NC-Puerto Rico Workforce Pipeline Part II


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Presentation to peers concerning NC-Puerto Rico Workforce Pipeline.

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NC-Puerto Rico Workforce Pipeline Part II

  1. 1. A Workforce Development ProjectPresented by the 2012 Special Projects Interns for the NC Head Start State Collaboration Office
  2. 2. HS/EHS Program Current Challenges More More Hispanic Hispanic Families Students Limited Bilingual StaffThere is a definite need in our Head Start programs to employ highly qualified BILINGUAL STAFF in the areas of teaching, family service workers/advocates and administrators A Workforce Development Project
  3. 3. The SolutionTo attract, recruit and retain bilingual teachers/familyservice workers/managers by accessing Puerto Rico’s supply talent A Workforce Development Project
  4. 4. Barriers and Challenges1. The pool of highly qualified multilingual/multicultural staff is in short supply.2. Barriers to recruiting, training andretaining well-credentialed HS/EHSstaff who are bilingual.3. A need for additional training and PD opportunitiesfor Head Start staff. A Workforce Development Project
  5. 5. Why Puerto Rico?People born in Puerto Rico are also considered native born- U.S. citizens by birth. Puerto Ricans have higher levels of education than the Hispanic population overall.Vast number of Puerto Ricans are graduating with bachelor degrees in Early Childhood Education but no employment opportunities in PR. A Workforce Development Project
  6. 6. Cost and Benefits of the Pipeline Costs BenefitsA Workforce Development Project
  7. 7. Questions and Concerns Before the PitchWill NC HS/EHS programs welcome, nurture and support bilingual staff?What will be the selection process for NC programs who are interested in hiring bilingual staff? Who will mentor bilingual staff and the individual programs? Budget costs for recruiting/hiring bilingual staff.A Workforce Development Project
  8. 8. Preparing the Pitch Webinars w/Khari GarvinBrainstormed ideas about the “Pitch” and “Talks” Surveys to NC HS/EHS programsRetrieved information on program’s HR practices Retrieved information about Hispanic/Latino population in NCIdentified NC programs with at least 25% or more Hispanic enrollmentA Workforce Development Project
  9. 9. 2012 Director’s Caucus at Carolina Beach• To inform Head Start/EHS Directors about the NC/PR Workforce Pipeline• Peak Interest• Opportunity to ask questions/express concernsA Workforce Development Project
  10. 10. 2012 Director’s Caucus at Carolina Beach The Presentation’s Agenda• HS/EHS Program’s Current Barriers and Challenges• Solutions to Meet Those Challenges• Cost and Benefits• Questions and AnswersA Workforce Development Project
  11. 11. Outcomes of the PitchProgram Directors agreed there was an immediate need for highly qualified bilingual staff.Directors seemed excited about the Workforce Pipeline and ready to sign on. Directors had questions/concerns about the selection process, Interviews, other logistics and education of PR applicants.A Workforce Development Project
  12. 12. Visit to Puerto Rican Head StartA Workforce Development Project
  13. 13. Preparing the Talk and Interview Process Meeting with Dr. Nolo Martinez, Cultural ConsultantDiscussed Puerto Rico’s economic environment andpotential applicants.Reviewed resumes and selected top applicants to screen.Developed and Revised Interview Questions.Benefits of Pipeline for North Carolina & Puerto Rico.A Workforce Development Project
  14. 14. Meeting With the University of PR OfficialsA Workforce Development Project
  15. 15. Highly Qualified Bilingual StaffA Workforce Development Project
  16. 16. A Work in Progress A GRASSROOTS EFFORTA Workforce Development Project
  17. 17. Connecting Applicants to HS/EHS ProgramsPotential screening process toidentify programs that cansuccessfully support staff.Applicants will have to abide byindividual program’s HRinterviewing and screeningprocesses.A Workforce Development Project
  18. 18. Congratulations You’re Hired! Potential hires maybe paired together in selected programs. Program incentive packages will vary among programs. Dr. Nolo Martinez will provide ongoing support. Length of hire should at least be 1 to 2 years.A Workforce Development Project
  19. 19. The RelationshipA Workforce Development Project
  20. 20. A Workforce Development Project
  21. 21. A Workforce Development ProjectPresented by the 2012 Special Projects Interns for the NC Head Start State Collaboration Office