
  • 6. Pay more attention to yourself and your husband
    This would probably be the last time in your life when you look completely relaxed. Soon, you will be exhausted, with dark circles under the eyes. Visit places you like, go to the cinema, have a wonderful night out - just enjoy yourselves, because soon, all of your attention will be focused on the new family member
  • 7. Take a nice, long shower in peace
    Relax! This will be the last times when you do not hurry. Welcome to the world of 3-5-minute shower.
    You'll have to hurry, because the baby will scream at the same time or you will be absolutely tired and will just want to go to bed as quickly as possible, …and sleep.
    Whatever the reason, soon you will learn that because of the baby, you have to consider which one is more important - to epilate your legs or to wash your hair. Oh, no, no ... you will have the time to do only one of them. And of course, you will see yourself rushing through the door with a shampooed hair or half a leg epilated.
  • 8. Conclusion
    No matter how difficult it is, being a mother is the greatest experience in life.
    Being a mother is a huge challenge - it will make you feel happy and sentimental, and at the same time guilty and incompetent.
    Motherhood changes a woman's life in amazing way. It is amazing to watch how your children grow up, to be there at any time for them and share the special moments of their lives.
  • 9. Thank You!
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