Can the Intranet Take Business Processes to the Next Level?


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  • In discussion give examples of each
  • In discussion give examples of each
  • Can the Intranet Take Business Processes to the Next Level?

    1. 1. Miranda R. Dalton511C10.18.11 Nonprofits and the IntranetCan the Intranet Take Business Processes to the Next Level?
    2. 2. Agenda• The Concept of the Intranet• Intranet vs. Internet• Benefits of the Intranet• Developing an Intranet/Cost• Challenges of the Intranet• Recommendations
    3. 3. Is the Intranet Relevant to NPOs? • Most of the research on intranets has been conducted on the for-profit sector. • Principles and concepts are applicable to NPOs. • Information technology can enable organizations to perform more efficiently and effectively.
    4. 4. Business Process The Way an Organization Conducts BusinessThe intranet will assist NPOs maximize their business processes and achieve organizational goals.
    5. 5. WHAT IS THE INTRANET? A concept that utilizes network technologies as a tool to facilitate communication between people or workgroups.
    6. 6. How Do NPOs Meet Today’sChallenges?Must have a single, unified infrastructurethat creates an environment for:• Information gathering and sharing• Reinforces a common culture and community
    7. 7. How Do NPOs Meet Today’sChallenges?Must have a single, unifiedinfrastructure that creates anenvironment for: Information Reinforces gathering a common INTRANET and culture and sharing community
    8. 8. What’s Difference? Internet PublicElectronic communication that Intranet connects computer networks Private around the world More Secure A n organization’s internal (www)Extranet: Allows the internet to be linked to an organization’s intranetThe Reason? – To allow outside stakeholders to access a company’sintranet via a secured, encrypted line via the internet.
    9. 9. Benefits of the Intranet• Keeps People in Touch ex. Email• Facilitates Training and Knowledge Sharing ex. Employee Trainings• Automates Routine Tasks ex. Calculating Pay/Generating Checks• Provides Easy Access to Information ex. Procedures and Manuals Uploaded• Cuts Overhead Costs ex. Human Resources• Organizes and Communicates Data ex. Facilitates Information Sharing Between Departments• Markets the organization ex. Extranet
    10. 10. Return on Investment (Savings)• Cisco Systems, a for-profit organization, projects a savings of 90 million a year through lower operating costs because of the intranet.• Cisco Systems believes the intranet is directly responsible for the decrease in staff turnover.• E-PeopleServe, a joint venture of Telecom and Accenture, estimated that moving HR information to the intranet can save organizations up to 40 percent.
    11. 11. Developing an Intranet• Varies between organizations• Talk to the employees * direct indicator * what would make their job easier * find out what frustrates them
    12. 12. The Costs• Determined by what you want the network to accomplish.• Costs will be less for organizations that already have infrastructure in place such as existing networks, computers, IT manager and/or staff.
    13. 13. Total Costs Involves fixed expenses to purchase equipment and variable expenses to support and manage the necessary software.Capital Costs - Involves the purchasing costs of hardware and softwareOperating Costs - Involves the cost of a specific management team necessary to run system and to provide promotion and training to users
    14. 14. Challenges of the IntranetStart Up and ImplementationA. Reluctance of Employees to Engage i. Specialized Employees ii. Older EmployeesB. Conversion i. CompatibilityC. Costs i. Limited Budgets
    15. 15. Recommendation Nonprofit Organizations Should Allocate Resources to Implement Some Form of the Intranet Wise Investment Benefits outweigh the costs Maximize business performance and service delivery It will take NPOs business processes to the next level
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    17. 17. Q &A