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Tianjin Fashion Week Recap
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Tianjin Fashion Week Recap


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Published in: Business

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  • 2. TIANJIN FASHION WEEK - MAY 19-26, 2012 Tianjin  Fashion  Week,   the   city’s   first-­‐ever   interna7onal   fashion  event,   pays   homage   to   the   twice-­‐yearly  Interna7onal  Fashion  Week  events  in  New  York,  London,   Milan  and  Paris.  Jointly   organized  by  Greber  Management  Ltd.,   Bridge   IT,  Fun   &  Fan  Fashion  Magazine  and  St.   Regis,   the  fashion  week  took  place  from  Saturday  May  19  to  Saturday  May  26,  and  featured  a  sneak   peak   of   the   upcoming   Autumn   and   Winter   collec7ons   from   some   of   the   most   promising   young   Italian   and   Chinese   talents   in   a   weekend   of   runway   shows,   high-­‐profile   events   and   photo  shoots.Project initiator and project lead operations and media Italian agent - project lead designers Local medias & models Venue provider - project support
  • 3. TIANJIN FASHION WEEK - SPONSORS Title Sponsors Media Sponsor & Co-Organizer Venue Sponsor & Co-Organizer Silver Sponsor Silver Sponsor Silver SponsorFashion Week Patron Fashion Week Patron Fashion Week Patron Fashion Week Patron Residence Sponsor Technology Sponsor Project Office Sponsor
  • 4. TIANJIN FASHION WEEK - MAY 19-26, 2012 A series of PR initiatives took place in order to maximize this first fashion week. They include : ➡ Distribution of announcement release of the fashion week to local and national media to get coverage before the event to help drive awareness and eventual sales. ➡ Activation of Chinese new medias accounts to create a public discussion about the fashion week and to attract sponsors, within the first month >10,000 followers on Weibo. ➡ A dedicated fashion week website was published. ➡ A follow up press release was distributed to provide details of events leading up to the fashion week. ➡ Advertisement material (video, print, audio) were produced and distributed to over 5’000 Taxis and Public LED screens (University, Tianjin Airport, etc) and all the ➡ A press conference was held in Tianjin to inform the local media aboutthe first fashion week in Tianjin. ➡ Press interviews were arranged with City Weekend,, Tianjin Expats and others. ➡ A round up press release was distributed on the day after the event to highlight the success of the event. On the day of the event, key lifestyle and fashion publications from Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai were invited to attend the fashion week. These media include VOGUE China, Rui Li China, South China Morning Post, Lifestyle Magazine and Femina China. • In addition, local Tianjin media were also invited, including Xinhua Tianjin, Tianjin TV, JIN 津 and China Daily.
  • 5. ITALIAN FASHION DESIGNERS - INTRODUCTION -Ginevra Cupellini Maria Concetta Finella Tiziana CapilloLabel: Ginevra Cupellini Label: MC Finella Label: KoraiGender: Female Gender: Female Gender: FemaleAge: 23 Age: 26 Age: 24Origin: Rome, Italy Origin: Avellino, Italy Origin: Palermo, Italy
  • 7. EVENTvent Photos IMPRESSIONS Event Photos Event Photos Guests at the Fashion Show Guido Greber Owner Greber Management, Mr Yang CEO Fan & Fun Fashion Magazine, Tiago Sarmento Sales & Marketing Director St. Regis Tianjin andhe Fashion Show Eddie Zakarian Owner Goshic International (Above): The three Guests at the Fashion Italian designers posed for a photo with Paul & Tiago (Right): St. Regis Champagne Sabering ritual to help kick start the fashion week St. Regis Champagne Sabering ritual to help kick start the fashion week Paul Cunningham GM St. Regis Tianjin
  • 8. CHEONG SUM COLLECTION BY RUI FU XIANGCheong Sum Collection by Rui Fu Xiang Guido Greber Owner & Zhang Yiding COO of Greber Management with Cheong Sum (right) and his team
  • 12. PRESS COVERAGE As a result of the PR initiatives, we received a great amount of exposure in the local and national publications. Press coverage appeared in South China Morning Post, Xinhua, Femina China, Lifestyle China, People’s Daily, Metro Style, Business Tianjin, Travel Weekly China and so on, a media value of over USD 700,000 (outside of Tianjin) and USD 685,000 (Tianjin) so far. We expect more coverage to appear in Rui Li, Vogue China and other titles shortly.Some highlights can be found in the next few pages. A clip book containing press coverage sofar is also attached.
  • 13. XINHUA ONLINE 26TH MAY 2012 Xinhua Online, 26th of xinhua - online portal May 2012 news, lifestyle section -Online portal of Xinhua News, Lifestyle section Xinhua Online, 26th May 2012 Online portal of Xinhua News, Lifestyle section
  • 14. PEOPLE’S DAILY ONLINE, 26TH MAY 2012People’s Daily english online2012 - Online, 26th May news portal in china - English Online news portal in China People’s Daily Online, 26th May 2012 English Online news portal in China
  • 15. EXPLORING TIANJIN 28TH MAY 2012Exploring Tianjin, 28th May 2012 - online lifestyle portal in china - Online lifestyle portal in China Exploring Tianjin, 28th May 2012 Online lifestyle portal in China
  • 16. FENG SUANG 29TH MAY 2012 - online lifestyle portal in china - Feng Sung, 29th May 2012Online lifestyle portal in China
  • 17. ,1ST JUNE 2012 South China Morning Post, 1st June 2012- leading english daily Kong Leading English daily newspaper in Hong newspaper in hong kong -
  • 18. ACROSS MAGAZINE , JUNE 2012越 - one of the leading lifestyle titles in china - Across magazine , Across magazine , July 2012 July 2012 One of the leading lifestyle One of the leading lifestyle titles in China titles in China
  • 19. GERMAN CHAMBER TICKER, AUG 2012 - bi-monthly chamber of commerce magazine -Ticker erman Chamber 04 | 2012 August – September Business Journal of the German Chamber of Commerce in China VWS Westgarth Chooses inge Ultrafiltration field of culinary art. Chef Rankel is also a frequent participant and Technology prize winner of international cooking exhibitions and salons. With The German company inge GmbH – a global technology leader in extensive experience as Executive Chef at top hotels, he joined the ultrafiltration technology and a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF – Accor family in 2001 and Sofitel Wanda Beijing is proud to welcome has been awarded a contract by the British company VWS Westgarth him today. to deliver more than 600 dizzer® ultrafiltration modules. A subsidiary of the worlds largest water treatment company, Veolia Water, VWS Tianjin Fashion Week 2012 Proudly Presented by Westgarth is inges first customer from the oil production industry. Greber Management LTD The membranes supplied by inge will provide some 2,600m³ of treatedAUTOMOTIVE sea water an hour, which will be used in the oil extraction process on a drilling platform. “We are tremendously proud to see a prominentTheand prestigious company like VWS Westgarth choosing to put its trust Only Way Out is Through.Current Slowdown Overshadows Ambitious Goals. in our technology,” stated Mr. Bruno Steis, CEO of inge GmbH. “The oil and gas production industry is a strategically important market forInterview with Dr. Michael Fuchs Migrant Workers IPRThe Euro, the Crisis, China’s Migrant Labour Market Hiding Trade Secrets us. VWS Westgarth is an important customer to have on our books inthe Innovation - and China Getting Digitalized ain’t that Secretive this promising market.” New Executive Chef at Sofitel Wanda Beijing Sofitel Wanda Beijing is pleased to announce Mr. Marko Rankel as its new Executive Chef. A native of Germany, Chef Rankel brings 26 years of experience in the “art of cuisine”. He started his culinary career as Executive Sous Chef at the Park Hotel Kronsberg in Hannover A unique experience and touch of international lifestyle has been in 1986. His outstanding performances brought to Tianjin for the first time in history this spring. Three in international cooking competitions young emerging Italian designers - Ms. Ginvera Cupellini, Ms. such as the World Cup Le Salon Culinaire Tiziana Capillo and Ms. Maria-Conzetta Finella - presented their Mondial and the International Culinary individual autumn/winter 2012 collections beside well-known Competition made him stand out in the Chinese fashion labels during the Fashion Week. The Fashion Week was successfully held at the St. Regis Tianjin between 22nd May ORBIS Consulting Shanghai Co. Ltd. Opens New 54 August - September 2012 and 26th May 2012. Invited customers, guests and members of the Office in Beijing media (i.e. Tianjin TV, Vogue China, South China Morning Post, After more than five years of successful China Daily, etc) were impressed by the organisation and quality of SAP Consulting in China, ORBIS Consulting the Fashion Week, which met international fashion week standards Shanghai Co. Ltd. decided to open a new and was funded by local sponsorships and under the patronage of office in Beijing, Chaoyang district to expand the Italian Cultural Institute of the Italian Embassy in China and their services to North China. Mr. Markus Tianjin Daily Media Group. Tenelsen was appointed to be responsible for the Beijing office as Area Manager Northern Commerzbank Appoints Mr. Philippe Sage as China. Mr. Tenelsen holds a German diploma General Manager of Its Tianjin Branch in business administration. Parts of his studies were conducted at the Commerzbank, Germany’s leading bank Fujen University in Taiwan. After his studies he was awarded with a for private and corporate customers, scholarship from the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation to expand his knowledge appointed Mr. Philippe Sage as General in the Asia-Pacific region. Before joining ORBIS Consulting Shanghai, Mr. Manager for its Tianjin Branch. From the Tenelsen worked for over five years for a consulting company with a focus
  • 20. BUSINESS TIANJIN, JUNE 2012- leading monthly tianjin business magazine - Business Tianjin June 2012 Leading monthly Tianjin Business MagazineBusiness Tianjin June 2012
  • 21. SPA CHINA , JULY/AUGUST 2012 - leading spa lifestyle magazine china - Spa China, Jul/Aug 2012 Spa Leading Spa lifestyle China, Jul/Aug 2012in China MagazineLeading Spa lifestyle Magazine in China
  • 22. Vogue China, Sept 2012 Vogue China, Sept 2012
  • 23. TIANJIN FASHION NEWS REPORT 天津电视台时尚节目报道news report for the fashion showTV broadcasted the show four times in two weeks on the rush hour . The fashion TV broadcasted the show four times in two weeks on the rush hour. 天津电视台时尚节目 周分四次在黄金时间播放 了 于服装周节目的报道 Link:
  • 24. YOUKU - the chinese youtube - Link:
  • 25. TIANJIN FASHION WEEK - CONTACT 天津市顾来博企业营销策 服务部(普通合同) Greber Management (Tianjin) Services B-1013 Jing Yang Building, WeiJin South Road, Nankai District Tianjin 300074, PR China 天津市南 区卫津南路北瑞西侧京燕大厦2号楼1, 邮编:300074 Skype: greberg2578 Email: Web: