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How to-market-iphone-apps How to-market-iphone-apps Document Transcript

  • How to Market iPhone Apps
  • Copyright Notice No part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying or recording. All copyrights are reserved. Disclaimer The author does not promise, guarantee, or imply that you will improve your revenue. You should not view this eBook as responsible for any success or failure of your apps or business. The author does not accept any liabilities or damages, real or perceived, resulting from the use of this information.How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 2 of 49
  • Table of Contents Introduction ............................................................................................................................................ 4 So you want to sell iPhone apps? ............................................................................................................. 4 GURU not! .............................................................................................................................................. 4 My Background ......................................................................................................................................... 5 –Section #1 Making a Great App ..................................................................................................... 6 Ten Questions You Should Ask Before You Start ...................................................................................... 6 Keep Your Concept Really Simple ............................................................................................................. 7 App Title, Keywords and Descriptions ...................................................................................................... 9 Create a Top Notch Visual Experience .................................................................................................... 12 Pricing Strategies Free, Paid, or Both? ................................................................................................. 14 Other Options for Generating Revenue .................................................................................................. 16 –Section #2 Marketing Your App ................................................................................................... 19 iPhone App Marketing 101 ..................................................................................................................... 19 Three Different Approaches (the tortoise, the hare, and the eagle) ...................................................... 21 How to Market Your iPhone App ............................................................................................................ 24Section #3 Resources ........................................................................................................................ 33 How to set up an Admob Test ................................................................................................................ 33 My Favorite App Ranking Tools .............................................................................................................. 46 App Review Websites ............................................................................................................................. 47 Other Resources ...................................................................................................................................... 48 How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 3 of 49
  • Introduction Hi there. Brook Lenox here from beautiful Missoula, Montana. My goal in writing this eBook is that you’ll get much, muchmore than $29.95 worth of value in what you find here. This eBook will give iPhone app developers clear direction on both to become iPhone app marketers. and how to think what to do So you want to sell iPhone apps? I’ve spent the last year and a half working for Pinger and anumber of other clients helping them create and market their iPhone apps. This eBook will give you at least three things: What to consider when creating your app How to market your appAdditional resources My goal is to give you lots of , but also very practical . HOW TO’S KNOWLEDGE GURU not! – I think it is funny (actually annoying too) when someone calls themselves a GURU about iPhone app marketing in the past year and want I am not a guru, but someone who has learned ! tons. This is to share what I’ve learned not just conceptual . On any given day I’m sweating to get or keep apps inthe top 100. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 4 of 49
  • My BackgroundSome things you should know about me: Since 1994 I’ve been working in online marketing, mostly for small companies In 2008 I started mobile marketing which led me to iPhone app marketing apps into the top 100 free/paid I’ve been a part of team that’s launched over 11check the numbers on Christmas morning type of guy On the personal side: type A I’m a “ ” I live in Montana with my beautiful wife Kelly & two daughters (Sierra & Shelby) These things describe me: Husband, Father, Christian, Ski & NFL Football fanatic t who has not perfected how to change that. I’m a perfectionis How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 5 of 49
  • Section #1 Making a Great App Chapter 1 Ten Questions You Should Ask Before You Start Get a BIG cup of coffee (or your favorite beverage) and find a quiet place lly high level before you get to deep into iPhone app development and marketing. . It’s important to think this through at a rea I’ve talked to many developers who “just want to make a great iPhone app”, but have not taken the time to think it all the way through. It gets quite frustrating in the middle of development when you 1. haven’t charted your course clearly from the beginning. What is my goal here (and can I verbalize it or even better write it down)? 2. Is this a hobby or am I starting a company? 3. How much time with it take to do this right? 4. Do I have that kind of time? 5. Can I really make money doing this (have I run the numbers)? 6. Can I make a great app (one that is functionally and visually appealing)? 7. Will I have money to market my app when it is done? 8. Should I do this alone or do I need to bring in help? 9. What resources will help me? 10. Do I have a unique idea here? I’m sure I haven’t hit EVERY key question here. My goal is to get you to stop,think, and evaluate what you are trying to do. This is much less important if this is just a hobby, but my guess i f you’re reading this, it’s not! Next Step : Write out the answers to these questions and a mission statement. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 6 of 49
  • Chapter 2 Keep Your Concept Really Simple When we created our first app at Pinger calledwe “ learned a tremendous amount that helped us to go on to create Pinger Phone ” 11 apps that have now been in the top 100 . Four important things we learned: Create a simple app Make sure people will “get it ” at a glance Don’t go overboard developing version one App has to make money was an app that combined social networking feeds and IM capability. Sounds good, right? But there were three problems with that. Pinger Phone , it was too complicated. First Here’s how we overcomplicated it: It had a log in process (which way lowered conversion rates) It had two BIG features IM and social feeds Secondly , the icon and name weren’t simple. What is a “Pinger Phone”? Can I make phone calls with it (no)? So . The concept was not simple the icon a store that what do I do? And by the way,enough in was a phone gives you a tiny icon and title to show off what you’ve got. Clear = Good.Thirdly great features (and they were great) only confused things. More was not more. It was less. , two How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 7 of 49
  • It actually did a bit too much . Once people got into the a pp, it wasn’t completelyclear where to go, how to use it, and what the features were., Fourthly not a clear path to us making money. It turned out users used a feature in the app constantly where there was no way to monetize. there was Next Step : Walk through the 4 examples above. A sk…is my app simple enough?How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 8 of 49
  • Chapter 3 App Title, Keywords and Descriptions In this chapter we’ll cover the importance of words as it relates to creating your app. There are three places in the iTunes app store where WORDS matter: Your app title Keywords Description Let’s go through each of them.The App Title How do you choose your title? Should you choose a really cool app title like “iFitness” or a more keyword rich name like: “Fitness King – Healthy Exercise? Guide” Although t have appeared to hurt iFitness tremendously (they are ranked 18 it doesn’ th overall as I write this) , I’m sure it has had an impact . Just type the word “fitness” or “exercise” into your app store search and the suggestions don’t list iFitness till you actually get to the results. I’m fairly certain if they added “fitness” or “ ” to their app title they’d do exercise better in that particular result. be aware when you choose a title that the name does matter. So… How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 9 of 49
  • Keywords Understand How App Store Keywords Work – When you submit an app in iTunes Connect you are forced to enter keywords. Here are some key things to remember: You get 100 characters to enter keywords including spaces Once entered, you CAN NOT change keywords till you do an update Spaces after commas are not necessary You don’t need to add your app name Plurals matter (i.e. “fitness guide” is different from “fitness guides” ) ) I mention these keys to get youWord order doesn’t matter (“ thinking. Make sure to test them out for yourself. fitness guide ” is the same as “ guide fitness ” Keywords - Choose Wisely I encourage you to do at least 4 things before adding keywords to your app listing: 1) Type some of the keywords that describe your app into Google’s Keyword ToolThis will give you two things: . a) How many searches are occurring for those words as well as b) Other relevant words. 2) Type your keywords into the app store search. Do you fit there? 3)Type keywords separated by commas into excel (keyword1,keyword2, etc) and use =len(a1) in the next cell to the right to help you count characters. 4) Bounce your keyword list off someone. Monitor Results When you add or change keywords, watch your results. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 10 of 49
  • you added your keywords and note if downloads went up, stayed the same, or went down as a result. Keep track of whenNOTE #1: If keyword research is new to you, you may want to spend some time getting up to speed with my 3 articles series on How to do Keyword Research . NOTE #2: Keywords are not a magic bullet. The app store also uses number of downloads when it gives search results so apps that have lots of downloads appear first. You’ve got an uphill battle if you are a new app developer! Descriptionsis Beyond your icon and yourget to sell your app to potential users. the main place where you title, your Here are some obviously mistakes to avoid: app store description Writing a really, really long description Using terms your users will not understand Not breaking the description up into sections Not using CAPITALS (since you can’t bold things) to break up sections Making big changes to your description and not monitoring resultsa first pass at writing your description, compare it to the description of the top apps in your category. NOTE: After you’ve taken Follow Step:steps above to create a keyword rich app title, keywords, and description. Next the How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 11 of 49
  • Chapter 4 Create a Top Notch Visual Experience Do you need top notch graphics? a I’ll be honest…thethe top is free apps today, 12 apps have maybe. As I look at answer 100icons and bad really screenshots in my opinion. What do I mean by that? They are either: Washed out or fuzzy Look unprofessional Don’t convey any message Or all of the above If you matter? Yes. How much? That’s hobby, you opinion. You’ll have to decide. Does itare creating an iPhone app as a a matter ofmay about stellar visual images. I think iShoot not need to worrydid pretty well with just slightly above average images when it launched in October of 2008. That being said, the app store gets much more competitive every day. So you need to use everything to your advantage. If you look at your visuals and they are at the level you want them to be, skip to the next chapter. If not, read on. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 12 of 49
  • Are you a graphic designer?The answer is most likely no. You are probably a developer or iPhone entrepreneur. Start by admitting it is to make and you really hard amazing visuals not even everyone you’d hire is up to the task.Things to think about with your icon: Does your app icon stand out amongst others? Is it washed out or blurry? In combination with your title does it make someone want to learn more? Do the images in your app look created by your 14 year old (they shouldn’t!)? Possible Next Steps: Compare 5- 10 competitor’s icons Place (or have a designer) your icon/screenshots on the grey app store background Play with competitor’s free versions Consider hiring a designer who “gets” iPhone apps can take your visuals to a new level Don’t hire someone unless you think they How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 13 of 49
  • Chapter 5 Pricing Strategies Free, Paid, or Both? – I think too many developers price their apps at $.99 without much thought. They spend LOTS of time developing an app, but too LITTLE time considering what price to charge for it. How do you decide what you charge for your iPhone app? If you charge to little, you lose valuable revenue. If you charge too much, you might never gain the necessary momentum to move up the app store ranks. Here are some things you may want to consider: How to set your app price Free and paid strategy Free to paid strategy How to Set Your App Price Here is what I encourage you to do when determining the price for your app. 1. . What would you pay for it? 2. Evaluate your app. Step back and be honest for it. 3. Ask for input. Ask iPhone enthusiasts what they’d pay Research the competition. How are similar apps priced? Does your app offer more/better features? Is it more compelling in some way? 4. Run the numbers. How many downloads would you need at $.99 to generate more revenue than if you charged $2.99? 5. Don’t under price your app. It’s much easier to lower the price of an app than increase it.How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 14 of 49
  • Free and Paid Strategy . I’m a firm believer in having a free and a paid version when possible Here’s why: You get double the app store exposure (in paid & free categories) People like free stuff, especially in the app store A free version helps you build a user base It allows the user to see your app in action without paying Create the free version to be valuable in and of itself, but also to inspire upgrades. : There may not be a simple way to create a lite version. If so, go paid only. NOTE Free to Paid Strategy If you either don’t have the resources to build a lite and paid version or there just isn’t a compelling reason to have both, think about a free to paid strategy. An app called Ping! by Gary Fung did just that. He launched the app as free for a limited time in September of 2009 . I’m guessing he promoted the free version with mobile ads (although I don’t know for sure) and it soared up the charts to thein the United States. Then over a weekend, he made it $.99. After a week Ping! was still 28th paid overall. I estimate he made ~ $10k in that week alone by being in the top 30 paid.#2 free app overall I’d say this strategy has worked well for him. Next Steps: 2. Check out the competition ’s pricing strategy 1. Strongly consider having two apps: one free, one paid 3. Think about your long term pricing road map How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 15 of 49
  • Chapter 6 Other Options for Generating Revenue When you are building your first app, you need to be really focused . You don’twant to try to do too much and build a crummy app in the process. So you may want to skim through these ideas and come back to them at a later time. Here are a couple of great ways to build additional revenue streams. ll I’cover 4 different options below: 1. Advertising. 2. Affiliate programs. 3. In app purchases. 4. Offers.AdvertisingOf the four, this is by far the most obvious. You place ads in your app. Done. I suggest advertising be a piece of your overall revenue. Here’s why: It’s a different type of revenue source. With free to paid you are reliant on the % of people that feel your app is upgrade worthy. With ad revenue, it is all about driving quality usage. You want lots of impressions and a highly retained user. I believe in some cases you can put ads in both your free & paid versions. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 16 of 49
  • More choices. A year ago you had to add mobile ad networks SDK to your app. Now you can build it yourself or integrate with one of the many ad network aggregators (Mobclix, AdWhirl, or TapJoy to name a few). The iTunes Affiliate ProgramThis one is pretty simple. You are sending people to the iTunes app store to get your app, right? You can earn a 5% commission onthey purchase in iTunes for the next 72 hours after they click on your link. anything: Someone links from your free app to your paid app. When they do so, they are redirected through an affiliate link to your iTunes app page. They end up purchasing your app for $.99, another app for $2.99, and 6 songs for $5.94 in the next 72 hours. You just earned $.50 = (($.99 + $2.99 + $5.94)*5%) in affiliate commissions on that Example , but it adds up quickly! user. Doesn’t sound huge In App PurchasesIn app purchases are yet another way to generate revenue.Someone buys your shoot em up app for $.99, but they only get five kinds of guns. For $.99 more, they can have some other nifty big/cooler weapons. Example: I’ve actually heard mixed things about in app purchases, so I encourage you to doyour research before jumping in it. Here are a few articles you may find interesting: TechCrunch TUAW In App Purchases: Bait & Switch – In App Purchases allow demo to paid – How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 17 of 49
  • OffersA fourth way to generate revenue is through offers. Example: Back to the shoot em up game. If a user wants a new weapon, rather than charging them for it, you can give it to them for “free” if they downloadthree other apps. You get paid by the app developer for those installs and it costs your user nothing but a few clicks. TapJoy offers offers (did I really just say “offers offers” ? ) like this and I’ve usedtheir system. The reason it works so well is the benefit everyone gets: The user gets a weapon for “free” You get paid for something that is a relatively easy sell The other app developer who gets the install will pay all day for this because it moves them up in app store rankings Next Steps: Rethink your app revenue strategy. Should you consider adding one of the above revenue sources? 2. 1. Do some more research on the one that most applies and run the numbers to make sure it really fits into your apps roadmap. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 18 of 49
  • Section #2 Marketing Your App Chapter 7 iPhone App Marketing 101 What is Marketing? If you’re a ma rketer, go ahead and move on to the next rechapter. If you’ need some basic marketing info) feel free to stick around. According to Wikipedia, marketing a developer (or is defined as: h “Marketingadvertise products is the process by whic companies (or advertising) or services to potential customers.” iPhone appinclude thingsall the1. It might marketing is like: “stuff” you do to drive downloads of your app. Creating a great app icon that catch the users attention, 2. 3. Compiling a list of app review sites to submit your app to, or Running numbers to see where to spend money. It’s all of that and more.YOU are a Marketer If you’re a single developer with little money to hire someone, YOU are a marketer. You have to be. Way, way back in 1994 I was the first employee of a small start up. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 19 of 49
  • I had a zillion roles like managing partners, customer service, and making runs to Pete’s coffee (that’s another story).marketing was by far my favorite thing to do. But even with those zillion roles,Why? Because of the results!!! working thegets into atoday…I love it when an app I’m 100 or even better, stays there for a long time It is on same rush top category spot or into the top . I’ve talked too many of you. You are in small companies with no dedicated marketing staff. You’ve got to develop a great app AND market it.So…become a student of iPhone app marketing. Next Step: Read on! How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 20 of 49
  • Chapter 8 Three Different Approaches (the tortoise, the hare, and the eagle) In this chapter before we dive into the “ ” stuff we’ll cover overall how-to marketing strategy. Tortoise, the Hare or the Eagle?The ou’ve heard of the story of ” The TortoiseY slow the Hare” and and steady , right? The tortoise isfast and wants to get to the finish line now! and the hare isThe lesson is that slow and steady wins the race. The hare naps, while the tortoise plods along and finishes in first place. In the iPhone app store, I think there are actually 3 different ways you can run the marketing race: the tortoise, the hare, or the e agle. Here’s how each of them works.The Hare Top 100 –This is the main strategy I see talked about. Run fast! Get into the top 100. Sell millions of copies and quit your job (i.e. iShooter guy ). It’s happened, but it’sgetting almost impossible to do without a significant marketing budget. The key to this strategy is. You can use an existing user base or spend money to get in front of users, but in the marketing to lots of people in a short time period end it’s got to be a big splash. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 21 of 49
  • The components to this strategy are as follows: Build a great app Test wisely Either spend $$$ or find some other way to expose your app to a crowd of people -$10,000 if you don’t have tensa of thousands of people when you launch, you should probably consider the other two strategies. But, or a way to reach at minimum $3,000The Tortoise No Marketing Budget – No money. You are working nights and weekends to create an app. You have little or no money to market it. Here are some keys to this strategy: Build a great app (once again) Not expecting success overnight No rest! Never stop using free app marketing Build an initially small, but faithful user baseRewarding that user base with updates and new apps over time This strategy will not typically generate big numbers of sales at least at first, unless you strike lightning in a bottle. But done with a it could generate more and more revenue as you go. tortoise like persistenceThe Eagle Precision – I picked an eagle for this strategy, because eagles have great eyes. The can target a mouse from a long ways away.You don’t have a huge budget, but you do have some money to spend. If you could make money along the way, you’d be fine. Your goal isn’t to “run” or “hop” into the top 100, it’s to be profitable and perhaps do well in a category. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 22 of 49
  • This strategy combines the following: Great app at a premium price ($2.99-$6.99) Lite and Paid versions and possibly in app purchases Ability to acquire customers through mobile ads < $1/free app Strong lite to paid conversion rates (15-30%)Understanding of how to test, test, and test again Your numbers on a mobile ad campaign might look like this: Did you just spend $100 in order to make $5 in profit? Yes in the short term, but (LTV) of the user. Will they stick around and create more revenue? NOTE: these numbers are just to get you thinking. with all three strategies you’ll need to look at the life time value Next Step: Choose your strategy and write down you’re the top 10 ways you’ll pursue it. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 23 of 49
  • Chapter 9 How to Market Your iPhone App So how do you market an iPhone app? This is a long and important chapter, so grab a BIG cup of coffee and find a quiet place. , asIwell as from helpingof things I’ve learned at Pinger team and engineers are quite amazing. want to share some other clients. The Pinger product 11 top 100 apps (see 10 of them to the left). Textfree Unlimited has been a top 100 paid app for They’ve created , even though it’s priced over 1 year at $5.99. Here are 9 things to consider when marketing your iPhone app: 1. Build a great app 2. Have lite & paid versions 3. Find a crowd 4. Spend money (if you have some) 5. 6. Get free exposure (if you don’t have $) 7. Use “the right” keywords Test everything 8. Track everything 9. Listen, learn, and make changesHow to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 24 of 49
  • #1 Build a Great App It is really hard to get in and stay in the top 100, with a mediocre app (although it happens). Our first app, Pinger Phone, was in the top 100 free apps, for 15 days. It was a good app. Textfree on the other hand is a in the top 100 free apps for over a year. (I’m biased big time, I know). It has beengreat app Why? It’s easy to use. It works. It’s something people need. Reviews havefor the paid version. consistently been Just to be clear, great does not equal 3 1/2 stars for the lite version and 4 stars full of features. Almost all the “great” apps I use are very, very simple as I mentioned in Chapter 2.#2 Have a Lite & Paid Version Many developers I work with tend to lean towards a paid only strategy. They point towards successful paid only hits. I think there are paid only hits out there (Doodle Jump for example right now). Here are times when I think a paid only app makes sense: You’ve got a big user base/brand ( i.e. CNN) that you can leverage There is no simple way to create a lite version ve got lots of apps to cross promote traffic to your paid app ’ You Even so, I’m still convinced that it is much better to have both a lite and a paidversion. Here is why I like the lite / paid strategy: You will have twice the exposure in the app store For small companies, it is a great way to build user awareness & confidence How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 25 of 49
  • Lite apps have much higher conversion rates on mobile ad networks Especially for smaller indie developers I’m convinced a lite / paid strategy is often the best way to go.#3 Find a Crowdneed Let find a clear. to market to. Period. Without a crowd, hitting it big with an app is something like the odds of winning the lottery or losing weight eating pizza for ever meal. Here are a few ways to find a crowd: to me be crowd If you want apps in the top 100, you ’ll Announce your app to an existing user base over email, from a website, or other platform Spend money on mobile ad networks and/or incentivized networks like TapJoyMake your paid app free for a short time and promote it This is not an exhaustive list. Being creative in how you will get your app in front of a crowd of people can make all the difference.#4 Spend Money (if you have some) there you’ve got a marketing you should consider spending your money. If are at least 3 places budget, First => Mobile Ad Networks Here is how Admob works for example: You set up campaigns, ad groups, and ads like Google Adwords How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 26 of 49
  • an iPhone ad, users see your ads in other iPhone apps If you’ve created When users click on your ads, they are taken to your iTunes app page You pay Admob for each click ve had great success with mobile ad networks, but there are still situations for which they are not well suited. I’ Here are a few situations where I haven’t had much luck: Promoting paid only apps Broad untargeted campaignsTrying to get a return on your investment with a $.99 app You are typically paying to get enough downloads to get to a certain ranking. The positive return on investment comes when you are able to stay in a top ranking afterwards and benefit from all the additional exposure and downloads. I suggest you read my article on the Top iPhone Ad Networks and then go run a small test with Admob. Spend $200-$300 and see where it gets you. Second => TapJoyTapJoy was begun by the makers of Tap Defense. As a small developer they found it hard to get exposure and a low cost per download. one of the things they created was an incentivized download network. So… t works: Here’s how i Person playing the TapFarm app uses virtual money to buy seeds, tools, etc They learn that $$$ they download n more virtual if other free apps, they’ll be give So they go download some apps, come back, and they can buy more stuff Your app could be one of the apps they download You pay TapJoy per install Bidding starts at $.25/free download, 50% of revenue per paid download How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 27 of 49
  • Here is what I like about this: You can control your cost/download They have volume p 100 overall They’ve driven apps like TapFarm into the toTapJoy might be good for explosive growth during a launch to get you into the top 100, but fewer of those incentivized download users are going to be retained users. They just download your app to get something else in return. Here’s the difference between an Admob and a TapJoy. With Admob you can’t control your cost per download as easily, but in my experience, you’ll get a more highly retained user over time. So knowing that, you could use TapJoy and Admob for different purposes. also been quite happy with Quattro and Millennial Media as far as mobile ad networks go. : I’ve Note FreeAppaDay is a service created by the folks at ICS Mobile and TapJoy to give away one free app every day.Third => www . In order to participate you need to: 1.They’ve currently got 60k users coming to their website daily to find free apps. Have a quality paid app. 2. Contact them. 3.Pay $1,200-$2,000 depending on the day and type of app. They promote it to their over 60k users for one day.They’ve got plenty of examples of apps they’ve launched into the top 100. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 28 of 49
  • Appy Entertainment used FreeAppADay on 2/18/10 to promote their FaceFighter app. They kept FaceFighter free for a total of 6 days and had Here’s one.! Their results: 1M downloads FaceFighter was 150 in its paid category before 2/18 and shot up to 50th after it went back to paid They cross promoted another app called Tune Runner in FaceFighter during this time generating 100k downloads for that appTune Runner reached category or overall #1 in these countries: Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden Another website to look at is: Get Free Exposure (if you don’t…have money ). You should contact: If you’re on a shoestring budget, there is nothing like free exposure App Review Sites YouTubers that do app reviews Bloggers that focus on the iPhone or iPhone apps Contact them and tell them (humbly of course!) why your app is so great. Other things you might want to add to your list of marketing activities:There are so many apps available now, don’t expect them to find your app. Create a blog that provides really valuable information (that’s probably how you found me) Create a Twitter account, customize it, and tweet about interesting, helpful, entertaining things Make a Facebook fan page where you can interact with users How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 29 of 49
  • specific to your nichein social media sites or groups that are Find and participate So…why use social media?Especiallyall about app fits a value and need or interest, social media sites will be a good fit for you. For example, maybe you have a snow report app. It’s if your providing specific connecting. I just happen to be a snow skiing fanatic (really). So if you tweet about interesting snow skiing stuff, share photos of the best snow on the planet on your Facebook fan page, or blog about the most am azing days you’ve had skiing ever I’m there! other snow skiing friends, and many of us will end up with your app. Make sense? Note: you may or may not have an app that is a GREAT fit for social me I’ll follow you, tell dia, but I’m SURE there are ways for you to include social media in your plans.#6 Use the “right” Keywords I went through keywords in detail in chapter 3, but I think it is worth a repeat. Why? I once changed the keywords on a popular app and saw an increase of 500 downloads per day!That’ s why it ’s important to target the “right” keywords. Choose Wisely So again, remember these 4 things before adding keywords to your app listing: How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 30 of 49
  • Type some words that describe your app into the app store search. That might help you find more interesting and relevant words. 2) 1) Type some of the keywords that describe your app into Google’s Keyword . This will help you understand which terms have the most searches and will give you other ideas. Tool 3)Bounce your keyword list off someone. 4) Look at what words competitor’s use to describe their apps. Monitor Results Once you add keywords, watch your results. Keep track of when you added your keywords and note if downloads went up, stayed the same, or went down as a result.#7 Test EverythingPersonally, I love running tests. But I hate wasting money.I encourage yourunning tests without learning anything, you’re wasting money. If you’re to test to answer questions like these: What is the best way for me to acquire users at the lowest cost? What is the best way for me to monetize those users?Are iPhone users or iPod touch users better for my app? How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 31 of 49
  • #8 Track Everything with the app I’ve shared my frustration before Since you downloads go store’s lack of tracking. ’re help from Apple in connecting the dots on your marketing attempts through the app store, you’ve got ZERO Think about tracking these types of activities: . But don’t give up. Downloads vs rank Downloads from major events (PR, launches, etc) Download and ranking changes during ad spends Download changes from rank changes New release vs. not o In/out top 100 o In/out top 5 category o Downloads/rank versus reviews going live Find out what works and keep doing it.#9 Listen, Learn and Make Changes When you’ve started getting feedback in the app store, LISTEN to what’s beingWhen we This soun Pinger Phone, our product team saw that people really liked the said. launched ds so obvious, but it’s important. . It was really a texting feature that they wanted. From that IM feature was born and as I said above, it has done really well. Another great example is the guys who make Pocket GodTextfree. They incorporate user feedback and create new content weekly. Pretty difficult to do, but they continue to pull it off, and are doing great.Create a simple marketing plan with 10-15 actions items and prioritize them by greatest possible revenue impact to least possible impact. Next Step: How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 32 of 49
  • Section #3 Resources Chapter 10 How to set up an Admob Test Admob has been a great way for me to acquire users at a very good ROI (return on investment). If you are new to Admob, you might find this helpful. he I’m going to walk you an process of setting up through t and provide you with some Admob iPhone app ad campaign tips and best practices . Since I’m a snow skiing addict, I’ll be creating a campaign for my fictitious new app called “Snow Report.” Here are the steps I’ll take: 1. Set up the account 2. Create a campaign 3. Create an ad group 4. Set targeting 5. Set up creative 6. Fund account 7. Set up conversion tracking 8. Track results and optimizeStep #1 - Set up the Account First, I go to Admob’s website and click on “register” in the top right hand cornerof the homepage. When I do this, I see this registration page. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 33 of 49
  • I enter name, email, and other account information. confirmed my email address, I can log in to continue. Once I’veStep #2 - Create a Campaign t I’ll want to create a campaign. Nexand send traffic to the iTunes app store. In this example, I will create an ad for an iPhone app called “ Snow Report” and the password I created, I makeOnce I’ve logged in using the email addresssure I’m on the Campaigns Tab. Then I click on the “Create New Ad Campaign” button as you can see to the left. I then reach this page: I’ll then enter: “ Snow Report iPod – for a campaign touch” 2010-03-30 for the start date $100 daily budget I’ll leave the delivery method to “standard” since I’m in no rush to spend my budget I then click “save and continue” How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 34 of 49
  • Tip: I’d suggest a budget of no more than $100 -300/day when first testing, depending on your overall budget. You’re goal when testing is to learn whattargeting will get you the most users at the best cost per user. Step #3 - Create an Ad Group Now I’m ready to create I’ll do 4 things (see below): an ad group. Click on the right button to select an application 2. 1. Select the “iPhone” radio button 3. Name the ad group “Snow Report – iPod touch” and click “Continue” How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 35 of 49
  • : NotesThe reason I am naming this ad group “iPod touch” is that I am going to test how much it costs to drive an iPhone user versus an iPod touch user to my Snow Report groups. If you separate the two into separate I’m going to wanted to separate your ad spend as well, you could do that by creating two separate campaigns. You can set a daily budget by campaign, but not by ad group. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 36 of 49
  • Step #4 Set Targeting – Next I’ll be asked to set targeting for my ad group. The web page is so long I’ve cut it into 2 graphics.Targeting page top of the screen: – As you can see, I’ve set the targeting to: iPod touch only OS 2.2 and above US only How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 37 of 49
  • Targeting page top of the screen: – On the bottom of this page, I’ve set the targeting to: All traffic: Carrier & Wi Fi - Both male/female All age groups Bid of $.05 Th en I’ click ed on “Save and Continue” ve Other Tips Demographic targeting results in minimal traffic at this point. Wi-Fi targeting is only recommended for apps above 20 mb because users can’t download apps of that size over the carrier network. Minimum bid is a function of targeting, so if you include any geo targeting, the minimum bid goes from $.05 to $.10. You could target all countries, all devices, and all OS versions of course and get more traffic, but I’ve found focused targeting on Admob to work the best from a cost/download perspective. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 38 of 49
  • Step #5 Set up Creative –Now I’m ready to create an ad that users will see. Again I need to split the screen you’ll see into two sections. Here is the top of the web page: For this I’ve: Picked a Text Ad Unit “Snow Report – iPod touch #1” as the Ad Name Linked to Snow Report app : In order to get the app store URL for Admob when adding a new app, simply: 1) Find your app in iTunes, 2) Right click on the icon for your app, Tip 3) Click “copy”, and 4) Then paste it into the “Add new app” box in Admob. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 39 of 49
  • Here is the bottom of the web page: For this section I’ve: Uploaded my app icon 1. Entered ad text (35 characters max 2. ): “iPod touchSnow Reports Get – FREE!” Bid $.05/click 3. and Finish Click “Create Ad 4.You can preview the ad to the right by clicking on the ” tab. Here is how the ad looks: Ad Preview How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 40 of 49
  • Best practices: 1. Capitalize the first letters of each word for easier reading. 2. Use “FREE” to increase your click through rates, but watch to see what it does to your conversion rates. 3.After saving that ad I will see this screen: Call-to- actions, like “Try Now!”, if they fit, can increase click through rates.The red flag indicates that conversion tracking is not set up and the red circle indicates that the ad is in review and that there are no funds in the account. From here I can create another ad or add funds to my account. oved. That usually takes for my 4ads to be appr I’ll just need to wait about business hours, but can take a bit longer at times. 1.Tips When naming your ad, choose something that will scale if you have 10-20 variations of that ad. That way if you want to try Something like “Snow Report – Test #1a”. Test #1b”, “Snow Report – more variations, you can call them “Snow Report – 2. Test #1c” and so on. Run at least 3-4 different text ads at launch of a campaign to determine which will have the best click through rate and cost per download. 3. w ads creating ne When Admob typically puts them in a “pending” status. That means once they are approved, they will turn on immediately. If you don’t want your ads to go live right away, make sure after you’ve created them, to go back and pause them till you’re ready to launch the campaign. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 41 of 49
  • Step #6 Fund Account –Of course, before you can spend money, you need to fund your account. To do so: Make sure you are in the “Marketplace” at the top of the page Click on the “Account” drop down on the down shown below Then click on “Add Funds” Here is what you’ll see next: I’ll fill it out, including my credit card information, and click on the “submit” button towards the bottom of the page. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 42 of 49
  • Step #7 Set Up Conversion Tracking – Before I would spend money testing my Snow Report app, I am going to set up. That way I can tell how much I have to spend with Admob to get a download in the App Store. Why does that matter?Admob’s It matters if I want to estimate my cost to get to a certain ranking in the App Store. download tracking : Say I found another developer in the Sports category sharing on his blog about getting into the top 5 in the category. It took them around 5k downloads in ~ 24 hours to do so. But what I For example is how much it will cost me on Admob to get 5k downloads. really want to know If after spending $100, I tracked 200 downloads, I now know that it’ll cost meroughly $.50 per download of my free Snow Report app. I can now estimate that it will take $2,500 spent in one day to get 5k downloads and hopefully into that top 5 ranking. Make sense? Step #8 Track Results and Optimize –There are three main places to track results in Admob. All of them are found in the Marketplace section. , I can look in the “Campaigns” tab. First In that view, I’ll be able to see information on impressions, clicks, click through rate, and cost for my Snow Report Campaign. How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 43 of 49
  • you can reports from the “Reporting” tab. Second, I can drill down on all sorts of things like spend/day or by app in this area. , I can see my cost/download from the “Tools” tab. I simply click on the “Tools” tab as you see below, and then click on “iPhone Download Tracking”.Thirdly With all these tools you will be able to track and optimize things like: Daily spend Click through rates on ads Cost/download for different targeting Cost/download for different ads Cost/download for different apps How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 44 of 49
  • Tips 1. If you’re in no hurry to drive traffic, start with the minimum bid, to get the best cost/download. 2. Other mobile ad networks like Quattro and Millennial Media also have download tracking to help you optimize campaigns. 3. tab If you are monitoring your spend closely use the more quickly that the to watch your spend. That seems to update much Daily Budget page or the My Ads section. 4. Reporting Try Admob conversion tracking, if you have an iPhone app. 5. , and others. , test on Quattro , Decktrade , Jumptap Don’t just stick with Admob How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 45 of 49
  • Chapter 11 My Favorite App Ranking Tools In this extra resource I want to share about 2 of my favorite ranking tools. APPLyzer This first is , a desktop subscription service that allows you to track all of your apps ranking up to 1000. What I like: Can see my free & paid app ranking up to 1000 1000 see all Can top free, paid, and grossing apps Creator Michael Dorn responds to questions very quicklyWhat needs work: Interface still needs some work Sometimes the data seems a little behind Would rather they charge one monthly fee than by appAppRankingsAppRankings is an iPhone app, currently $2.99.What I like: Very simple, easy to use interface Supports several different views Can import/export data would like to see category & overall rank together. What needs work: How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 46 of 49
  • Chapter 12 App Review WebsitesHere is a list of 20 app review websites ranked by their monthly unique visitors*. How es: I’d encourage you to approach these websit Be personal, friendly, and to the point Share a video link if possible Read the submission information carefully Provide them with a promo code if you’ve got a paid app Website Monthly Unique Visitors 149,421 115,083 75,798 73,201 57,217 49,422 47,143 41,119 38,054 32,526 28,324 20,301 ww 19,374 18,667 15,478 14,032 13,200 13,092 8,977 5,945 Data from * How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 47 of 49
  • Chapter 13 Other Resources Here are several resources that I’ve found over the past year that you might also find helpful. Technical Resource 1) Matt Drake @ How to Make iPhone Apps Matt is an iPhone app developer and produces the How to Make iPhone Appsblog where he shares lots of great information. Quote from Matt: “Looking back over the past year I realized that things could have been much easier if I had just a little more help in the beginning. That is why to have created “How to in theiPhone Apps” – fast. I help you get started Make iPhone businessI suggest you RSS his blog and think about taking his eCourse. ” Marketing Resources LinkedIn iPhone Related GroupsFor those who are members of LinkedIn, you might find these iPhone groups of interest: 1) iPhone Developers Group 2) iPhone Group 3) Apple iPhone Enthusiasts How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 48 of 49
  • Google iPhone Software Business Groupon Google is very good in my opinion. I get a summary of all topics discussion sent to me daily and then read those of interest to me. This iPhone Group App Developers BlogsI encourage you to follow other app developer blogs, especially those that share what they are doing and the results they are seeing. 1) App Cubby This is a great blog. David Barnard, founder of App Cubby, shares a lot about what inghe’sat times gives you a glimpse into the numbers. You can learn a tremendous amount. I encourage you to put his blog and learnin your RSS reader. 2) Majic Jungle In this blog David Frampton, founder of Majic Jungle, shares about what he’s learning. He’s honest about what’s working, what’s not working, and what he’slearning. My favorite post of his was on app pricing. 3) Digital Chocolate This blog is a bit more for their end users and prospects, rather than them sharing what they are learning. But that’s for thought on how you interact with your user base. It’ll give youPhoto credit: psd , ella’s dad , rob lee , ell brown How to Market iPhone Apps Brook Lenox Online Marketing Rant – Page 49 of 49