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Sales & Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. How Social Media Can Help Your Business Make More Money - Web 2.0 Media - Any Website Platform Offering Social Interaction
  2. 2. • Largest Increases in Users are over 60• Larger increases in the baby boomer generation than the younger generation• More business owners are utilizing it - Is your competition using it?• Large / Small Companies are having major success with Social Media• Ex: Starbucks (8 million Facebook fans)
  3. 3. Traditional Marketing = Outbound (Interruptions)- People tune it out!- Avg person = 3,000 messages / day- TV, Radio, Print Ads, Spam Email
  4. 4. Internet Marketing = Inbound (Permission)- People decide to hear your message- SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Newsletters- Free Trials / Offers
  5. 5. - More than 300 million local business searches per month- Can you be found?- Do you have your social media pages connected together?- Naked Pizza - $200,000 annual sales to Twitter- - 5,700 followers = $35.09 per follower
  6. 6. How’s your website??• Your website should be the central component of your social media strategy• If your website needs work, best to sort this out first before getting serious about social media…
  7. 7. Blogging• Blog = ‘web log’• In essence, an online journal or diary, ordered by date• Great way to distribute content – Twitter, RSS• Easy To Use• But it takes dedication and patience!• Blogs are a great way to get search engine traffic• 1 post per week using keywords you want to rank for
  8. 8. Social Networking: Twitter• Don’t spam• Don’t write boring things – ‘I am eating a pie’• Inject some personality• Direct traffic back to your site through links• Don’t overdo it – 1-2 tweets a day is OK• Some examples of things to tweet: • Links to you own great blog posts • Links to great articles that you found & want to share • Special offers (within reason) • Topical issues relating to your industry • Questions/polls/discussion items
  9. 9. Social networking: Facebook• Who doesn’t have a Facebook account?• Over 850 million users worldwide• Facebook Fan Pages for business• Fan Page Advertising• Easily Integrate your website with facebook with a simple facebook widget on your site
  10. 10. LinkedIn• Over 10 million users worldwide• Unlike Facebook, it is a professional network that uses the ‘six degrees of separation’ principle• Things you can do: – Create a company profile – Actively ‘recruit’ people to link to you after you work with them – Respond to Q&A and set yourself up as an expert in your field – Recommend others and get recommended – – Ask for introductions to key people via your network – Join relevant groups; post articles, job offers
  11. 11. Reputation Management• Twitter Search –• Set up Google Alerts –
  12. 12. • It’s not Twitter, Facebook, or any new media platform.It’s….
  13. 13. Online video• Video is the biggest growth area of 2012.• Over 20 hours of video every minute is uploaded to YouTube• Video can be done cheaply• Viral impact can bring thousands of visitors to a website in a short space of time• Website Is 63 Times More Likely To Be Viewed With Using Video!
  14. 14. Let’s Make Money!• Like most things, it won’t happen overnight• Give Valuable Content• Give Out Specials and Coupons• It’s not unlike ‘real’ networking!• Meet people, build relationships, listen, share knowledge, ask/answer questions, build trust• There’s no sustainable ‘get rich quick’ option
  15. 15. Let’s Make Money!• Follower/Friend/Fan = Prospect• A bigger ‘signature’ on the web results in greater discoverability and increased traffic to your website – organic traffic, search engine traffic• Establish yourself as a credible industry player through advice, comments, articles posted
  16. 16. Let’s Make Money!• Involvement in social media channels creates ‘openness’ and ‘accessibility’• Employee loyalty through internal initiatives – alumni pages, social pages, photo galleries• Use social media alerts to avert a PR disaster• Use social media to avert poor hiring decision.
  17. 17. Your Action Plan• Secure your names on Twitter, Facebook, etc• Sort out your website!• Check out what your competitors are doing• Establish a Plan• Setup Social Media Sites - Do some tweeting – Set up profiles on main sites – Subscribe to/comment on industry blogs – Connect with associates on these social Sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Google+• Read and Learn
  18. 18.  Anderson Consulting On Social Media