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Showcase of past experiences, and present regional educational presentations around Asia Pacific region.

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Gw Experiences

  1. 1. Regional Environmental &Educational ProgramSpeaker Sophie Tang
  2. 2. Regional Educational ProgramAs part of an ongoing outreach programme, greenerworks conductsschool visits to present an inspirational and interactive talk usingAntarctica as an example of why it is important to preserve a natural andsafe environment for wildlife.The message is clear - how our actions here at home can affectsomewhere as far away as the white continent (Antarctica), and how wecan all start to lead more positive lifestyle choices in simple steps!The talks are complemented with photos and videos, explanations aboutthe Antarctic Treaty as a blueprint for conservation, climate change andscientific facts, eco-tourism and its impacts, provide proactive suggestionson leading a low carbon lifestyle and steps to make positive changes.Each presentation is customised to the schools requirements, requests,and content most appropriate to the age group of the audience.
  3. 3. Regional Educational ProgramFree to educational institutions (Sponsor opportunity)greenerworks does NOT charge schools and other bona fide educationalinstitutions to speak at their events and school assembly. (Travel costs &local expenses in Asian destinations do apply.)If you wish to sponsor our regional outreach and educational program bysponsoring the costs associated with this activity, please contactteam@greenerworks.orgYour sponsorship will allow more schools to benefit from the regionalprogram, and make it entirely free to more and more organisations (e.g.covering travel costs).In return, we will work with your company/ organisation to provide aneffective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign, highlightingyour companys efforts and participation in our regional program. And alsoshowcase your company logo on expedition(s).
  4. 4. Regional Program HighlightsShanghai Presentations June 2011The presentations in Puxi, Shanghai at the end of the school term were just in-time before World Environmental Day (WED) on 5 June 2011. The two maingroups comprised of high school and elementary students. Both talkscomprised of interactive discussions, especially during the Q&A session afterthe presentation. Video link here
  5. 5. Regional Program HighlightsCharity Presentations - ShanghaiFor all locations/ countries we visit, greenerworks contributes back with publicpresentations for charity organisations chosen in preference by the school(s)we get support from on our regional programFor the charity presentation in Shanghai, the school chose Limin MigrantPrimary School in Zhao Yang Road, Pudong District. Video link here
  6. 6. Regional Program HighlightsEarth Day 2011 - ThailandThis April, Sophie travelled to Thailand for guest presentations leading up to afew activities for Earth Day 2011. The talks were very well received during theweek of Earth Day 22 April, and recent feedback from teachers have beenvery positive. Some students have even written about her talk in recentclassroom projects as of early May. The team at greenerworks hopes that thisspirit among the students will continue to grow beyond Earth Day.
  7. 7. Regional Program HighlightsCharity Presentation - ThailandFor all locations/ countries we visit, greenerworks contributes back with publicpresentations for charity organisations chosen in preference by the school(s)we get support from on our regional program. In Bangkok, Sophie didpresentations at the Rainbow House on 21 April 2011. Video link here
  8. 8. International Charity First Charity We are proud to be associated with CCD/ Rainbow House as our first Charity/ Orphanage for Disabled Children in Thailand, we will be supporting on upcoming expedition & fundraising activities. Check back on the website for more in the coming months.
  9. 9. Past Experiences Background of C40 Climate Dialogue Initiated by former President Clinton and the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, C-40 consists of large cities committed to tackling climate change. This November event in Hong Kong will bring cities together to discuss challenges and opportunities of creating modern, low carbon, high quality and liveable metropolitan centres, by increasing energy efficiency. As part of the C40 Climate Dialogue, greenerworks Founder Sophie Tang joined the panel alongside other explorers and professionals from the environmental sector for a discussion titled Changing Mindset and Behaviour on 4 November. Ms Tang also hosted the Youth Summit on 7 November 2010.
  10. 10. Past Experiences Besides school talks, Sophie has also hosted and moderated educational sessions in Hong Kong and continues to gain experience in various educational activities. Moderating educational dialogue sessions for students and C40 Mayors (2010) On 6 November 2010, students and teachers from Hong Kong attended an educational dialogue session between Mayor David Miller (Chair Mayor C40/ Toronto), Deputy Mayor Tom Miller (Portland), Vice Mayor Romel Pascual (L.A.), Mr. Edwin Lau (FoE, HK), and Princess Birgitta (Sweden). Sophie Tang was invited by C40 organiser to be the moderator for this first landmark session for Hong Kong students.
  11. 11. Low Carbon Lifestyle PledgesInstall energy saving light bulbs Buy recycled toilet paper and paper towelsTurn off lights when not in use Use a double-sided printing optionTurn off computer & TV when not in use Use canvas/re-usable shopping bags rather than plastic, or recycle the plastic bags at the storeUnplug phone charger and other electronics Use ‘concentrated’ and eco-friendly cleaningwhen not in use productsDrink tap water, not bottled When ordering take-out food that you will eat at home, don’t ask for extra napkins, plastic silverware and ketchupConserve water when brushing teeth & Adjust the thermostat by two degrees (DOWN inshowering winter, UP in summer)Use less hot water Air-dry clothes in the summerRun dishwasher only when it is full Recycle plastic, glass, paper, and old electronicsBuy food from local farmers, buy in season, eat Use organic lemons and biodegradable cups atorganic foods when possible & eat less meat your school fairKeep tires inflated and improve on your gas Teach your friends and neighbors to recycle,mileage reduce & reuse; learn about renewable energyPlant trees Walk more, bike more, drive less (or carpool)Avoid products with lots of packaging Insulate your home
  12. 12. Spread The
  13. 13. Contact UsGPO Box 367, Hong KongP: (852) 2441 7755F: (852) 2104 9355General EnquiriesEmail: team@greenerworks.orgSophie TangEmail:
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