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Day1   ubuntu boot camp

Day1 ubuntu boot camp



Ubuntu Boot Camp which Darlene facilitated at Costech (Commission for Science & Technology) in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. We had a full house of enthusiastic users looking for hands on knowledge of ...

Ubuntu Boot Camp which Darlene facilitated at Costech (Commission for Science & Technology) in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. We had a full house of enthusiastic users looking for hands on knowledge of Ubuntu & Open Source



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    Day1   ubuntu boot camp Day1 ubuntu boot camp Presentation Transcript

    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 The Freedom Is Yours!!
    • Introduction Who am I??? No Cell phones please...put them on vibrate & answer outside Lunch at 12-12:45 try to be on time Feel free to join the discussion....but please for the benefit of others in the group no side conversations while I'm presenting..Thanks Please ask me to clarify a point, if perhaps I'm speaking too fast And if I don't have the answer just now, I will do my level best to find it by the next day!!
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Imagine Freedom! 1 Freedom to choose what operating system you install 2 Freedom From Licensing costs (or related piracy) 3 Freedom From Viruses (& Anti Virus programs) 4 Freedom from Hardware Device Drivers 5 Freedom from Trial Versions of Software
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Ubuntu Is.......... Ubuntu Is .....Beautiful, Secure, Fast & Compatible To use Ubuntu is to fall in love with it...whether it is on your desktop, laptop, tablet  or phone. You can work quickly to accomplish all that you can imagine! Ubuntu was first developed in South Africa but now has contributors from around  the globe. Ubuntu is an African word meaning “humanity to others”. It also means “I am what I am because of who we all are” This lends itself to the community spirit behind Ubuntu and the promise that it is free and always will be free to use, share and develop.
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Concepts of Open Source 1 Affordable & High Quality 2 Freedom to run, study, redistribute and improve 3 Development of Local ICT Industry
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Microsoft & Tanzanian FCC 1 Who Are They Looking For?? 2 How Will This Affect You??
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Key Differences Between Ubuntu & Windows Ubuntu Operating System Free of licensing charges Same version & features for professional & home users Locked Administrator user Root -therefore rarely targeted by viruses User data stored only in home folder, easy to back up or migrate No need to search for hardware drivers...truly plug and play Microsoft Windows Operating System Charges per user license (if you have bought a new computer, you paid) Separate Professional & Home editions Pro has more security features Enables easy access to administrative user & regularly targeted by viruses User data saved in multiple locations, hard to backup or restore
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Discussion... Why Does Microsoft have market dominance Preloaded by OEM (original equipment manufacturers) Broke into the market with win95 as they developed an effective GUI (graphical user interface) Ubuntu's first release was in 2004...late to the game? However Linux has been around since 1994 and supported by large companies such as IBM & Sun Microsystems Previously Linux based OS's were seen as too difficult for the average user Is MS Windows a better product?
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Drawbacks of Ubuntu & Windows Ubuntu Drawbacks Need to download the ISO & most people do not have the bandwidth Some software such as Adobe is not compatible Open Office file format...by default the docs are saved as .odt & not compatible with MS office Previously there was connectivity issues with 3g modems Windows Drawbacks Only installed via CD – so how do you restore your netbook? Comes bloated with trial software (most are 90 day trials) Requires the use of anti-virus software which slows down system Can you contact MS directly for support?
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Why Is Linux More Secure Than Windows? 1. Privileges  In Linux, users do not have 'administrator' access by default. No action by a virus can be allowed without granting access or entering your sudo or root password 2. Social Engineering  Viruses & worms are often spread by convincing users to do something they shouldn't...like open attachments that may be infected. It is too easy on a Window's system to run an executable file, whereas on a Linux system, a user would have to read the email..save the attachment..give it executable permissions and then run the executable 3. Audience Size There is no doubt that Microsoft Windows still dominates most of the computing world as well so do  Outlook & Outlook Express. A virus can be targeted at Windows users, since they all use the same technology, whereas there are many different Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora,Mint etc so they will only reach a small fraction of users. Millions of users all using the same software is an attractive target. “Security through obscurity” 4. How Many Eyes? The larger the group of developers and testers working on a set of code, the more likely any flaws will be caught  and fixed quickly (as happens with the community support approach) On the other hand, Windows has a limited number of developers and they don't often tell about the problem until they've created a solution
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 How To Stay Secure with Linux What Can You Do To Stay Secure?  Minimize the use of root privileges  Keep your system up to date  Enabling a firewall  There is also virus scanners for Linux such as Clam AV As more 'non-geek' users adopt Ubuntu or Linux, system administrators will need to: Examine unnecessary services running in  background Enforce strong password policies  Minimize installed software to minimize  vulnerability.
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Migrating From Windows to Ubuntu Assessing Your Needs is Key!! What software are you currently using now? Does it also run on the Ubuntu platform or is there an open source equivalent? If not then you can use programs such as Wine or Virtualbox to layer it on top of Ubuntu Also is your hardware compatible with Ubuntu? Modems, printers
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Ubuntu Releases Ubuntu Release Cycle Twice per Year.....April & October This how the releases are named... 10.04 → April 2010 (LTS) 10.10 → October 2010 12.04 →April 2012 (LTS) 12.10 →October 2012 13.04→April 2013 LTS – Long Term Support (3 yrs on desktop & 5 yrs on server)
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Ubuntu Live CD Using The Ubuntu Live CD Live CD....is wonderful Allows you to test run Ubuntu checking for hardware compatibility You can repair an installation using the Live CD Easy to check a Windows system or flash drive for viruses
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Installing Ubuntu – Dual Boot Options Getting Started You can install a dual boot option and allocate disk space to each OS. As seen below..there is a side by side option It is important to install Windows first..then Ubuntu
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Installing Ubuntu – Nice To Know's Installation Tips For Ubuntu Setting Root password – In a default Ubuntu installation, the root account is disabled, Instead the user account created during the installation process is used with sudo (super user do) to access the administrator privileges. Swap File With a default installation, Ubuntu creates a swap drive. It is generally 2 times the amount of RAM installed in the system...eg: 2 gb RAM = 4 gb swap file Change the default OS at boot...if you have a dual boot system, you can choose which one is the default at boot time, to eliminate the need to choose each time Selecting the correct country Be sure to select Tanzania, so that the updates are pulled from the local server so as reduce bandwidth usage. TZ is not in the list after installation is finished...not sure why?
    • Ubuntu Boot Camp 2013 Root Access – What You Need to Consider Most Unix and Linux systems have an account or group which enables a user to exact complete control over the system, often known as a root account. If access to this account is gained by an unwanted user, this results in a complete breach of the system. A root account however is necessary for administrative purposes, and for the above security reasons the root account is seldom used for day to day purposes (the sudo program is more commonly used), so usage of the root account can be more closely monitored.  Limit logins as root user. You should use sudo to execute root level commands as and when required. sudo does greatly enhances the security of the system without sharing root password with other users and admins.  Su “do” =Super User do  Sudo allows a system administrator to the ability to run some (or all) commands as root while logging all commands & providing a clear audit trail of who did what.  Sudo uses timestamp files to implement a "ticketing" system. When a user invokes sudo and enters their password, they are granted a ticket for 5 minutes. This avoids the problem of leaving root access open when others can physically get to your keyboard. 
    • Thank you !