GMIC 2012 -, Presentation by Mr Ruslan Kogan


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  • The Internet has done beautiful things to our World. It has crushed the barriers to entry in every single industry and made the industry more efficient.Retail: eBayEntertainment: YouTubeTaxi: UberCabSocial: FacebookRecruitment: LinkedInLibrary: WikipediaMusic: iTunesLiterature: AmazonNews: Twitter
  • When new mediums come along, it takes a while to adjust. When we went from Radio to TV, it took 10 years for the News Broadcast producers to realise they can move the camera around.They used to just have the camera stand.
  • When newspapers went from print to online, it took them 15 years to realise they could have people comment on stories. At the start, they were republishing print content to a webpage.When we wend from Desktop Internet usage to Mobile Internet usage, it's taken many years for companies to recognise a mobile internet user is very different to a Desktop Internet user.
  • Humans are pioneering technology everyday. Every Enrepenuer has the privilige and benefit of all the discoveries that have been made to this moment. As a result, we are innovating very fast.
  • We are just starting to realise the power of Mobile Internet and how we should be using it. But we are just at the starts, most of the greatest apps and mobile websites haven't even been thought of yet.We are about to enter another exciting space. Compared to Mobile Internet, Internet TV is a baby. We still have absoluately no idea about all the benefits it will bring.iceberg
  • At the moment, we are seeing the start of Internet TV - they are trying to get us to use the same things we use on our Desktop, on our TV :)- Facebook, Youtube, Browser, etc (Like when it took them 10 years to realise they can move the camera)- As we have seen with Desktop Internet and Mobile Internet, it will be used completely different.
  • So what will Internet TV look like? I don't know. I'll be able to tell you with certainty in 15 years.
  • GMIC 2012 -, Presentation by Mr Ruslan Kogan

    1. 1. How the Internet willchange the world of TV Ruslan KoganFounder and CEO of
    2. 2. Retail Entertainment TaxiSocial Recruitment LibraryMusic Literature News
    3. 3. For the consumer• More competition/Better content (reduce barriers to entry)• More choice (as above, but also global audience)• More Intuition (It will know what sports you like, what teams you go for, etc)
    4. 4. Advertising• More Targeted• Based on hyperlocation• Based on TV shows you have watched• Based on website you have visited• Based on a show you are watching.
    5. 5. The Manufacturer• Standardised software (less difference between different brands)• What Android did to mobile phones and how it killed Nokia.• Different revenue model, could sell TVs for below cost price and make ongoing revenue.
    6. 6.