Greencubator report and strategic plans


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Greencubator report and strategic plans

  1. 1. Uniting peoplefor energy-smart country We thank for support:
  2. 2. greencubator OUR MISSION Greencubator aims to change the energy patterns of Ukraine by • promotion energy efficiency • building energy awareness • fostering innovations • promoting green growth and sustainable choices
  3. 3. greencubator OUR OBJECTIVES - CIRCA 2010 Spread the word ‣ educate the media on new energy strategies Raise the energy-savvy generation ‣ team up with educators Bring investments ‣ Promote business opportunities in green energy Inspire innovations ‣ Make start-ups / innovators visible and recognized
  4. 4. greencubator KEY DRIVERS FOR ENERGY BREAKTHROUGH )*+,*%$( Priorities (as we started) !"#$%& -&/$,4$&,( !"#$%&( -&&./"0.&( ()*+ -&1%"2 ,%*3,*%$(
  5. 5. greencubator SUPPORTED BY UNITER Project “National Energy Awareness Campaign “Greencubator” • UNITER supported an initiative with bold vision and projects but not oficially registered at the moment • NGO “Academy Of Strategic Sciences” was our operational vehicle • Original project duration: December 2009 - December 2010 • No-cost project extension approved till March 2011
  6. 6. greencubator FROM OUR PROPOSAL TO UNITER “ Project key points: We believe that lack of public control and involvement in the energy sector originates from underestimations of energy role for personal safety and wellbeing by Ukrainian citizens. This comes from low energy awareness and absence of energy culture. Today a vast majority of Ukrainians realizes the problems of the energy sphere but do not try to fix it. Out approach is to stimulate their involvement ” through demonstration of successful energy efficiency cases achieved by grass-roots groups. “ ... The energy challenges [...] can be solved by enabling people, communities and businesses to build a new energy sector together. Greencubator teams aims to provide them with the necessary capacities through knowledge transfer.
  7. 7. greencubator OUR OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE PROJECT Key project activities Event name # of events participants “Energy Efficient 6 40 Universities” conferences EnergyCamp 5 30 Trainign “Building energy 1 35 efficient communities”
  8. 8. greencubator PROJECT IN REVIEW Activities timeline
  9. 9. greencubator “ENERGY-EFFICIENT UNIVERSITIES” CONFERENCE SERIES Conferences participation Event name Date participants EEU – Rivne 29-30 May 2010 45 EEU – Kharkiv 13-14 May 2010 48 30 September - 1 EEU – Zaporizhzhya 85 October EEU – Kyiv (KPI) “Energy efficiency education for 23-24 December 80 housing and industrial sectors” EEU NAPA “Public administration for energy 22 Fabruary 2011 125 efficiency and sustainability” EEU KMBS “Green Business Strategies” 14 March 2011 120 Total 503
  10. 10. greencubator WHAT WE DO: FOR ACADEMIC SECTOR Series of conferences “Energy Efficient Universities” • energy-saving educational programs • energy-efficient campuses • implementing best practices from European energy culture
  14. 14. greencubator ENERGYCAMP STATISTICS EnergyCamps in review co-funding from In-kind Financial Event name Date participants participants contributions contributionsEnergyCamp Crimea Kvazar, SPD Kolusenko, 29-30 May Тимощук Олександр,“Renewable energy for 63 6600 2010 Atmosfera,revival of depressed areas” Gorgany.comEnergyCamp Dolyna “Life 19-20 June 45 3000 Kvazar, Dolyna City Adm.after black oil” 2010EnergyCamp Severynivka Kvazar, SunLight, PARD,"Energy Efficient Village, 24-25 July 56 4850 Severynivka Village Council, Medianexthealthy communities"EnergyCamp-Kyiv "New 28-29 UNTC, Kvazar,  Euroindex,energy of business, August 116 8550 Medianext 6000business in new energy" 2010EnergyCamp Odesa “Energy 9-10 Kvazar, SunLight, SPD October 42 2400 Dremliuga, 2300of cities” Medianext 2010Total 266 25400 8300
  15. 15. greencubator PARTICIPANTS BY SECTORS Participants of EnergyCamps Academic sector 18 Environmentalists 23 Civil Society 58 Business people 56 Energy Specialists 13 Community Leaders 3 Media 16
  16. 16. greencubator WHAT WE DO: RAISING AWARENESS • open-air • off-grid • renewables powered • camp on new energy
  17. 17. greencubator IT’S FUN!
  18. 18. greencubator IT’S FUN! 5 EnergyCamps across Ukraine in 2010
  20. 20. greencubator ENERGYCAMP FACES
  21. 21. greencubator MIXING ENERGY LOW-TECH ...
  22. 22. greencubator ... WITH DIY ENERGY HIGH-TECH
  23. 23. greencubator ENERGYCAMP: EVENT ATMOSPHERE
  24. 24. greencubator OUR RESULTS EnergyCamp results • EnergyCamp became connection point and networking platform for many energy and environment-focused professionals • Videos from the EnergyCamp speakers ( greencubator) form a valuable knowledge resource • Winners from the Energy Start-Ups day (a part of EnergyCamp-Kyiv) went to the seminar of Cecilia Drucker • The local energy-efficiency initiatives fund (micro-grants from participants) is focused on turning soft impact into hard changes: ‣ fist investment went for buying Thermal air heater for sports hall in Severynivka ‣ the next investments are planned for energy audit and renovation in Shelter+ youth center (Kryvy Rih), in Crimean and other communities
  26. 26. greencubator CROWDFUNDING IN ACTION Energy Efficiency Microgrants Fund have raised 15 000 UAH • EnergyCamp community already bought an important heating system component for Severynivka sports hall
  28. 28. Партнер проекта: Эксклюзивное исследование «Зеленый офис» 10 15 Зачем украинские компании создают у себя «зеленые» офисы Зеленый №26 (998) ПОНЕДЕЛЬНИК 22 февраля 2010 года номер Как заработать на «зеленом» тарифе Производители электричества из альтернативных 4 видов энергии вправе продать государству электроэнергию по «зеленому» тарифу. Однако на практике не все так просто. Как обойти подводные В погоне за ветром Ветроэнергетический сектор мо камни «зеленого» тарифа, советуют юристы жет покрыть до 25% потребнос тей страны в электроэнергии. За последние два года более двад Зачем считать «зелень» цати инвесторов заявили о своих 6 планах на строительство ветро Работающие в Украине компании должны будут электростанций, однако до насто 15 разработать методику оценки эффективности своих ящего бума еще далеко. Что ме «зеленых» офисов. К этому их подталкивает опыт шает развитию отрасли? ведущих стран мира. Первопроходцем сертификации «зеленых» офисов стала ФинляндияEDUCATING THE MEDIA RESULTED IN “GREEN ISSUES” OF MAJOR PUBLICATIONS
  29. 29. greencubator
  31. 31. greencubator PROMOTING GREEN TREND Awareness raising activities forum 3 UA åêîëîã³ÿ åíåðã³ÿ åôåêòèâí³ñòü
  32. 32. greencubator MEDIA PRESENCE
  33. 33. Feedbackfrom partners and participants on our activities
  34. 34. greencubator ANNA VILDE, GLOBAL CARBON First, what I should mention – are the "Green issues" of “Investgazeta” and “Delo”. It caused significant raise iof interest among the readers (many of our clients, who represent large companies, read “Investgazeta”). Second – Greencubator has created a community of energy efficiency stakeholders and just right people, that was very important to me personally. Mailing lists created by Greencubator are useful both to share information and to be aware of energy efficiency sector news.
  35. 35. greencubator OLEKSANDR KANIVETS, SOFTPROM / AUTODESK It is really interesting to cooperate with the Greencubator team. For me it a wealth of valubale connections at events organized by Greencubator. For example, I’ve met Yurij Favorskij of KPI at Greencubator’s confernce in Rivne, we started cooperation, which resulted in our company making the large software donation to KPI on May 26.
  36. 36. greencubator OLEKSANDR MAZURCHAK, 1ST DEPUTY HEAD OF KYIV CITY ADMINISTRATION I think that the work started by Greencubator is extremely important and I am pleased that National academy of public administration as well as other educational institutions support this work.
  37. 37. greencubator OLENA MASLYUKIVSKA, KYIV MOHYLA ACADEMY First, you create an informative environment, creating a cohort of people and organizations, united around one idea. To me you are performing the role of a hub, you created some movement in energy efficiency sector. I want to mention intersectoral character of communications you have organized! It is very important for ideas to exchange. This is a unique, may be the first time in Ukraine, at least in the area of my work.
  38. 38. DENYS MIROSHNYCHENKO, PEREYASLAV-KHMELNYTSKYgreencubator STATE PEDAGOGIC UNIVERSITY Thanks to Greencubator we have learned a lot in energy efficiency and started to implement energy saving technologies more boldly. Greencubator can ofter provide a helpful advice in it. We’ve done significant progress since Greencubator`s first conference at our univercity […] We have developed an energy saving and energy efficiency program till 2014.
  39. 39. greencubator TANGIBLE RESULTS: PRESENTED AT OUR TRAINING Pereyaslav heliocollector
  41. 41. greencubator WE COULD NOT MAKE IT WITHOUT SUPPORT Key support Partners !
  42. 42. Q&A We are glad to answer your questionsbefore proceeding with our future plans We thank for support (again):
  43. 43. greencubator RE-THINKING THE MODEL OF OUR WORK We are re-thinking our model Knowledge Tangible Awareness Activation hub changes
  44. 44. greencubator ACTIVATION AS PRIORITY Activation of people, capable to change the energy Education model Communities Business State policies
  45. 45. greencubator UNDERSTANDING THE OPPORTUNITYComponents of energy efficiency projects !"#$%&%( )*++(,( 6%0-$%( Projects #-./0$*.1( 234%$5%(
  46. 46. greencubator CREATING OPPORTUNITIES We will continue to create: Communication platforms Information exchange channels in order to • remove intersector barriers • raise sectors capacities
  47. 47. greencubator OUR NEW CHOICE Greater sectoral focus: Green governance Green education Sustainable communities Green business
  48. 48. Projectsand priorites for cooperation
  49. 49. greencubator OUR NEW CHOICE Green governance •integrating sustainability and energy- efficiency into Ukraine’s national and local governments decision-making to ‣ promote energy-efficiency and ‣ protect the environment
  50. 50. greencubator GREEN GOVERNANCE Energy Sector Transparency - advocacy campaign • Expert Roundtables • Public will campaign • Lobbying for legislation improvement In cooperation with
  51. 51. greencubator ENERGY TRANSPARENCY LOBBYING Lobbying for legislation change - principles • Switch to metering of heat supply (from norm-based) • Equality of energy sources and suppliers • Equal access to energy distribution networks • Compulsory access to the grid for green electricity suppliers • Transparency of "Green Tariff" administration, access of small and private producer to the grid • Stimuli for green heating energy producers • Rights of home-owners association to produce and sell green energy
  52. 52. greencubator IMPLEMENTING UKRAINE’S INTERNATIONAL COMMITMENT Energy Community Treaty Support • Media education • Viral videos campaign "The real price of energy" • Public will campaign In cooperation with
  53. 53. greencubator EU URBAN ENERGY MODEL FOR UKRAINE Covenant of Mayors promotion In cooperation with
  54. 54. greencubator EDUCATION FOR PUBLIC SERVANTS Increasing of public sector capacity in energy efficiency and sustainability • Development and integration into MPA curricula courses on energy efficiency and sustainability • Regional round-tables on local development opportunities through local energy (road-show) • Guest lectures of international sustainability experts in schools of public administration • Newsletter on energy efficiency best practices and success stories
  55. 55. greencubator SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES Educational project "Removing barriers to sustainable energy in rural communities" • Knowledge hub for local sustainability and energy efficiency ‣ Video channel for DYI solutions and projects + video-podcasting ‣ Wiki-books ‣ DYI EnergyCamp ‣ Training cycle for community leaders on affordable energy efficiency and renewable energy
  56. 56. greencubator CROWDFUNDING Developing collaborative-funding practices for energy projects in communities • Micro-grants • Toloka • Using EnergyCamps Local Energy Efficiency Initiatives Fund
  57. 57. greencubator ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS Promoting energy-efficiency and renewable energy in housing sector • infocampaign for home-owners association • Investment opportunities in communities web-catalogue • Best practices and funding opportunities newsletter for communities leaders
  58. 58. greencubator GREEN EDUCATION Launch of "Energy Efficient Universities" Association • administrations involvement • faculty involvement • students to bring in knowledge and best practices • through peer learning and internal knowledge exchange • from greenest universities worldwide
  59. 59. greencubator BRIDGING EDUCATION AND PRIVATE SECTOR Internship opportunities catalogue in renewable energy / energy efficiency-related organisations • Internships for students • Internship opportunities for for faculty: in private and educational sector • Companies catalog • Cooperation with job centers
  60. 60. greencubator INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES CATALOG University-based energy efficiency / renewable energy project opportunities catalog • Administrations-approved proposals for investors • catalog of funding institutions • Pooling the low carbon / energy efficiency projects for financing through Kyoto protocol (National Agency for Environmental Investments) • Video-lectures on energy-efficiency and sustainability
  61. 61. greencubator  ENERGY-MANAGEMENT Training program for university energy-mangers • jointly with "Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine" Association • involving private sector • gathering and re-distributing the knowledge
  62. 62. greencubator KNOWLEDGE HUBS University-based consulting centers on energy-efficiency and renewable energy • serving local community • co-funded and equipped by private sector • internship and employment opportunity for students
  63. 63. greencubator INFO EXCHANGE Academic energy efficiency and sustainability newsletter • For administration and faculty ‣ print ‣ electronic • For students - electonic only
  64. 64. greencubator STUDENTS ENGAGEMENT National competition for best students projects in energy efficiency, sustainability and RE • Reseach projects • Collaborative projects • Volunteering
  65. 65. greencubator STUDENTS’S NETWORKS "Green Campus" students club ‣ jointly with exchange programs alumni Coordination of green education exchange programs ‣ Liason with leading universities ‣ Publishing the study opportunities (with syndication) ‣ Gathering and disseminating materials from exchange students ‣ Encouraging students to make their blog-posts, audio and video- podcasts on green campus, sustainability and energy efficiency ‣ Facilitating networking of program alumi and knowledge transfer back to Ukraine
  66. 66. greencubator GREEN BUSINESS SEEDS Developing capacity of cleantech sector • trainings for clean-tech / green tech companies ‣ "Ukrainian Green Business Updates" Newsletter ✓ Ukraine-to-world - English ✓ Ukrainian and global news - Ukrainian • Advocacy campaign to develop favorable legislation • University-based incubators support
  67. 67. greencubator GREEN BUSINESS EDUCATION Executive education program on sustainability for business leaders • mid-term programs in cooperation with KMBS (potentially other business schools) • guest lectures of green business experts in Ukrainian business schools • workshops with Ukrainian leaders of new energy sector Jointly with
  68. 68. Uniting people for energy-smart countryWe are inviting partners to join the efforts and projects!
  69. 69. greencubator WE ARE OPEN FOR COOPERATION! Contact Roman Zinchenko +380 67 4492876 greencubator on